Our First Friendsgiving Party!

Our First Friendsgiving Party!

Good morning everyone

I'm wearing my first-ever hoodie. That's right! I bought myself a hoodie because I figured it would be a little bit easier for me to vlog in this at home.

Sometimes, though, I'm actually hosting my first-ever friendsgiving party this weekend or during in some food, I'm a restaurant that does Thanksgiving food because I I don't have time to cook and have never cooked for the. How many people before I have a day trip to New York and then the next day is our friends giving so it's gon na be a crazy week? Hopefully we make it so I wanted to share with you guys a couple of skincare products that I'm just obsessed with right now and they're both bye to LA. So, thank you so much to LA for sponsoring today's video, this first one is the Tula rose, glow and get it I bomb. I should talk to you guys about this one in my last video and. Basically, this is the same formula as. Their original eye balm, but they added like a warm toned, pearly glow, so it still has all like the brightening effects. The deep puffing at the cooling, but it just gives this really nice, like highlighted effect that you can use under your makeup or over your makeup, and in my last video I talked to you guys about how you can put it over your makeup, like refresh your, Like under eye area - and it just - I am just obsessed with that - the next product I want to talk to you guys about is the face. filter primer.

This is actually like a filter for your skin and it gives a warm glow. It's really nice, actually on your makeup free days whenever you just kind of want to even out your skin tone, and this warm glow is actually good for all skin tones and all skin type, so it'll work for everyone, but I just want to share with you Guys how it kind of like comes out kind of like a neutral color, but then, as you blend it into your skin, it gives a really nice glowy and warm toned veil. So I love this primary, so I am gon na be wearing makeup today, but I wanted to share this product with you first, because it goes well under makeup as well, but look how beautiful it is on its own. As you can see, it's just adding a really nice warm subtle, glow to the skin. I feel like it's just evening out my skin tone so well, and I would feel so confident just going out just like this, I was going out to run errands or something and you're still getting those skin care benefits. Even now. What you're? Just you know your evening out your skin tone and I feel, like I just put on like a tinted moisturizer or something, even though it doesn't really very much pigment. It just kind of gives you a warm glow. This product contains chia, seeds, licorice and tumeric, and all of the skincare benefits are gon na help actually even out your skin tone and increase luminosity. So I love that it's working like underneath your makeup and just kind of like instantly, gives you a veil. So I'm gon na go ahead and apply at the rose and glow and get it I've on over top and you'll kind of see how it. Just adds a really nice warm glow, underneath my eyes and brightens the area.

I just love the level of this product. It contains caffeine, aloe, hyaluronic acid rose water to name a few there's so many good ingredients in here. I just love that Tula's ingredient list - is just so clean and effective and of course they all contain probiotics for balancing the skin. I am just obsessed with those two products you guys, I just feel like it evens out my skin tone really well. These products are good for on-the-go you're, just chunk them in your bag. I feel like I could just apply this like in the car on your no makeup days, and I love that you get your eye care. benefits your primer, your highlight all in these two products, so I know that your guys are gon na love. These you can use code lena for a 15 % off of the entire tula website. I will pop a link to that down below. Oh, I will go ahead and move on to the rest of my makeup and. Then we are gon na plan, the friendsgiving.

I want to shoot this product as well. it's actually a skincare product, but I've been using it after. I do my makeup, it's the fresh, a vitamin nectar, a glow, water, and this is basically like kind of like a toner mist. I guess for your skin and I'm use it over my makeup because it smells so good. It creates the most gorgeous glowy finish to your makeup and. The sprayer on here is so fine and creates just the most finest miss you've ever ever experienced it's so good and smells delicious. So you guys at least have to smell this. I always feel like I have to show you guys up against a window, because you can actually see what it looks like. I have my little ring length back there, but I feel like it still doesn't. Do the colors of justice natural light is just the best so, dressed and ready for today.

I'm actually not leaving my house today, but I needed to get dressed for a couple of shoots that I'm doing today at home. So this sweater dress is by gal me it's glam. I really love the like puffed sleeves. These jeans are actually new. I got them from Old Navy.

