3 Month Baby Update! A Few Days in My Life!

3 Month Baby Update! A Few Days in My Life!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today, i'm going to be taking you guys with us to the dallas arboretum and i'm going to hopefully make this like a weekly vlog and just kind of pick up my camera when we're doing fun stuff.

So today we're going to the pumpkin displays at the dallas arboretum

They're supposed to be really beautiful, and i wanted to take elena.

So i could take really cute fall pictures with her, oh of course so um. This will be that's. Why we're here yeah this will be elena's. First, like outing, we've taken her to my dad's restaurant um, but other than that she really hasn't been anywhere else other than our parents house. So - and we figured that, since this was like an outdoor activity, we could kind of just keep her in the stroller. Take a quick picture walk around a little bit and anyways. It is actually very cold today, which i was not fifty-five. Thinking for me. That's warmed up a little bit, but anyways we'll go ahead and pack her up in the stroller and we'll see what they have at the arboretum. We are currently looking for places to take pictures scoping out.

I think elena's getting tired, yeah she's gon na take a nap, so we were just saying that we actually took our some of our engagement pictures here, yeah and now we're back with our baby.

Oh my gosh six years, six or seven years, but it's just so crazy. That was the last time we were here this morning, we're going on a family walk and we pulled out our stroller and it feels so good outside. It's like perfect, perfect, it's not too cold or too hot you're gon na enjoy this weather it's sunday today. So i always wind up vlogging on sundays, but it's like my most productive day. I would say like getting housework done and just having a little bit more of a chill day, so i have more time to vlog. Okay, i wanted to show you all my stroller, because i've gotten a lot of questions about, which one we went with. I shared this on instagram, but i haven't shared with you all yet so this is the upper baby vista.

This is um the color stella. It's a really pretty like heathered gray, with the brown um leather on the handles. It's honestly amazing for walks, because it has these really big wheels, so it's great on any kind of terrain or if we were like going over anything that was bumpy or anything. It's super smooth for her, and also this huge storage basket is like a lifesaver. It is so nice you can store your huge diaper bag in there drinks um just like if you're out shopping, you can like have all your shopping bags down there. It's awesome! So that's why we love it. It also comes with the bassinet attachment which we're using now it's collapsible, so you can just store that in your car easily. I'm sorry about this dog, you guys um, it's so easy to take apart and put it back together. You just snap! It from the top the car seat, snaps in yeah. We also got the car seat, the upper baby mezza. So, if you're out and about you, can just pop the car seat right on top - and it's just super super easy - we used it for the pumpkin patch that we went to the other day. I did a bunch of research on a ton of different strollers and this one was just, my favorite because of the design and the huge storage basket

So yeah this isn't like the biggest or the bulkiest yeah.

It's not too.

It's kind of just kind of medium, so anyways, let's go, so elena was not happy, so i'm pushing the empty stroller. Now where's he carrying her she's, so high maintenance reality. Okay, i just made some brunch it's breakfast, but it's.

Basically, lunch time now, because it's eleven thirty but i have scrambled eggs and i have avocado toast on a bagel for me and then omar does peanut butter and honey on his toast, and it's just so nice now, because omar works days.

So we feel like we are actually like a normal couple now, after all these years, it's been like five years since he's worked days, so we're like trying to like get back into the swing of like having a morning routine and like eating breakfast together. and like going on walks in the morning, especially on the weekends - it's just really nice, so we're about to dig in.

We just had breakfast

And now i'm gon na change, elena's clothes. So i'm gon na pick out a cute outfit for. Her, okay, elena, is dressed now. I still need to get myself ready for the day and i need to like make the bed and all kinds of stuff around the house, but i thought i would kind of give you guys a little three-month baby update for you guys.

