Week In My Life + What I Wore!

Week In My Life + What I Wore!

Good morning, everyone and welcome back to my channel, i'm super excited to take you guys with me this week, i'm just gon na be sharing with you guys kind of what i wear in a week and kind of a little snippet of what i'm doing each day.

So i thought it would be fun to kind of take you along. Thank you so much to amazon for sponsoring today's video, i'm going to be sharing with you guys how to use the style snap feature in amazon in the app.

It's amazing and i'm also going to be sharing with you guys, some of my favorite amazon pieces that i found recently.

So i'm going to share with you guys the first look for monday, so you guys know i'm a new mom and most the time.

I'm in loungewear at home, because i work from home. However, this week i'm really gon na try to push myself and actually get like dressed for the day.

I am gon na still have some loungewear looks here and there because, let's be real, like i'm, not going to be dressed up every single day, but i did want to give you guys some good, like fall, outfit inspiration um today.

Actually, i am working from home, so i'm going to be on my computer, a lot and i'm also going to film something.

So i wanted to have some like really comfy joggers on. So i have these like nude, satin joggers, and then i just have on a chunky, white sweater. It is supposed to be getting super cold this week, there's a cold front coming in so i went ahead and threw on my little cozy sweater. I also just threw on some suede booties, just so that i could show you guys how i would fully style.

This look if i was leaving the house but um. Let's be real, i'm probably going to change into my house shoes. So i wanted to share with you guys, the style snap feature within amazon.

Okay, i put you guys on the tripod, so i could talk to you guys a little bit easier. So the style snap feature within amazon is absolutely amazing. It allows you to search for like, similar options within an outfit based off of a picture. So let's say you're scrolling through, instagram or pinterest or whatever, and you see an outfit that you really like. But you don't know like how to search for similar options. you can just upload that picture into the style. Snap feature on amazon and it will pull up similar options for each of the items that the person is wearing. It's amazing i'm going to share with you guys how to use that function, with the outfit that i'm wearing today, okay, i went ahead and i snapped a picture of the outfit that i'm wearing today, so i could share with you guys how this works.

You go into the amazon app and there is a camera icon at the top in the search bar, and you click that and it takes you to style snap.

You can push upload photo and you can upload any screenshot of literally any like any picture of any outfit. It does not have to be from amazon. Then, once it's uploading, it will say finding styles and it's finding all the similar options. in the outfit so cool, so here it just pulled up a bunch of chunky, white sweaters, which is amazing. It pulls up options from all different price points. You can also search by price by review and by size as well. So that's, really amazing, i'm gon na go ahead and click on the joggers. I have a bunch of different, neutral, pants and joggers to choose from it's awesome.

So i just really wanted to share that with you guys. I know you guys are going to love it, so i'm going to change into some fuzzy slippers and i'm going to get to work on my computer and i will share with you guys what i'm wearing tomorrow,

Happy tuesday.

I am actually filming another vlog today, so usually tuesdays and thursdays are my filming day so i'll either film for instagram or youtube on those days and my mom is over here watching elena or else i would never be able to get dressed

And do all of that stuff? I wanted to share what i'm wearing today. I did go ahead and style the whole look. If i was gon na leave the house. This is like the full look that i would wear. So this sweater is an amazon find that i'm so excited about. So it's a really nice camel color and the thing that i love about it is the fit. It's a really nice slouchy, um long in the back sweater that has this really nice little like slit detail on the sides, and it just makes it so like, effortless and floaty, and just a really nice slouchy comfy fit for fall. I think it should come in another color, so. I will link this sweater down below for you guys, but i just paired it with white jeans, white boots, as if i was gon na leave the house but um and then like a nude, pink hijab and some gold jewelry. So, just a really classic outfit for fall, but this sweater is just like a must-have, so i'm gon na get to filming my vlog, i'm actually gon na be organizing my makeup today. So wish me luck! Um! You guys will see that in another video happy wednesday. It is wednesday morning and i'm about to actually go. drop elena off at my mom's house, so that amanda and i can go to dallas for our shoot.

So wednesdays are normally our shoot days where we go and shoot with my photographer, and then we get some like really good. Like outfit pictures there, i've gotten a lot of questions about why we go all the way to dallas for outfit pictures and it's basically because we just do not have any shoot locations in our small town at all. So we, we make the drive and it's like worth it for us, so i wanted to try something a little bit different for today's outfit. I'm wearing like a color that i've never worn before and i'm wearing a pattern that i've never worn before.

But i really loved both of these pieces they're from amazon, this sweater cardigan.

Is this really pretty? I would say it's like a salmony orange. It's not like a it's, not like a burnt orange. It's not like a bright orange. It's a really pretty salmon salmon color and then the boots. Are these really pretty faux snake skin pointed toe uh block heel like just super super cute and neutral, and i thought would match a lot of outfits. So i wanted to try that out and i just paired it with a pair of jeans and then just like a nude, undershirt and then a chiffon hijab. So this is my fall look of the day, um for shooting. I have a couple more outfits that you guys will see later on my instagram, but i want to share this one because there's some really cute amazon finds in this look.

So i will catch up with you guys.


Good morning.

