Week in My Life! 6 Month Baby Check Up, Texas Snow Storm Vlog

Week in My Life! 6 Month Baby Check Up, Texas Snow Storm Vlog

Hey guys welcome back to another weekly vlog, i hope y'all are having a wonderful day so far, i'm starting this vlog very dressed up and i'm not even going anywhere but we're doing a valentine's shoot at my house with elena.

I thought i would just wear this dress.

I never got a chance to wear this dress

Um, so i figured i'd just put it on for this shoot.

I have a red lip on i'll share with you, like all those details in just a second i'm just waiting on elena to wake up from her nap.

So we can do this little valentine's shoe. So here's the dress, um, it's from a brand called baltic born. They may only be available in the us, i'm not sure, but um yeah. They have some really, affordable, long-sleeve, maxi dresses. This one does have a slit, i'm wearing some nude leggings right now, but you can literally just sew that closed.

It would be so easy to just make that seamless, and it does have like a v-neck. So i just wore an undershirt these pictures. You won't really be able to tell because i think, we'll be sitting on the bed, but anyways. Let me show you guys, um, this red lip. Okay, looking back at this footage right now, my lipstick does not look perfect and i feel like with a red lip like you have to be like as careful as possible because you can really see the shape.

If you know what i mean but anyways, this is the color ambush by colourpop.

It is so beautiful, it's more of that, like cool tone red. So it's like, a true true red, and i got this so long ago. So i really hope that they still have this exact color on the colourpop website, if they don't, there's one by sephora and their sephora collection, that's also very, very affordable, that's very similar and pretty much the exact formula. It's like that cream, cream matte, it's not too drying.

You have anybody on clothes.


We are on our way to elena's six-month pd appointment. I literally cannot believe we cannot believe we cannot believe she's six months old. I just remember the day: we brought her home from the hospital. Yesterday we were looking at her picture. Oh yeah, we were looking through all her newborn pictures. Whenever you are like with them on a daily basis. You don't. You realize that they're growing, but then, when you look back at the pictures, you're like, oh my gosh, she was tiny. I'm not gon na cry, don't cry mommy! Can you talk for us? Please, she's, camera shy.

Every time we put the camera on her, she like stops what she's doing and it just gets distracted. So she won't like talk or laugh or do anything. Everyone thinks she's always so serious, because she's always like the camera, but she's not like that. At all, so the doctor just came in to see her and she's measuring on track and all of her milestones. i'm just not being hit and she's very cranky, so omar went to the car, see if we could find a pacifier, no pacifier.

Oh, thank god. She just got her shot and she just stopped crying and literally. She cries for only like, maybe thirty seconds, but it's so heartbreaking. She did so good. She did so good, though i love you mommy good morning.

You guys. I have to show y'all what we woke up to this morning:, oh my gosh. We have never seen snow this thick before and as texans are not used to this cold.

How cold is it right now, omar? It's like eight degrees, eight, the windshield is like negative. It's freezing! Look how thick you can see it in our doorway how thick it was when we first opened our door this morning, so so crazy. So you can't even see the road. So we are snowed in. Our power has been out for at least the past, like eight hours or so it went out probably around like what like four a. m: yeah, so it.

It hasn't been terrible because we have a gas stove, we're able to still cook.

Our hot water heater still had hot water in it, so we were able to like take a shower um and we have our fireplace, which is gas and so yeah.

We're able to like heat the house with our fireplace so we're very thankful, but it's just annoying because we can't like turn the lights on and, never had yeah out this long um. But the other annoying thing is like charging things or like using our computer. We can't use our desktop, so today is kind of a no working day, we're just gon na play in the snow and just get whatever we can done i'll, probably cook something later.

Our backyard is just completely white. Have our fireplace going? It's so nice and cozy in here, so thankful for this thing. Okay, i switched back to my g7x because my other camera died and i can't charge it because the power's out, and elena woke up so omar went to go, get her bare suit.

I left it in the car the other day and we're gon na go outside just for like five minutes to take a picture and she's kicking me very hard. it's so bright, take a walk over here.

I know you can't tell there's anything:.

Look who joined us, my.

That's sister, only source of meat.