So elena is. I actually have not weighed her in a couple of weeks, but the last time we weighed her, she was fourteen pounds, so i'm almost positive. She is like, literally probably fourteen and a half pounds now, mashallah she's, definitely a good eater. Okay, i turned her forward because she's just a little bit happier that way but um that's. The other thing i was going to say is that her head. She holds it up so well now, mashallah she's doing so much better. Now we can actually have her in the carrier facing forward, so she can kind of like, see what we're doing and everything and it's so much fun. Um. She actually laughed for the first time, not yesterday of the day before and she actually just laughed. Just a second ago before omar left, he went um to go, run an errand, so yeah the first time that she laughed it just literally melted. My heart and oh, my gosh, like the first time she smiled, i cried, and i could tell that she kind of has been wanting to laugh, like she'll, make like little noises when she smiles but like she like legit, like laughed the other day, which was So sweet she still breastfeeds, probably every i would say every two and a half to three hours and wakes up now like two times at night. Sometimes it's only once sometimes she'll only wake up around like four and then six a. m or like three and six a. m. It's very still very sporadic, and i can't really like tell like what our night is gon na be like but anyways. That's kind of the little update on her, so i keep losing my train of thought, but the other thing that i was going to tell you guys was that um. The first couple of months, of parenthood, was just very difficult for us because we were dealing with her colic and just seemed like nothing would soothe her and it's just very, very frustrating and very hard on me emotionally, but um. Now that she is three months - oh, my goodness now she's gon na be upset because it's her nap time. I need to put her down, but okay, she was getting fussy because it's her nap time. So i'm gon na quickly finish this up. The last thing i wanted to say is that the first couple months of newborn life were so difficult. I mean there are so many beautiful moments and i wish i could go back, but it was just so hard to enjoy it.

I think, because we were just dealing with colic and fussiness and we just. It was so heartbreaking and now that she's three months her colicky episodes and just fussiness they've, just been getting so much less frequent and we just feel like we're kind of coming out of that. I think the other part of it is that omar and i are feeling a lot more confident with being parents and just kind of learning her and like what she likes and what she doesn't like, how she likes to be held. How she doesn't like to be held like just all her little things that we're we're just like learning and like discovering about her and just i don't know it's just kind of that adjustment phase in the first few months that are so difficult, but now alhamdulillah. It's just gotten so much easier, and i know i've heard of the like four-month sleep regression and i'm sure there's going to be so many bumps in the road coming up but anyways.

I just wanted to update you guys on where we're at right now. um and yeah that's just kind of where we're at okay. Now that elena is sleeping really good in her swing, i'm gon na go ahead and clean up my dressing room because it's an absolute disaster.

It just gets this way with all the different clothes that come through here, all the different products that come through here, it's just crazy, so i'm gon na clean this up, hopefully get ready.

Hopefully, elena will still be asleep

And then i just talk to amanda and we're gon na try to make a little target trip today. So we'll see if we can get that done today, much much better, i can actually breathe in this room again. um, i am going to go ahead and get ready to go to target, but, hopefully later or maybe maybe tomorrow i'll do a little try on of some new abercrombie stuff.

I just got in because i got some really cute loungewear and just some like everyday good pieces.

I wanted to give you guys a little betting update. So i know in the last vlog i shared with you that i was looking for some really good quality white bedding, and i asked you guys on instagram to give me recommendations, and so many people recommended cozy earth bedding um. The people who recommended it were like all caps explanation points like die hard cozy earth. So i was like i have to try that one. I guess i found a random fifty off discount code, from somebody online. I don't even remember i literally don't even remember who it was. I think i was like just flipping through stories and someone had a code and i was like, oh my god, so i ordered it. I actually reached out to cozy earth to see if they would give me a fifty off code for you guys and they did. I don't get commission off that or anything but. I really love these sheets and i just wanted to be able to offer that to you guys if you wanted it as well, so they are so buttery soft they're made out of bamboo, so they're, just like the softest sheets i've ever slept on.

I know they don't look too different because they're, it's literally white but um even omar - was like these sheets, though they are so soft.

I got the fitted sheet. I got this

The pillowcases and i also got the duvet cover.

So so soft would highly recommend. I also have

Um what you can't see back there, but i have my lily: silk: silk, pillow cases that i love as well. That's my little bedding update and. I think i want to add a little something to the end of the bed. Just to like you know, dress it up a little bit, but right now it's just super simple, with some throw pillows, so i thought i would quickly share with y'all what i'm wearing to target real fast, because amanda just got here just saw her pull up.

