Friendsgiving 2020! How to Make a Charcuterie Board!

Friendsgiving 2020! How to Make a Charcuterie Board!

Good morning, guys and happy saturday um, so i'm dressed today, because lauren and i are going to run some errands to prep for our friendsgiving party that we're having tomorrow night we're literally just having a very intimate um little gathering.

I wouldn't even call it a friendsgiving. We were just gon na have like a little game night with some food with our family. It's gon na be like ten people, it's gon na, be my sisters and then omar's, sisters and cousins. So if you guys followed me last year, you guys saw we did like a huge friendsgiving with all our friends and family and it was like we catered food. We had a huge charcuterie board, we did all the decor, it was so fun. We really wanted to make it like an annual thing, but then cove had hit and we just couldn't do a big one like that again. So small and sweet porn is watching elena. While i got ready, and we're gon na go drop her at my parents house for like an hour while we just get all the stuff. We do want to get um stuff to make a charcuterie board this year as well, because, we just like discovered, making charcuterie rewards last year and it's so beautiful and so fun, so we'll just make like a smaller version this year. So we need to get stuff for that, and i also wanted to do like a little decor, um, nothing like we did last year because it's going to be way less people and like it's going to be way more low-key.

But i did want to kind of try to make like a cute fall arrangement um with some pompous and flowers and stuff, so we're gon na go get stuff for that. So i thought i would take you guys with us um. Let me show you guys what i'm wearing okay.

First, i want to start with my jewelry, so you guys know i'm obsessed with gold, dainty layering pieces and i have been wearing my majuri pieces and non-stop ever since i got them.

I shared them in a vlog a few weeks back and. Oh, my gosh me and my sisters are all obsessed with majuri i'll show you guys lauren's necklace she's wearing today, um because it's also majority and she wears it every single day. But i just wanted to say thank you so much to my jury for sponsoring this portion of today's video.

I am so excited about their black friday sale. That's going to be going on the 23rd through the 30th of this month. So i don't think majority goes on sale very often, but this is a really good one. It's ten percent off one item: fifteen percent off two and twenty percent off three or more items, and that does include their small leather goods and their milestone rings as well. So, but i just wanted to share with you all my favorite pieces. So this first one is their floating, sapphire necklace. The thing i love about their necklaces, you guys is that they are long enough that they can still show. While i wear my scarf, which to me, is very important because if they were like like so choker style, then you would never even see them, so i really love the option to make them longer. Even the shorter ones, um this next one is their bold chain link, necklace, and these like paperclip chain necklaces are so on trend right now and it's so beautiful. Obviously you can make it shorter or longer, but, like i said, like i love how you can make it longer and a lot of these paperclip style. necklaces are very choker style and you would never even see it with my scarf.

So that's why i love this one and then this last one is the organic pearl necklace, and this one is like i just love the length on that one. It's so beautiful and i just love that organic pearl design. So i love those. I have a couple of bracelets to share with y'all, so this is my little bracelet stack that i think is, so beautiful from a jury.

So i have the um bold chain link bracelet that matches the necklace i have and then this is the double curb chain.

Bracelet and lauren actually has the necklace to match that one and it's so so cute. I also wanted to share another one of my favorites.

This is the lotus necklace.

That's pretty much the same length as the floating sapphire necklace, i'm wearing, but i thought i was wearing too many necklaces. So i didn't layer this one as well, but it's so so dainty and feminine. I love the little tri crystal design, it's so dainty and cute. I love it so all the pieces from a jury that i own are gold vermeel. So what that means is they are eighteen, karat, gold, plated over sterling silver, so they're, actually pretty. I mean they're, pretty reasonably priced for fine jewelry, so they're still pretty affordable. Plus you get that extra discount with the black friday sale. So i would totally recommend picking up a few pieces. They are just so classic so timeless and will really match literally every single outfit. So i will leave the link down below in the description box, for you guys to shop the sale along with all my favorites from a jury, so thanks again to them for sponsoring this portion of today's video

Okay, i wanted to share with you guys what i Am wearing today so i have literally been wearing these voluminous sleep tops non-stop from express i loved, my cranberry color, so much that i ordered, the nude and white.

So if you see me wearing these huge voluminous sleeve tops like literally non-stop, i'm sorry, but i just love them so much um, i tucked it into a pair of um, like, looser fitting jeans from express i love.

These gold rose gold, buttons, i've worn these so many times and then my mark fisher white boots, and then this is a wall, chic hijab. I think it's called light pink, but i'll link it down below and my diaper bag, because i am a mama.

