7 FALL 2019 FASHION TRENDS You Can Actually Wear!

7 FALL 2019 FASHION TRENDS You Can Actually Wear!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Lena if you're new - I am so excited about today's video because it is officially September which means fall is officially coming and it may still be one hundred and fifty degrees outside, but I'm ready to bring out all my boots. My coats, my sweaters, all the fun stuff and today's video is going to be all about fall.

Two thousand and nineteen fashion trends that I'm super excited to incorporate into my wardrobe and, of course, I'll be sharing with you guys how you can make a lot of these trends at modest as well. I'm not gon na cover every single fashion trend, just the ones that I feel like are most wearable and that work well with my wardrobe. So I hope that you guys enjoy this video and, let's get into it. The first trend I want to talk about is animal print. Animal print I feel, like always reemerge, is during the fall as like a huge trend, but this year is just a little bit different, so last year I feel like it was all about a snake print. I almost like didn't even buy anything snake print last year. I don't know why I'm just not a huge snake print person, but this year a snake print is still big, but it's all about leopard print and cheetah print. I feel like I've seen so much of that all over like every single store - and I am here for it - I am here for any excuse that I can dress up like my cat one second, I mean how freaking cute is this, but my personal Favorite is the leopard print and the cheetah print, but this year we're seeing a lot more like animal prints that I haven't seen in the past, like zebra print and tiger print. I feel like any animal is like just it's free game at this point like just wear any animal print, and you will be on trend for two thousand and nineteen, so I've kind of gone a full force with this trend. I've gotten like some cute dresses and tops to wear with animal prints, but if you want to incorporate the animal print trend into your wardrobe a little bit more steadily, you can do this by wearing them in your accessories. So I have some shoes. I have these really cute animal print mules that would be really cute to wear right now. Another thing I've seen is like really cute animal print booties like leopard print booties or snake print booties, those are so so cute and on trend this year

I even went super crazy with it, and I got a hijab that is leopard print. This one is from never public and some of you guys may have seen on my Instagram that Banana Republic actually started carrying her jobs, and I was so excited to see a leopard one. I don't normally wear you guys know. I only wear new to jobs, but I wanted to go a little bit bold with the leopard print, because it's so on trend this year. Another way to incorporate it is in like belts, you could you like a snake print belt or a leopard print belt. Another way that I am going to be wearing animal print this year is in sweaters and cardigans. I haven't found the perfect one yet, but I am loving the animal print cardigans. I think that's going to be so cute with like boots and jeans this year. So yeah I feel like this is a really really easy trend to incorporate into your wardrobe, and a lot of you may already have these pieces in your wardrobe to begin with, a second fall trend that I'm super excited about are florals, so you guys know that florals are like super on trend for spring and summer every year, but never really for fall. So this is a little bit different. The florals that are on trend for fall this year are those like more dark moody, florals that are a little bit deeper in color and have those like fall tones, and I am loving it. I actually have a dress from last year that I got from Zara, which works perfectly this year, but I also recently got a top from Topshop that has kind of those like burnt salmony colors in it. So I think it would work perfectly for fall. I also love it because a lot of these floral pieces are made out of like lighter weight fabric, so it's perfect to wear now when it's like still really hot outside, but you still want to incorporate those fall trends. I will be linking below a bunch of different similar options to all of the trends that I am mentioning in today's video, so just check below, if you guys are looking for any animal print florals like anything that I talked about, I will be linking them at Down below, I definitely am going to be incorporating this trend this year. The third trend is flared jeans and I am so ready for this. I am such a huge fan of flared jeans and I know it that they may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I just think they are so sophisticated and elegant and I love them so much so. I recently got a pair from mango that are called like a wide cut flare, Jean, so they're a little bit more on the modest side. I also have a pair of like blue, jean flares from Tommy Hilfiger that I got from Nordstrom, and I just I love it. I love these with Blazers. I love wearing cardigans over these jeans.

Just to kind of you know cover up the bottom area, but I just I am loving flares for fall, so with flared jeans, my favorite type of shoe to wear with these jeans are at pointed toe, so I wear pointed toe heels, or pointed toe Boots, you can even do a pointed toe flat, but I feel like that pointed toe it just is the most flattering shoe to wear with a bootcut or like a flared jeans, the fourth trend, I'm excited about our balloon, sleeves and statement sleeves And puff sleeves and if you guys know me and have been watching my channel or any of my other fashion videos, I feel, like I at least mentioned balloon sleeves at least one time in every video, because I'm obsessed with them. So the fact that they are super on trend this season - I am here for it. I have like a really like super balloon II, sleeve sweater that I caught last year at Zara. So I'm showing you guys that one cuz that's pretty much my most statement sleeve that I have, but I will be wearing this a little bit more subtly as well in like little puff, sleeve, sweaters and just ones that have like a little tiny hint of Like balloon enos to them below, because, oh my god Liam, what is that work? Anyways! I'm just very excited about this trend because I feel like it's just a very flattering, especially when you cinch in your waist. I just feel like the proportion and that it gives your outfit is just so beautiful, actually the top that I'm wearing right now honestly has a little bit of like a puffed sleeve balloon sleeve as well. So I'm actually getting like a couple trends with this outfit number. Five is silky and satiny materials, and this was super on-trend last year as well with all the like satin miniskirts, and I am so excited for this, because I got a really cute kind of like bronzed colored satin midi skirt from Topshop last year. I will be linking below a bunch more satin midi skirts, because I've seen so many cute ones everywhere, so those will be linked below, but I love wearing these satin midi, skirts with like chunky, cozy, sweaters, and boots. I love that the MIDI length trend - this is also another trend. Actually, the MIDI length like skirts and dresses are super like modest, because you can wear them with like high knee boots and it covers up your leg and it's just so cute. There's another bonus trend for you, but yeah. I love the satin in tops as well. I've seen a bunch of cute like button-down, collared satin tops. I think that is just so beautiful, I'm just so ready to wear like all my satin midi, skirts and midi dresses with boots. I just feel like that is just gon na be a so so cute number six is layering dainty gold, jewelry and gold. In particular, this season, I feel like it's just huge, I feel like layering, you know dainty necklaces and everything has been really trendy in the past as well, but gold. This season is just like so on-trend everywhere.

I have tried to step up my game and I got some really cute coin necklaces recently, this longer one is from a website called the gorge onna. I just literally found them on Instagram and I really like their pieces and this one is from Nordstrom. So I'll link below some different, like layering pieces at different price points, but I just love that trend. This is my little gold bangle from Monika vin Adair she's, one of my favorite jewelry designers, ever I'll link below a bunch of options in different price points for gold, dainty jewelry, I'm so excited to wear this trend during the fall time, because, with all like, your Chunky sweaters, I just feel like it adds a little bit of like femininity and sparkle to just like a really basic outfit. So I feel like it just kind of like takes your basic outfit to like that next level.

I'm already wearing this trend. Almost every single day, but I think it's gon na be so cute with like a bunch of layers as well. number seven draws from the Victorian era, so I am super excited about all the ruffles and lace that that's going to be super on-trend. At this fall and like hi-color necklines, with like lots of ruffles and like detailing, I love all of that. So I already have a couple of like her roughly tops that I'm gon na be incorporating into my wardrobe at this season. But I have my eye on a few more like roughly and lacy pieces that I will link down below for you guys. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and got excited with me for fall fashion. Let me know what which one of these fashion trends that I mentioned are your favorites down below and the ones that you'll be wearing. I'm super super excited for all the fall content.

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