They were less than thirty dollars. I believe with the sale that was going on. They're called they're rockstar jeans and I love them because they're super comfy and they're not see-through. So such a good quality pair of jeans for the price, I will link everything I'm wearing down below is hijab. I wear this a lot, but I don't know if I ever talked to you guys about it. It's my favorite Brown hood job because I just feel like the color is so flattering for my skintone, it's by Bella scarves and I believe it's called blush on their website. But to me it's more of a brown, so that is the comfy cozy. Look for today, my just put the fire on for me. I had to beg him because I'm such a cold natured person and he loves the cold. So I just, I'm so happy it's fire weather, it's still in the 30s. So I really just hope I can just stay home and stay cozy, coffee maker on where's, making confidence up. It smells so good in here. I ordered a whole ton of stuff from Amazon.

I've never ordered this many things from Amazon. At one time, like the other day, I just came home and I had like a huge stack of boxes, just right, that's outside my door, and I've never had that before, and I was just like oh, my god, but we're gon na have about Twenty-Five people at our house, which I know, isn't a lot but our house isn't that big and I'm gon na have this table and then two other big tables about the same size to decorate. And I really want them to look really nice. And I don't even know if this is gon na be enough stuff. So I just want to get everything out, see what I have and just gon na play around with it and see how I'm gon na decorate. So I got a bunch of like candlesticks pumpkins. My theme is basically like gold, and white and silver. I want it to be like a really glam, friendsgiving, okay, so. These are actually the rest of these little candlesticks right here. I went ahead and put one together just to see what it looked like and I loved it so cute I feel like that is just you know, look so elegant.

I got three sets total. I'm still waiting on one more set to. Come I absolutely like crazy it with the like plates and bowls and silverware.

I found out that you can actually get plastic serve where that looks real, but it's disposable and it has these. She gets like the gold, or so I got bowls cups plates and all of its plastic, but it looks real, so I love those so so much so here we have the little place thing with the bowl and my plates, and I Just think, so so cute, I'm about to open up the silver. This just blows my mind like this looks real what it's plastic, so these are honestly like perfect for weddings, [ Applause, ], but I got white.

I think this is honestly gon na be a really good investment for me, because every year I go and get like the real mini pumpkins, and now I don't have to these came with more in them, because there was only eight or they're like super glittery, though it's gon na be so much silver, the gold rimmed cups.

These are so pretty. These are gon na just be like for water. Oh, I got hello marshmallows, because we're gon na make hot chocolate, and this is gon na, be so good. Another thing I got are not balloons, so I was looking on Pinterest and there was this really cute like friendsgiving sign. It was like fur in Spokeo party decorations and it had like the bubble, letters, friendsgiving, and then it had just like balloons all around. It was just like all taped on a wall, so I'm gon na actually put it on this back wall, because this is really the only like a blank space of all that we have. It's not really gon na, be a good place for pictures. Cuz, there's not much space back here, but it'll just be like for decor, so I have silver and gold balloons and I'm waiting for my gold, friends, giving both bubble letters and balloons to come as well. I just ordered those yesterday.

Okay, guys this is my little chic tablescape of this one is making me, really nervous.

Cuz, it's leaning, I'm gon na - have to put something in there so that it doesn't lean. It's not why I'm not freaking out anyways. I am so pleased to have some like larger, like champagne, glitter pumpkins, that I'm hoping come in time that I can kind of use as like the centerpiece. But if not, this will do and. I am just so happy and I love this silverware and like plates, and bowls and everything with the gold brimming is just so so beautiful we're actually ordering in from a restaurant for the party.

