Clean With Me For Fall & Mango Haul!

Clean With Me For Fall & Mango Haul!

You guys are having a lovely day today. it is September 6th. Let me see how hot it is outside it's supposed to get up to a hundred degrees outside today. I don't even care what the weather is outside. I'm just gon na blast my air-conditioner and pretend like it's fall. I am so ready for all of the fall fashion and like, fall home decor and just everything I'm just so ready for like a change of a season. So we are going to be getting my house ready for fall today. The first thing I need to do really is just like a deep clean, my house and declutter my closets to make room for like a new fall fashion.

I just received my mango order in the mail a few days ago and I bought a bunch of new fall.

Basics. Mango has literally the best fall basics.

If you guys have been following me since last fall, you guys know I'm obsessed with mango, especially in like fall wintertime. They just have like the best jeans and sweaters and like all the basics, so this room is really cluttered because I've been filming and stuff. So we're gon na get that under control. Today, you guys, I'm gon na show you the disaster area that this room is like you'll see like the real deal like this is what this room looks like half the time. Basically, because I'm just like always like throwing boxes and clothes everywhere in here, so we're gon na get this room under control. I really need to like clean my living room and just straighten up everything. I'm also really excited for like fall recipes, so I'm trying to think of what I'm gon na make for dinner tonight and I want to make something like hearty and warm and I'm really craving sweet potatoes. So we'll probably make something like that tonight. So yeah, oh one thing that I wanted to share with you guys that I'm loving right now for.

My makeup is this: highlight this is a super affordable option that I got recently at Walmart. This is the wet and wild glow highlight in the shade precious petals, and you guys I love it.

It is stunning. It gives the most beautiful glow. I feel like it's not too intense. My fancy one. I feel like it's very similar to my fifty-one, but just a little bit less intense the fancy one can get really intense, but I like this one because it's just tiny bit more natural, but you can't like still see the top it anyway love it it. I got it for less than five dollars on the Walmart website, so I will link this down below for you guys. I also received the alarm RC. I tinted moisturizer illuminating halfway through me, applying my usual bare minerals, one I was like. Oh, my god, I'm supposed to try this one out, so I have like a mix between the two on, so I really can't even give a full review of this product, but I think it's gon na be really good. So I will let you guys know here in the next few weeks, like once, I start using this more. If I like it before I get dressed for the day, I just want to show you guys how cute Leo is. Is anytime I'm like filming in here or doing my makeup in here? He always comes in here and sits under my chair or just like, sits in here. He just loves being in here. So let me show you guys where he is he's so cute Leo.

Are you the best baby boy yeah the reality of this room?

It's pretty bad. I have clothes everywhere: shoes everywhere, camera equipment, just yeah boxes, we're gon na get this under control. Today. Alright, we get e yeah hi everyone, I'm dressed and I'm just gon na like clean this room and just get it under control so that I can breathe and then we will start on like decluttering my closet, just watch me.

I bet you're a dorama feeder, but don't you try to call me.

Okay, so I've made a little bit of progress in this room. This pile right here, our clothes that I need to donate slash, get rid of. If they're like, really old and worn out, then they just need to be thrown away. I have a bunch of my most of my falling sweaters and jackets and coats and stuff are in this closet, so I'm gon na be going through this and just getting rid of stuff. That's like super old, worn out and just stuff that I can't really wear anymore and I have all of my fall boots and stuff over here. I really want to get some kind of like boot like insert so that they keep their shape. I just stuffed some like cardboard stuff in my Stuart Weitzman's, so yeah. I need to figure out what I'm gon na do and how I'm gon na display those. But this is most of my new stuff, a lot of my mango stuff that I'm gon na try on with you guys and just a little bit. I was cleaning out my travel bag from our last trip and I had to share this with you guys. So I shared this on my Instagram, but I don't think I've shared it on youtube yet so this is. My Louboutin dupe makeup bag that I got off Amazon for $ 22. I'm obsessed, it comes in several colors, including like the white and tan version, but I just love this one cuz, it matched my other hawea Vuitton pieces. This is my real little pouch that came with my bag. So, as you can see, it's almost like identical like. As far as like the materials go, it feels literally the same.

