SISTER VLOG | Get Ready With Us For a Wedding!

SISTER VLOG | Get Ready With Us For a Wedding!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.

My name is Lena if you're new, I would love for you guys to subscribe if you're not already, I haven't, talked to you guys since Mexico, so I thought this would be the perfect day for me to vlog. My sisters and I are going to a mehndi tonight, so MND is basically like a Jessie Pakistani pre-wedding wedding as far as I know. So it's basically like we're going to a wedding tonight and yeah, so I thought it would take you guys with me on my date today as we get ready for that right. Now, I'm getting ready to film a summer fashion. Try on haul so stay tuned for that, but I thought I would just take you guys with me on my day today. We're gon na show you guys our outfits we're gon na get ready together tonight and yeah. I thought it would just be a really fun day, so it's actually the afternoon now I spent all morning and getting ready for the video and like prepping everything steaming all the clothes and like setting up the cameras and stuff to me that takes so much time. so I'm just gon na do like a light makeup just so I can film and then tonight I'm going to do like my full face of makeup. So I'm in the middle of my skincare routine. Right now I use the good jeans by Sunday Riley. You guys know this is like my holy grail product, it's a lactic acid treatment. So what it does is it kind of like just smoothes your skin? It gets rid of all of that dead. Skin cells, it's sitting on top of your skin and it just gives you the most gorgeous glow, and now I'm gon na go in with my favorite moisturizer of the moment. This is the Clinique Moisture Surge. It's a really nice gel cream formula perfect for summer and it's perfect for my dry skin, because it works for like seventy-two hours.

How pretty is my robe? You guys, like I get so excited about things like this, and I found a really cute pink one on hmm, I'm sure. A lot of you guys know this, but H & M has like a home section. They have H & M home and I don't normally go and look on their a lot, but when I did, I found this beautiful robe.

I found a rug for my room. I found so many cute things, but I just ordered, like the rug and this robe just to try it out, but I'm gon na be placing way more orders on there, because their stuff is so cute. This robe is like a terry cloth material, but it's light. It's not like super thick and heavy. So it's like perfect for all year round, I would say, is like a medium comfortable weight, so it's perfect for after the shower. So I will link this for you guys, so I'm gon na go in with a primer so that my makeup stays tight all day and gives me a really nice glow, I'm just using the Becca backlight priming filter, love-love-love of that primer, and then I'm Gon na go in with my favorite two-faced, Born This Way, a foundation so. I actually bought a ring light like a mini one, to go on my desk so that when I do my makeup with you guys here, it looks a lot better. You can see the colors and like the details and everything so much better, but of course, like my sister Lauren found out that I had that and she had to borrow it for something and she still has it. So I don't have that right now, but hopefully in my next video, when I'm doing my makeup with you guys, you'll be able to see things away more. So I have to tell you guys a really funny, story that happened to me this past week. So Lauren and I were going to an all-girls party and I was so pumped. I was so excited because I hadn't been to a girl's party like an all-girls party in years, so I was so excited to fix my hair and look all glam. So that morning I did like a fake tan, and I did my hair and I was just like so ready. I felt so cute. So you know when you're a hijab' and you're going to an all-girls party, and you have your like really cute outfit. On but then you need to like cover up in order to get to the party, so you just put on some random like jackets or báez or like something to like cover up your outfit just until you get to the party and you can take it off. That's what I did I had this really cute like it was a maxi dress, but I had a big slit in. It was sleeveless. It was so cute, so I just threw on like some leggings and this huge, like blazer, that didn't really match and like a hijab that I just threw on. I didn't have like a hijab style. I just kind of like threw it on so didn't. mess up my hair, I get there and the guys stayed the entire day and I was so mad. I looked like a grandma. My outfit did not. Look like an outfit. It was just like the most mismatched thing and I had put so much effort in much into myself and I was I should have known, because I did this exact same thing. Like years ago, we had a all-girls party that we were gon na go to, and I did the exact same thing. I was actually wearing a short dress, so I put on like an abaya and I just like had to be in an abaya. The entire night I was so mad so note to self, but make sure it's actually gon na be an all-girls party. It before you put all the effort into yourself, just a tip, I'm just using the L'Oreal telescopic mascara. This is the one I always use and I'm just mentioning it because I always get questions about. I know money, no matter how many times I talk about it. So just so you guys know this is the one I'm using for lips, I'm literally just using whatever's. Next to me, but I just have all my faves next to me, so this is Mac spice lip liner and. Then I'm using Mac yeah stick okay and.