Guys today is thursday and today is my filming day, but i also have to go run an errand and go to an appointment this afternoon. So this is my outfit of the day. Some really good amazon fashion finds in today's look as well. So i'll go ahead and start with this cardigan. It's a really pretty waffle, knit maxi length cardigan. It is so gorgeous um and just really good quality, but this is probably one of my favorite finds to date. So it's this really pretty like nude beige color, which is obviously you guys know my favorite and. It has this really pretty like a little tiny bit, balloony sleeves. So this is such a good find, but i also want to share the white shirt that i have underneath it so.

This white sweater is probably one of my favorite pieces. I've found on amazon recently, so this is a really nice ribbed material. It has like a bat wing design, but the other thing i love about it is the length so i had it kind of scrunched up, so it looks kind of like tucked into my jeans, but you can also kind of pull it down and look At the length on that, it's really nice just paired with jeans. I thought a lot of you guys would love love, love this top and.

I just really love this. Like subtle ribbed pattern, i just paired it with some black jeans and some nude colored boots, and i actually always get asked about these boots, but they are sold out and using the amazon style snap feature. um is like actually the perfect way to find things that are out of stock. That way, you can find similar options, so i'm gon na go ahead and search through the style. Snap feature now for some similar boots. I'm gon na take a quick picture of my boots in the mirror right here: and then i'm gon na upload it into amazon, style, snap and we'll see what it pulls up for us went ahead and i uploaded my picture into style snap and, as You can see it just pulled up. A ton of different neutral pointed toe boots that are in that same, like silhouette and same color family. So there's a ton of different like similar options, to look through it's nice because it will literally search through the entirety of amazon's database. That way, you don't have to like try to like search and search through all these different pages of things. It will just go ahead and pull up similar options like right there for you, and another thing: that's nice is like you, don't have to try to think of how to describe an item. You can just upload the picture like, for example like if you were trying to figure out how to describe the boots. You'D have to think okay pointed toe block heel, nude um high on the ankle like how do you describe that you know so? Sometimes it's easier to just upload a picture which is really nice happy friday. So today i'm actually super dressed up because i have a wedding to attend.

One of my best friends from high school is getting married and i actually almost forgot about this wedding uh mom brain.

So i just literally pulled out a dress that i already had.

I have on this burgundy long, sleeve midi dress with some suede knee-high boots, and i actually got a lot of questions about this dress recently, but it's unfortunately sold out which makes me so sad, but i'm gon na see if i can find anything similar

In amazon, with the style snap feature so, let me check that real fast okay, so i went ahead and put my picture through style, snap and it came up with this really pretty long, sleeve wrap style, midi, dress, which i think is really beautiful.

So i'm loving this feature because then i can also find similar options for you guys when things are sold out, which is nice, um. I think what i'm gon na do is i'm going to just go and drop off a gift at this wedding.

I honestly don't feel that comfortable being around that many people right now, and i also don't have someone to watch elena for that long. So i'm gon na go grab a gift and just hopefully go and congratulate my friend and then head back home, but at least i am dressed appropriately for a fall wedding.

Good morning and happy saturday, so.

If you guys watched my last video, you guys saw my struggle with putting elena down for naps during the day and ever since we got this swing i'll share that in another video but um we've been able to like set her down for like longer Periods of time, while she sleeps so, i was able to like go around the house, pick things up usually on the weekends. It's like my house maintenance day. So i like clean up the house, i get my groceries.

I cook um laundry like all the, all the fun stuff, so i just put on this really cute tie-dye lounge set from amazon. They have this really cool thing called the drop where they collaborate with influencers and they create like different pieces. I think they're limited edition, but this is still available. I believe on amazon, it's this really pretty like mavi, pink, tie-dye neutral, like set. They are sold separately, the top and bottom, but it's a really comfy cozy soft material, and it's just so perfect for just lounging at home, so cute and tie-dye is so on trend right now, i'm gon na go ahead and try to get some meal prep in i'm gon na make some at home chipotle bowls for the week, so rice, chicken beans, pico guac.

That kind of thing, so i'm gon na get to working on that and hopefully elena will stay asleep a little bit longer.

So i can get some of that done:.

Hello, happy sunday, so today, since yesterday, was pretty productive and i cooked and cleaned and all that stuff today, i'm just chilling at home.

So i have on another really cute just little.

Loungewear, look: i have to share this sweater that i found from amazon.

It is such a good find it is the best material ever so soft and the silhouette of this sweater is so flattering with these balloon sleeves, and i have it tucked in right now, but, it's just kind of like a mid length.

It is so so so good. I love this neutral leopard, it's like a light leopard. I think this is probably like my favorite um leopard print that i've ever worn just because it's just like all my favorite neutral tones, so such a good one. It's really nice to just lounge around the house in or obviously you can wear this out and about too.

So such a good find so today i'm excited to put on the fire, because um the cold front has definitely like kicked in and we are having that like really cozy like chilly weather, so we're gon na have the fire on and we're just Gon na watch football because it's sunday and i just can't get away from it i'll just probably just play with my baby and just have a really fun cozy day at.


I hope that you guys enjoyed this little. What i wear in a week - and i hope you guys got some good amazon fashion - finds from this video thanks again to amazon, for sponsoring and don't forget to check out their style snap feature in the amazon app it's amazing.

So i will talk to you all later and see y'all in the next video.