So i thought i would share with y'all omar's gon na watch elena, while he watches football at home, so i'm gon na run out for like an hour and just have some girl time with my sisters. So this is a really pretty camel poncho that i found from abercrombie.

I like it because it's like such a classic piece, it's long in the back, so it's a nice modest layer, but it's also just a little added layer of warmth. It's obviously not that cold yet because i live in texas.

So this is a really good, like medium weight, little layering piece, then i have on some express jeans mark fisher boots, my ysl bag, and then this is a pearl detail.

Sweater that i also got from abercrombie, so that is the look for target and then hopefully i'll be back home in time to feed my baby. It is the next day and i am about to start cooking, i'm going to make some chicken tortilla soup in my instant pot, so um.

Let me know if you guys have an instant pot and. Let me know if you guys have any recipe ideas, because i'm very new to this i just got mine and it was like on sale at walmart.

So i grabbed it and i actually mentioned it on my instagram and.

So many of you guys said that you were obsessed with your instant pots and gave me a lot of recipe ideas over there too.

Apparently, you can make like everything from stews to, like grape leaves to cheesecake to like so many things um. I thought i would just share it with you guys, because i have it out and we're gon na try it out today. So this is the instant pot. It's basically a pressure cooker that just makes things super super fast and, as you can see, there's like all these different, like um options like meats, chilis, soup, like eggs like there's just so many things you can make in this, so i'm so excited

Um today, like i said, we are making chicken tortilla soup. So i have all my ingredients laid out. I just placed an order at walmart, so i'm actually surprised at how many organic options they have at walmart, which is so awesome and everything's, been super, affordable, so anyways.

I have corn beans, diced tomatoes, green chilies. This is what makes the tortilla soup taste like tortilla soup is the green chilies, vegetable broth and then some cumin, let's see cilantro, zucchini carrots, and then for toppings.

I have avocados

And then i'm gon na squeeze a little bit of lime. On top, and then i saw that they had blueberries for really inexpensive, so i got a couple boxes of those. So let's go ahead and get to cooking and omar is home today, so he is going to help me cook.

Let's do this. Let's do this okay, this looks all perfect because we just took pictures for walmart we're working with them on my instagram page but, not in this video but anyways. We are going to throw it all in the instant pot and hopefully we don't burn the house down, okay, it is several hours later and i had changed my outfit because i didn't really like what i was wearing in the picture that we took

For my instagram feed but anyways um, if you can hear elena, she is very talkative today, um, i'm back home.

Now because i went to run an errand and the instant pot is finished, i'm very scared to open it, i'm hoping that we did not like blow up the house or anything but anyways, we'll see i'm hoping that the chicken is cooked perfectly, and I didn't like cremate everything else, so we'll see okay, i just opened it.

It smells delicious.

It looks like i didn't: cremate everything and now we are going to play, it's very, very good.

I tasted it just gon na top. It with some cilantro went ahead and put half avocado on each one and we are going to dig in. This looks so good i'll, probably get some tortilla chips to go with it too happy friday, so um. This vlog has kind of been all over the place. Honestly, i've never done a vlog like this, where it was like a compilation of several days and i'm just still getting used to the style of filming. So if this vlog is just all over the place, i'm very sorry but um, my mom is kindly watching elena for two hours. While i filmed something earlier and now i wanted to finish this vlog because i have a few like new and stuff that i wanted to share with y'all some baby stuff fashion, stuff, all kinds of things that i wanted to share.

So i thought i would go ahead and do that first off i wanted to share this loungewear set that i got from abercrombie.

I told you guys before that i placed a big order from them and i'm literally obsessed with so many of their pieces.

These are some really nice, um they're, like a fleece material, so they're like, warm and cozy um like joggers, but. I like that they have this like pinstripe down the front, so they look a little bit more elevated, so you could literally pair these with some sneakers and like head out the door and like run an errand. I literally wore this to the chiropractor the other day, um, and then i really love this sweatshirt that it doesn't come together, they're separate, but they do match, and it's this really cute like puff balloon sleeve style, sweatshirt.

