My Coat and Boot Collection! Best Investment Pieces 2019!

My Coat and Boot Collection! Best Investment Pieces 2019!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Lena if you're new, I make exception at beauty and lifestyle videos, and I would love for you guys to subscribe if you haven't already and if you've already subscribed. I love you guys so so much today's video I'm going to be sharing with you all of my winter coats and boots for this season. It's just kind of like my collection of essentials. For this year I was gon na split this video up into two videos like one coat and one boot video, but I really don't have that big of a collection, so I thought I would just put it all into this video. This is also gon na, be super helpful, because these a lot of these pieces are gon na, be going on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and these are things that I would totally recommend investing in. I think everything is around two hundred and below so these are really good, high-quality pieces that are going to last for years to come. So I'm super excited to share these with you all. The links for the coats and boots will be down in the description box, along with the blog post, sharing all of my affordable option picks as well so. I hope you guys enjoy and let's jump right in, let's start with ankle boots first. So this is a pair by Marc Fisher.

I absolutely love Marc Fisher boots. I have so many pairs from them. It's probably one of my favorite designers, or both because they're not like extremely extremely expensive, like a designer, but I just feel like the silhouette that they do is just absolutely so beautiful and looks so. High-End you'll also see a trend with every single one of my boots, and that is with the pointed toe. I just personally believe it that pointed toe shoes are the most classic and the most flattering on everyone. So that's why all my boots are pointed out. I especially love these because they are so comfortable. You guys, the block heel is not high at all, I would say, is probably it's less than two inches, I would say so. You can definitely like walk in these all day. I also love how it comes up higher on the ankle. I like that's something I always look for with ankle boots as well. It's like a higher ankle so that I can wear my crop denim with it and just kind of like still cover up my leg, and it's just so flattering. I love it. Having a white boot in your wardrobe may not be something that you think you might need, but let me tell you so much use out of these. They match so many of my outfits and if you have a, similar style to me, with lots of lights, neutrals, then you will definitely find yourself wearing these a ton. These also come in several colors black taupe, so many colors. So I will link these in every single boot. I mentioned down below the second pair of ankle boots. I have are also by Marc Fisher.

These are my absolute favorite boots, and you can tell they are very well-loved lots of creases. The toes have a little scuffing on the ends that I am still wearing these and they are still going strong. They are the most beautiful, like kind of like a pinky nude. It just matches so many of my outfits and matches. So many of my bags and other accessories, I also really like how it comes up a little bit higher in the front and then the back. It's just kind of a little bit of a cute design detail. These are a little bit higher of a heel than the last ones. I showed you, but they are so comfortable. I wore these in New York and that's kind of where I got the scuffs, because I was wearing them like in the streets of New York, but they still are holding up a really well and, like I said I was walking around New York and I was Super comfortable, I would say they're less than four inches, that's kind of like my. My limit is four. I can't do more than four inches.

I also found a very similar dupe for these on DSW they're, also actually by Marc Fisher they're, just extremely discounted. I think they were like $ 50 with, like the extra CL that was going on, so I will link those down below. Unfortunately, they didn't arrive in time for this video. I would have loved to share those with you, but I'll link them down below next up. We have these gorgeous, pointed toe ankle boots by Steve Madden. They are in the most stunning taupe suede and I'm very picky about the colors of my boots. They really just have to like flow seamlessly with the rest of my outfits, and this is the most beautiful taupe that literally matches so many outfits, and this boot is highly highly discounted on the Nordstrom website. I think it was originally like. I don't know what the original price was, but I think it's down to like $ 70, but I love the block heel. I love. It has a little zipper closure in the back. These don't come up as high on the ankle, but I still think they are. Just so flattering it's so beautiful and so versatile. The last pair of ankle boots that I have in my collection are this black pair by tony bianco.

I got these on Nordstrom as well, and they are the most beautiful silhouette, of a shoe, I'm sure you guys have seen like this is very similar to all the other silhouettes of shoes that I like. This is just what I like: the material around the ankle is a little bit more of like a flexible, thin material, so it's very comfortable to wear all day long. It's also comfortable because of the block heel.

I really really love these. Do you guys know? I don't wear a lot of black, but I do wear a little bit more black during the fall winter time. I also love wearing black

Booties with like black jeans. It just really elongates the leg and makes your legs look like ten miles. Long, like you guys, definitely have to try that look, because it's definitely gon na make you look a little bit taller. Moving on to high knee boots, I feel like high knee boots are having a moment this season, so I invested in this white pair of boots. Recently that I didn't think that I needed, but now that I have it in my wardrobe, I realize how many different ways I can wear these. It just goes so well with my color palette and with the rest of my wardrobe. So if you guys are like me and have a similar style, you guys should definitely think about getting a white pair of high knee boots because they just have matched so many outfits. So far, these are by Sam Edelman. Sam Edelman is super well known for having like very comfortable shoes, and I could walk in these all day long but again silhouette exactly what I like, and I just love the color. I'm loving wearing these with black jeans and a white coat, I'm also loving. Wearing these with skirts dresses. I just there's so many ways you can wear your hiney boots. Okay, next up, these are by Marc Fisher. Again one of my favorites. This color is just the most beautiful like Cho, but with a hint of pink to it, absolute favorite color. I love wearing these boots with skirts with dresses and with like white denim. They are just so beautiful. I would totally recommend these as well these boots. These are my last pair heinie, and I got these over the summer in August during the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and let me tell you, I have gotten so much use out of these like there's always so many limited sizes, because they're so popular but Nordstrom Has always, I always see them restocking it, so I have hope that they will restock. They are the perfect shade of like a chestnut, like I said before.

