Modest Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know! *Life Changing*

Modest Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know! *Life Changing*

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My name is Lina. If you guys are new, I make fashion beauty and lifestyle videos. I would love for you guys to subscribe if you're not already part of the fam. I have been wanting to film this video for so long. I have been collecting like a little list on my phone in my notes like anytime, I can think of a modest hack. I like write it down and I have ten to share with you guys today. So I hope that you guys enjoy this video and let's jump right in okay, so the first one is not so much a hack but more of a necessity for me. So I have like invested in a cute little collection of high-neck, long-sleeve, very thin. Undershirts in like white, colors and neutral colors that can go under my clothes because there are so many clothes in my closet that have like v-necks or like cutouts, like lace like keyhole, backs anything that will show on my skin, and these are just absolute Necessities for me, I will link below some that are available it down below, but I get these everywhere from H & M mango Gap. I think I've gotten some from Maine Republic before, but I will link some down below, but these are just absolute essentials. I know it's not necessarily a hack, but we will get into those next next up. I have this really gorgeous silky satin cami dress, not something you would look at and be like hmm, definitely modest, but I have a hack to make it modest for you. So during the winter time you can throw a chunky sweater. Over top of this - and it will look like a satin skirt, with a sweater on top. So that is like one of the best hacks, because I think it's just the most beautiful trendy outfit, while still being able to like wear pieces in your wardrobe that you wouldn't necessarily think is modest. But I kind of have filtered out v-neck shirts. Out of my wardrobe, just because I know that I will not wear them, but if you have any v-neck t-shirts or like scoop, neck t-shirts or anything with like a lower neckline in the front, what you can do is you can turn them around and wear them Backwards and usually they will have a higher back, so it'll be like a higher neckline. Usually, I would wear like a blazer over top of the t-shirt or like a cardigan or something, and it just ensures that you get that everything is covered in the front and you don't have to worry about a v-neck. But I have literally it cleared out every single v-neck t-shirt or scoop neckline t-shirt out of my wardrobe, so I literally have to go to Target and grab an example t-shirt for you guys. So I can show you my next tag has to do with boots in the fall winter time. So you guys this is one of my favorite hacks. Ever whenever you have like a little bit more of a cropped like gene or pant, or something or even just like a midi skirt, that's like almost long enough but like not really long enough. I always just grab my high ankle boots. So they come up higher on the ankle and they cover up that area that you need to cover up. So I think these are absolute essentials and just like at the perfect hack, to give you some extra coverage in the fall winter time, similar to the last hack. I have high knee boots or knee-high boots. I have had people tell me. I say that wrong, but anyways. I wear high knee boots with skirts like shorter, not short skirts but, like maybe shorter midi skirts that come like right below my knee, and these cover up my legs and it just ensures that you are modest and. That is just one of my absolute favorite hacks during the fall winter time I have so many different colors of Jaime boots. Just so that I can wear that specific outfit, because it's just one of my favorites, the next hack has to do with gym clothes, and you guys I have struggled so much over the years with like dressing cute at the gym and like dressing modestly, at the Gym, it's just been such a struggle for me. What I do is I wear joggers with a long-sleeve running shirt and like the nike job and tennis shoes, but sometimes like my running shirts are just not long enough, and I just need some more coverage on the back side, just to feel a little bit more Comfortable, so I always just tie a long-sleeve running shirt around my waist. It's a really lightweight I'll, just like sometimes I'll just tie it like it literally and I knot and it does not budge. I've worn this shirt around my waist doing like cardio doing yoga doing all kinds of stuff, and it not badge, especially if you like, actually tie it in a knot. Yeah, it's just like the perfect easy hack for the gym. I get so excited when I'm able to use this next hack so when you're shopping online and there's a store that offers sizes, and tall. If you're, looking for like an item like a midi skirt or like something, that's more cropped and you want it to be longer just order it and tall, and it will be the link that you need it to be. It's amazing. I've done this for like cropped pants, I've ordered them in the tall and they're like the perfect length. For me, I've done it with mini skirts. I have one from Topshop that I ordered and tall and it's like the perfect length, so really good tip to just keep an eye out for different websites that offer tall.

I know Banana Republic does this. I know that Topshop does this, but yeah anyways. It's a really good tip next hack is for making your white pants non sheer. So I know a lot of you guys have a thing struggle as me, where you want to wear white pants, but they're, never aligned or they're just to see through and it just ruins the vibe. So one thing that I have found that really works for me is white leggings and I will just wear my white leggings underneath they unlined pants and I'm usually fine if you find leggings to just be like too restricting and like just too many like too Thick of a layer underneath they have these things called pant liners. I have found them and they're great, but the ones that I found were cropped and I needed them to be full-length. If I can find some pant liners, I will link them down below they're, just like a really thin, like non sheer material that you wear underneath the pants. But if I can't find those, then white leggings have worked really well for me. My next hack is to actually make use of your tailor, so there are so many dresses I feel like and other clothing items that have like a v-neck or like if it's a skirt or a dress, it'll have like just a huge slit. Usually, I would just kind of like below those items off like. Oh those will never work like there's just no way, but there is a way you can just take them to your tailor, and all they have to do is just sew closed. The v-neck, which is what I did with this beautiful dress, that I wore to the Streamy Awards, had a really gaping v-neck line and I just couldn't pass up the dress. So I just took it to my tailor and then closed it up and I was able to wear it and it was fine. I also have this dress, which I have not taken to my tailor yet, but I really need to because it has a a v-neck. Like a really low, v-neck and, a really high slit and both would be so easy to close, and I would just feel so much more comfortable wearing this. All they would have to do is put like a little like stitch right there and it would be closed, and then this is really easy to close as well, because it's not like a slit that has a gap in between the fabric. If you know what I mean it's just kind of like it, just flows straight down, just like any normal dress would so all you have to do is close it so make use of your tailor. Number ten is how I make my ripped denim jeans, modest. So a lot of times that there are some really gorgeous denim styles that have distressing on the knees or like other places, but then I don't want to show my skin. So what I found is that they have these denim patches that are iron on. So I found these in like sewing sections at Walmart, I'm sure they even have them on Amazon. I will link some down below. They come in different, like denim colors, so you can match the color of your jeans and you just turn your jeans inside out. You earn the patch on the back and then you are covered and you don't have to wear like another layer like leggings, underneath your jeans or anything like that, because that would be like way too overboard for me and yeah. I think it's just a really good way to make your distressed, denim modest, give this video a thumbs up if you've ever tried any of these fashion hacks before or if you plan on trying any of these, and if you have any more hacks like that, you Guys use that I did not mention then leave them down below.

We need as many modest fashion hacks as we can get.

I love you guys so so much and I will in my next video by