Prepping for Ramadan! | Ramadan Favorites

Prepping for Ramadan! | Ramadan Favorites

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is Lina.

If you guys are new today, is Monday, so inshallah Ramadan is gon na, be in like two or three days, which is just crazy to me.

So I thought in this video I would take you guys around my house and just share with you guys, like all the different items and a bunch of different categories, that I just love to have her on my house during the month. It make me feel like cozy and just festive and just - I don't know just help me throughout the month, so I hope you guys enjoy it. This video this month is gon na, be so much different. Just I know that a lot of us are gon na be staying home more and maybe these items can give you some in spell on how you can just make your home experience during Ramadan a little bit more enjoyable, I'm honestly, looking forward to it. I love obviously like getting together with all of our friends and having them star parties and all of that and just everything that brings our communities together. It's just amazing, but maybe this year maybe we can all just kind of like reflect and like look within and just connect with God more, which is what this month is all about. Anyways, let me go ahead and get started, and none of these items are like essentials by any means. These are just like fun, like just items that I like to. Have that make me feel good during this month, so I hope you guys enjoy so one thing that I love to have during Ramadan is some really comfy and cute loungewear, since we spend time at home a lot and then obviously this year, more than Ever will be just in our home, so I think it's just nice to have something that makes you feel good, but still cute and comfy. It's just that, like literally everyone in the world is staying home right now, so everyone's on a mad dash to get loungewear. So I will link below what is still available, but I love Airy four lounge, where they have the softest materials about this Henley and. The joggers are both from airy, so I'll link below what's available. So neither of these pieces are maternity. I just sized up one and the joggers to fit my bump, and I thought I would go ahead and touch on this because I've gotten so many questions on whether I'll be fasting this year or not, because I'm pregnant and honestly like. I think it might be because a lot of you guys are pregnant tuned you're, trying to figure out what to do, which honestly I'm kind of in the same boat. It is the woman's choice whether she feels she's capable of fasting or not. She does not have to pass. She just has to make up her days at lay date, but I'm I don't know I feel like. I might not I'm just worried about being dehydrated because I get so what thirsty, and staying hydrated is super important during pregnancy. I don't know I may try like maybe one or two days, try it like just see if my body can handle it right now. I just really don't know if I'm gon na be fasting or not the job material that I love all year round, but, especially during Ramadan, is Jersey. Jersey is a like stretchy cotton, like pajama II, like really comfy material that I would say like for like going to totally fairs like it's just the best thing to just like throw on and go because it's opaque and it's just super comfy. Obviously, like we're gon na be going to China wave prayers, so I don't know I would say like if you feel like you're, in the need for some new jobs during Ramadan. I would totally recommend the jerseys from haha job my favorite color. Is this one? It's called light, mink and on the website it looks a little bit more Brown, but this is the true color, it's like a pinky. I don't know this is, like literally the true color that you see on camera, so I do think their website images are a little bit more Brown than they actually are in person. So I'll link my other favorite colors at they -- it Carrie as well. They have like a really pretty like buttercream color, I think in camel, so yeah I'll link those two as far as an at-home prayer dress, it's just really nice to have something. You can like, throw on over whatever you're wearing and just the instantly modest and I'll put this on, for you guys. I feel, like I kind of look weird in it, but it is a beautiful pattern. It's by this brand called serenity scarves. They sent this to me so many years ago. I feel like when I first started my blog, but it's still the prettiest at-home prayer dress that I own. So let me just throw it on for you guys, so you guys can see what it looks like. Okay, so this is it on: it's actually a really beautiful pattern. It's just like an at-home prayer dress when you need to pray, just throw it on and you're just completely covered, and this is a really beautiful pattern. They have some really beautiful designs on their website, so I'll link of this one down below as well. It's a really nice thing to get as a gift as well.

I think this would be a really good gift for Ramadan thought.