This is the one by freshly picked and i always get asked if i have a discount code, because they did originally give me a discount code and they are giving me another discount code this month. So i will leave that down below in the description box. for you guys, but um, anyways, yay, okay, so!

I have lauren here with me

Now: we've just dropped off elena and we're gon na go ahead and get some stuff for the charcuterie board and just some stuff for the party tomorrow. Basically, we are experts at charcuterie, yeah, now, the first time we were like nervous, but we realized anything you put on it like. It looks good yeah honestly, just like, we like crackers, all different kinds of cheese, fruit, fruit, berries, um, celery carrots.

We did hummus. How would we say that hummus um, carrots and celery, like you, said and nuts, oh, and we also did like jams, yeah, and that makes it really pretty jams and honey with the crackers and cheese yeah, so yummy.

So we're gon na go get that and oh. I also wanted to show you what lauren's necklace, because it's also the jury.

I got this in austin on my 21st creepy.


Okay, it is the next day.

I just did my makeup because elena was napping - and i just quickly threw on my makeup because i didn't want to like not have time to do that later today.

I really don't have too much to do, because we are um, getting the food catered by my dad's restaurant, so they're taking care of the food. Thank god, because i cannot, even though it's not that many people i just have never cooked for that many people before i think the most amount of people have cooked for is like, four people, so um we're having food catered, and so all i Have to do is just straighten up the house. I want to put together our flower arrangement um and then. My mom and sister lauren are coming over a little bit later, to help me set up the charcuterie board.

I am going to be testing out. My new dyson stick vacuum today. This is, definitely not sponsored by dyson, even though that would be great. I purchased this on sale um, since it was. I guess like their cyber week sale or whatever and yeah i'm so excited.

This is the dyson v10. I believe so, i'm so excited.

I use my robot vacuum um for like daily maintenance but um. I just found that getting out the clunky big vacuum to get any like spot cleaning was just really inconvenient for me. So we're gon na use this and we're gon na see how well it works and i've seen so many people love it, especially my friend eileen.

If you guys watch her stories, then you'll know what i'm talking about, because she is obsessed with this thing. I literally just took this out of the box this morning, so this is the first time that i'm trying it out our old vacuum um i was so hard to move on carpet, so i'm really hoping and i didn't read any directions by The way i'm the worst, i like hate, reading directions, though.


The living room is all straightened up and i'm about to go ahead and bump up the intensity on my own at home, fragrance device - and i don't think i've ever shared this with y'all on youtube.

So this is the pura device that we love. I want to show y'all what it looks like on the inside: it's basically a fragrance device for your home that you can control with an app on your phone. The thing i love about it, the most is that it is clean and like safe for babies and pets. So i haven't been actually burning candles in the house really since elena's been born, because i've been kind of worried about her inhaling toxins in the air, but this one all her fragrances are made out of ingredients that are super like clean and natural. I wanted to show you all what this app looks like real fast. It's i'm just like so obsessed with this thing. So right now i just bumped it up to a level eight, but normally we have it on like a level like three or so um, if it's just like us in the house, and it will actually turn off your device. If you leave the house, which is nice because it won't like waste the fragrance um but yeah since we're having company over i'm gon na, go ahead and bump it up to level ten so that we can get this house smelling, so nice and cozy.

So i'm going to try to make a fall arrangement.

We got some flowers yesterday and i'm gon na try to put it in this pedestal bowl that i got from target.

I want to show y'all my um inspiration picture. I found this on google. I'm gon na um, hopefully make it look very similar. I have pompous, but um lauren is bringing it over, bringing it over a little bit later today, so hopefully it'll look somewhat similar to that. Okay, i have a little assistant with me, so we'll see how well we can do this with elena um. Also she had drools a lot recently. So if you start seeing this entire thing get like extremely wet, that's why um anyways? I thought that this would be

A really cute idea, because i saw this on tik tok, where this lady made it a flower arrangement with this method.

So if you have like a a little bit more like a shallow bowl like this, what she did is she took tape and she did like a crisscross design over the entire thing so that it had uh with tape. Did i say that already um so that the flowers could like stand up a little bit straighter and? It would be more easy to display the flowers and my tape is just like not working right now. there we go.

So i'm just going to make a crisscross design the entire thing:.


This is the look for tonight. I decided to wear the same top. I was wearing yesterday

Just because i've been wearing it non-stop and i'm so in love with it, and then i paired it with these faux leather joggers from abercrombie.

I just love these they're really good, nice modest, fit super comfy casual, but still kind of dressed up. look for a friend's giving!

So that's the look. I also um, i'm wearing my house shoes, but i'm not gon na be wearing shoes tonight.

