Come Shopping With Me At T.J.Maxx!

Come Shopping With Me At T.J.Maxx!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel it is Friday morning, so I'm up bright and early to go shopping this morning as soon as the stores open, mainly because you just want to make sure that there's not that many people around.

While I'm filming I'm here at t. j. maxx, because TJ Maxx has challenged me to participate in their Mac's fifty challenge, I challenge me to pick three items under $ 50 total, including tax.

Thank you so much to TJ Maxx for sponsoring this Maxx. Fifty challenge. I've shopped at t. j. maxx before for home, decor and actually for my husband's clothes.

I always find really good stuff for him, but I don't think I've ever even looked in the women's clothing section, so we're here to find some really cute items to update. My fall wardrobe, it is in the 70s, so, basically in Texas. That means it's fall and taking advantage of this really mild weather and weighing a very lightweight sweater and all the fall tones and I'm just taking advantage of it. I'm probably gon na regret. This later, but I'm happy for now, I'm super excited to see what we can find.

So let's go alright, so I'm in, the shoe section guys were immediately drawn to this: a beautiful leopard heel, perfect for fall and super on-trend.

The season I found another beautiful leopard print shoe option. These are a like a little flat mule. So what cute? We found a beautiful light, rust-colored chunky, sweater at one thousand six hundred and ninety-nine excluding tax. So this is an option I always have to come. Look in the home section have all of their seasonal decor out right now. I love looking at everything, even though this doesn't match my house, even though I mean a clear pumpkin, wouldn't probably match my house

They've really updated their home decor section.

Since the last time I came, I'm getting distracted, look how beautiful this checkered print along that the laser is, it's super modest.

Oh, this is definitely an option. Are you kidding me, this teddy bear coat is so cute, okay and. That color is so pretty as well. We'll see you beginning this work. Okay, I just found a whole wall of really cozy socks and they're only $ 4. 99 before-tax.

These would be such good gifts as well you guys. This challenge is harder than I thought. I already have way too many things in my cart. I made it into the dressing room. I have all of my items laid out right here and I don't know how I'm gon na stay under the challenge, because there were just so many cute things, especially this teddy bear coat. So I'm gon na try this on. First, I was not expecting to find something like this at t. j. maxx. I might have needed a bigger size.

Cuz. The sleeves are a little bit short on me, but. Oh, my goodness, it was $ 29. 99 without tax and that's a little collar and I love the link so cute. Okay, I found this a cute little striped peplum t-shirt. I thought this would be really cute with a like a cardigan over top. So let me try it with a cardigan.

This cardigan is $ 39. 99 before tax, so I wouldn't be able to fit it into the challenge. But it's such a good quality and the color is. This beautiful Bobby, pink color, it's literally perfect and the length you guys I I may have to get it super impressed with this chunky, light, rusty, colored sweater and just through that checkered print long blazer over top - and I just feel like this - is The cutest outfit right now, I'm sitting here, trying to like, calculate everything on my phone thank, you so much sheets. You come back home and I cannot wait to share with you guys that I got from TJ Maxx for fifty dollars. I could not pass up the teddy bear coat. It was $ 29. 99 before tax and you guys. The quality is so amazing for the price I'm so excited. Then I got the striped peplum t-shirt and I feel like this is just such a good basic to throw a cardigan over and wear with jeans. Just on your casual days. I just think it's so cute super soft. It was a $ 9. 99 before tax super great price for such a nice quality t-shirt. I went ahead and picked up these really cute fuzzy socks, so I'm a sucker for fuzzy socks this time of year, especially when it gets like super cold outside I'm super cold, natured and. These are so soft and they come in this really cute pack of neutral colors, and I love the leopard print perfect addition to my cart because it allowed me to stay perfectly under a budget. I spent four thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight after-tax, so I'm very, very proud of myself, literally just threw on the t-shirt and the jacket, and this made such a cute outfit. So I'm really obsessed with this.

The little striped peplum at t-shirt is so so cute. I feel like it's just such a good basic and I don't have any striped t-shirt. So this is a really good little essential to add to my wardrobe. This fall. The teddy bear coat is just hands-down the best find that I found at t. j. maxx. It is so cute. I literally, cannot believe it was just over $ 30 after-tax. This a big like lapel color, is something that I always look for in coats, and it's just it just to me. It looks so expensive length is really good. I don't feel like it looks like it.

Is um like so wallowing me.

The color is a really nice like light brown, so it's perfect for fall and I'm just so happy with this purchase. You guys I just feel so cute and my coat. I cannot wait till it gets cold enough for me to wear this. I'm gon na wait for a warrant to wake up and I'm gon na ask him how much he thinks that this is because I know it looks so much more expensive than it was. So I am excited to see what he's gon na say: okay, ! Oh my I made him come in here. He just woke up okay, I have a question for you. Hmm, it's obviously gon na be less than I expect right. Let's see, maybe maybe like one hundred and fifty Wow, really thanks so much to teaching back support sponsoring this Mac safety challenge.

I had so much fun that I found some really good things. So I'm very happy I'll see you guys in my next one bye.

I would love to see what you guys, find from TJ maxx, find a t. j. maxx near you and join the fun sharing a photo of your awesome, finds on instagram using hashtag max dizzy, challenge.