It does have a high neckline. So i really love wearing this like without my scarf, because, it's just so cozy to wear around the house when it's cold so. That is my little loungewear look of the day and then this hijab is by culture. Okay, i have a couple fashion items i want to share with y'all. I don't have time to try them on for this video. But let me know if you guys want to see like an updated like what's new in my wardrobe style video, because i do have a bunch of new in things. But if you do want to see pictures of me wearing this stuff, you can always head to my instagram or my like to know what account, because all pictures are over there with links to shop as well. This is a express voluminous sleeve sweater. I was wearing this same sweater in a different color in my last video. They have it in so many beautiful colors. I have it in a really pretty like kind of cranberry color i was wearing in the last video.

I have it in white and i have it in nude, of course, so, but it comes in black, it comes in a hunter green. It comes in like so many beautiful colors. It's so gorgeous. I like to like layer up different necklaces and then these just beautiful voluminous sleeves just like make such a statement with being still like feminine, and it's just beautiful, like tucked into a pair of jeans, um or maybe even like some wide leg, pants or Something so pretty: okay, i'm just gon na share just a couple more fashion items i think you'll like so this scarf um.

To me it looks so like high-end designer, like maybe burberry or something, but it is abercrombie. It is so beautiful. So warm um. I think it adds like a really nice, like texture and pattern detail to like a simple outfit like a simple sweater or a sweater dress. I'm just loving, um abercrombie right now, i'm just finding so many cute pieces from them.

So i wanted to mention that i have one more amazon find i wanted to share.

Okay. This is the last piece i wanted to share with you all. It's a beautiful amazon, find it's a midi dress, it's a wrap style with balloon, sleeves i'll, put a picture on screen of me wearing it, and it also comes in this gorgeous neutral, beige color. Yes, i know what else would you expect from me, but it is so beautiful. I'm sorry! I don't have time to try these on, for you guys. I have to go pick up elena. In literally, like thirty minutes. Let me go ahead and move on to some baby stuff because, oh you guys so many cute things. Now that elena is three months old, she has grown out of all her zero to three month: clothing, michelle. She is a little chunky girl. So i have had to go ahead and buy, so many zero or three to six month, um items for her and i've been bombarded with all these baby instagram ads. I guess because i've been shopping at baby boutiques. They just know that i am on the hunt for cute baby stuff and i am suckered in every single time. I see a cute baby ad, so this is from a brand called lucky panda, kids, it's like pretty affordable. I also ordered some stuff from like something called the neutral babe i'm like that is like if i was to come out with a children's name for a store like what that would be.

That would be me so i found so many cute, like, neutral and blush pink, and just all the pretty ruffly items that i love this one's from lucky panda and then this one these both are from lucky panda as well. the mama and the baby.

Hats, you guys. Can you even? I already took pictures with her and it's on my instagram feed.

You probably already saw it

I'll insert a picture on screen.

It is so freaking cute. I don't think we will actually wear these out. I don't usually wear hats like this, but i needed a picture like that, like i just needed it.

So i am working with etsy over on my instagram page, not in this video, but i was putting together all my favorite etsy items for elena, and i thought i would just share them with you guys too, because they are just the cutest things ever So first i want to talk about these shoes, so these are the baby moccasins that i found on etsy. They are twenty-five, which is half the price of the brand name version of these shoes. They look almost identical. The quality is like so comparable to the real ones. Oh my gosh, so beautiful um they come in several colors. They come without the bow, so you could use them for boys, um. This is the newborn size and actually elena just grew out of these. I can like still squeeze them on her, but i went ahead and ordered her the size up too, because i need her to fit in them a little bit longer.

This is the color blush, and this is the color cappuccino and they just are so darn cute. Another thing i wanted to mention is that they would make wonderful gifts. So if you know someone who's pregnant, um, i mean twenty-five.

For this gorgeous little pair of shoes, is like the cutest gift ever so i wanted to mention that.

I found this really pretty knit romper um. It comes in a cream color and this beautiful, like mauvy pink color.

So i love that

I i put her in um a long-sleeve bodysuit, with this over it for an outfit which i think is really cute and the high knee socks these or knee-high socks.

I always say that different. I never know what the best way to say that is, but anyways. It was hard for me to find like knee-high socks like this. That would fit an infant, and these are so so cute. The next thing, which i think i've shown you guys before but since it's from etsy i just wanted to share these - are the acrylic milestone cards.

