Amazon Favorites YOU NEED! Fashion | Luxury Dupes | Lifestyle Items

Amazon Favorites YOU NEED!  Fashion | Luxury Dupes | Lifestyle Items

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is Lena. If you guys are new, I make fashion beauty and lifestyle videos and I would love you guys to subscribe. If you have not already, I think I have about twenty products from Amazon that I'm so excited to share with you guys. I know that so many of you are just as Amazon obsessed as me. I have everything from like fashion items like luxury dupes, just like household things.

I have so many categories. Every single item will be linked down below. I also have an Amazon shop page that you can find either on my blog or I'll put down below in the description box, and it makes it super easy to shop every single one of my favorites. So let's get started. Ok, I want to go ahead and start with the fashion items that I found on Amazon, because my channel is mostly about fashion or some really good pieces. So I want to talk about my dress first, this is a midi dress on me. It does come like a little bit above my ankle, but I'm 5/7 for reference, so this may actually be a maxi dress on several of you guys and. It's just a really thin material. That would be perfect going into like the warmer months, and I just love this leopard print. I think it is so classy, it's just so feminine. I love the ruffles. Next up, I found a really gorgeous, really well made duster. This is like a mauve color. The quality is actually really really impressive. I was really happy with this one.

This will be perfect, moving into spring and moving into summertime. It's a really nice modest, layer to just add to any outfit, and I love the length it's a really nice kind of like longer length. So it's really elegant next is one of the top-selling Amazon fashion items like in general and.

It's such a beautiful mini dress that I personally would wear like as a tunic with jeans.

I love this wrap detail. I got the light beige color and it's this really nice textured material. It's like a textured cotton. I got a size small, which is a four six and normally that would be my normal size. However, I think I would like it if it was just a little bit looser on me personally, so I would definitely just size up one if you like that fit. As well, I love these balloon sleeves and it comes in so so many colors. Ok. This is one of my favorites that I found recently. So this is a beautiful oval, eternity band. It's made of cz crystal and sterling silver.

It's actually super well-made and super sparkly I'll put a close, so you guys can see what it looks like, but I'm just loving this. I want to get it in a different size, so I can wear it on my right hand on my middle finger, because right now it only fits on my left hand and my middle finger and I feel, like it kind of competes with my engagement ring Because my engagement ring and my wedding band are like super dainty, and this is just a little bit thicker, but it's stunning it's more of a statement ring for me. I just love this simple, a minimal statement, it's just so, so gorgeous and so inexpensive. Next, I have a couple of luxury dupes. This is probably one of my favorites because I have wanted like a Louie Vuitton, cosmetic bag for so long, but I just couldn't justify the price and I found a really really good one on Amazon. I really love this design, I'm not sure. I don't think the Louboutin actually has this exact style, I'm pretty sure they don't, but I really don't care this. One is really sturdy and nice. Whenever I compare it to my actual Louboutin, never full. It does have the same like dami, a pin pattern and it's really really really comparable to the real thing. It's amazing, the zipper is a really good quality. It's really smooth and the inside lining is just like a brown. I just love this as a pouch for my purse. I put like tech stuff in here and put like makeup stuff in here. I use it for all kinds of things, especially when I travel and yeah it's just a really really good find next. I have this gorgeous lace top. That is actually like a self-portrait dupe, which is a one of my favorite designers. I actually have a dress that is kind of this same exact pattern: lace, at the top; definitely not self-portrait quality. It's more. Like a stretchy, crochet lace, rather than like the thick sturdy, high quality lace that self-portrait has, but it gives you that exact same effect. I would just wear a like a light. Beige t-shirt underneath this. So the lace kind of pops - and I would wear it with I, like a skirt like or tucked in system wide leg pants. I think this is such a gorgeous gorgeous blouse. I love the balloon sleeves. It really does have all of those same details that the self-portrait one does the next luxury tube. I have are the Saline doop Sunny's from Amazon.

