What I'm Doing to Get in Shape After Pregnancy! | What I Eat in a Day While Breastfeeding!

What I'm Doing to Get in Shape After Pregnancy! | What I Eat in a Day While Breastfeeding!

Good morning, everyone and welcome back to my channel - i hope you guys are having an amazing day so far we had a little bit of a rough night last night, honestly mainly for omar.

He was the one staying up with her. Mostly he just like. Won'T let me take her from him he's just like you go back to sleep.

Then i wake up in the morning and he's exhausted and i feel terrible so yeah. He is resting up a little bit right now. She has also been a little bit fussy. This morning as well, so i may put her in her carrier so that i can like make breakfast and stuff she just doesn't really want to be. Oh there's a burp. I've been waiting for that one. She just hasn't really wanted to be put down by herself, which i'm not complaining. I just love having her literally right here. It's like my favorite thing ever so in today's video. I'm going to be sharing with you guys what i am eating during postpartum and while i'm breastfeeding, i also wanted to talk about the.

Most asked question from you guys, and that is how i got back in shape and lost weight after having a baby. First of all, you guys, i want you guys to know that i'm definitely not back in shape.

I do not look the same as i did before i had the baby.

I think i've been wearing some like high-waisted stuff trying to like you know, conceal the tummy area, so i've just kind of been like dressing in a way that you can't really tell. But let me just tell you guys. I definitely do not look the same in my tummy area whatsoever. I just really wanted to address this because it made me so sad, seeing so many messages from girls feeling bad about themselves because they are not like back in shape yet super fast. I even got a message a couple days ago from a girl who was like. Please give me some tips, i'm two months postpartum and i'm still struggling and i'm like girl.

You just had a baby two months ago, two months. It takes nine months to grow a baby and i feel like. You should give yourself at least nine months to a year to try to get like back in shape.

The thing is like, after you have a baby like you, can get back in shape, but i your body, may not ever look the same, and my body definitely doesn't look the same. My stomach, even though i don't have like that many pounds to lose. my stomach, like the skin, doesn't look the same.

My belly button is like all stretched out, there's all kinds of like hyperpigmentation going on there, but you know what like, whenever i look at my stomach. I just, i think, back to like how beautiful pregnancy was and like it just reminds me of how blessed i was to have a baby and.

It also just like reminds me that, like elena, that is like, where she grew and how incredible like our bodies are like subhanallah for being able to grow a human being. I don't know i'm just not putting so much pressure on myself to like bounce back and look the way that i did before.

I had a baby, because i just know that that's not, realistic and that this is like just gon na be kind of. Like the new me - and i am completely fine with that - my main focus is just like being healthy and trying to nourish my body, especially since i'm breastfeeding. I really want to like make sure i'm getting all the nutrients so that my breast milk is super healthy for her that's kind of what this video is going to be about just trying to nourish my body and, give my body all the things that it Needs and not putting so much pressure on myself, too. Oh, my goodness so! That's what this video is going to be about just me, being kind to myself, nourishing my body trying to eat healthy for me and for my baby and just not putting so much pressure on myself to get back in shape.

I did go to my six week, postpartum checkup a few days ago, and my doctor did clear me on working out, but i haven't felt like doing that. Yet we've gone on like a couple of walks since um, we had the baby, but it's been so hot outside, it's finally cooling down. So i think tonight we're gon na try to go on another walk, um. We may put her in the carrier and just have a nice little family walk, but other than that. I'm just gon na go ahead. Put it in the carrier. Now go make some breakfast and then i'll share with you guys everything else i'm eating today.

So you guys have seen me, make my smoothie fifty million times, so i'm gon na make this real fast and then i'm actually gon na check in with y'all when i eat my second breakfast of the day, because that has been something new.

While i've been breastfeeding, i've been so hungry and i have been wanting another meal in between breakfast and lunch, so i'm gon na make my smoothie.

One thing that i have switched up with my smoothie is my milk, so i use oat milk. Instead of my usual almond milk - and that's because oats are actually a great way to help boost milk supply, so i thought this was just a really easy: switch in my daily routine.

So i really like oat milk. It's a lot more creamy! I guess than almond milk and a lot of people, love it for coffees. So if you haven't tried it yet you should definitely try it. I'm also going to go ahead and take my vitamins. I take these usually with my smoothie every day. This is the once a day, probiotics by garden of life, and these are the once a day prenatals. It's super important to continue your prenatals once you deliver the baby, especially if you're breastfeeding, but also just for you and your own health um. You definitely need support during the postpartum period and it's definitely important to continue taking your prenatals. I've taken um several different brands, but i do love the garden of life ones because they are organic. and um contain lots of like raw fruits and veggies.

So they're really good for you. These are good because it's just a one a day. I also love their gummies and they are vegan, so they are halal, i've added in a probiotic.

I probably should have done this way before, but i added one because elena has been having some gassy issues and i just want to make sure i am good on my probiotics, we'll see if this does anything and makes any difference. omar's making some coffee this morning, yum, it smells so good he's gon na help me do some cool, b-roll style shots with our other camera today for this vlog, so not for coffee together.

I know we always do cool cinematic shots for coffee, but i am on to my second meal of the day.

Um, like i said before, breastfeeding has been making me so hungry, so i'm making myself some avocado toast.

I'm actually really sad because i've been actually eating a bagel um, it's like by the same brand.