Now I am ready to film.

The girls are here: eating some chick-fil-a YUM. Oh I'll show you guys Lawrenceville out but a little bit later, but hers is so cute perfectly appropriate for tonight me and Amanda's dress. Definitely yeah are this.

Is not appropriate, but we didn't.

We just didn't have any like desi clothes, so, okay, so we're gon na eat real, quick and. Then we're gon na get ready for Leo. Does a little cone know my [ __ ]. My house is a mess.

You guys I just meal prepped yesterday, so I didn't want to like waste it. You know. I made brown rice, sweet, potato and chicken, and then I have some salad to go with this. Okay back in my room, so I want to show you guys what we're wearing and then I'm gon na go ahead and do what Lauren's makeup she's doing her base, but I'm gon na help her with her eyes. So let me show you guys our outfits tonight Lauren is wearing a really gorgeous.

What does it call porn?? Is it's not a show work of me? It's like dirt and a job. It's really gorgeous and it's perfect for a Mindy and Amanda and I don't have anything defi, so we are wearing just regular dresses. So let me show you this is my dress. I actually love this dress. It is by needle and thread. I got it off of Kosh mark because needle and thread is very expensive and I found it in my size a little bit cheaper, so I'm gon na be wearing this. It is open in the back when I'm just wearing an undershirt, and I thought, since it was very embroidered and beaded, that it would kind of be a little bit desi. But apparently at. Mindy's people wear like a lot more, colorful outfits and we animated are wearing like blushes and very light blue. So let me show you Amanda's dress. This is Amanda's beautiful dress. Oh my gosh man. I love that so much

This colors gorgeous.

Where did you get it okay, but we will link below or I'll link below some similar styles to this and similar styles, to my dress too, and then Lauren's is on the floor because it's too big on her. It's actually way way way.

Too big on her, so we're gon na and for. Some reason I don't own safety, pins, okay, ! So let me help you do it your makeup, so. What happened was well done and as my first time ever getting it done. So I didn't know the post mindy protocol so in d critical. So all the women were saying put lemon juice on it. It makes the stain color like darker or whatever i think you're supposed to do that after you like red ball.

That's what happened stuff while it's dry, and so i thought you're supposed to do all the other hand.

I was like still on so i did that and then it just kind of got pushed everywhere and then I said I slept with chick, not chicken. My gloves on because like I didn't, want the crumbs to get everywhere, and then I woke up all that effort. Oh my god, such an effort. I woke up and, like this hand, looks good but this one like these fingers are like smushed. Oh, I also put olive oil. You know a whole salad on you, you're supposed to pick it up and then put this stuff on. I thought I just like put it on so funny yesterday and they do like a big grip dance with, like everyone, all the guys in the girls and the guys were like asking about this one step and they were like um like it. Doesn'T matter how much you explain it like? We can't all get that the same time to like you know what it doesn't matter: Beck anyways, nobody can see, and then he was like. Why are we in this anyway they're like because it looks better with more people?

