A Day in My Life! Blogging | Home Decor Updates | What I Ate

A Day in My Life! Blogging | Home Decor Updates | What I Ate

Good morning, everyone that today is Tuesday April 9th. I am going to Dallas for a shoot day today me - and I are just gon na - take some pictures for my Instagram and for my blog and basically I just wanted to take you guys with me on, like kind of like a day in my Life kind of vlog, a lot of you guys, have been asking me for another vlog, so I thought I would do that today.

It is what time is it it's 7:15 and I need to leave by like 8:30, so I've already done my skincare. I prayed Fletcher made my smoothie this morning and I fed Leo. That is what I've done this morning.

So I'm gon na go ahead and put some makeup on I'm on the hunt for a new, a tinted moisturizer. I've never really found one that I've been absolutely obsessed with and, to be honest, I haven't really tried that many of them. So if you guys have a recommendation for that, leave it down below, but I'm gon na go ahead and get ready with my normal routine, and I will talk to you guys in just a little bit.

Really cute little pallet buy a cover.

I have called the Perfector face, palette, and it has these really beautiful shades. I really love at this middle one. It says that it is a finishing powder, but it has a little bit of pink eNOS to it and whenever you like, swipe it over your cheeks, it just kind of blends everything together and gives it beautiful, like a veil and glow, and it the highlighters in Here are really beautiful as well, so I've been loving that so, while I was getting ready, I was listening to an audio book on audible. Called girls. Stop apologizing, you guys have been really into audiobooks over the last couple of months. I think I've listened to like three books so far and this portion of today's video is sponsored by audible. So, thank you so much to them. I am NOT a book person like I don't sit down and read books. I've just never been that kind of person. So being able to just listen to them, while I'm in the car or while I'm getting ready or cooking or while I'm doing laundry, it's just literally amazing, and something that I'm trying to get out of the habit of it's just putting on like a youtube. Video or something to listen to, while I'm doing those like mundane tasks listening to an audiobook, is so much more like beneficial for your mind and just kind of like disconnecting from social media. It's just like exactly what all of us need right now: the books that I'm into are like self-help, books, relationship advice and like business like anything, that'll help me like better in my career and that kind of stuff, listen to the proper care and feeding of husbands. By dr. Laura I'll link that down below listen to how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie, I think that's hoots bye and that was really really good for anybody who is like in the influencer space right now. I'm listening to a girl, stop apologize and it's this book that really helps you kind of like embrace your true self and just stop apologizing for it. So I'm just on the first chapter right now, but it seems like it's gon na be really good. It's also on their bestseller list, so I'll link all my recommendations down below another thing I was excited about is I found out that the Quran is also on audible, so I'm gon na be taking advantage of that. Definitely during Ramadan as an audible member. You get one free audiobook every single month and you also get access to audible, originals and their audio fitness program. So I didn't realize I did fitness programs on audible to get a 30-day free trial and a free audio book on audible go to audible.com. Slash with love or text with love, five hundred five hundred so I'll put the link in the description box for anybody who is interested in an audible, free trial. This is my first springy look that I'm gon na be shooting. I love this embroidered kind of cutout top that I got from mango. These are old mango jeans, but I did find some similar ones almost exactly even with like all the buttons from Express. So I will link those down below. I have these beautiful new wedges from Castagna on I've seen so many of like the European bloggers wear these, so I just had to get them, and then I have my little cult Gaea Ark bag, which I did find a dupe for for, like I think it Was like thirty or forty bucks, so I will link that down below if it's still available, you guys, I just stepped on one of Leo's paws with my wedge and I'm so sad. Like he's fine he's running around like he's fine now, but at the time he like screamed and it broke my heart. I feel so bad he's hurt himself so many times like since we've gotten him. The first thing he did is he ate some kind of foreign object. I'm not sure if it was like one of my hair ties or what, but he literally wouldn't eat for a whole day and he was throwing up like crazy. So they took him to the vet and apparently he ate something, and so thank God I think he passed it because he's done with all of that sickness and then after that happened, he spilled like a boiling cup of hot tea on himself he's fine. It was only just kind of like a little sunburn type of thing like on his stomach, but still like, I was just so upset like I'm just learning like you have to be a lot more careful then I thought you did basically have to baby-proof the house. you're not coming with me Xabi, Oh Tommy. Thank You Dee. I love you, I'm all packed up in the car I got my smoothie got. My clothes got my laptop I'm gon na put on my audiobook. I have a two hour drive to Dallas.

So I will see you guys when we get there my lipstick with some Mac Josh.

This is my absolute favorite new dat lipstick from Mac.

So if you guys have a so my skin tone to me definitely try this one, because it is just absolutely gorgeous just like a peachy nude bit like not too nude, and it still gives you lip some color. So I love that honestly.

