10 Fall Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs + Huge Luxury Haul!

10 Fall Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs + Huge Luxury Haul!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is lena if you guys are new. I am so excited about today's video because we are going to be talking about my favorite season for fashion and that is fall fashion, i'm going to be sharing with you guys, my top ten fashion staples for your closet and i'm also going to be sharing

With you guys what is new in my wardrobe most of these will be new in pieces, so i will be linking everything below and i have quite a bit of a luxury haul, for you guys i did a lot of damage at farfetch.

Thank you. So much to farfetch for partnering with me on this video. If you have not heard of farfetch, they are an online luxury retailer that allows you to shop from hundreds of boutiques across the world and they have literally the best selection. I have been a long time customer of farfetch for years. I've gotten so many handbags from them and i've talked about them in the past. So this is literally a dream partnership. For me. I also have a discount code. It is ten off. Restrictions do apply, but you can still get some amazing things with my discount code. So i will pop that, on screen and in the description box, i'm also going to be doing a blog post with all of my picks, for what you can use the discount code on there's some really really good pieces.

I hope that you guys enjoy this video. I'm gon na go ahead and go into my luxury haul first and then we'll get into the rest of the fall fashion. Essentials, okay, i'm gon na be filming all of my outfits and everything with my big camera try on style in the mirror, i'm just trying out this style of video.

I personally like watching these kind of videos better. So let me know what you guys, think so. The first piece from farfetch that i purchased is the ysl lulu and the small size in this gorgeous cream color with the gold hardware. I am obsessed with ysl right now. You guys, first of all, i just feel like they are a timeless brand. they're, not super flashy. They really do make such classic designs that i think, will just last for years and years, they're not super super trendy, where you know everyone and their mom has this bag. So i'm just obsessed with the brand and you'll see that i also have another bag. That is also ysl that i'm gon na share next um. So this is the first one. I really love investing in neutral pieces that i know will match with every single outfit. Like i said, so i will link below all of the ysl bags that i'm obsessed with that you can get at farfetch for ten off with my discount code, i would totally recommend investing if you're in the market for a new bag.

I personally loved this small size with the gold chain, because i feel like with this chain. You can really dress up an outfit, so you can wear this out to a nice dinner or you can wear this like out and about running errands. So i really feel like you, can dress this one up or down another thing i really love about this bag is that you can wear it so many different ways you can wear it.

Crossbody like i was just wearing it. You can wear it in the crook of your arm or you can wear it as a shoulder bag and it's a really comfortable length for wearing underneath. Your arm like on your shoulder, so i really love the versatility of this bag. Okay, i told you guys - i went a little bit crazy recently with the ysl, and this is the second piece that i purchased from farfetch.

It is the toy lulu in the beige color with the gold hardware, and it has the leather strap, which is super comfortable, and i just feel like this is the perfect size for an everyday bag. It is, absolutely beautiful and will literally match every single one of my outfits. I am so obsessed this one also comes in black and several other colors, but of course i decided on the nude because it will match most of my everyday looks. okay: this is the last piece that i got from farfetch recently.

This is the ysl card holder in the beige color. I believe this exact color may be sold out, but they have so many other colors, and i got this because all of my wallets are actually huge and i'm a small handbag kind of girl. So i needed one that would fit inside all of my bags and this is absolutely perfect. So i will link below all of my favorite pieces from farfetch that you can get ten off. Obviously you can get a lot more with my discount code than just ysl, i'm just personally so obsessed with the brand right now and i think they're so classic and go well with all of my different outfits. So. Let's move on to the rest of the essentials, the next essential that i wanted to share before i got into the outfits, because i'm going to be wearing these in almost every single look: are gold chain necklaces, and this one was a splurge from misoma

That i got recently, i also got the matching chain link bracelet, that i've been layering with all of my different looks, but i did find some pieces from mango that i thought were really good dupes.

This one has a really cute little gold lock on it. That i thought was pretty, but i will link some similar, more affordable options for these gold chain link, necklaces and bracelets down below, but they are such essentials and just really dress up any look. ! Okay! Next up, my next essential are ankle boots and i recently picked up these and the nordstrom anniversary sale. I loved them so much that i literally got them and three different colors, even if they're not on sale anymore, i would totally recommend picking these up. They are gorgeous, they are by mark fisher, they have a really nice comfortable, block heel, it's a good heel, height comes up higher on the ankle and it has a gorgeous pointed toe. So i got the white, which is more like a cream off-white color, this taupe color and then the cognac - and this is a really nice cognac, because it's not orangey whatsoever. It's just a really good neutral toned brown. So i wanted to share those first because i'm also going to be wearing these in every outfit.