Oh my god, so we just finished getting the bride ready. Know me. If you see your car Ali's coming to pick her up, so we had to her and get her ready first. So me and Amanda we're gon na get ourselves ready in just a second they're gon na go early, cuz Ali's related to the bride and Lauren's gon na actually be in the entrance. I just yeah. I really don't want to know what she's gon na be like whenever she's a Brian, honestly, because you're absolutely always dressing out a, but I want to see your open in your makeup and everything I have to go. I'm ready! I got ta go okay, so Lauren left because she was running late. I literally show her, but we're gon na do man as they get now and I'll be fine. Maybe we should like catch everyone up to speed on life update because I feel like you haven't done anything since our Fatiha. What plans do you and the wedding is and like all that? Okay, so we are planning to do our kids? A big tub like end of August, along in sha Allah like, beginning September, we're not really sure, because I'm home and just have a lot going on right now. He is gon na be he's taking summer classes, I'm just kind of wanting him to get off that out of the way before I like pressure him into like come on, we need to do. We have planned for our wedding to be next summer, which that's very big but yeah, it's kind of all up in the air just because of like school school I mean, that's a lot sooner than I thought it was gon na. I know I know for me to like it's weird, because you like you're, like oh I'm gon na, be getting married, but then, like oh wait, I'm actually married yeah. When did you like start sharing, things with a war on social media like when? Did you start posting pictures of him? I think hmm, I was trying. I don't know I was um after we did our fatzke oppression area where people like um. I think there were a few people that were like I'm not married yet or is it just the fattiness but then after we did our cuz. It looked odd that nobody can really say anything. Yes, yeah, I'd like to wait till after time, but me, no more had been together for so long. Everything like there, everybody video that you are any news. I think I just couldn't wait like because such a big part of it it is and like we did, our fat chat and you guys saw how big, like our fatty, how was like, I can't just yeah people are gon na share pictures. So I might as well just tell people yeah yeah. My camera memory ran out, so I didn't get this on camera, but Amanda literally just asked me to do her wedding makeup, which I don't like at first. I was like. Oh my god. I don't need that pressure, but she like super super super simple makeup, yeah, I feel like I could. I could do it.

Yeah, like I, still want to look like the same person: yeah, exactly.

What's new in your life, so right now or is going back to school.

He wants to do his master's. He wants to do nurse anesthetist, which is another three-year program that he's trying to get into and for that if he bought in somewhere, we would that's also putting our life on hold because like having a baby or whatever we're just scared. Like if we had a baby, then you should just even have to move. Our family is telling her to have a baby now. I know my family gave us two years and. Then they were like okay, that's that we need a grandchild. Yeah, what the heck it pressure!

Oh no, I think you're, never, gon na know the best time like you're, never gon na be like okay. Now it's a, perfect time, yeah yeah, almost school, but. I think if once he like applies this semester and sees like if it gets in or, not then we'll decide. No, it won't need to like the fall. So we just need. You have to fall out and add some more mess up there. If I need to touch up some more, okay, okay, I finally got myself ready. All, I did is add a little bit more eye, shadow and some eyeliner and, like a ton, more mascara. I just was not feeling the fake lashes today, but I feel, like my makeup, stayed pretty good, otherwise and. I want to show you guys my outfit on so this is my dress for the night, like I said it's by needle and thread, I thought. This was so gorgeous. It is sheer on the sleeves and in the back, but I added a kind of bunched up right now. I need to pull it down. It's a long sleeve slip like a maxi slip that I had from a dress that I got while I was in Indonesia. I know where you can find a similar one, so I'll link it down below I'm gon na see your dress to you. She's got water on it right here, a little dry but yeah.

This is Tomatoes while ago. It's I think it's probably not available anymore, but ASOS is awful. about stalking enough pieces really are but and then Lauren had this hair clip. I think she got it from Dillard's and then these earrings. I also took four more so cute. I love the hair clip. I need to get my heels. So let's try that on me too. I left them in, like all my tiptoes now go with your makeup, so PD, you can't see too much. I know okay, but any fries yeah we're waiting for my mom to come pick us up.

Cuz, we're gon na all go together, yeah and we will see you guys I'll hold the camera just hold the camera.

Yeah. Look! I'm gon na [, __, ] them.