Come With Me To The Maldives!

Come With Me To The Maldives!

Good morning from my favorite place in the entire world, we're here in the Maldives and I'm so excited to take you guys with us on this gorgeous day. Today we actually had our honeymoon in the Maldives, and ever since we have just, been dying to come back. We only have one more full day, but this was just kind of like a really much-needed vacation after, a really busy holiday season and after being so sick. If you guys are thinking about coming to the Maldives one day or have just always dreamed of coming here, because I know it was like my dream a destination, and then I hope this video helps, you guys see what it's all about. What there is to do here just gives you a little bit more info, we're staying at a resort called Lux North, it's an extremely new hotel if it gets less than a year old.

It's absolutely gorgeous stunning. I would totally recommend it. The only thing is, I feel, like the food isn't absolutely like my absolute favorite and that's really really important to be humble vacations, but anyways, I'm gon na share with you guys everything I eat today. What I'm wearing I just wan

Na show you guys the entire island and just everything we haven't eaten breakfast, yet it's almost eight o'clock.

We took some photos this morning. That's why I'm already addressed. I usually wouldn't even like put any makeup on on vacation, but took a little bit of content this morning. So I put on like a no makeup makeup. Look: let's go eat breakfast! Oh, I'm gon na show you guys at the room tour because it's insane a little bit later, because I would like them to kind of straighten up and clean a little bit before. I show you guys, but hopefully once we get back from breakfast I'll, give you guys the full tour.

We're on our way to breakfast and we've found.

I don't even remember what these little birds are little all they're, actually big birds are called, but I kind of scared it all.

I freaked out. I was like, oh my god, oh my look and it got a little higher, but it's so beautiful mashallah.

So their buffet is actually insane.

We didn't realize that we can have the buffet and the men kneel buffet. Basically, just has like little appetizers and fruit and side dishes for your entree, so I just got a bunch of fruit and they had lemonade and homeless and gluten-free breads, so I'm gon na enjoy that whoo. I also got a little smoothie, so we'll see how that is I ordered an omelet with tomato onion, and bell pepper and some smoked salmon. I just love how beautifully manicured everything is. It's just the most stunning little jungle walk on the way to the villa guys.

We found our bird again they're the most beautiful birds.

Breakfast, and I wanted to give you guys the full tour.

So this is the outside of.

The villa you guys this place is insane, so this is the living room area whenever we walked in. I was just literally shocked at how huge this place is, it's a big living room, dining room. Then. You walk into the bedroom, a beautiful, big comfy bed, and then this is the view how gorgeous there's nowhere right there I'll, take you guys up there in just a second, but I have to show you guys the bathroom. It's a gorgeous got these double doors that walk into the bathroom.

How freaking amazing, is this bathroom, you guys, sorry, we have some clothes kind of like and drying on the tub, but it is absolutely gorgeous. We have an outdoor shower out here, which is really nice and. Then this shower is probably the best shower. I have ever had in my entire life. It's like a rainfall with the little extender handle piece, and, oh, my god, it's, just literally a dream to be here. It's beautiful. So let me show you guys the outside sitting area up there, as you can see it's definitely not private. For like Joffe standards, but it's still fine, I, didn't want to bring like a bikini or anything this time, because I didn't think it was gon na be private when you, walk down here entrance to one of the water down here, I'm just So grateful to be here for the second time in my life, I'm just feel so grateful I've gotten a lot of questions since I've been here about like what I think about the Maldives. If you get bored here, if it's like the best place for a honeymoon, if you're planning a honeymoon and you're deciding where to go, if you can, the Maldives is like there's hands-down like nothing else like it in the entire world. It is like the most beautiful beach I've ever seen in my entire life. I've had a lot of people concerned about getting bored in the Maldives because there's like nothing else to do, except for like eat and swim and relax. Well, if you're looking for a relaxing vacation, this is definitely the place, but we honestly don't get bored like we love, snorkeling and like getting in the water and like doing like lots of water activities. They also have like a lot of excursions to go, see like turtles and dolphins and like go, have lunch on a private island and like there's so many different fun things you can do during the day. Maybe more than a week would be too much. But a week here for your first time is just absolute list and, if you're coming from the US, you're gon na need a couple of days to like adjust to the time zone, anyways the travel to get here from the US. I I talked about in my story how it was like brutal and we were exhausted and everyone was like. Why is it brutal from the US? It was twenty-one hours total flying and we had a layover and Doha. We actually stayed for twelve hours in Doha, but we did not sleep so literally two days straight of just travel such a process to get here from the US, but it is so worth it once you get here, not a mini, deter you a little bit. Just like how long it takes to get here, but just know like once you get here like it is so worth it take off my makeup and change into my bikini. This one is bilah nuke, UK, and I just think it's the most flattering shape with this peplum detail:

I'm wearing the Nike job, because I just can't find anything. That's more practical! It's the ugliest thing ever, but this is gon na. Be the look for snorkeling today, so I'm gon na go grab the gear and let's go looking good. Looking good, oh yeah, that's not! That's! Not gon na get all the way. you want to see a fish or not or two minutes in all right snorkeling.