The next essential is a sweater dress. I just recently got this one from h m, which i think is beautiful, because it is like kind of a midi length.

Sweater dress, so it's beautiful with leggings and boots. It has these gorgeous kind of balloon, sleeves, and this really flattering tie around the waist and it has a really cute little slit on the side which isn't like too high or anything like that. So i just paired it with shockingly black accessories. Um, so i really found the way that i prefer to wear black.

I don't like to wear it around my face. I don't know why this is just kind of my preference, but i like to wear them on the bottom. I really like wearing black, like jeans or leggings, with black boots. It just really elongates the leg and then i just paired it with a black bag, and then i'm gon na probably be wearing this exact same hijab with all of my outfits. Just because it's easy, so i will also link this one down below here. Is the next sweater dress? Look i love that this one is also a midi length. I just got this one from mango recently. It's this really beautiful, neutral, beige color. You guys know this is my favorite, but it also comes in gray i just paired it with some um blush mark fisher booties that i got last year.

I will link some similar below and then i have on my white by itself that i think just looks perfect with this outfit, i'm also just wearing some white jeggings, underneath these they are by spanx they're, actually, the ones that i wore all throughout.

My pregnancy, so they are maternity, but they come in regular as well. I just don't really even see the need to purchase um the regular ones, because these work just fine and nobody would ever know that their maternity um underneath my clothes they're just so seamless. I also wanted to mention the cut of the dress: it's not too figure hugging at all. It's not like a body con, so it's actually a really modest cut and i feel really comfortable, just throwing this on over, like leggings or jeggings. Okay, my next modest essential is a good pair of denim, and i got a bunch of really cute pieces from express.

The jeans that i feel most comfortable in are the ones that are flattering, but still like not too tight and figure hugging on the body, so i usually go for a mom jean that is high-waisted, and these are perfect, so they are from express, Like i said they have, this gorgeous rose gold button detailing and it's super high-waisted, and it also has distressing around the ankle um. So it's just like the perfect amount of distressing. I don't like too much like distressing, because i don't like to have to try to like cover up holes or anything like that, but just around the ankle is perfect. So these i actually got in a tall version. They do come cropped, but they came in a long or tall and they are the perfect length on me now. I'm 5'7, so they don't like come up whenever i'm sitting or anything like that. i'm just obsessed with these jeans.

I also really love, the wash they are gorgeous and, like i said these rose gold buttons just add like the perfect detail, so i just paired the jeans with this gorgeous camel cardigan that i just got in from mango.

It's like a really nice oversized, slouchy fit i'm wearing a size, small, and then i'm also wearing those white mark fisher booties that i shared in the beginning, to layer underneath the cardigan.

I have on a sleeveless sweater that i just got in from express and i will be sharing my favorite layering pieces next.

I almost forgot to throw on the bag that i would pair with this.

This is that toy lulu in the beige color, and i just think this is the perfect everyday fall outfit. I'm obsessed here are the next pair of jeans and they are also from express and they're also that really nice high-waisted mom style jean.

These are not in the tall version, but i don't think they're too cropped at all, especially with some high ankle boots, and i just paired these jeans with, like an all white like monochrome, look with that same camel cardigan.

I love this. Classic. Look for the fall winter time. I also just paired it with some white boots. These are not the exact same white ones i was wearing in the last outfit because they were kind of the wrong tone.

So i switched to these so yeah. An all-white. Look even with like the shoes and the bag with a camel cardigan or a coat, is just such a beautiful classic look for this time of year. The next fall essential is a layering basic and i have a couple different options to share with you guys.

This is the same sleeveless sweater i was wearing in the last outfit.

This is just the beige color, but i also have it in white, and i think this is an essential, because it's really nice that it's sleeveless that way you're, not sweating yourself out with all the layers. On top. It's a really nice soft material against your skin, and i love that it's high neck, so definitely an essential.

I also have this option.

This satin luxurious fabric is just perfect to layer, underneath the cardigans or coats or jackets or whatever and just adds another dimension of fabric. So i love that as another layering piece and i got this from express last year, but they do have other colors available this year. the next layering basic, that's an essential for me.