I do not have time to cook this weekend and we're having all of like Thanksgiving food, we're having turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, just like all the good southern Thanksgiving food, I'm so excited and. What else? Yeah, I think that's basically it we're just gon na eat. Oh we're. Also gon na do a charcuterie board and I know that we're already having like so much food, but I feel like we're gon na be wanting to snack a little bit later on. in the night, it's so cute by the way like I've, never done a charcuterie board, but I've always wanted to because the Pinterest pictures of charcuterie boards are so beautiful. If you don't know what that is, it's basically like a like a cheese, nut meat, fruit like little platter like little snack platter, but they make it look really like aesthetically pleasing we're. Gon na do that on the island, oh yeah, that's. Basically, all the plans for the friendsgiving and we're just gon na eat make hot chocolate chill talk, relax just like have fun with our friends. So I'm super excited. I don't know if I think I mentioned this earlier, but I'm actually going to New York. Not tomorrow, but the next day for a day, I've never taken that short of a trip before, but I literally just need to go to one event: it's actually to live in, so I'm so excited it's actually a friendsgiving to live in. So I have to friendsgiving this week, so I'm gon na go do that. I need to pack. So I don't know if I'm gon na have time to pack today or tomorrow cuz. I still need to shoot like one more thing so yeah I will catch up with you guys, a little later good morning. Everyone I'm dressed and ready for the airport. This is the look. I cannot believe I'm functioning right now. It's four a. m. and yeah I'm just hoping I can sleep in the car because we have a two-hour drive to the airport and then hopefully I can take a little nap on the plane, because I only got like three hours of sleep. But let's head to New York, I know everyone. I just arrived: to New York, actually didn't just arrive. maybe like, and now where I go to my hotel, and I just quickly like did, will do prayed and did my makeup and then I also ordered uber eight, because I am starving so we'll see what that looks like in just a second. But I am here to, attend the Tula friendsgiving event, they're having a little dinner in NYC, and I was so excited that they wanted me to come and they were so sweet to like offered of hopping coming here with them and yeah. I'm super excited, it's crazy because, like this video, it wasn't like intended to be like within my Tula collaboration video, but I just worked out. So it's basically this whole video is all about Tula, which is awesome. I love them my hotel.

I am staying at the wide Hotel in Brooklyn, never stayed in Brooklyn, I don't even know if I've ever been to Brooklyn and it's really cool. This hotel room is actually huge for New York.

Like it's crazy I'll show you guys. I have a little patio as well, it's like literally crazy, and it's just me I wish Omar was here. Oh, where has actually never been to New York. I have been so many times and he's still like, never been so yeah. I went for kind of like a bronzy eye makeup. Look today, just a little bit more bronzing than my normal still haven't done it like my proper lipstick. Yet I'll do like a little bit darker lip but yeah. I just want to make sure my face is on so I'm just gon na eat my lunch real, quick. I ordered a ricotta toast with salmon and feta cheese. So let's look and see what that looks like. It looks pretty good. I literally don't even know the name of the restaurant.

I literally just saw a gluten-free avocado toast on ubereats and I just ordered it and what is this? Maybe it says on the back good time: I don't know if it's good or not we'll see, but it looks really good feta cheese, avocado smoked salmon and I got a mint lemonade. So I'm gon na eat this real fast and then I'll probably work on my computer a little bit until the event tonight. I just got a knock on the door by some random hotel staff member and he gave me this bunch of flowers and it doesn't say who they're from I'm assuming they're from Chula. I'm assuming, let's see, but it doesn't say, but I think these are called ranunculus. I've. Never said that word out loud before, but anytime, I've seen pictures of them. I always think they're. So pretty such a nice little fall arrangement, also not sure if I showed you guys a little overview of the hotel room, how cool is the little patio like that is just an unheard of I feel like in New York.

I've never seen that. I already made myself comfortable was editing in bed. A little bit could have a full-length mirror, but there's no lights. So it's like really hard to see so anyways, but I am dressed and ready for the event. I have my outfit on. I really love this outfit and the colors just feel like this is so appropriate for a friendsgiving. I went earlier and had coffee with the Tula girls. They are just the sweetest and yeah. I'm excited to meet a couple of other influencers at the event, it's just gon na kind of be like an intimate dinner.

Yeah. Let's go. I really like how my makeup turned out today as well. I tried to do a little bit more bronzy on the eyes and like underneath the lash line. I use the color pump give it to me straight pellet that I got last year in it seriously the best in so inexpensive. So I will link that palette down below, for you guys. I think you can get it at all. That came down to the same breakfast place that I ordered from a new breed's yesterday to get the same avocado toast because it was so delicious and has gluten free bread and I'm so excited about that. And then I have some spearmint tea and I'm gon na catch. My flight back to Texas and just a little bit know everyone.