I would also share with you guys, some of the books and like ebooks, that I love to read: listen to it during Madonn. This video is not sponsored by audible, but I am gon na share some audible books that I loved last year. this is in the footsteps of the Prophet by tariq ramadhan. It just it gives a really good, like kind of like lessons from the life of the Prophet and just kind of like lets, you learn more about him. Peace be upon him and yeah. I just, really loved reading books about our Prophet Muhammad peace, be upon him. I also really like the English translation of the Quran on audible. I love listening to it. It's just like so easy to follow. and listen to - and it just makes the experience so much easier for me because I can't understand Arabic and just being able to like really understand like what the Quran is saying. It's just so beautiful. So I do love to listen to that. During Ramadan, I also downloaded the Kindle app and I've downloaded reclaim your heart by me, Maga head. This is such, a fan, favorite I've read this so many years ago and I loved it back then, but I really want to read it again, just because it's been a really long time and then I got so many people telling me to read this One don't be sad, I don't know who the author is, if you just have anything going on in your life, where you feel like sad, depressed, hopeless, all of us feel those things from time to time. So this is kind of a book that can kind of help you out of those feelings. If you guys have any other book recommendations, I would love for you guys to leave them down below in the description box, but those are just a few that I'm cleaning on reading this Ramadan. Okay, now we're in my living room. I want to share the decor, which the Ramadan decor video is actually coming in a couple days:. Hopefully I've already filmed it so I'll share with you guys, just a little sneak peek. I also got a couple of things that didn't make it into that video. So let me share so the theme this year is pink, gold, white and greenery. I thought it was really pretty so there's a table, scape and then for the coffee table. This didn't make it into the decor video. I got these beautiful candle, votive vase, things from West Elm and they're a lot bigger than I thought they were, but they just really add a really nice little touch to my coffee table. I'm also waiting on a mirrored tray for these to go, and I just wanted something really cozy and cute for my coffee table. I also brought the lanterns to the living room area. I don't know I just wanted to add a little bit of coziness over here. Something I would totally recommend during Ramadan is getting yourself a little pack of twinkle lights. It's just so much fun to decorate with those you can string them pretty much anywhere. They're battery-operated and they're just some little wires, so they're super easy to decorate with you can put them on tables across fireplace mantles across the walls like they're, just super easy to decorate with and they're so simple and classy. Another thing that I love to do during Ramadan is make my house smell, really good, and I love to do this using essential oils. I just splurged on a really nice essential oil, diffuser. I had one forever and it was starting to like make a weird noise and it just wasn't doing the best job anymore. So I did want to get a really nice one. This one is by the brand called ruvi and I got off Amazon but I'll link some more affordable ones as well. I also got a pack of doTERRA essential, oils. When I posted this on my Instagram, there were so many people that were like. Oh, my gosh, you use doTERRA, like don't use that brand, but I've only heard good things about it and I really do like their oils. But if you guys have any better recommendations for essential oils, let me know, but I've been loving their lavender one. I've been loving, their lemon one, just really invigorates you whenever you have like a really nice clean, smelling home and just makes your home just feel so much more enjoyable during Ramadan. Oh okay, well we're in the kitchen - and it's literally sitting right here. I'm going to talk about my water bottle that I always talk about, but it's, just you guys, it's so good! I don't know like you guys, probably think I'm crazy talking about this water bottle all the time, but I love the squishy straw and. This is a leader, so honestly, it's really like. I would just totally recommend getting some kind of like big water bottle, so you can keep track of how much water you're drinking at night during Ramadan, because for the past couple years I've used this bottle and then I just know I have to drink three of These at night that way, I know I'm drinking enough because it's so important to stay hydrated and you only have like a certain amount of time to get all your water in and you get busy and you forget. So it's a really good thing to have a good water bottle. Let's get into my tea cabinet, it is definitely being taken over by Omar's coffee. But now let me show you which teas I love, I'm obsessed with my little tea, organizer. The only thing is, I feel like it's just not big enough for all the teas that I like to have. You can probably fit like maybe three boxes of tea in here and that's pretty much it. So I think I need to get a bigger one, but I'll link this one and a bigger one in the description box, because I just love organizing my teeth. My favorite recently has been the new me organic Jasmine, green tea. It is so so good you guys. I love the new me tea brand.

I love their white rose tea.

I love their Moroccan mint tea.