I'm super picky with the coloring in my shoes and my wardrobe in general, but a lot of like the con yak chestnut colored boots that I've ordered to try out there always orangie in person, and I cannot stand that we're in G. It does not match my wardrobe, so these are perfect they're, just like the most beautiful neutral chestnut and they go with so many looks. I hope they. These come back in stock. Just keep checking back and especially during like Black Friday time. Just definitely save this video. So you can come and get all of your investment boots for it years to come next up, I'm going to share with you guys the over the knee boots that I do have. I have two pairs. These are by Stuart Weitzman, and I know that these are definitely an investment piece, but I wanted to share with you guys that I honestly don't even get that much use out of these. It's like, I think one of the main reasons is that that you're not pointed toe, they are more of a round toe and I don't know if Stuart Weitzman do pointed to Oh boots that I'm just letting you guys know you don't have to buy designer. Like honestly, I need to sell these because I don't get that much use out of them, but I do love this gray color and they are definitely amazing quality and will last for years and years and years. But I wanted to share it like a dupe for these, so let me grab them, so these are a different color than the Stuart Weitzman's. These are similar to their lighter gray color. These are like a taupe, and these are by goodnight macaroon.

That's like a boutique online. I do believe they ship worldwide. But these do you have a point of CHO, so they are so much more flattering. These have a block heel, which is a little bit yeah a little bit lower, so they're super comfortable and they stay up on your legs so well and they are a fraction of the price of the designer version. I just want to share this designer a dupe with you guys, because it is really good quality. I love the color and they are super comfortable and I know I'm gon na wear these even more than my actual designer pair moving on to coats. I just got this one, that's why the tags are literally still on. I need to take those off, but I wanted to find a really good quality little coat for you guys that wasn't like crazy outrageously priced. I love the shade of camel. There are so many different shades of camel you guys, as you can see, I'm very particular with like the shades of clothing items and. This one is a very nice light-colored, neutral, camel it matches everything. It's such a classic wardrobe staple, and I would totally recommend you guys pick this up just to think this one is so classic so wearable and will just last you for years to come.

I got this stunning.

A teddy bear coat from mango recently. I still need to take off the tags actually just shot in this. The tags I've been looking for the perfect teddy bear coat for my wardrobe, and I never knew that. I needed a white teddy bear coat until I saw this one. It is so me and so elegant and I love the big lapel collar. I just feel like this is so like Max Mara vibes, but like without the huge, like thousands of dollar price tag. During like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, they will at least be 30 % off. It's definitely going to be something I'm gon na be reaching for whenever it's like freezing outside it does get like. The temperatures do drop pretty low in Texas during the winter, especially come like January February time. So I know I will get lots of use out of this. It's just so. It's like snuggly and warm, but still chic, I'm gon na love. It styling this with black jeans and the white hiney boots. I just feel like that. It's just such a chic black and white outfit and yeah, I'm so obsessed with next up. I actually got this coat last year from H & M, but they still have it on their website. This is, just a extremely classic silhouette of a coat. I love this big lapel color. I just that's something I always look for this. Color is like a very light light taupe and I'm not a hundred percent positive that it's the exact same shade of their new version. But I know it's kind of like an oatmeal II cream, color so very similar, and they have this in, like a maroon, a black, this they have in several colors and I believe it's around one hundred and thirty dollars. So this would be definitely something to pick up during the Black Friday Cyber Monday a week as well, it's just such a good staple like I said, I've had it for two years now and I find myself reaching for this over and over again For a really good quality and reasonably priced go next.

Is one of my absolute favorite pieces. this one

I was searching online.

I was so desperate to find coats. I literally typed in best coats 20:19 on Google, and this is one of the ones that popped up from Macy's and I love this coat so much so I love the big lapel collar. That is something I always look for in coats. I just feel like that makes it look so high-end. This one is really flattering because it does have that tie, wrap detail, it's a really beautiful, like shape silhouette and length, and I also love these big Tufts on the sleeves I'm just obsessed with this coat. I know I will wear this so much for years to come. It's the perfect white coat. If you are more of a black coat kind of girl, this one would also be beautiful in black. I know that I'm not sharing any black coats with you guys, but a couple of these do come in a black option and I feel like it's just such a classic staple, but white just matches better with my wardrobe the last coat I have to share with You about this women's by Cole Haan. I got this one from Macy's when I placed my order for the other coat that I showed you and I just absolutely love this like big wrap. What would you call this wrap collar? I don't know what you would call this, but I've seen these coats, but a lot of times they will have hoods in the back and I just don't like the hood. This one doesn't have a hood, it's just so perfect. It's a beautiful, taupe color. It also comes in black and a few other colors. I think this would be so chic in black, but I just love this wrap style. It's definitely going to be discounted during the sales as well. So keep this one in mind. That was my entire coat and boot collection at for two thousand and nineteen.

I hope you guys enjoyed everything is linked down below.

Don'T forget to save this video for all, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, because I know a lot of these are going to go on sale.

I will be doing a couple of videos around that time to share with you guys my favorite pieces to pick up during that sale time, because I know it can get very overwhelming.

I love you guys so much and I'll see y'all in my next one.