10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials! | Everyday Fall Outfit Ideas

10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials! | Everyday Fall Outfit Ideas

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is Lena if you're new, I would love for you guys to subscribe. If you haven't already, today's video is going to be all about my top ten fashion essentials for the fall time. I really wanted to make this video for you guys, because I wear a lot of like and like an outfit skirts, dresses and, like I don't know, I try to get creative with my outfits on my Instagram and things like that. But I don't wear those outfits every single day and I know a lot of you guys are wanting more like outfits that you can wear on a daily basis, casual outfits. I wear a lot of like jeans and sweaters and like trench coats and things in the fall that are just really good like essential. So I really wanted to share this video with you guys all these pieces, I'm gon na share with you guys, are perfect for the fall time. I really tried to stay away from like really heavy coats like really thick, like really super warm things. I'm gon na save that for winter right now, I'm gon na share with you guys all like the transitional things, things that will really work for this time of year and I'm also gon na share with you guys, some modest fashion and stuff I'll have my Blog post, linked below with all of my, like current picks, that you can shop in case that you want to pick anything up, it'll be so much easier to shop on my blog rather than the description box, so check that out. If you want to down below so, I hope that you guys enjoy this video and let's jump right in essential number.

One is a lightweight trench coat or a long duster jacket.

I literally live in these not even kidding all year round. I don't even care, because there's such a good, modest, lightweight, layering basic, that you can just throw over anything, put on some jeans, a t-shirt and like a lightweight trench, coat or a duster, and it's just like the perfect outfit. I got this one last year from H & M. They have a few current ones that are similar, I'll link below and some really pretty like pastel colors, and I got this one from Banana Republic recently I'll link that down below. I love this like mafia, pink, color, and oh, I found a bunch of really nice ones from Orencia a little bit more expensive, but these I am I'm happy to invest in these because, like I said I wear these year-round. They are such nice, quality, they're, so elegant and I love them so so much essential at number, two. Obviously, in the fall time, our basic, neutral sweaters - and I have a couple that I picked up recently. The one I'm wearing right now is a really nice, a beautiful white like a creamy color that I got from mango, and I just think these are just essentials because they're things that I love going on, but I also want to talk about sweater dresses. So sweater dresses are like immodest girls like dream, because they're, just perfect with like you, can just don't want to pair jeans and just put your sweater dress over them and it's long. It covers up everything and I love how it's like a. I really nice, caramel brown, color love these tones in, the fall, and it's not like too too heavy. So I feel like it's a good transitional piece, and this one is the exact same one that I'm wearing right now, just in the like camel color, so I'll link below all my favorite basic sweaters and sweater dresses, sweater dresses, like I said, such a Good outfit you can put on some like just, regular jeans, some booties, your sweater dress, and you are good to go essential.

Number three is a good pair of denim. In my opinion, every girl needs, some really good pairs of denim. In the fall time, so I have some really good ones right here. My essentials for denim in the fall wintertime are black denim white denim, and I really like a light wash or like a vintage II wash denim. The two that I have that are like the vintage and the white are cropped in them and I'll tell you why I loved cropped denim in the fall. I love it because it shows off booties so well so. If you have like a high ankle, bootie with like a cropped denim jean it just like shows off the boots so well, if your denim goes all the way down and like covers up the the bootie it to me. It's just like. I don't know it just is a waste, because your beautiful shoe is just like covered up, even though you might not be able to wear cropped in them all year round. I think it's beautiful with booties in the fall. I think skinny jeans are also an essential because I love tucking skinny jeans into high knee boots. I just feel like if you have like a wide cut Jean or like I, don't know straight cut Jean it's just harder to tuck those into a boot, because it's just like all like lumpy and like, not cute, so being able to tuck. Those skinny jeans and too high knee boots and just putting a sweater just over top, is still really modest and perfect for every day.