Let me know what do you guys do when you have guests over um like how do you politely tell people to take off their shoes like most i mean this is all of our family, so they should know, but i mean how do you, Like tell people to take off their shoes, do you have like a sign at the door?? Do you just tell them when they walk in and you don't even care? Let me know, and i present to you fall princess.

She has her cute.

Fall outfit on and i love the ruffles and the orange so cute mommy, oh, my goodness.

I love you. I love you, elena. I love you beautiful girl, okay, lauren is back and we are about to set up the charcuterie board amanda's, not here, i'm so sad.

I know i am too.

She went to um san antonio to go to one of muhammad's sister's friend's givings, yeah and she was gon na be back in time, but then she flew and her flight got delayed. So she's gon na be back like super late tonight. So so sad but anyways, let me show you guys what we have lauren's actually on, washing the vegetable and fruits duty right now, and we were saying that if you really want to like do this the right way, you should actually wash your Fruits and vegetables the day before, because we're going to be using butcher paper and if there's any moisture still on the fruits and vegetables, then it's going to get your paper wet um, so hopefully we'll just dry. It really good, but we have butcher paper. You can get this on amazon, but it just makes it so that you can just lay it all out on this paper. We got all kinds of cheese, we're literally only having ten people and. We went way overboard with the cheese. We were like no, we need more. This is brie

So we're gon na put this in the oven, it's um, basically a cheese that you can bake and it's like gooey and you can like dip your crackers in it. It's delicious um. We have literally okay, what kind of cheeses did we get?? We got gouda, cheddar, pepper, jack. We got, i don't even know anyways. We got all the good stuff. Then we have some hummus. We don't. We haven't tried that brand. So, i don't know if it's going to be good, but we also have some honey. This jam, we were very excited about it's fig and orange. So that's looking really good. Then we have some berries, so strawberries, raspberries. Then we have the carrots and lauren's washing and drying the celery for the hummus, so carrots and celery.

For that, then we just got a ton of different kinds of crackers, so some gluten-free multi-seeds lauren, said these were delicious. So we got those and then these are these. I don't know but crackers, so we're gon na assemble all of this, oh and then i also have some nuts some walnuts and some dried apricots. So yummy, okay, i just finished the arrangement with the pompous grass lauren, just brought them to me, and i think it looks so good, i'm so proud of it. i've never done anything like this before, but i love it.

I think it turned out so pretty.


Okay, we just finished and it looks very beautiful, it's huge but um from our experience last year. this thing will be gone from by the end of the night and it's smaller than the one we did last year, as well.

It looks like a lot, but it does look like a lot, but i think it will be just enough honestly, so beautiful, i think the um.

The key is like having like rows of different angles, yeah going in different angles and making it like. Not look, so perfect, um yeah, that's the best advice. I guess i could give say hi to my vlog, hello, hello. We miss you. I miss you for games. Tonight we have pictionary and omar's sister mara is bringing taboo. So i've never played pictionary, but i think i don't know.

Hopefully that's good for, like a group of ten people.

Okay, it is the next day and i wanted to update y'all on how the friendsgiving party went.

It was so perfect.

Just being like really intimate just our sisters and cousins, um, we stayed up till literally like 1am, playing pictionary and taboo, and i would totally recommend, like any of you guys are that are having any kind of like family get-togethers during the holidays. Those are the most fun games to play with family. I feel like it's just so fun if you're wondering where elena was during this party, so she stayed for probably the first like thirty minutes, and then omar's mom took her very kindly and watched her at. Oh my sister's house street. All my sister was literally like around the corner, so it was so perfect. So she watched her over there during the party and i just went better in the middle of it and came back and it was great. The charcuterie board is always such a hit, so what we usually do is we'll snack on it a little bit when everyone arrives and while we're waiting for all the guests to get here and then once everyone arrives, then we eat the actual food, um And then we like sit, we eat dessert, we eat drink tea. Then we play the games and then our back around like midnight or so when everyone's like got the munchies, then we start munching on the charcuterie board again and it was pretty much gone. We did have a little bit of cheese left over. We bought way too much cheese, but anyways. You can't ever have enough cheese, i mean we'll, probably eat it. I saved it and it's in the fridge but anyways. Also everyone loved my little arrangement. It's dying, which is so sad, i guess i mean. Maybe i just don't have enough water or something i kind of want to revive it, um, but it just turned out so pretty anyways.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks again to missouri. For sponsoring do not forget to check out their black friday sale and i will link below all of my favorite majority pieces down below in the description box, for you guys to check out so.

I love you guys so in the next much