Baby Girl Nursery Tour! | Modern Glam Nursery

Baby Girl Nursery Tour! | Modern Glam Nursery

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.

My name is lina. If you guys are new, i'm so excited to be filming our nursery tour.

Today, we have been working on the nursery for months pretty much ever since we found out it was a girl and i'm just gon na be walking you guys around the room sharing where everything is from everything will be linked down below in the description

Box, so i'm so excited to get started. Okay first, i just want to discuss my outfit because i am very dressed up for just like chilling at home, but i'm currently thirty-nine weeks literally, nothing fits and my belly just feels so big.

So i threw on the dress that i wore for our maternity pictures, so yeah feeling very extra, but anyways helps me feel cute and just pretty for just being at home anyways. I wanted to share with you guys the inspiration behind this entire room, so i got the restoration hardware, baby and child catalog before we started decorating and the cover just really spoke to me.

These colors, the gray, the white, the blush tones and this gorgeous chandelier. I was like i want all of that, so basically modeled, the entire room off of this picture. Okay, so the first thing i want to talk about is the chandelier, because i found one very similar to the restoration hardware one. Unfortunately, this exact one's not available but i'll try to link one. Basically, it was originally like a chrome, color, so

I couldn't find a brass tone.

Chandelier that looked like this. I don't know it was just really hard for me to find this style of chandelier and like a gold or brass tone.

So what we did is we spray painted it

I'll link the spray paint that we use down below, because i really like the gold color that it came out to, but i just think it turned out so beautiful and it was a fraction of The price of the restoration hardware one and i feel like it just really is just this statement piece in this room since our floors are so dark. I really wanted to add, like a big light, colored rug. I actually have this rug in several areas of my house. It's a really nice kind of like, neutral, light gray, and it's from i think it's from overstock so for an 8x10.

This one was a really good price and i really love how modern and sleek it is, so i'll link that down below as well. It has a rug pad under it, which makes it a lot more cushiony and comfy. So when baby gets older and she starts crawling around, i know this will be like a nice place for her to like just be able to crawl around on the floor, starting with this corner. This is one of my favorite pieces in the entire room. This is a little mini children's clothing, rack from the brand andy's list on etsy. This was a very kind gift from the brand, but they gave me a discount code, it's lena ten i'll link it down below it's just so beautiful.

I love the brass tones. They make regular sized clothing racks as well, and they also do the children. So i would totally recommend it. They're super high quality

And i just know i'm going to cherish this forever.

I added these little mini um white, velvet hangers for her clothes and just hung up a bunch of my favorite pieces for her here and also have some beautiful shoes at the bottom.

I don't have that many baby shoes because i know like babies, don't really wear shoes until they actually start walking.

So i really only have like two newborn sized shoes because they're not really that practical, but. I'm super excited to have this in her room. I think it just makes the entire room, so the frames that i have on either side of the window were the last like little detail that we added to the room, and i just really think it finished it off beautifully.

The frames themselves are from target and they look super high-end and expensive. I feel like they look like. I could have gotten them at like pottery, barn or west elm, or something. So i really really love them.

I just filled them with some watercolor paper. For now, but maybe once she's here, god willing i'll put like her footprints or like just some newborn pictures of her in there. So i really really love how that kind of frames, the window area. Okay, moving on to the curtains and the curtain, rod, so the curtain rod is from west elm and i actually this is like our nicest curtain rod in our entire house, and i think i'm gon na switch out the one in my dressing room for this.

One because it just looks so luxurious and it just really makes a statement. I love it. These curtains are from. I can't remember if they're from pottery, barn or west elm, but i will link the exact ones below they're, really, nice off-white linen. We also got them in a blackout material so when we close the curtains it'll be nice and dark in here for her to take naps in here. So i love the curtains, so i did splurge on the glider. The glider is from pottery barn. Kids, i really loved how modern and sleek it is, but it's also really comfy and i love it like actually rocks and the ottoman that it comes with rocks as well.

So i'm super excited to like, have this little space to like nurse.

Her and read her stories one day: it's just, i don't know i'm so excited.

I also got this um little side table from target and it's got like a marble top with the brass base and i just think it just adds like a little touch of.

I don't know modern elegance to the room. It's so pretty. Next, we'll talk about the crib, so i did not want to spend a whole ton of money on the crib because i don't know.

I know that she's really not gon na be sleeping in here for a while and i'm honestly, i never slept in a crib.

I actually was never like sleep trained, which i'm really hoping that i can be better with my daughter, but i slept in my parents bed until i was nine years old.

You guys, which i truly plan, not to happen with my baby. I'm really hoping that, after like at least six months or so she's sleeping in her crib, but anyways, i just didn't, want to spend like thousands of dollars on a crib. I just wanted one super modern, sleek, simple um, that i could use for a boy or a girl, and i could just kind of change out the bedding and would kind of transform it. So. That's what i did. Oh. I want to talk about the mattress as well, so i got the newton, something mattress.

I tried out one

Well, i tried one other mattress and i really love the one that we went with it's breathable and it has a washable cover. So it's super convenient as soon as it came in i like laid on it and like tried to breathe it through it and.

You can definitely breathe through it, but um yeah. It's super comfy and i think she's gon na love, sleeping on this.

Hopefully, one day so for the pink bedding, i did splurge on that as well. It's from etsy, it's this beautiful light pink linen and it came with the bows, the crib skirt this little pillow and it also came with a changing pad cover. as well, it came in like a big set.