The Louie Vuitton canvas I found out is not actually real leather anyway, so it's probably the exact same material and its really, really nice quality. The only difference that I can tell obviously this one doesn't have the Louboutin that little logos on it and then the zipper it's good quality, but obviously it doesn't have like the Louis Vuitton logo on that either. But I mean it's a nice smooth zipper. It's just hard for me to there we go as you can see. It's a very nice zipper. I use this in my carry-on bag just as a little pouch, but you could use it for makeup. You could use it for anything at all. I am obsessed with it. It also comes in like the white version and the black version. The black would actually be good for a man. This still has some hand sanitizer, a pair of sunglasses in here from when I was travelling, but it's such a good one and I would totally totally recommend it. I was actually considering getting a Louis Vuitton makeup case and I definitely am not getting one anymore, because this one is so perfect. Now I am going to spot clean with my little handheld vacuum. I love this thing so much. I will link this down below for you too, because it's amazing, if you guys don't have one of these it. I use this literally almost every single day for like random things, including bugs so gon na, do some spot cleaning and then we'll get to working on my closet. I can breathe again in this room, I'm so happy. Everything is just back to where it's supposed to be so what I'm gon na do now is I'm going to clear out a bunch of the fall and winter pieces from like last year that have just been sitting in my closet. A lot of these. I never wore or they're super old or they don't fit me anymore. I am pretty brutal honestly. I probably don't have that much to get rid of just because, like every single season, I'm really brutal and like getting rid of stuff. Because I do not like clutter and I'm like. I just throw away, throw away stuff or a donate stuff. Or I give things away like so easily, I just I don't get attached to things so we're gon na see what we can't get rid of. So we can make a room for the new.

You're wrapped around the finger, but.

Don'T you try to call me, okay, so brought out my coats, so I really, don't have too many winter coats as you can see, these are the ones that I have kept over the years. This is my teddy bear coat that I got from mango last year and I really liked it, but I honestly want one that's a little bit more nude, so I may be getting rid of this one. If I can find one, that's a little bit more of the color that I want, because I'm obsessed with teddy bear coats, but I just haven't found like the perfect one that I can afford. Of course, I love them the Max Mara, one that everyone loves, but that one's like way out of my budget. These are the sweaters I've kept along with like new stuff from mango that I just got in, and I brought out a couple of my new nude booties.

I'm a super excited about both of these.

I got these from Nordstrom very recently, so I will link those for you guys, but they'll be in a bunch of upcoming fashion videos, but now I just have to figure out what I'm gon na do with all of this most of its gon na be donated. I used to do deep hop, but honestly you guys it takes up so much time that I would just rather donate it much better. So now, let's get you at the mango haul, I'm already sweating, but I really want to share with you guys the pieces that I picked up from mango. The first couple pieces that I want to share with you guys that I got from mango. You know so I got a bunch of sweaters and jeans, which are just basic essentials for this time of year, and I am obsessed so first of all, let's talk about the jeans. These are a straight cut, ankle length Jean. I love. These. I love the wash of them. I love light wash jeans with like warm caramel, e tones. I just love that look so much and I love that these are cropped but they're not like to to crop. They come like right at my ankle and I'm five seven. So I do like the length of these and I like that, they're cropped honestly, because I love wearing cropped denim with boots in the fall, and I just had to try these on with boots. For you guys, because they show off boots so well, and I got these boots from Nordstrom, I will link them below. I just got him recently. I didn't have any white boots and I knew that they would fit perfectly into my wardrobe and I love the heel height very, very comfortable. Then I got a couple of these cardigans. I thought was just like a really like easy basic. Another thing that I want to mention to you guys is that I do not like anything itchy. I have realized over the years that I cannot handle even the slightest amount of wool. So honestly, I don't think I will ever be buying anything that had that has wool in it anymore and I always check and make sure everything I behind does not have any wool contents, even if it's 5 %. I can feel it so everything that I'm sharing with you guys is super soft and not itchy.