Okay. Next, let's talk about Blazers, so I love a good long, blazer. I find really good Blazers. Whenever I search like blazer dresses, those are just like really long, so that may be like cover up everything, they're good to wear with jeans booties. Just like such a good basic outfit. I love wearing Blazers in the fall because it still like that lighter weight layer, but, it's just so sophisticated and it just make it like. Just elevates your Jean and t-shirt so well and just makes you look really classy and put together. I always find out really good Blazers from Zara, so I actually got this one last year, from Zara and this one years and years ago from Zara. I wear it all the time I at least wear it once a week, because it's just like that, much of it and essential for me and every time I wear it, I get questions about it so just check sorry, because I think they do have similar ones. That come out year after year, I love a good checkered print or, like plaid style, blazer in the fall, I think it's so classic, but still like makes you look like that, really cool girl style, if you have them with jeans and booties such an essential. I will link my favorite Blazers that I can find that are long down below number. Five is long cardigans that these aren't such an essential in the fall time. Such a good, basic, just throw over outfits, you'll, see a trend in my outfit, this just kind of like jeans, t-shirt and then just like something thrown over top blazer cardigan a trench coat. That's just like, my outfit formula for like my everyday. It looks got a couple recently from manga that I love they have this kind of like wofully texture. Oh another thing that I want to make sure you guys know is that I do not like anything. Itchy wool really bothers my skin, so if it has even like a tiny percentage of wool, I will not even buy it and will not even look at it anymore, because I have just made so many mistakes in the past of just being like an Itchy hot mess, so everything that I'm recommending to you guys will always be supersoft and not itchy, so yeah a couple of these from mango recently I love the pockets. I love, the way it's cut. I also got one recently from a good macaroon. I've gotten a few pieces from them recently that I really love, and I honestly really love this little boutique. I think they do ship worldwide as well, so I'll link that down below I like how it has this little like detail on the back. It's kind of just like this little draped little piece. You can also throw these over like a skirt and a top or even a dress. I've seen some really cute looks with like sweater. Cardigan is over more like flowy pieces, so I think. This is a very good essential number.

Six is a definite essential for the fall winter time, and that is a lightweight layering basic t-shirt. So I have so many of these that I love. I recently got a few from Nordstrom airy. Hmm, you name it, I'm always on the hunt for a good layering shirt, and I found a really a bunch of really good one. So I'll link them below, I'm always on the hunt for like a crewneck or even a high-neck. I actually just got this one from H & M. It's a high-neck lightweight layering shirt. I love wearing these underneath the Blazers underneath the cardigans underneath all the layers. If I can find any that are high-neck, it's just perfect, because then you don't have to worry about like having to cover this area. I really try to find all of my shirts tops addresses in like a crewneck or a high-neck, because it's just so much easier to not have to like worry about covering that area.

So I think lightweight, long-sleeve, layering shirts, are essentials. In the fall winter time. I will link all my favorites down below number seven. I cannot find it. I have looked all over my entire house and I cannot find it, but they aren't joggers, and I have these particular pair of joggers that I love so much that I just recently got from Nordstrom joggers kind of get that athleisure of vibe. But I think it's so cute with sneakers put a t-shirt on, put like a cardigan over top that is. Just the cutest, like athleisure, like, chill vibes that look that you can wear on your casual days. Number eight is dainty, layering necklaces and just dainty jewelry in general.

I think that these type of pieces just elevate your basic outfits and just take them to the next level, and just add that little I guess for something that makes your outfit a little bit more interesting. I found some form H & M ASOS. I found some really affordable ones. This one is from my brand called Gorge on. I found them recently and I fell in love. I love love, love this necklaces and that's as I'm literally wearing every single day. Right now it's like my favorite, but I love these little coin. Necklaces have talked about them in several of my videos and I think it's worth picking up a couple to just elevate to your casual everyday looks number nine are high ankle, booties. I wear these every single day in the fall winter time and, like I said, I love them with cropped denim because they really just show off the shoe. I love pointed toe because that's just like a such a classic elegant shape. I have them in almost every single neutral color. I have them in black. I have them in this like really pretty pinky nude color, that I got from Nordstrom. I have them in white, I have them.

Actually. I don't have them in brown. I probably need them in brown, but yeah, love, love, love these. These are definite essentials. I also love that block teal because to me, and the block heel is just kind of like it makes it a little bit more casual. I think these are like a stiletto heel, they'd, be like a little bit more dressy and a little bit more uncomfortable. So the block heel is a definite must for me, because it's more comfortable and easier to wear on a daily basis. I don't know how I'm gon na fit this in the frame, but number ten are high knee boots or over the knee boots. and I love love, love high, knee boots and over the knee boots. First of all, I love wearing high knee boots with dresses like midi dresses and maybe skirts that is so on-trend. It has been for the past few years and it's like the perfect modest trend, because you can just cover up your legs. You can wear your dresses and I just love like just the contrast between, like your really flowy, skirt or a dress and just like a chunky. Boot love that so much these are actually over the knee boots. That are really good too. Before the Stuart Weitzman, so if those were something that you've just been looking at for years and years, but can't get yourself to spend the hundreds of dollars on the real thing, these are such a good option and they're very comfortable. Look at that heel height. I feel, like that's the perfect heel height very comfortable. It's actually a pointed toe, which i think is actually a lot more flattering and then my Stuart Weitzman's, because mine more of a round toe and they really hug your leg and they don't fall down. And they're very comfortable, so I will link those down below these were also from that boutique online called goodnight macaroon.

I've found so many good pieces from them.

Recently, don't forget to check out my blog post down below I'll, be linking everything there will be so much easier to shop there.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I love you guys so so much and I'll see you all in my next one.