It was absolutely gorgeous and when I first got into the water I actually saw a reef shark, but it was like a huge reef shark. So I'm like. Oh I'm back up the stairs. I was like so scared, I'm really mad, though, because I wish I could have gotten it on camera because I never saw it again. Oh, we're actually saw a manta ray, which I didn't see and we didn't get that on camera, but there's so many beautiful colorful fish. It was so stunning mashallah, so we quickly showered and we're about to go to the spa.

We have massage appointments at 1:30. Very much needed after all, like the rigorous travel to get here. My back is like killing me so so excited.

She's, special nice house good.

Thank you.

How stunning is this treatment room, you're, starting with a foot bath and, then a massage. They have a little gelato shop here as well, so cute, I got chocolate mango and raspberry. It's had the most amazing massage ever at the spa. I've definitely fell asleep halfway through that's when you know it's like a really good.

Massage money falls sleep. It's also really embarrassing, though, because she like had to wake me up at the end, and I was like what I was just like so out of it. I was like, oh thank you. I did not want to get off that table. I just wouldn't be like just sleep for the next six hours, but we got up.

We went Nate lunge. I had a salmon burger. It was like kind of like Asian fusion. So that was pretty good. Oh my god! This, like stuffed pastry with beef. It's called like a beef pita or something like that. anyways lunch was good, and now I just got back to the villa and showered and I'm gon na. Do my makeup because we want to take some pictures or, let's be honest, it's mainly me who wants to take pictures. fresh-faced. I just wanted something like super simple.

I'm gon na go ahead and spray my face with the fresh vitamin nice. It smells so good, okay time to get dressed just wash that back and I make a V crazy faces while doing my makeup, so yeah. But I know I'm not the only one. You know you do it too too quickly. Show you guys at my dress before we have to go because the Sun is setting. This dress is my self-portrait and I got it on sale. They were having, like a site-wide, say, all over the holidays, and I'm just my favorites. I don't mind splurging on these, because I will wear these on like every single vacation super cloudy today, but you can still see the sunset and it's beautiful.

I love that pink you in this guy we're headed to this little pier here to take pictures with this.

As the backdrop, one thing that we you may not know is that the Maldives is actually a Muslim country, so they have all the amenities and things that they actually gave us a. Little prayer mat in our room, and I thought you know what I'm gon na pray out on the deck. So I put the prayer mat on the deck over. Here it flew off into the water. I feel so bad. That was like a major fail. I don't even know where it went. I feel so horrible, I'm sure that thing's fly off into the water and I have to go get them, but wow that was such a fail waiting everyone. I'm really sorry that I did not vlog dinner last night I was just exhausted, literally passed out, but anyway we actually extended our stay a one more night. We were going to leave this morning, but, like last night, we were like there's just no way. We can leave so we stayed one more day, but today we are going on a little excursion. We're gon na go see some sea turtles. We're gon na go swim with them. I'm so excited. Funny story showed you guys. This is bikini yesterday. It has. These really long ties around the back where the zipper is, and I was snorkeling yesterday these were like floating by my head, I'm, freaked out. I thought an octopus was coming to attack me or something. Oh, I think that's the door for them to come.

Pick us up.

Let's go.

Oh, I was so exhausted. I just woke up from my nap and it's a few hours later. Obviously it's dark outside now you guys it was so cool.

We thought how many trees hopefully like four, so I like four to baby ones. It was really hard for us to get pictures about them, but I did get like wine to eat. I know they were just like feeding on the bottom, the entire time we were like get up and swim with us, yeah we're so cute the snorkeling there was insane

I've never seen snorkeling like that before, like the fish were so colorful. There was like this huge school of Dory's, the blue fish. It was beautiful, Michelle not seen any most though I know we didn't think anyway is cool. We had so much fun, we're about to go head to actually know we're gon na I'll. Probably take another tiny nap and then we'll have to did her a little bit later. I think it will go like eight o clock been here for four days and she's loved yeah. That's why we had to extend it because I just if we hadn't stayed today. I would have been like what the heck I didn't enjoy it another thing that I've been doing it while we've been here. Is I've been ordering bananas to the room?

You guys, the mini bananas here in the Maldives are like nothing else like. I am not too big of like eating just raw bananas at home. I got my smoothies all the time in here. I can just eat these like nothing like. I will just see like five in a row, they're so good. I don't know that. They're, like so creamy and buttery, like the texture of them, is so good and they have just like this kind of like tangy flavor. I don't know they're just so good, and now I'm like just rambling on about bananas, but I'm sitting down eating dinner. There's an Asian buffet at the resort tonight and I'm eating uh. I think that's how you pronounce it, but it's so so good has rice, noodles and a bunch of vegetables, and then I have some fish and rice and some in the boat on the way to go home.

Bye, bye, Maldives.