We have

Elena, you want to tell them something. So i'm making dinner for us, but it's going to take a couple hours. I'm making lamb shank, which i've never made before, so i'm really hoping that this is good. I was planning on making it in my instant pot, but we didn't know that the power was going to be out.

Yeah so take a couple hours we're having to make do, stove and we're having to make rice the old fashioned way too.

I know i don't think i've ever made rice. Without the rice cooker yeah. I have lamb, shank, potatoes, carrots. I really hope

This is good, because i really just winged it and added like some random spices and.

It smells really good burning, like the only three candles that i have in my house, because it's about to get dark and it's gon na the power's. Still out - and it's still out - it's been since four or five a. m:, and it's basically about to be six o'clock, so fourteen hours, something like that yeah this is day two of the snowpocalypse. That's what they're calling it here in texas and it's day, two without power, so we're actually gon na go ahead and go to my parents house, because they have had power. We were hesitant to drive at first but um we've. We know some people who have driven and they said it was okay, so we're gon na go ahead and go. We actually turned the fireplace off last night because we were like scared of carbon monoxide. We had heard that gas fireplaces are like prone to that. So we were like freaking out, so we turned it off and our house was literally like a freezer in here. It was so cold. We had elena sleep with us because we like wanted her to be bundled up with us with our body heat and we were like okay. If it's gon na be like that again tonight, then we just need to go. So we are packing up stuff.

Right now, omar's taking the big desktop computer, so we can edit some videos at my parents house and try to make it to your parents, house.

Okay, i wanted to show you guys that we put all of our freezer contents outside, because it's literally the perfect temperature outside as a freezer, and all of our refrigerator contents in the garage, because it's the perfect temperature for a refrigerator in here. So. That's kind of what we've done to make do since our refrigerator is out. We have elena's bag and me and omar's bag ready to go. We're gon na go pack up the car and head to my parents. It is so bright outside and i'm actually very nervous about driving us texans, don't know what to do in the snow like people.

Just i'm not so much worried about us, because i know omar's a good driver but drivers in texas be crazy.

Enough to share with you guys, the conditions that we're driving in basically i've been a nervous wreck as we've driven twenty miles an hour or less.

All the way to my parents house, we had a really hard time: um, coming up this hill, we're getting out of our neighborhood getting out of our neighborhood, and we were just kind of slipping a little bit and i was just freaking out, but the Roads out of our neighborhood have been okay, so i think once we get to my parents, we're literally not gon na be able to leave for a couple of days until all this melts it's supposed to snow again, tomorrow, so yeah, and then it's going To stay below freezing for the next few days as well, so we're literally just praying that we get there safely yeah, but once we get there, it'll be worth it. I guess. If you guys see this, then that means we made it. Texas, just doesn't - or at least our town does not have snow plows. We don't have enough salt for the roads, so even our cars we don't have like four-wheel drive. So this is very just we're out of our element, yeah, so.

Some of you guys who live in canada or like wherever, colder countries, you guys are probably like. Oh, this is nothing but honestly, it's. It's a lot for us. We made it elena's having so much fun we're about to eat dinner. They made salmon rice with golden raisins, some pine nuts and salad and elena loves salmon. So i'll give her mine good morning, guys it's day, two at my parents and it's like freezing rain right now.

The roads are so dangerous. It's basically just like a block of just straight ice, so we are definitely not gon na be leaving here for probably a couple days, my biggest regret is not taking a shower right before we left our house, because now our entire city is Without water, we were not prepared.

You guys, like we were prepared when we knew like quarantine, was coming. We like stocked up on all the things but like we just didn't, have like enough notice for this. Like we didn't know, this was gon na happen, so we don't have any bottled water. I think we have like five bottles. We usually filter our own water, so we're literally saving snow. So if we need to, we can at least like filter, the snow, the melted snow, and we can't like flush, the toilet. We can't like wash our hands like even doing wadu. We have to like use like the tiniest little bit of like snow water. We feel like we're camping over here, but we're just so thankful to be together, and safe and warm in a house um that has electricity, so anyways. I will keep you all updated on today.

Omar is boiling snow and what is this for??