These I got from my sister Amanda's recommendations and they are really a really nice quality and the exact shape as the ones from Saline. Even have the little three dots on the side. So I feel like no one would ever know go ahead and put them on, so you guys can see what they would look like. I have a little ring light on, so I'm sure you guys can see that in the reflection but I just got the black color, because I wasn't sure how the tortoise would look in person. I didn't know if it was gon na look like expensive or not, but if you're looking for an oversized pair of really classic looking sunglasses or just didn't want to spend the money on the actual real saline ones, then these are. Definitely for you! Next up, I have some miscellaneous items. This is my favorite clothing steamer. Ever, if you guys do not have a little handheld clothing. Steamer, you guys are missing out. This will change your life. I think. As a blogger, I use it a little bit more often than the normal person would just because I have like so many clothes to steam and make sure that they're presentable for videos and pictures, and things like that. But I use this on my head jobs. I use this on curtains. I use this on dresses. It's just, so much more convenient than the iron. For me, my mom used to have one of those like big standing steamers, and it was just so bulky so unnecessary. All you need is a little handheld one like this, and at this one is such good quality. Lee does get the wrinkles out of your clothes and I pretty much couldn't live without this thing. Next, I have a super random item, but I added it last minute because I realized - I literally use this every single day every month of the year, because I'm that much of a cold natured person. This is my space heater - that I got off. Amazon and I really like the sleek design of it - it's just really like lightweight portable. I bring this all around the house with me. I drink smoothies in the morning for breakfast and they make me so cold. So I will just literally sit by my heater in the morning and drink my smoothie and it's amazing. I just thought I would add it in here, because this is a really good one and I just love it so so much I couldn't live without it. A home decor item that I found recently on Amazon that I'm absolutely obsessed with, is my faux. What is this called bird of paradise plant? You can see it in the background and my reflection in my mirror I'll put up close up, so you guys can see it what it looks like, but I'm just obsessed with it. It was under $ 100. I feel like it looks really authentic, because it does have two like slits in the leaves, and it really does have like a little bit of distressing, to look like an actual plant because no plant like that is ever perfect five feet. I added a little box underneath it inside the basket just to heighten it a little bit and I think it worked out perfectly next. I have a couple of loungewear options that I found that are super good quality and I would totally recommend - and I could not believe the price on Amazon.

These are a satin pajama set it's a beautiful, like, light, pink and white stripe.

It reminds me so much, I'm like Victoria Secret pajamas, that's so much less expensive and like such good quality. I bought these over the summer. For me, my sisters, who take pictures of them together on our trip to Mexico, and you guys we are obsessed with these pajamas. I believe they come in a few more patterns, but these would just make such good gifts as well. I feel like it would be beautiful for, like a bridal party, if you needed all like matching pajamas, I got size small and that little loungewear set by the way and I'm usually a size six us just for reference. The next loungewear I find are these gorgeous faux fur slippers. I have some that are more of like a real sheepskin wool and there's a little bit more expensive than these, but these are faux fur they're super super soft.

They do have like a cushiony sole, so like super super comfortable and they have like a grippy back side. So these are nice to wear around the house just to keep your feet warm. I like that they have like an open toe. So it's like you're warm, but, then like your feet, can still breathe a little bit.

Okay. Next, I have a couple of beauty items and tools. So these you guys, are the best Beauty Blender dupe I have ever tried. I have tried, like the Real Techniques sponge and maybe like a couple of other Beauty, Blender dupes, but you guys. This is like the closest one that I found. It comes in a pack of five for nine dollars. I will never spend $ 20 on the actual Beauty Blender. Ever again, I would say that the actual Beauty Blender is maybe like a little bit softer once you get it wet, but it doesn't justify the price difference at all, and it still gives you the same effect when you're applying makeup. This is the Beauty Blender dupe once wet. It looks like beforehand it kind of like doubles and size. So when you get them in, the mail they're gon na definitely be dry and firm, but you want to get it wet, so it can be nice and squishy and apply your makeup or really smoothly. Next up. I have never heard anyone talk about this ever, but whenever Omer and I went to Morocco, we did a hammam scrub, which is a, very traditional, like scrub, that they do it's like a spa treatment and it gets off all of your dead skin cells And they use the specific Moroccan hammam mitt to do the exfoliation.

So I was like. I need a tool like that for my house. I need to be able to do that on like a weekly basis, so I looked on Amazon and they literally have Moroccan hammam myths that I use now like almost every single time that I shower actually probably like three times a week, but You guys. This is the best at-home exfoliation. I use these with my body wash I'll. Just like put the glove on put some body wash, and I just scrub my entire body, a loofah, does not come close. Even the exfoliating gloves that I have tried in the past do not compare to this, so definitely an essential. For me, I love how soft my skin feels after using these something else from Amazon that I wear every single day.