I really like this cardigan because I like the length of it I, like the cut of it, has little pockets and it has this kind of like waffled, texture. I got it in black as well, which is a little bit different for me, but I thought it was just like a basic essential to throw on over things so I'll. Try on the black for you guys here it is in black. I wouldn't I most likely. Would not wear brown underneath this? If I was gon na wear this as an outfit, I would probably do it with like a grey or a wider something, but just so you guys can see. I really like the cut of it and, like I said again, it's not itchy or anything like that. It's just that same waffle, texture! Oh, I need to clean this mirror now love these cardigans. I think they're, just such a good basic, essential. Okay, guys, this is an outfit I am so excited about. So, first of all, the jeans, the jeans, are the exact same jeans. I was just wearing just in the white color. I think they come in a couple of different colors and I had to pick up the light wash genom and the white love so much. I love the cropped length to wear with booties. I just love it so much then I'm wearing this. It's I'm gon na call it like a sweater coat because it's definitely like an oversized like unstructured coat, but it's made out of like a very soft buttery sweater material. These are my favorite types of like layering pieces to throw over outfits in the fall in winter, so cozy so cute. It also comes in like a like a creamy beige color and I'm thinking about grabbing that one as well, but I got it in this camel color and I love it just is so luxe. I love it. Okay, ! Next, I am obsessed with this sweater. I don't know exactly how I'm gon na wear it yet not with these jeans, probably with like a skirt or maybe with some like wide leg jeans like tucked in or something, but I love this sweater. First of all, I love how it has a little puffed out. leaves, I love. I love this little line down the center it it's like very slimming, and I just love how it just adds like a little bit of detailing it has a higher neckline and it's just a really nice and basic sweater. know what we'll content. So it's super super soft. I also got this one in the camel color as well I'll share that one next. This is the last outfit that I got so. The jeans. Are these wide leg, bootcut jeans? I think they are so flattering. They're high-waisted - and I am obsessed with the cut of these jeans, especially with pointed toe shoes, and you, like heels, flats boots. They are so so cute and then this is that same sweater, just in the camel color. I am obsessed with this letter. I just love the way that it's cut. I do wish it was a little longer, but I mean it's fine. I think it's a super cute with like wide leg pants. I will link all of those pieces down below, for you guys. I totally would recommend every single piece. They are so good, like for every single year, like they're, just classic staples for like a year after year, and I love mangoes quality, so yeah, I'm very, very happy with all my pieces. I forgot to share with you guys what I'm wearing today. So the jeans are the ones from from mango that I first shared with you guys.

The cardigan is actually from Walmart, so. I recently found a bunch of like really cute pieces from Walmart they're, really stepping up their game as far as like in the clothing and like beauty department, so I'll link this down below. For you guys, it was literally $ 17 and comes in like several colors, but my favorite was the like camel e color and then this necklace is by a brand called Gorge. Onna and I found them literally on Instagram I'll link it below. I really love their quality and how like beautifully a dainty their pieces are and then her job is hothead job as usual. So now I really want to get to what cleaning and the rest of my house, while I'm working on straightening everything up. I wanted to share this with you guys, because it has literally been a lifesaver for me since we got Leo and just in general, I've shared this on Instagram several times. This is our little robot vacuum. It's called the Robo rock something I will link it down below. We got it on on and I was not even thinking about getting one of these that my husband was like no like. We really need one he's heard, really good things about these vacuum and he like searched and searched for like the best reviewed one, and apparently this one is the best and you guys it's amazing it literally. It will vacuum every square inch of your house, so it literally vacuums better than I ever could the first time that we ever like. Let it do a cycle around the house. We got like so much cat here and dust in the little bin like it was just so disgusting. How much it's like in your house, and I did not even think it was that bad. So it does an amazing job. So I'm gon na let that cycle around and hopefully Leo, doesn't attack. It he's really bad about wanting to ride it around its honestly hilarious, but he really like he'll, get on it and pause it whenever I'm not around, and then it didn't even clean, anything or he'll come and like try to turn it on. In the middle of the night, when I'm sleeping and that's fun, so yeah he's, he thinks it's a toy, but yeah. It's really really good. It also mops. It will mop, but it's not like. It's really good at like just a maintenance type thing, but as far as I could deep clean, I feel like the mopping. I could do a better job with mopping, but I mean the vacuuming is like so worth it and it turn it. Oh man, okay, let me do that first, okay, now, you know what you're gon na do he's hungry.

Where are we going? We gon na go get food. Thank you! So much little vacuum saving my life once again:.

Just watch me.

So I just finished cleaning up the kitchen, just straighten up everything, I'm gon na be cooking later today. So I didn't do like a really deep clean. I haven't even mopped, yet I'm gon na wait until I finish cooking and then I will do the robot vacuum. Let it cycle again and then a lot later tonight. I will be right back. I'm gon na go to the grocery store and then we're going to make something fall. I'm craving it like, something with like sweet potatoes, maybe chicken. So I will be back and we'll make something like fall and fire trying to figure out what I'm gon na do with this extra Pampas that I have lying around. I think it looks really good in this room actually like the colors and everything and especially for fall. I love that, like earthiness, I'm not really a huge like pumpkin person like I just like earthy vibes for fall.

