Clean With Me! | How I Wash My Hijabs

Clean With Me! | How I Wash My Hijabs

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Lena. If you're new today, I am getting my house prepped for us to go out of town in a couple of days, my sister and I Amanda we are going to Dubai, I'm so so excited this will be my, maybe third time going to Dubai. But I've only been like whenever I go. I've only been for like one or two days, but this time we're gon na, be there for five full days and we're gon na get to enjoy the city and just explore, and I'm so so excited this is Amanda's. Second time to Dubai - and she was only there for a couple days - the last time as well, so we're so so excited to have like some girl time, my husband Omar. He is on a guy's trip this week. That is why he wasn't able to come with me, but it'll, just kind of give us some time to like him have his guy time, and then we have like my sister time. So it's gon na be a good trip. Inshallah! I need to what clean the kitchen and do the dishes clean the bathrooms vacuum mop.

I need to do everything so I was like this is the perfect opportunity to do a clean with me, video, with it being the new year and kind of just having that fresh start State of Mind. I thought this would be a good time to kind of do a clean with me video, so I hope that you guys enjoy this video. What we're gon na start by doing my laundry and then I'm just gon na kind of walk you through the rest of me cleaning, the house, probably gon na stop and like show you guys products that I'm using to clean and just kind of like little bits And pieces - and maybe some advice - I don't know, I'm a new wife - I've haven't been doing this very long, so if you guys have any tips on cleaning or anything like that, leave them down below you guys always have like the best tips without further ado. Let's go ahead and get my house under control. This may not seem like a lot of laundry to you, but it's just me and my husband and I know like if we have kids or something it's gon na get insane but right now. This is a lot of laundry for me, so we're gon na go ahead and tackle all of this. My living room is not bad. I just need to straighten up a little bit, so we're gon na go ahead and start on the laundry.

, while we're on the subject of washing clothes. I do have a couple of hijabs. I need to throw in the washing machine just so that they're ready for our trip, so I thought I would go ahead and show you guys how I wash my head jobs, because a lot of you guys have always asked me that question and I thought I Would share so these are the jobs that I need to wash. I just have a couple of chiffons and then I have this under scarf. These are all actually this one is from Val chic. This is from hot ajob. This underscarf is by Hana job as well and it's their new like premium under scarves, and this one is like the mink classic.

It is so good, so we have some jersey fabric, some mesh and some a chiffon. So it doesn't matter like Timmy, I wash my head jobs only with other head jobs or like really really soft materials like really soft pajamas or like other delicates. So I treat this as a very delicate material. I do not want them to be ruined, the jobs are expensive. You definitely do not want to ruin them.

, I'm gon na go ahead and add just my detergent and a little bit of fabric softener and I'm just gon na. Do a little bit of each! I just put it on the delicate setting. You may want to hand wash your jobs just that's probably like the safest way, if you don't want to ruin them, but it's just easiest for me to put it on the delicate setting I'm gon na be moving on to my kitchen. I have dirty dishes. I need to get to. I need to just clear off everything: it's really not too too bad, but I just need to like do the dishes and then kind of just like sanitize the surfaces. So I didn't want to share this with you guys. I did share it on my Instagram story, so if you want to see the full story, I'll highlight it and you can go back and watch it, but I bought these flowers at three days ago and yesterday they were already wilted and I tried, like my very Best to bring them back to life, and I actually did it. It were literally like wilted, like eight drooping. Basically, what you're supposed to do is you're supposed to cut two inches off. The bottom of the flower stems at an angle and then you're supposed to slice them down the middle to allow more water to penetrate the stems and gave it lots of, like tips that you guys also gave me in my stories. So I will leave that highlighted in my insta story:.

Just finished off the dishes. So now I'm gon na, like scrub down on my sink, my think is stainless steel and the best thing that I found to clean it is baking soda. So what I'm gon na do is I'm just going to kind of wet the sink a little bit, sprinkle it in and scrub it down.