All year round is a white long sleeve thin high neck top, and this is one of my favorites from h m. It's literally ten dollars. The reason i love it. So much is because it is like kind of like a cooling fabric. It's not made out of cotton. That's gon na like absorb sweat, it's like just really nice to wear all year round, so i even wear this in the summer underneath things that are see-through. I love that it's high neck and i love that. It's actually not, very sheer at all for a white shirt, so this is definitely an essential for me. I hope that it's still in stock because they actually had it last year it sold out and then, when i saw it back this year, i went ahead and grabbed five more because i love it that much okay, the next essential, is a blazer, and i am Obsessed with boyfriend style, oversized fit blazers for the fall. This one is from express and it's this beautiful kind of like lighter weight, white, um linen material, but it's not one. That's gon na get super wrinkly or anything like that. It's just a really comfortable, um lightweight material that i think is great for transitioning to fall. I'm obsessed with these light colored tortoise buttons that they also have on the sleeves as well. It's just such a beautiful detail and the length is so good. I just paired this look with those high waisted light, colored jeans and then that bronze t-shirt and the satin material that i think just adds really good texture to the outfit. And then this chloe bag is one that i've had in my collection. For a few years - and i also got this one from farfetch - and i just wanted to share that - because i was unable to find this exact color anywhere except farfetch'd - they have the most unique pieces.

I just quickly wanted to share this blazer as well. I also got this one from express, as you guys can tell. I love express and i recently got a bunch of cute stuff from there. The blazers from there are so good. This is a size small. It's like a really nice longer length that covers up in the back, and this is a really beautiful, salmony, pink color. So this is the same outfit. I just threw on a different blazer, and i just love, love love. This look and all the colors and the tones as well. Another reason the blazers i'm sharing are so good is because the, the material, is like a soft like, comfortable material like whenever you bend your arms. It's super soft and comfortable and like bendable, i've had blazers before they're just really stiff, and these are just more of a relaxed fit so they're. Just super comfy to wear all day long, the next fall essential, is obviously a sweater and obviously in neutral colors.

I have ordered a ton recently, but this is the one that i wanted to share with you guys, it's from h, m super affordable and i love, the cut of it.

It looks so high-end um. I love this texture and the balloony sleeves i'll. Go ahead and untuck it for you guys, so you guys can see what the length looks like. So that's what the length looks like it's not too, too cropped or anything. I just tucked it into these paper bag style pants. That are like a really nice sanity, color they're, actually the exact same material and would be the perfect set with that blazer. I just shared, because they're also from express.

So i just paired this look with my taupe mark fisher, booties and my nude toy lulu bag. I just think. This is like the perfect look for going out to dinner or like a girls night or something it's super feminine and classic and neutral, and it's just so me. I love it all right. You guys. The next fall essential is a midi, dress, and i am obsessed with this one from h m. I think you guys are going to love it as well. It's this really nice really light. I would say it's kind of like a very, very faint lilacy color um, but i love the cut of this dress.

The balloon sleeves and this like detail where it kind of like cinches you in at the waist but still, is like super loose and flowy. It's so gorgeous. I love pairing midi dresses with knee-high boots. These are ones from sam edelman that i got a couple years ago, but i will link some similar below, but i just love these brown tones with this lilac color. I think that's really gorgeous and i just threw on my brown chloe bag and i have on the same hijab. I've been wearing the entire time. This is. I think it's called blush by wall chic, and then i have on my gold layering jewelry.

I just love, love love, this look. This would be another great one for going out to dinner or, if you guys had any fall events. This is so so pretty. The last fall essential, which is probably my top essential, is a cardigan, and i just love it because it's a really nice modest layer, but it's just so easy to throw on for an everyday look. This one is from topshop that i just recently got it's a, beautiful beige color it has these gorgeous balloony sleeves.

I love the texture. It just looks so high-end, like with anything else in this video. If anything is out of stock, i will be linking below similar options along with my sizing details, because i'm really bad about remembering to like state it out loud or remember, which side i actually got so that will be in the description box with this Look, i paired this beautiful lace, long sleeve top i'll share that top in just a second, because i'm obsessed with this top as well and then some paper bag waist style pants.

These are the same ones that i had on earlier in that peach color, but these are white and i just love the bow. It just adds a little nice little touch of femininity to the outfit. I just got in a bunch of other cardigans, but this one was one of my favorites. I also have the camel mango one that i shared earlier

I'll put a clip of that on screen for another cardigan look but cardigans are definitely.

One of my top top essentials for fall.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this video

Thanks again to farfetch for partnering with me and don't forget to use my discount code.

If you want to pick anything up, i love you guys, and i will see you all in my next one.