It's drinking water, it's literally, so we can drink it. Oh my god, we do have a really good filter, so. Hopefully this is gon na be safe, so this is my mom's water filter. Just in case you guys are curious. It's called a berkey, you just put regular water at the top. It has these charcoal filters and then it filters down into the bottom component, where you can get filtered water and we use this because we just don't like using plastic all the time, but first of all it's wasteful and then. You can also consume a lot of plastic if you're constantly using plastic, water bottles, so anyways. This is kind of what we're working with it is an actually really great filter. So it's supposed to even be able to filter like really bad. Like a lake water, so hopefully the snow, if it comes to it like we'll, be okay, it is the next day and. The roads were a little bit better. So we went ahead and braved the streets and came to my house. We took my mom and sisters over here, so we could all take a shower because my parents house still does not have water, so we're all crazy, because we're literally gon na drive back over there and spend the night at my parents again, even though they Don'T have water we just kind of all want to be together in our house. It's just not really like big enough to have seven. Eight people over here, so anyways we're gon na drive back, but i just literally feel like a new woman, because i just showered brush my teeth. I was on to my second baby wiped bath and i was like okay, this is.

This is too much like. I need to take an actual shower. We are so so thankful to be safe with family and having water and like options, but we know that there are so many people in texas who are suffering right now and my prayers go out to anyone and. I'm gon na leave some resources. Um down below in the description box, for um ways that you can help um the crisis in texas right now, because we actually have it, really good compared to a lot of people in texas. There are so many people whose pipes burst because of the ice people whose roofs caved in people who haven't had power or heat or water for days. So, i'm truly like my heart, is just aching for these people.

Who are cold and thirsty, and just literally suffering, i'm gon na leave some links down below in the description box.

If you guys are interested in helping in any way we're gon na go ahead and get packed up, so we can go back to my parents, house, elena's um over there with my dad. I just didn't feel safe having her on the roads uh again, but thankfully it was a little bit even better than the last time we drove. So let's go get it later. As you can see, the roads are a lot better. You can actually see the road.

She's ice skating, honestly this some of the roads, i feel like you actually could ice skate on it's like literally like.

Oh my god, please be careful. These boots actually came in very handy. You guys did, we would have loved to be able to like play in the snow, but look at it. This is not even snow anymore. It's just ice. What are you doing with my baby?

Elena elena hi mommy?

I miss you so much.

We are making some guac and some pico and pico elena's talking elena's talking over there, it's probably very loud because we have the range hood on yeah. Sorry, if you came here but anyways and i think we're gon na whip up some taco meat and eggs and just do kind of like a breakfast taco situation for dinner, because we're kind of not in the mood for anything else. We have eggs, ground, beef, pico, guac tortilla, and this is a little bit of salmon for elena, because everything else had a little bit too much salt for her ice is starting to melt.

Sun is out, but there's still lots of ice and snow on the ground you guys, our water is back and we, out of all of this, have just learned that we take things for granted way too much and we're just so Grateful that our water is back and we can finally wash our hands to take a shower flush, the toilet, just all the little things that are actually not little hey.

You guys welcome back to my channel. Today i drink milk and i went avocado some avocado and i played in my baby house and i take a nap omar and i are packed up and we're about to leave.

But we had some really good family time during this week.

I know it was really fun.

Actually, i know all the snow is melting a little bit, so we're gon na try to make it home before it like freezes over again tonight and the water's back at my parents house. Thank god. So everyone here can, like, take a shower and take a shower wash your hands.

Wash clothes dishes like we really like honestly take that stuff for granted. I'm gon na go home and give elena an actual bath because we actually gave her a bath yesterday, in boiled snow water in the laundry room in the laundry room sink because we were that desperate. She had not a bath in like five days.

So we're gon na go, give her a bath, and i guess i'm gon na go ahead and end this vlog here.

Thank you guys so much for watching. I love y'all. So much and i'll see y'all the next one. We're bundled up going out to go to the car elena wear her face. We forgot our computer. Thank you guys.

We should have done that tik tok with that voice over that's like, i'm gon na go for a walk.

No! I'm gon na go have lunch

No, i'm gon na go for a drive.

No no!