I feel so much better. Now that the kitchen is clean. I already wiped down the appliances and I cleaned the stove the other day. So I think those are good. I do need to freeze those bananas over there because they are getting like it really really ripe. So I'm just gon na do that and then I'm gon na take a break, so I can go pray and. Then we'll get back to cleaning. One thing that I wanted to ask you guys is: I like really really want a cat, and even though, like I, love having like a really clean house and everything like I just love cats, so much, I'm such a crazy cat, lady, the only problem is That Omar is allergic, so we would have to maybe get like a hypoallergenic cat or something leave a comment down below. If you have a hypoallergenic cat or you know of one that you know, doesn't cause any allergic reactions or anything like that. I would love a ragdoll cat. I just think they are like so sweet. I used to have one when I was really really little, but they are definitely not hypoallergenic. So if you guys know of any really sweet cats that will not cause my husband to have to take allergy medicine every single day, please let me know: okay, I'm sorry. You guys can hear at my washing machine, but I wanted to share with you guys how I dry my job, so I usually just leave the chiffons on a hanger to dry as well as the under scarves. If I'm drawing like a jersey hijab, I will put it in the dryer on the delicate cycle, but chiffons dry, so fast and so easily that I just leave them hanging. Okay, we are moving on it to at my bathroom. I really want to just kind of like wipe everything down and wipe down the mirrors, the faucets, the sinks, the countertops and the toilets, and then one thing I didn't mention after I finished like cleaning everything, I'm gon na go ahead and vacuum the whole House and maybe mop - I'm not really sure yet, but I'm gon na do that at the end, so to wipe down the mirrors, I'm using Windex. But this is the vinegar version and it's a lot less like strong smelling. It doesn't like vinegar, but it's not. I was like, like chemically smelling, if that makes any sense to clean everything else. I'm using this, mrs. Myers cleaned a basil scent spray and it's just like an all-purpose, multi-surface cleaner. I love the basil scent, it smells so it's so good.

, okay, everything is wiped down and all clean.

One thing I wanted to kind of mention to you guys is: I use pink gloves to clean like the sinks and everything so pink, it's ink and then I use it green gloves to clean at the toilet. So I always keep those very separate. I'm gon na go ahead and clean the toilet in here and then I'm going to work on our guest bathroom.

. Okay, guys, you know when you're like so dead after cleaning. Okay, that's how I feel. I still have vacuuming and mopping. I decided I'm gon na just get it done tonight. I went ahead and I put the mats that are in the bathroom in the washing machine so that those will be clean as well. This is the vacuum that I use. It's nothing really that special. It does. The job it's the shark - I don't even really know what model it is or anything, it's nothing fancy I really want to get into those really really fancy like stick vacuums that are cordless. That would be amazing, so maybe one day I'll get a really fancy vacuum, I'm also still using the just a, regular old mop that our grandma's used. I just haven't like invested in any like fancy cleaning supplies that just yet it's probably about. Like 7:30 right now, so I'm hoping to be done by like 8:15. That way, I can just kind of like chill out the rest of the night and take a shower, because I feel gross.

, you guys I did it. I am literally so exhausted right now and I'm still wedding. You guys cannotice the glow it's wet, so everything is clean. The only thing that I really need to do left is like, I think, I'm gon na wash our pillowcases and obviously I need to like make my bed tomorrow, but we're not leaving until the day after tomorrow. So I'm gon na do that before we leave. Let me give you guys a little overview of everything. That's finished kitchen living room. Doesn'T everything just feel so much better when the floors are clean? I hope that you guys enjoyed it this clean with me vlog.

This is the first time I've ever done.

Anything like this on my channel so give it a thumbs up.

If you want to see more videos like this tomorrow, I'm gon na be filming pack with me for Dubai, so I'm gon na show you guys all the dresses and like accessories and shoes and makeup and skincare, and everything that I'm bringing with me so. I will see you guys tomorrow, bye,