Amanda is Getting Engaged! Fatiha Vlog

Amanda is Getting Engaged! Fatiha Vlog

Good morning, guys welcome back today is going to be an extremely busy and a special day.

Both of my sisters are getting engaged not today, but I just can't believe it within the last year. Everything just kind of lined up perfectly subhanAllah and they met really really good guys and everything's. Just kind of been progressing and all the families have been like onboard and we're gon na be doing their fat. He has a week apart, Amanda's Fatiha is tonight and then Lauren's is next Friday. So if you guys don't know what a Fatiha is, it's basically an event where the groom's family comes over to the bride's family and basically like asks for her hand and basically, both families kind of give the blessing that they are okay with both of their children. Like getting to know each other and that they're going to get engaged and married in the future, so it's kind of like that first step to getting engaged and married. So it's a really really special event for Omar and i's Fatiha. It was a really like small, intimate gathering at my house. It was just almost family and just my family, it was really small. Some families do it differently, though, where they bring like a whole bunch of people and like all their friends, then some people even do it in, like a hall like as if it was like an engagement party, every family is different, so Amanda's future fiance Muhammad, his Family, it does like really big events for this stuff, so they're bringing like a whole bunch of people to our house. Of course we have to have all of our friends over at our house. That was just become this huge big thing at our house, not my house at my parents house. So this is gon na, be so much fun. I'm so so happy for both of my sisters and I'm just I'm too lost so excited for them, and may Allah bless both of their relationships forever and ever and ever so today is going to be a super busy day for me just because I have to Do mantas makeup take her pictures and then you guys, I have to work like I'm so upset about that. Basically, the reason I have to work is because okay, I got the opportunity to go to Dubai the second week of January and I'm so super excited about that Omar wasn't able to go because it was super last-minute and he wasn't able to switch his schedule. So I'm taking Amanda with me and we're gon na have so much fun in sha allah, but since it was super last-minute, I did have to like work really hard to like move my schedule around and order.

In order for me to go and this one co-worker of mine, she called me and she was like Lina. I will take one of your days that you need off for Dubai if you work from three p. m. to seven p. m. on December 22nd, and that was Amanda's Fatiha day, and I was just like - oh my god like what am I gon na, do? How am I gon na make this work like? I can't miss that event. You know, but then again I don't want to miss Dubai either. So I was literally and on the verge of like quitting my job, not really a bit. I just did not want to be having to deal with all of that, so I decided to just go ahead and work three to seven I'll, just be late to her Fatiha, but hopefully I'll just miss dinner. I'm not gon na actually miss the actual event. So I'm gon na be doing her makeup, going doing her pictures and getting ready for work or running to work working for for four hours, then coming back home getting dressed, really fast and then going to the Fatiha. So I'm gon na try to vlog as much as I can today. I went ahead and I did my like face makeup just so that I have that done so that whenever I come back home to like throw on my eye makeup and stuff, it doesn't take me as long I'm gon na be trying to vlog, Amanda's, Fatiha And then Lauren's fancy as well hers this next week, it's just crazy that it happened like so close together, Amanda's also going to be vlogging as well, so you can go and like be she's following me. Ok, I want to show you guys what outfit I'm wearing tonight for her Fatiha. So this is a dress by a BCBG. It's this beautiful midi dress in this cream color, I'm gon na be wearing some black straight leg, trousers underneath and some black heels, but I'm just absolutely obsessed. It's so elegant! You guys aren't going to be able to really see what it looks like until I have it completely on, but I love the sleeves and, like the shape of it, is just stunning. So my dressing room it's a little bit of a mess right now, but I have a little update. So I got a new a chair. I got this from overstock I'll link it down below. I'm gon na be doing a full dressing room tour once I have thing in, and I also ordered this new rug, I'm just so obsessed. I have some my makeup set out just in case Amanda does need me to do her makeup and I just thought these palettes were absolutely gorgeous. This is another one from Laura Mercier. This is the nightlights eye and cheek collection.

It's just absolutely stunning. I thought this would be a gorgeous on Amanda's lids. She just wants something super simple, so I'll probably just do like a light, something in the crease and then a little highlight on the lids. Another thing that I've been absolutely obsessed with is this gloss by Laura Mercier. So at this point I'm basically just waiting for Amanda to get here and then we'll go, take her pictures and then I will go over into work and. I'm going to try to vlog it all in their scrubs.

Now yeah yeah, I can do shimmer, I'm putting a blue.

, I'm just like okay.

, you look so pretty.

I absolutely love it. She got a thug from Jordan.

Didn'T and your future fiance Muhammad's dad just got it for you. He did so good. It's so beautiful Michelle liability goes on top of this one. Okay, let me help you show me your makeup, so I just did a really super simple neutral eye, just because she never really wears makeup yeah. I just don't wear a lot of eyeshadow. Oh that's so pretty on you, though it's so natural. I love it. Yeah, okay, we'll do that in the car and your hair looks really pretty oh, I love it. So pretty! Okay, let's go Hamid! Are you? Okay, with being on my blog, I'm like shoving the camera in your face. Forgot the time just like portrait shots so. They don't have any good pictures together.

, okay, so I just parked. I might work a little bit early and I'm not going in there until exactly three o'clock. I'm just so sad. I just like. Don'T want to be here right now I want to be with my family. I want to be helping them getting ready for the party I want to be with Omar, like it just sucks. A lot of you guys always ask me like how how do i balance like being a blogger, being a nurse being a wife like working out and eating healthy, like to be honest, like I don't like, I don't think anybody is humanly capable of like that. Many things something is going to suffer and for me it has been my friends I haven't seen my friends and so long and working out recently. I have not been going to yoga or doing any of the stuff that I want to do.

I haven't been to yoga since before Morocco. I truly do love my job as a nurse and I'm so thankful that I only have to work like once or twice a week so that I can also fit in my blocking staff, but it does get super super hard to balance it, especially on occasions like This, whenever it's like a really really special occasion - and Here I am having to be like at work - I guess that is just life. Nothing is ever perfect and I'm not gon na always get my way. Just got to our little break room. I'm about to I just got to work clocked in got my badge.

Got my stethoscope.

You guys always wanted me to blog at work, and Here I am. I want to be at worst possible day ever, but I'm probably not gon na be able to vlog anything else live in the break room, so I will see you guys my finish.

Okay, I'm walking back to my car finally off work.

It took me, like thirty. More minutes than normal to like give report and everything. So I'm super super late, so I'm gon na rush home get ready, and then finally be at the party with my family. Alright guys, I am rushing out the door, but I wanted to show you guys my outfit really fast.

How gorgeous is this dress by BCBG?

I told you guys it looked so much better on.

I love the sleeves.

I love this little.

I don't even know what what she would call it.

The lobby part on the bottom and I'm just wearing some straight leg pants and some black heels with it. I just threw on some eyeliner and mascara, and some lipstick - and I am gon na - be headed out. The door - and I will see you guys at, the party and the show narG, [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ],