Date Night Vlog! GRWM, Favorite Luxury Items, Relationship Advice

Date Night Vlog! GRWM, Favorite Luxury Items, Relationship Advice

Hello, you guys welcome back to my channel um. I thought today. I would do a little get ready with me, because omar and i are going on a date. mama and baba are going out without the baby. We haven't gone on a date, probably since two months ago, um. We were pretty good about trying to plan date nights when elena was first born, but then holidays hit, and we just have been so busy. We are trying to make some time because we are celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary, and, let me know if any of you guys are like this. We have so many dates. We we literally can't keep track of all the dates to celebrate.

We have our dating anniversary, which i know is really not like anything like special. I mean to us. It was really special, so we really haven't. Let go of december 28th, which was when we first first got together twelve years ago now, when we were like fifteen and sixteen years old, then we have december 15th, which was our like religious marriage ceremony, there's just too many dates. So we just celebrate basically just whenever in december um and just try to look back on all the different dates and just you know, combine them all into one day of celebration. So my parents are actually watching elena tonight and they are so excited they just get so excited, especially my dad anytime. They get to um watch her, so she's gon na be with her grandparents tonight. While me and omar, we're literally just gon na. Go to dinner, i'm gon na go grab, coffee and dessert, and i think before that, before the sun sets um we're gon na go look at houses because well we're not we're not like in the market to buy a house right now or anything, But we're actually hoping to build a house sometime soon, just like to go, get like inspiration. Do any of you guys like to do that like go around and like look at pretty houses and just like get inspiration for things. I don't know we just love doing that, so we might go around some of the neighborhoods and just look at some pretty houses but yeah.

That's i mean it's not really like an update or anything because there's like nothing to share, but we're hoping and sha allah that we can find a lot and like just build our next house, which is so exciting insha'allah, just pray for us that Everything goes smoothly with all of that and i will keep you all updated with that process as well.

I'll just quickly show you guys the lip combo that i've been wearing recently.

Just like a super natural lip honestly that you can wear every day um, i know that a lot of people aren't wearing lip glosses right now or lipsticks because of our masks, but i'm just gon na.

Do it up until the point that i have to put my mask on so this is the color oak from mac.

It's a really nice, like, a very subtle shadow, color, okay and then what i do is i just over line subtly on the cupid's bow and on the very bottom middle, and i keep the corners the just like natural and that'll make sure That you don't look like you, have these like big duck lips or anything, but it does give you like a little pouty look and then i'm using the maybelline lifter gloss in the color stone. It's really affordable and looks super natural and has a little bit of pigment. So i haven't even been putting a um, lipstick underneath, and then i go ahead and i bring the lip gloss up over the cupid's bow slightly and that will allow it to look even more pouty.

I mentioned that.

I used the armani luminous silk foundation today, it's so gorgeous. I kind of switch back and forth between well, actually don't wear a foundation very often, but when i do, i switch between the armani and the too faced one and i'm in the color four. I use this brush to blend it. This is called the morphe m439. It is the best um foundation, brush. It is so so good. It just allows you to blend so beautifully. I want to mention that, oh and then the last thing i want to mention is the mascara that i've been using recently.

This is called the lancome adol mascara. Look at this brush, it's a really cool like curved brush. So it really like lifts the lashes really really well, so i am done with my makeup now and i'm going to show you guys what i'm wearing okay. This is. Today's look i'm going to share with y'all where everything is from in just a second, but i want to let you guys know that today's video is in partnership with farfetch.

I am so proud to be working with them again. They actually gave me another discount code, and that gets you ten off select items and i will do a blog post for you guys with um some of the pieces that i would recommend to get with my discount code.

They have some gorgeous classic pieces, including this stunning burberry scarf so. I have lusted over having a burberry scarf for years and i finally finally got one and this one is so unique because it has this gorgeous pink lining and that's the thing about farfetch. They have such unique pieces because they um basically ship from different boutiques across the world, and they just have like the selection that you will not find anywhere else. I also wanted to mention my two favorite bags that i got from farfetch this year and they are the ysl lulu bags and i got so many questions about them.

The last time i shared them on my channel, so i wanted to give you guys a little bit more of like a better review, of them, because i've been using them for months now and they are so gorgeous and well made and just so classic - and i still just absolutely love them so much so i would highly recommend this is the small lulu and i got the gold hardware. It has this gorgeous gold chain and it does have the little leather um part on the shoulder. So it's a little bit more comfortable to wear on your shoulder and this can be worn across the body or it can be worn over the shoulder like that, and it's a really good comfortable length on the strap to wear it over your shoulder. You can also wear it in the crook of your arm. there's just so many ways to wear this bag and i just love it. So so much it comes in several colors. I also love the nude. I love the black. They have several different hardware. Colors to choose from : if gold isn't your thing, they do like a silver i've seen matte black, they have some gorgeous gorgeous colors and i will link all of my um, my picks for these lulu bags on the blog post.

For you guys in case you want to see what the inside looks like. There is plenty of space for phone wallet, keys makeup i mean so much space.

I haven't even, haven't taken the plastic off of that yet, but there's also a little zipper. Pouch in the middle part, it's just a really good size bag. I also want to quickly show you guys the mini size as well. This one is also such a cute and just practical everyday bag, and i get so much wear out of this. It's so well made. The leather does not it's not like a super soft leather that'll scratch like super easily.

It's definitely like just the best like everyday bag. Like i said, um, this will fit phone keys. It even fits my vlog camera um, maybe like a small card holder, it's definitely like a little bit less roomy than the small, but it basically will just fit all of your everyday essentials.

My sister lauren has the black and gold, and it is so cute, but i had to get this one because it just matches more of my like everyday looks. It also has a leather strap which is really comfortable instead of the gold. So this one is a little bit more casual, i would say, but you could still i mean you could definitely still dress this one up too.

I want to show you guys the inside of the mini, so it has the two compartments as well, and this fits my phone vlog camera. It also has some little card slots, but i also wanted to check and see if omar's phone fits, because he has the biggest iphone it's the twelve pro max and it does fit in here perfectly as well. Just in case, you guys were wondering hopping onto the floor because i have another little unboxing from farfetch to do with you guys.

This is a bag that i'm so excited to share with y'all by sea by chloe.

So i thought that this would be really good to mention, because i get asked all the time about my chloe bags and if there are any like more affordable options. this one is definitely not affordable, but it's more affordable than i guess their regular chloe line so see by chloe is still chloe.

It's still that, like gorgeous, like, iconic, chloe design and like, the beautiful leather and just like how stunning is this bag, i'm actually going to be giving away this bag to one of you guys.

This is not like affiliated with farfetch this giveaway. This is just from me. I just wanted to be able to give back in a little way and honestly. This is like nothing in comparison to like how much you guys, um, show like how much love and support you guys show me on a daily basis and i'm hoping to do more little.

Giveaways like this on my channel um. But if you guys are interested in winning this bag, just all you have to do is follow me on instagram and youtube, and then just comment down below um that you entered. This is literally just to get back to you guys, because i love y'all. So so much and yeah. I really love this bag

And i hope that one of you guys enjoys it because it is so stunning.

So i will leave all the information for my little giveaway down below in the description box, as well as my um discount code for farfetch i'll share with you guys the rest of my outfit now so i have been wearing a lot more black.

I think i mentioned this in one of my previous videos, but i've been, i don't know if it's because of the season like with it being winter or, if it's like i'm trying to be like more edgy now that i'm a mom i like feel like I'm not as cool anymore, but i have this full black outfit that i'm so excited to share with y'all.

So let me go ahead and take off these layers, so i can show you guys the full look. First of all, this coat is from macy's. It's a lauren by ralph lauren, coat that i got last year and i am obsessed with the cut of it.

They bring it back every year because it's such a classic um. I love the length. I also have this in camel. If you guys recognize it, you've probably seen me wear the camel one before. Okay, this is the full look that i'm wearing underneath the coat um, it's so weird being in all black, but i think, as long as my hijab is like a neutral nude color, that's flattering on me, then i kind of feel a little bit more comfortable

Wearing more black plus, the top is like really like lacy and more feminine. So i feel like it kind of makes it look a little bit more feminine anyways. The top and pants are both express.

It's this gorgeous puff sleeve lace top. I actually. I think this one might be sold out, but they have several several that are very, very similar, that i will link for you guys it had a tank top lining underneath i cut that out and i'm just wearing a nude undershirt so that you can Still see the lace peeking through and then these pants are a really really good find. I wanted some leather pants that were not leggings, and these are really good. I feel like they're a little bit more like a modest cut, because they're, not so figure hugging like i feel like they have a really good cut to them. anyways, the boots i'm wearing, are from steve madden, and that is that is my look. okay, we are all dressed and ready.

This is what omar is wearing yeah. He has on some black jeans from amazon, where's, that shirt from it's really old and elena is wearing some comfy cute clothes, so she can go to grandma's house. That's right: okay, we're in the car. We are about to go look at some houses. I talked to you guys earlier about how we are looking for somewhere to build so we're so excited. We just kind of feel like we're, outgrowing our house a little bit just especially since i work from home. We want more kids too, so so yeah eventually. We will need inshallah, more like rooms for them and stuff, and look at some pretty houses. I will show you guys kind of our style. I just heard something flapping. It was definitely my coats on the top of the door and get that out.

Um anyways, so my home style, like the exterior i found out, is transitional.

I really like both omar and i both like the same kind of houses to me, i'm not sure if it's right, but to me it seems like it incorporates, like some, traditional style with modern style.

So it's not all, just modern and yeah. We don't like too modern, like i appreciate it, but i just wouldn't want it in my own house. I guess um we like something that seems feels a little bit more classic. I guess it's like a french transition

Yeah or something we like, like lighter stone or brick or stucco, we're not sure like a little bit more on the like architectural kind of side of things, i love arched windows.

I love black windows and accents and black door and darker roof. We love love, love, that style so helena she's coming on our first part of our date. Then we're going to go drop her off at my parents. Can you believe that we will be together for twelve years this month? That's yeah! That's crazy! yeah, like it just feels like it, went by so fast yeah. But then again i feel like we've been together. our whole lives.

So i guess i guess it has been well yeah, it's been more than ten years, so omar.

What is the one piece of relationship advice that you can give to guys now that we've been together for twelve years? I it's really the same. I learned something kind of early on and it hasn't really changed.

It's basically just compromise. You know you have to learn to compromise, he's compromised a lot in our relationship. Well, you have two so well. I feel like i haven't, though, so maybe maybe i need to work on that. What have i compromised on? Maybe it's just maybe it's just i mean it's just. It has just been me after twelve years he is finally released. I finally realized, for example, what have you compromised on? Well, i have to get permission before i can hang out with my friends for me.

I really enjoy spending time with the guys i've had to like change that to spending time with.

My girl

It's so funny, because this has been the hardest thing that we've had to deal with in our relationship, which is nothing like. Thank god, we come to a law firm. You know we haven't had like many major arguments or anything, but if there's one thing i could say that we struggled with it's with omar hanging out with his friends very easy to get along with, and i make friends like really easily. So he has so many different groups of friends yeah that he just feels like he has to like and like i want to be able to maintain all those relationships.

Yeah. Basically, you just have to you know, figure out what matters the most to you and and you've done so, so good with that. More because when we first okay yeah we've changed a lot in twelve years but like when we first got together. We wouldn't get to see each other all week and then the one day that we'd see each other be able to see each other. He would be like um lena i'm gon na go hang out with my friends, and that would oh, that would make me well the reason is i'm going to defend myself?

Okay, because, i it's not like. Oh, i saw my friends all week. I didn't see my friends either because i've been working and then he chose his friends over me. I didn't choose my friends over you, that's what i was upset. I split my time and i spent most of my time with you. A lot of guys will probably agree with me, but it's like therapeutic like which i've had to come to understand. I don't know how to explain it. I don't work that way.

Whenever i hang out with friends or just people, that's not my family, it exhausts me, i'm definitely an introvert, i'm the opposite.

For me, when i hang out with friends, you know and family like a bigger group of people, it like energizes me. You know so

I guess that does make me kind of an outgoing person but, i'm not going in the normal sense, like i'm gon na be trying to talk to everybody in the room.

Not really, you know, but i i kind of feed off people's energy, so you know, that's why we're a little different. Whatever we're doing, i always try to say: hey, you know, let's tell so, and so let's make it a bigger group. You know that's one other thing that he does like if, if i ever want to go somewhere, do something with him he's like: let's invite these people listen this person, i'm just like that.

I just want to have just alone time yeah and for her yeah for her. It's like. That makes that wears her out because she feels like she's going to have to entertain. So maybe it's because i i'm like a people pleaser and i just want people - i just want to make sure everyone is happy that i'm around, and i just want to make sure that i guess that mentality just exhausts me yeah, which i can understand.

I can see that point, that's why i started compromising.

Well, you've done a good job. This house also has the same coloring, but it's a little too modern. look at those yeah those windows, a little odd, !

Okay, this house is huge. You can't even tell, i guess you can it's like a freaking castle. It has its own gate. What do these people do? I just need to know. Oh, one more thing. Okay, you have another piece of communication. I feel like that's something. Even we to this day, we still struggle with sometimes yeah. I think i've mentioned that on my channel before too and is that whenever something's wrong with me, i just shut down. I don't like to talk about it. I just want to like just feel, and just oh, you want to show the house: oh here's, a beautiful one, okay, that one is somewhat our style. They mixed um, brick and stone, but just kind of that coloring and just the style of that house, not exactly but yeah, and that one is also really pretty it's full stucco we're thinking. We want to do a mix of maybe stucco and brick or that's so pretty. The communication thing um. That is very important and that's probably one of the hardest things between, a man and a woman to accomplish, because men and women communicate differently from each other, so and it's not just men and women. It's just person to person. Sometimes people don't want to tell don't want to say anything. There might be something wrong. They don't want to say it until you. That's a lot of us girls yeah, so we'll actually we'll try to make you make it known that there's something wrong right.

Those little subtle, or they're, like oh rubbed, their eyes and, like you know, i'm like what you know, but that's that's the thing when you get that inclination like something is wrong: something's, probably you shouldn't you, ask them hey. What's wrong and they're like uh, nothing, everything's, fine, that's a big, don't believe, don't believe them! That's! That means you're something they're you're in trouble, something's wrong.

You definitely need to investigate that. Here's another one similar to our style. I think this is a little too modern for us. What do you think yeah? Maybe look at that sharp edges, yeah, look at that huge window! This is all the ones when those are huge. Okay, never said what my piece of advice would be to girls after i've been in a relationship for twelve years.

What is it i have to think about it? I can't just be put on the spot, like that. You put yourself on the spot. What are you talking about? Well, you said two, you said a communication and compromise, which is like two of the biggest things in a relationship that you have. Those are the ones that matter to me. That's why they both came to mind so hmm yeah. I guess mine would be to understand how your spouse communicates and how they receive love. The um love languages, quiz. I know it kind of sounds cliche, but just understand. Basically, the main idea is that the way that you show love to others is not necessarily the way that they receive it. If that makes any sense, so, let's say like i'm, just like showering omar with gifts and buying him all this stuff and just. You know, but that may not be even what's important to him. I just. I just want just quality time yeah, you know or just be there or just be there. Yeah like you, don't even have to talk sometimes like for me. That's actually enough. Just like being around somebody, so just understanding like how someone like wants to receive, affection and love. That is, i think, that is huge, right i'll leave that little quiz below it's free to take, and it's really helpful but i'll tell you what women want.

They want gifts, no, not every single woman, i'm not even the.

I don't even want gifts, lena will say little things here and there every day you know, and they may not intentionally say but you you'll pick up on things like. Oh, they need something or oh they want this or whatever and. They may never mention it again, so it's important that you pay attention, oh pay attention to those little things and then surprise them with them and then.

You should do that for me yeah. I still do what do you mean? What have you got me? Well, you don't need anything. You haven't said anything. Maybe you should follow his own advice.

Okay, we'll talk to you guys in a second.

Don'T forget that! Thank you guys, bye, guys.

Okay, we just finished dinner.

I had chilean sea bass with cauliflower and what did you have?

I had the fillet with mashed, potatoes and brussels sprouts and then for starters, we did a kale, caesar, salad and then we split a poblano soup, which we weren't planning on splitting. But i guess the message didn't get across that omar wanted to soup too. So we wound up just splitting it. It was good, it was spicy, so i don't even think i probably would have wanted to oh really yeah, and then we also got truffle fries yeah.

Those were actually really good.

Dessert was a nutella cheesecake that was delicious. It was good. Actually, it was actually delicious. I love nutella yeah. The only thing is there was a table next to us that had a little newborn baby and it kept distracting me and it kept making me miss elena. So much i couldn't stay focused. I just like kept looking over, don't think about babies, for like thirty seconds almost like are we gon na have to switch spots because she was behind omar. She just kept stirring anyways. We are gon na go pick. Are we gon na go pick up some like coffee or tea? We should okay, so i think we're gon na go pick up some coffee and tea and then go get our baby girl.

Okay, we got our tea. We got our baby. We just picked up elena, and it's so funny because anytime, that i leave her with my mom and then i go and get her again. She has the biggest smile when she sees me, but then she gets upset because she knows that i feed her she's angry she's hungry and she wants to eat, it's her bedtime, so we got ta go thanks again to farfetch for sponsoring this video.

I love you guys so much and i will see you all in the next one