1 Year Later | My Dad's Thoughts on Becoming a Grandpa!

1 Year Later | My Dad's Thoughts on Becoming a Grandpa!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today is thanksgiving and.

I thought i would do just a little quick vlog for you guys today, because last year was uh on thanksgiving. We announced to my family that i was pregnant the hardest thing of all.

For me, has been something else:.

And i kind of just wanted to talk to them and see kind of what it's like. Now, that my parents are grandparents and what my sisters feel like being aunties for the first time, um. Whenever we brought elena home from the hospital, a lot of you guys asked us if we filmed their like reactions to meeting elena for the first time, and we actually were like just so caught up in the moment so exhausted that we did not film. It um, so i thought this would be kind of a little nice little update and just kind of getting their perspective on what it's like having a little baby in the family, because this is our, i guess, first baby on my side of the family. Okay, we are very late because leaving the house with the baby is much different than when we didn't have a baby. Okay, i'm going to show you guys what we're wearing over here, because my dressing room is an absolute disaster.

I cannot even walk in there right now, because i had a shoot yesterday and i just threw all my clothes everywhere, but i am wearing an um amazon, cardigan, that's like a duster maxi length, and express jeans express sweater, tank, and mark fisher boots.

Elena is wearing, um, lucky panda kits and then socks are arabella and rose.

Her bow is lulu and company. She looks so cute. Her pacifier ruins her outfit, though honestly um, all my cute ones that i have gotten for her. She will not take just these they're, the nuke ones, and she really likes the shape of them. Okay, let's go, we just finished eating and we're all sitting around in a food coma. We have amanda.

My mom went to go, pray.

I've gotten a lot of comments about how we never um showed you guys your reactions

When elena was first born and literally as soon as we got home from the hospital, they were all just lined up in the driveway.

It was so cute. We had like a little parade waiting for us. It felt like we were finishing a race we were pulling into the driveway.

My whole family was just like outside just like lined up oh yeah, i know.

It was all about a family group message, though more started with like we're sending pictures and now you're sending updates yeah was sending us updates. I loved that it was called the lnd group and we still use that um group text to send baby pictures. Are you looking what is it like, um having a grandchild? No, no first tell us what your thoughts were when you got to hold her for the first, oh, when you first held her for the first time. Oh my god to me. If you ask any grandparent what it's like to have a grandchild. the feeling is, it's impossible to really, formulate in in words, it's really impossible. Wow, you know it's just such a deep feeling, of happiness that you never you you can't. You can't really explain. You know as if you are in your own world and you are so happy and nobody else. It doesn't matter right, whether people understand it or not. Or what have you don't care? You know when you're happy and you want to share your happiness with people yeah. You know this one somehow someway. You know it's for you, wow. You know and it's so sweet, it's so special. What a difference are your makeup? Oh, my yesterday

I've started exercising.

I've started watching what i eat.

Yeah i've lost a little weight because i want to be healthy and live to see my grandchild and enjoy her.

You know i've never had as much drive like that. You know, actually it's a little bigger than i thought it was going to be. Let me see

Whoa, oh that's not that small, it's pretty small, but elena! Guess what i'm here, i'm here?

How does it feel being aunties? Oh my god. It's the best thing in the world.

She literally makes me so happy, [, Laughter, ].

Yes, grab my backpack um.

We are gon na be headed home because we have a strict, seven to eight o'clock bedtime for our baby.

So i will talk to you guys in the next video.

I'm sorry that this one was a little bit of a short one.

But i will see you all in my next video