I left you guys at while I was eating breakfast in New York and I flew back to Dallas and I was just like running around like a chicken with my head cut off yesterday, because we were so busy, so I got home had to Get ready for my sister-in-law's henna party, really quick, went to the henna party and. I just was so exhausted that I had to like leave the party early and go to sleep, because I was so tired from like traveling and everything and yeah. So I woke up this morning. It cleaned up a little bit and we started setting up the house a little bit for our friends giving tonight. So I'm super excited. I want to share with you guys how we're kind of setting up the tables and everything it's kind of a tight squeeze, because we have twenty-five people coming in our house, isn't like huge or anything but, but yeah.

My sisters are here: they're, about to help me get all the decor set up and everything. So I'm super excited okay, so we went ahead and rented two big, like tables and chairs, and we were going to make this like one long table. We're gon na put them together and make it with one long table in the middle, but they just did not fit. So this is the situation. We also rented these white tablecloths, which I'm going to steam out the creases in them, so that it looks a little bit nicer. We're also going to be putting a charcuterie board on the island, which I'm super excited about. These are all the like.

Decor pieces that I have leftover that we're gon na decorate that tables with and have some balloons that we're gon na put up on this wall.

In snow picture for the friendsgiving sign that we're gon na do on this wall. right there, so this is gon na be just all, silver, gold and white. But basically I have the friendsgiving sign and gold. And then I have a bunch of silver gold and white balloons that I'm gon na put on the wall back there. And I don't have a big enough space for a sling, take pictures there or anything like that, but it's, just gon na be for decor, I'm putting you two to work.

Okay. The last thing I wanted to share with you guys, if you don't know what a charcuterie board is. Basically, it's a big really aesthetic, looking board with like cheese, fruit and nuts and olives, and things like that. So we're gon na set that up once we get all of. This cleared off on our kitchen counter:.

We're blowing up the balloons and the letters look a little bit like two yellowy than gold, and so I'm trying to decide honestly on camera. It doesn't look bad and I think it's gon na look cute in pictures and stuff, so I think we'll keep it yeah.

What we're doing right now is.

We are trying to make a big cheese, cracker, fruit and nut and dried fruit. Little board right here, so we thought it was photo charcuterie board, but we don't have any like deli meats or anything so, I think, is this called a cheese board so this is gon na, be so cute and like super, Pinterest Worthy so we just finished and.

This is the most beautiful spread I have ever seen, I'm so excited we did so good, guys yeah. It was not hard at all. You, just like haphazardly. Just lay things out, it's so pretty.

I have to show you guys that the final results I think our balloon wall turned out so good. Oh, my gosh, it's beautiful and then we need to light all the candles, but we have all of our silver and gold and white and then these tables. So pretty you guys doesn't. Just look absolutely stunning, like I feel like we went a little extra yeah just a little bit. Thank you, I'm so excited this is our first time having this many people over for dinner at our house yeah. So we're going to be playing, some soft jazz in the background

Good afternoon, everyone. It is the next day and we had so much fun that our friends skipping a part of you guys. It turned out so beautiful.

The food was so delicious, I'm actually eating some leftovers right now, we had like all traditional Thanksgiving, food we had like turkey. We even had some roasted beef. We had mashed potatoes, corn, casserole, sweet, potato casserole, green beans like all the traditional things giving food, so everyone loved it everyone just had so much fun. We had like the song jazz playing in the background and it was just such a nice night. I think we're gon na make this an annual thing, because everyone just had so much fun, and I just realized that I love hosting. I don't know when I'm gon na get the courage to actually like cook, for that many people, but ordering in was like the best decision ever and it was just so good. So we spent the whole day just giving the house back in order and yeah. Basically. Everything is all back together, but I just wanted to kind of end. This vlog and yeah this week was just absolutely crazy. I literally went to New York and hosted a big party at my house and had so much stuff to do during the week, so I survived so thanks so much to Tula for sponsoring this video. I will leave links down below to the blurring primer and the Rose glow and get it I bought just so you guys can check those out because I am obsessed. I love you guys so much and I will see you in my next video bye.