It's the canyon, bakehouse everything bagel, it's amazing! This is just their like ancient grain, like multi-grain bread, which is still my one of my favorites as well. I love this gluten-free brand, but anyways. The bagel is so good, especially with like the everything but the bagel seasoning as well, it's just like so much good flavor. So i'm gon na go ahead and make my avocado toast.

So so yummy, okay, i went ahead and just threw myself together. I put on just some like cute loungewear for just chilling at home. I have one, this pink tie-dye sweatshirt that i found on amazon.

I really love this. I've been wearing this a ton recently around the house and it's just like, so cute and trendy, and then i have on some h m joggers and this necklace is a mango little cute vine that i found and then this is the instant hijab by val chic, just super easy, so, let's go make some lunch.

Okay, i have all my ingredients laid out to make a really yummy mediterranean salad, so i've been craving this so much so i have some spring mix: cherry tomatoes, red onion, basil, kalamata, olives, and some garbanzo beans, and i'm actually just gon na put These in omar's salad, because i've been avoiding beans because i'm trying to avoid things that will make elena gassy. I have some cucumber bell, pepper, mint and some almonds that i'm gon na chop up and put in there as well. I'm also gon na put an omar some feta cheese, because i've also been trying to avoid dairy. I don't know we're still trying to figure out the colic thing okay, so this is actually one of the main ingredients. This is some quinoa that we just made and i love putting quinoa in my salad because it adds lots of protein and fiber and just lots of nutrients, and it's like really filling for the dressing. I'm doing. Balsamic, vinegar, and olive oil and the basil and the mint will add so much flavor and it's going to taste so good. So let's get started:.

I just put both of them together for omar, and i omar's has the feta cheese and the chickpeas and they smell so good.

I'm so excited to dig in we're going to probably share this topo chico, because i can never finish one on my own.

You could also add avocado to this. You could add a protein like salmon, chicken, shrimp, um, it's just so yummy and we have a ton left over um, actually so that, if we wanted a little bit more or if we want to add this to our dinner tonight. So we are gon na go ahead and dig in omar has the football game on over there, so we're gon na eat. While we watch some football okay, so we just ate lunch. I actually uh breastfed elena. While we were eating so we all ate together, i'm gon na actually show you guys what i've been making for my tea recently, because i've been trying to drink things. That would help with elena's colic, and you guys gave me some amazing recommendations. in one of my previous videos, so i'm going to share with you guys what i'm drinking a lot of you guys recommended that i drink a nice and fennel seed as a tea.

This is not really focusing. Fennel is actually in the gripe water that we give elena and that helps soothe her tummy really well, so i've been mixing both of these and steeping it as a tea and just trying to like have it transfer through my breast milk to have it see Through tummy that way, so i always make a big thing. of that.

So that's what i have right here in this big mason jar is like the anise and fennel seeds, and then i go ahead and pour the boiling water.

I just let it steep, for i guess, like ten minutes, and then i just kind of just slip on it throughout the day. I also wanted to show you guys this other tea that is just in a tea bag. It also contains the fennel seed and the anise seed and a bunch of other things, kind of other stuff. It's called mother's milk and it tastes really really good, and it's just easy whenever i just want to like throw a tea bag in.

So those are kind of the things i've been drinking to try to help with elena's colic, so sweet omar is a lazy sundae, but omar is honestly the best at like just soothing, her and getting her to like calm down and there's a trick To it yeah, what's the trick homework more, please tell us the head bubble: yeah very gentle head, bobble he's the best at that.

If you just let that bobble chest over like this we've been really into lighting um incense. I just got the incense and the little um holder off amazon recently, and it reminds me of the yoga studio that i used to go to um. They used to have incense burning throughout the studio, and it literally just makes me feel like we're in a spa, it's so relaxing. Next on the agenda is dinner, so i'm gon na be making a fall. Inspired, sheep and dinner. It's going to be. Some root vegetables with roasted chicken. So basically we have some sweet, potato carrots, brussels sprouts, the brussels sprouts, i'm just going to be saving for omar.

I might do like some spinach on the side for me, so i have some greens, but apparently brussels sprouts. Can make babies gassy, along with all the other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, and things like that, so i'm avoiding those, but this looks so good. I got the recipe from miss liz heart on youtube, so i will link her video down below where she did like a bunch of like fall inspired sheep and dinners. But this one looked really good, especially because of the seasoning, so she has fresh, thyme, rosemary and then dried basil and then i also always add garlic, salt and lemon pepper to like everything, and then she also has balsamic vinegar.

So it's like a really nice, balsamic, vinegar, herb glaze over, the vegetables and the chicken, and it just sounds so good.


Thank you. Okay, i'm about to stick these in the oven, they're all seasoned. It smells so good, so i will let you guys know how this turns out in just a little bit.

I went ahead and plated everything. Here's mine without the brussels sprouts um.

I wound up not making the spinach

Just because i'm super hungry and i just want to dig in, but it smells so good with all the different seasonings like the rosemary and the thyme and the balsamic vinegar dressing it just smells delicious.

So we're about to dig into this.

We are on our nightly walk. It finally feels so good outside to actually get out of the house, and elena can finally see what it's like in the outside world outside of our little house. Our bubble yeah, it's really nice because i have her in this little carrier. yeah and it's still like eighty degrees but.

But do you feel that breathe?

Oh, my gosh, it's so much so good!

I can't wait for fall.

I know.