It's just been really hard for me to find the teas that I want right now. Just cuz, like grocery stores, are just sold out of everything, but if you can find any of those flavors, this brand is like my favorite brand of tea. So I got some peppermint tea by stash. This is another really good tea brand, and I got this one because I couldn't find the Moroccan mint tea by nume. That one is my absolute favorite and then I have some black tea. Also by stash it's just English breakfast and I don't drink this one because I don't drink caffeine, but I have it here just in case I ever have guests and things like that. I need to serve tea and then I have ginger mint tea, which was a really good during my, like first trimester when I was nauseous, but just so that I don't eat like really bad treats every single night. I will pour myself a cup of herbal tea and I'll eat. Some like Mitchell dates with nuts and that's kind of like my sweet treat at night after iftar. If you think about it like if we were to eat like a dessert like a heavy dessert every single night during Ramadan like of course like that's, just not gon na be healthy and not. Gon na be good. So to curb that the herbal tea and dates is what I usually do on my way to the bathroom. So I can share with you guys some of the products that I love during the month, but I wanted to share our new prayer mat that I just got from Amazon. It is this beautiful, like velvet gray, and I did share this on my Instagram a few days ago and it sold out in this color. But I did find it in like a really pretty, like the exact same rug in like a really pretty blush. Pink, like a sage color blue Brown. I had several other colors, so I will link it down below, but I just really wanted a really, pretty like prayer mat, that kind of matched the aesthetic of our house, and I thought this was perfect. So hopefully they do come back and stock with the gray one, because it's so so pretty in my bathroom, and I wanted to share just a few like skincare body care products that I love during Ramadan. I don't know, let me know if this is just me, but I do a lot more like self-care days and like pamper day. So while I'm fasting - and I don't know - I just love taking care of my skin in my body during Ramadan - and I don't know why - I guess it's just cuz - we have more time because we were just home - or I guess but anyways. For my body, I love this thing, so much I've talked about it before and in Amazon favorites. This is the Moroccan hammam scrubber mitt, and it comes in like a pack, it's like a few different ones. It's really inexpensive, and this is the best body exfoliating glove. I've ever used a lot of you guys actually got it. So if you got it, let me know how you like it in the comments. I have just been obsessed with this thing ever since I got it. It makes your skin so smooth, so I basically have my own little hammam Moroccan Hema a shower a few times during the week.

Anyways that I love this is a little pamper thing during Ramadan once your skin is super smooth from the exfoliating I like to go in with my favorite body butter.

This is the Josie Maran, whipped, argan oil. I don't know if you can see the texture of it, but it's more of like a lightweight, whipped, consistency.

I have loved this body butter for years and years and years. It's so good. I'm not the first person that uses body butter and like lotion every single day. So this thing lasts me, a long time. I probably use it like, maybe once or twice a week just cuz, I feel like my skin doesn't need it. But after I do like a deep exfoliation, I really like to go in with something like this.

This is the apricot vanilla scent and it's so subtle and so beautiful, it's so nice. Why am i purple? They also have a really good unscented version as well. If you don't like sense, I like to use a lot of like hydrating products during Ramadan, but obviously like we're fasting and we're feeling parched and our skins dry, and things like that. So I really like to just moisturize my body and my face so my favorite face moisturizer. I have so many favorites and I've talked about them so many times, but the ones that I've been using recently have been by fresh, and I love the vitamin nectar one, it's like in a green bottle.

I just ran out of that. So I can't show you, but I also love the Rose. Deep hydration face cream. I've used this for years and it smells so good. I don't wear a lot of makeup during Ramadan. I'm actually wearing like a whole lot more makeup than I normally would. I'm just around the house today because I was filming something else earlier. So that's why I'm kind of like in my loungewear but the whole face and makeup on I like chill just so I can make sure I like pile on all my skincare during the day during Ramadan and something that really like refreshes me is a good facial. Mist like when I'm feeling like just I don't know, I just need like a refresher during the day during Ramadan one fasting. I love a good facial mist, so these are a little bit of a splurge and I will say that, but they are the best ones. I've ever tried. So this is the caudally beauty, elixir facial spray. It smells so good. It also leaves your skin kind of like tingly, and it just smells like a spa. It is so amazing they have the mini size. So I would just say like go ahead and just get the mini size and try it out, because it smells so good.

I also love, the fresh vitamin nectar a little water. This is also an amazing facial spray. I love to put this over my makeup as well, because it really does give you a really nice glow. It also has a really fine, like a fine sprayer, so it's just so refreshing during the day. So I love this one. The last thing that I wanted to share it, which was actually, in my beauty, room Beauty, room dressing room.

What is this room? I don't know this is beauty related though this is the lips lip by Farrah Happ.

It is my favorite lip balm ever it is so luxurious, so hydrating so shiny. It looks like a lip gloss and it has a little bit of like shimmer in it, and it gives your lips like a really light pink tint, but like not anything major, it's so pretty that one. They actually have changed the packaging on. Since I got this one so long ago, I've had it that long, it just lasts forever. Those are kind of all of the products and things that just make me feel cozy and comfy and all the good things during this month, like I said, none of them are necessities. I just thought it was fun to share, but let me know what other videos you guys would like to see during this month.

I have a Sephora recipes video. What coming soon it's gon na be like meal prep ideas. First, a so you're, not having your like cook in the middle of the night. You can just like wrap them out of the fridge. I also have my Ramadan decor coming soon, and yeah. I'm also planning to do some, more pregnancy and baby related content. As well so just let me know what you want to see.

I hope you guys have an amazing last month ahead and may Allah accept all of our efforts to please him and sha Allah.

I love you guys so much and I will see you guys in my next one: bye,