We use for her monthly picture updates and they are so cute um. You do have to like make sure that you put them against a material. That's you know a contrast, so you can see the font um cause like. If you put it against that, then you wouldn't be able to see it, but it's still. So so pretty i usually just have like some kind of like, solid color, blanket that i can like lay it next to her or if she's wearing like a color like this, i can lay it on top of her um, but it's so cute.

Speaking of this crib sheet, that is also from etsy, which i'm sure you guys noticed. That's not my normal crib sheet that i have in here, and i think the rainbows are really really cute and then this is a handmade little bonnet. I love bonnets for babies. These are so trendy, they're, like kind of old-fashioned but they're, so trendy right now and so cute couple more etsy things. So these are the bows that i love to put on elena.

I have one in literally every single, neutral and pink color that you could think of they're, these beautiful velvet ones and they are by a brand called labelle baby on etsy, so cute, and i love this lace one as well. I literally put one of these on her from day one and i just like anytime. I take a picture. I find one that matches her outfit and they're, so beautiful, okay speaking of newborn photos, so i literally take pictures of elena, like almost every single week, like i style, a little shoot for her every week um, but when she was a newborn newborn, i loved these little baby headbands.

These would be perfect for a newborn shoe. Let me try to get these to focus. Okay, this is a gorgeous rose, gold, and crystal headband for a newborn baby, and then i got this really gorgeous white, like rose lace, so so sweet, and then this one is a pretty uh pearl and crystal oh that's backwards. anyways! I hope that these are in focus but so gorgeous. I will link these and everything else down below, but if you have a little girl, these are so cute for newborn pictures. Okay, a couple more little baby items so. This brand is lulu and company another one of my absolute favorites. They are just such amazing quality, and so cute um their signature. Are these like little tortoise buttons? I have so many outfits for her from lulu, like literally this whole row. Right here is lulu um and that's not even all that i own it's. A lot of them are in the wash and also she grew out of a lot of her lulu stuff as well, which is so sad, um, but and then this is a really pretty swaddle blanket. They do outfits, they do knotted gowns, they do um. Swaddles they do both some of my favorite bows, but they are having a black friday sale and they gave me a code for you guys, which i'm so excited about. I'm probably gon na use this code as well, because they barely ever go on sale, um, it's lena lulu, twenty for twenty off this next thing i'm going to share.

I may be boring to some of you guys, but it is very exciting to me because i am, i guess, an adult now, so i ordered new sets of bowls and plates for omar, and i we have never actually had a full matching set

Of bowls and plates, i mean i try to make sure everything is white and all the same color, which also like makes everything match and look really aesthetic in my cabinets and stuff. But nothing really actually matched and we only had a set of, like maybe, four plates and four bowls, which i know like omar, and i are only two people and we really don't need that many, but we just like when we had guests over and Stuff, we just didn't really have enough plates and bowls for everyone so. I went ahead and invested um. These are all on sale right now at crate and barrel. So that's why i really wanted to share them with you. If you guys were also in the market for some new dinner sets, these are gorgeous.

So let me share also omar tell them what happened to our plates and bowls and why i actually got a new set. they disappeared. Yeah they disappeared. So we don't, we literally just opened up the cabinet one day and we only had like two plates so. This was the excuse that i gave myself to purchase. All of this, which i know this looks like way too much. I don't know what i was thinking

Were literally two people, but i was thinking like. Maybe we could use these as our family group and like have people over and stuff, and we can keep them for a long time. Yeah. We will we'll keep them for a very very long time. I just loved how like modern. They look with how like they're very flat, but then they just have this little lip on the edges and do you see how it has kind of a little bit of texture to it?, it's so beautiful.

This is the mercer collection, and i think i already said that, but it's it comes in a couple of other colors and i just like how it's not perfect. You know it's not like perfectly round um. It has a little bit of like an organic shape to it so, i just love them and i'm so excited to start using these.

I hope you guys enjoyed this random vlog with this random haul at the end of it.

But i love you guys so much and let me know what you guys want to see next on my channel, and i will see you all in my next video bye you