So I think these would be perfect, but they're too tall for like a centerpiece for my coffee table or even for my dining table or my island. So I don't know what I'm gon na do. If they were taller. I could use them in like a vase like a taller base and put them in like a corner somewhere but yeah.

I don't know what I'm gon

Na do with this, but we're gon na we're gon na figure out how we're gon na decorate for fall. I just still working on it now just got back from the grocery store and I decided to make something like fall inspired, I'm really in the mood for sweet potatoes. So I got some sweet, potatoes, carrots and some brussel sprouts and I'm just gon na.

Do these like roasted in the oven, I have quinoa going in the little rice cooker and I'm gon na do chicken in the oven, so it's kind of like, a one pan dinner one sheet pan dinner, but I'm gon na do the vegetables on one sheet. Pan and then the chicken on the other, so let's get started.

Just watch me.

Okay, vegetables, are chopped.

I swear the hardest. Part of cooking is the chopping that, if I could just get everything pre-chopped things would just go so much faster.

Have my sweet potato and my carrots in here the carrots I cut into like little skinnier strips because I like them to be this shape. I know that's weird. I just want them to be like I here at shape, but they take so long to cook, so I just made them a little bit skinnier. So I'm gon na mix all this together with olive oil and garlic salt, olive oil. Some garlic, salt and what else, probably just black pepper and a little bit of red pepper, flakes just to keep it super simple and then I'll work on the chicken okay. I was planning to have these on the same sheet, but I made way too much. I made a lot on purpose just because I'm prepping this for the next few days and Omar's working tonight, he's gon na take some for work tonight and he's also gon na eat some before work too I'm working on chicken. Now I want this to taste a little bit like folly, so I put some cinnamon in there.

I love cinnamon in my chicken and like meats, it's just so yummy. So I have garlic salt, cumin, cinnamon turmeric, I'm gon na add some allspice and some black pepper mix this up and bake everything in the oven. Okay, everything is done. It only took about like twenty-five minutes, for everything to cook. So it wasn't bad at all. The worst part about this meal was just the chopping like. I said, that's just the worst part for me, but I already tasted the chicken and it is so good - the spice mix, it's just perfect for fall and I'll leave. The the spices that I used down in the description box, but it's just like the most warm comforting, like spices. I forgot to grab feta cheese and dried cranberries, because that would just be the perfect topping on top of all this. Along with some like roasted almonds, I do have almonds oh yeah, so I'm gon na package. All this up Almer already went to work. I didn't get to give him his lunch before he left, so I'm gon na package up some food for him and take it to him later tonight. I'm actually gon na hang out with my friend tonight. So I'm not gon na eat this for dinner tonight. But I'll just save it for the next few days, so yeah, but before I leave I'm just gon na, I think I'm gon na change, because this fall thing I mean, even though this is like kind of like a lightweight cardigan, I mean it's just Not working for me, especially after, like cleaning and cooking all day, I am so wedding. You guys, I don't know how I thought this was gon na work. Okay, I just wanted to share this with you guys, cuz. This looks so good. This is what I'm, bringing Omar for his meal tonight for work, but it's the quinoa roasted carrots, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts and the chicken, and it's so yummy and is so good for fall. Finally, dressed it took me, like five hundred years, I had to figure out what I was gon na wear today, because I feel like all I have right now are sweaters, so I had to literally dig back to the back of my closet to find something And then everything I found was white and needed something under it and I did not want to layer today. I just was like I'm so warm I feel like I just got really hot after I was cooking so, but this is a little lace. Dress! Top from a hijab house - and I love it because you don't have to layer. This is why I love modest brands: cuz, they just think of everything and they line everything, and it's just amazing. I hope that they still have this on their website. I will link it for you guys if I find it and I'll probably just put on some little sandals, maybe white sandals. I hope that you guys enjoy it like cleaning my house with me today and prepping for fall. I'm so excited now that everything is clean. I'm excited to just like get in all like the fall decor. It's like so not fall, right now, I'm literally sweating as we speak, but I'm excited for all the plans. I have for all my upcoming full of content. Please subscribe! If you haven't already and I'll see y'all in the next you're apt around, but don't you try to cut me.