Are these gorgeous blush hair, scrunchies, since I wear hijab, I wear my hair up in a bun every single day. These are so gentle on your hair and they come in the most gorgeous pack of blush because came in a pack of, like, I think, twelve for only nine dollars and they're so comfortable and so beautiful and just such necessities. For me, the last little beauty tool. I got this from my sister Amanda's recommendations. This is a brush, cleanser matte that you can put in your sink. It has little suction cups on the back, so you just suction it to at the bottom of your sink, and you can swirl your brushes around on the little textures and the clean your brushes are really well. I just use like regular dish. Soap, I try to use this shope that doesn't have like a lot of like harsh chemicals or anything, but that usually works really well for me, and I like how it has different like sizes of texture, that way you can use them on your smaller brushes And your bigger brushes, it's just the best way to clean their brushes. I found I used to clean them on the back my hand, which was like making my hands dry and dirty and just not ideal, so this is amazing.

Next, I have a few kitchen items that I wanted to share with you guys. This exact cup is actually not from Amazon, so I definitely want to just like point that out that I have not personally purchased the dupe for these, but it has really good reviews and I do feel like I trust it. These are actually from williams-sonoma. I get questions about these all the time, but I found a dupe for these like double barrel: glass, tea and coffee mugs on Amazon. These are my favourite mugs. They are so beautiful and I always get compliments on them, so I found them on Amazon, for you guys and the reviews looked really really good. So that's why? I will link them down below next up. I have my reusable glass straws that I drink my smoothies with every single morning. I do have some that are stainless steel, but I do prefer these because they're a little bit more comfortable to drink with, and they don't give you that, like stainless steel taste like sometimes when I like it might take my first sip with the Stainless steel straw, it tastes a little like metal, but these don't have that. Obviously, so I love these next. I have my favorite water bottle.

This is the Camelbak Eddy water bottle.

I've talked about it a few times on my channel. It is one thousand milliliters. So it's one liter and it just really helps me keep track of how much I'm drinking a day. The main thing that I love about it the most is the straw. It's a squishy non-spill straw. So it's basically like a sippy cup for adults. I love it because I can literally like just put it on my nightstand and just grab it and drink it. While I'm laying down and put it back on my nightstand, it is the best and they come in so many colors.

Next, I have a few organizational items as. This is the little felt purse organizer that I got off Amazon.

I haven't had this for a couple of years now, so I'm actually really embarrassed because I think it's kind of like really dirty and I don't even want to show you guys. I probably need a new one I'll need to figure out how to clean this one. But it just really really helps keep the shape of my Louboutin, never full and keep the bottom of the purse clean as much as possible about the pink one to match the interior lining of my bag. It comes in so many different, colors and sizes. So it won't just fit only the Louis Vuitton, never full it will fit basically any bag that you have, and it's a really nice way to keep the shape of your bag and organize all of your contents inside just in case, you guys are wondering I Do have the mm size of the never full and the large felt organizer is the one and that fits this bag.

Next, I found a really good makeup travel case, for you guys. This is a really sturdy bag to hold all of your makeup. This is good for those of you who wear a lot of makeup and travel with a lot of makeup, and this will keep everything organized and really secure and nothing is going to break these dividers are movable, so you can like create different pockets and different Sizes that you need it also has a really nice place for your brushes to keep everything like covered and secured, so that nothing it's like really dirty or anything. This is really good for those of you who, like traveling with a lot of makeup and need somewhere to put it next thing that makes traveling super organized. Are my packing cubes that I found on Amazon for super inexpensive? I think I found the pack for like $ 20 and. I found this really nice, a neutral color, which I love. I love traveling with these because it just makes traveling so much more organized. You can organize, like all of your pajamas in one underwear, in one like outfits, for each day in different ones. It makes it so much easier to find things and it makes it nice because, like at the end of the trip when you're trying to separate dirty clothes from clean, it makes it super nice to keep those separated. So that's why I love traveling with these. The last item I have to share with you guys are the jewelry organization trays that I found on Amazon. They are made out of a really nice velvet material, so they'll really protect your jewelry and I love this cream color, but they also come and like it really nice gray, they're a standard size that fits most drawers. It comes in a pack of three and I really only use the two, because I don't have a huge jewelry collection. I loved how I could just put all my different bracelets and necklaces in different compartments, and it was super easy and looked really nice and organized in my drawer give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and please subscribe.

If you haven't already, every single thing will be linked down below in order to make it easy for you guys.

I love you guys.

So so much and I'll see you all in my next one