I just really think, since we didn't have a whole ton of color in this room, it really makes a huge difference. and one day. If the baby decides she likes a different color, then we can always change out the colors and it would be super easy to just kind of transform this room, since everything else is super neutral. Next i'll talk about her little friends so this one is honestly the most special because um omar gave this to me. Whenever we were probably like what, like fifteen sixteen yeah yeah, we gave each other bears when we were in high school. So we can like sleep with them, since we didn't get to spend a lot of time together and um.

This was originally a boy because when you gave it to me it had like a jersey on it and now it's a girl, because i put a little bow on it. Anyways, i'm just, so excited that this is like in the baby's room. It's just crazy to think. Like, i don't know full circle full circle. I also have some little bunnies in here this one's from baby zara and then lauren.

The baby's auntie got her a little white one from pottery, barn, kids and i just love bunnies for her room. I just think it's so sweet, so those are her little stuffed animals and obviously um once she is sleeping in her crib. There won't be any like stuffed animals or pillows or anything um, just to be super safe. So once we got this piece of art, it really just tied the entire room together. It really brought that info picture to life because it brought those like um, like rustic, light, gray tones and.

They carved wood design into the room. So i really love it. I did get some comments being concerned about it being over the crib, but this thing is bolted. to the wall like there's no way this thing is budging and also the crib is pulled out at least a foot from the wall.

So, there's absolutely no way that it's going to fall into the crib. I just wanted to clear that up just so that no one was worried.

About that this is the ikea mom dresser.

I chose a dresser instead of a changing table, so we could use this as she gets older and to make it look a little bit more high-end. I added these brass bar pull handles that i got off etsy and you guys loved these handles. So if you guys, actually used them and added them to your dresser, let me know what you guys think. I think it just really elevated the entire look to the dresser, i'm obsessed, so those will be linked down below as well. So i did add a changing pad and the topper for the dresser, so those will be linked down below. This is kind of like my little changing station, so i put all of her diapers and wipes and just kind of like toiletries in this area. So super convenient, so i actually got this little travel changing mat so that, i could kind of like have it on top that way.

I could just wipe it clean that way. I don't have to keep washing this linen cover, but i can also take this throughout the house and change her on the floor or on the bed or on the couch or wherever, because i know as she gets older, i'm probably not going to be changing Her on this pad anyways, it's probably going to be more convenient to just change her on the floor but anyways. I just really love that this is by the brand called gather. So i really love that as well.

Okay, the mirror!

I am obsessed with it's from, either overstock or wayfair. It really was a really affordable price for how big it is. It is forty-eight inch which is huge you guys, like when it came in the mail i was like literally in shock. I was like, oh my god, what did i do?

I ordered something way too big. I knew that i wanted a big mirror, but it looks huge in person um, and so i was kind of like debating whether we were actually going to use it, but once we got it up, it really made a statement in this room, especially since this Room is small, it makes it look a little bit bigger and. I just love it so much. We also have the same mirror in our master bedroom in the black frame and it's gorgeous. I just added some more decor on the dresser. I have one of our maternity pictures, literally wearing the exact same dress.

Like i said earlier, this is a little ikea basket that i'm not even sure what i'm gon na put in there, but i just thought it looked cute and then i have a couple of home goods items.

This is just a little floral arrangement and a little rose quartz crystal, so i thought all of that looked really cute. Just to show you guys, the inside of the drawers um, i found these drawer dividers.

They are from amazon

And i just love how it just makes everything super easy to organize.

This is not really a great day to show you guys what's in here, because i'm washing all of her newborn clothes, so they're it's kind of empty right now.

I really love how these drawer dividers just made. It super easy to organize so the chop drawer. I have all of her zero to three month and newborn size, pajamas and just comfy clothes for chilling around the house and then just some swaddle blankets and things like that. The next drawer has just her like next up size. So it's three to six months and six to nine month: clothing, and these are all kind of like fall winter clothes.

Then the last drawer down here just has like swaddle blankets, and wrap carriers and some bibs - and let's see, i think, some extra crib sheets and things like that.

This is a cute little basket that i got from my baby shower from my aunt and it just matched this room perfectly.

She said i could use it for like blankets or toys or whatever so maybe one day.

All of her toys will be in here, but i have just like a little barefoot dreams blanket in there right now and that just kind of sits on the ground over here. I also have like a little mini trash. Can i don't know if you can see that i'm thinking i might get a diaper pail, because i've heard that that might be a necessity, but i just got a little mini trash can for now.

So i already showed you guys this top drawer just has like changing things. I have a little hooded towel and some toiletries and then the second one is kind of like not very organized at all. Honestly, i have a whole video on my channel. It's like a huge newborn baby haul and it literally shows every single item that i have in these drawers so far. The last one is a bunch of like postpartum, stuff and extra wipes, so those aren't as organized this corner. As you can see, our hospital bag is completely packed. I am ready to go, like i said, i'm thirty-nine weeks, so we're hoping that this is gon na happen. hopefully this week, probably next week, anyways we'll see but we're just like more than ready and we're so excited god willing for this little baby to get here. You guys are probably going to watch this after she's born because i'm trying to like pre-film some videos.

So that is crazy. Honestly, like i'm going to post this and we're going to have the baby challah, that's crazy.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what we've done to the nursery.

Let me know what your favorite part of the room is like.

I said before everything will be linked down below

And i love you guys so much and i will see you all in, my next one bye,