I wish I lived in Dallas, it's like a two-hour drive, so it literally takes up half of my day just driving it Omar, and I have always talked about moving out of our small town and moving to Dallas, oh, wise, applying to CRNA school, which there Is no CRNA school near where we live, so we'd have to move to a bigger city like Dallas or something if you got in so we'll see in the next few years or so. If I think it's in, then we will be moving to a bigger city. I'm just waiting on my photographer just rambling on with you guys.

My air conditioner.

It is like bellowing so hard. It is so warm outside. I swear in Texas. We do not get a spring, we get really really cold winter and then it goes like straight just summer, like I think we go out like maybe a week of nice leather, I'm about to text Amanda, because I think she's gon na be able to meet me For at lunch, she's at work right now, but I think she's gon na be able to leave for like an hour so we can eat. I just made it to flower child. It's one of our favorite places to eat in Dallas. They have kind of like healthy ish options. It's like a really cute little lunch place. I changed back into my first outfit just cuz. I thought it was like a little bit more at lunch, appropriate.


I missed you so much. Yes, I do you guys, I'm home with my baby now and he smells like always Cologne, Omar's at class today he's taking him chemistry class. So that's where he is today. What I'm gon na do now is I'm gon na go pray. It then I'm gon na clean up a little bit and then also up my rug for my blog room. Just came, I had a rug in there, but it's really not all that different. It's just basically a plain gray rug, rather than a pattern to gray rug. I really want my blog room to be just like perfect, so I can do a tour for you guys a little bit later at this month, so so excited it's really coming together and I'm super happy with it. I just prayed and changed into something away at comfier I just have like sweats on, even though it's really way too warm for this. I I don't know, I'm just wearing this for the video for you guys and um this little kissed spot that you can see right. There was Lauren, so I have to look like a wipe down my mirror. Now, I'm like Lauren, did you just kiss my mirror? If she was like - oh yeah, sorry and she like tried to wipe it off and yeah. I showed this to you guys on my Instagram, but I didn't show you guys on YouTube. So yeah he's really not even supposed to be in this room. As you guys know, as you know so, Lauren and I were at Lowe's the other day and they had this beautiful rose bush. So what did I do? I planted it inside which is so dumb, but it's gorgeous it's so beautiful flowers are kind of a dying now, so I think I am going to have to repot it outside, but for now it makes this whole room it smell so good. It smells like a little Rose Garden in here right now. I'm really excited to unroll up my new rug. It's actually the exact same rad, that's in my master bedroom. I just loved it so much that I got it for this room. It's just like a really simple sleek gray area: rug.

Okay, it is so so beautiful. If you guys, are looking for a good gray basic rug. I don't know if it's showing up true, which a color on the camera. Let me see this is the texture of it. It's just really basic super modern, minimal, clean. It goes with. Basically everything I got it off of overstock. They have so many good rugs on there and I'm about to take this baby cat out of this room.

One small, a home, decor update.

I got these beautiful velvet blush pink, pillows from Marshalls, and I think it got them for, like maybe twelve dollars each, which is insane because it's like the cover and the pillow like all in one which is so good they're such good quality.

What you want to play yeah I asked Omar before I bought him. I was like. Are you gon na be mad? If I get blush pink pillows for the living room and he actually really likes them - and I do too, I think they're really good for spring and adds a little bit of color to this room. I made myself a cup of green tea and I have some dark chocolate. I don't even think I told you guys what I ate earlier. I put a little clip of it but Amanda it was able to meet me for lunch and it was so much fun since she does live in Dallas. It's kind of hard for us to spend time with each other, just cuz she's so busy with work. So I'm so happy. She had a little moment during work to come meet me and I had this really good, yellow curry. I absolutely love like any like chai Curry's, like Thai green curry.

Is my absolute favorite, so I am going to drink.

My team

Leo was like galloping around the house.

I'm gon na drink, my tea eat my chocolate and I'm gon na work on my computer for a little bit, maybe edit some of this vlog and answer some emails and I will catch up with you guys a little bit.

I'm working on my Computer I took off all of my makeup and applied a facial oils and my skin just feels so so good. I basically did the exact same routine that I did in my last video, like my last vlog, so I'll link that below tonight I'm going to my parents house for dinner. Omar gets out of class super late at like eight p. m. so he's gon na meet us over there. I think they're, making Mexican food and I'm so excited to see them. I haven't seen them in a few days, so I will take you guys with me over. There hope I don't talk to you guys properly after I get back from my parents house, I'm literally gon na be as so exhausted. I just want to tell you guys. Thank you so much for watching and thanks again to audible for sponsoring today's video.

I literally wore my slippers over to my parents house.

We're making tacos you.

Guys are making me fat.

These are so good

We're the bad influence.

Yes, this is your house.