Come With Me to Vail + The Streamy Awards!

Come With Me to Vail + The Streamy Awards!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so excited to take you guys like this to Colorado this week, we're leaving it tomorrow and I have pretty much everything together like packing wise. I just need to put everything in our suitcase so excited to share with you. guys our new luggage, like so excited, so let me share with you guys that first and then we'll get to packing.

This is the aluminum collection luggage from away

I'm so excited that today's video is sponsored by a way. I absolutely love a way luggage.

It is my absolute favorite luggage brand. It holds up so nicely on wear and I have a pair from when we first got married and we've been on so many trips and it has held up so nicely and so excited to have this really chic pair in my collection. Now it's so gorgeous, I'm not an other things. I love is that it's just super, durable and so like with us, going at being like snowy and stuff in Colorado was just gon na like protect from the elements and it's. Just like super chic and like oh okay, it is eight o'clock at night and I'm a grandma and I'm super tired and I'm already like in my pajamas. So I want to get all this stuff packed up in my suitcase. So. But let me just share with you guys a couple of things. I'm packing the first couple things I was excited about is: I went and found a bunch of like winter accessories, so I have a couple of scarves. This one is from mango

This checkered one. I found from loft - and I thought it kind of reminded me of like Burberry. This is a little beanie hat with a pom pom on it from H & M, and then I got a beret couldn't remember the name of it. But I think this is so chic the only shoes, I'm bringing are these pair of boots these snow boots, which okay, I actually bought a bunch different pairs of snow boots, just to like see which ones I would like better - and these are the only ones That arrived on time, which they're cute they're by Timberland I've never bought snow boots in my entire life, they're kind of like a choppy gray, pretty much match all my outfits, but I was really hoping for a white, but beggars cannot be choosers. This is what I'm dealing with okay as far as coats. I am bringing this puffer coat. I actually did not order this one, but it came today. It was the incorrect one, the one I wanted had fur around the call, and it was longer this one. It covers my bottom, thankfully, but it is just a little shorter than the one I wanted, but I decided to just keep it and take it with me anyways, because it's still cute and I really wanted a puffer jacket, because I wanted one. She keep me really warm while I'm there, I'm also bringing my mango teddy coat, also bringing thermals and lots of sweaters and layers to go underneath it. Okay, I almost forgot to share with you guys my dress for the Streamy Awards. I am obsessed with it. I just picked it up from the alteration shop today because they had sewn the v-neck a little bit more closed for me and I'm just obsessed very simple. I didn't want to go like dressed way over the top, but I did want to wear something that was like really elegant, because I was nominated in the fashion category and I want to represent you guys. It was fun fact about the stupid dress today, but I was supposed to pick up my dress from the alteration shop at three o'clock and I wasn't able to get there until, probably like 3:45 ish, when I got there, the doors were closed. Lights were out like they were gone, like they were closed and we're leaving tomorrow, and there was like no other dress that I could have worn, and I called my mom and I was like I don't know what to do. They're in a really well-known, like higher-end shopping center, and I couldn't find their number to call or do anything so my mom helped me she called the shopping center and someone helps like open the door for me to go grab my dress. Oh my god. I'm so thankful that he that that man was able to open the door. For me, I'm also splurged on some new shoes for the streamys. You guys I am just in love with these Jimmy Choos. I've seen a couple of other bloggers wear them recently and I've just been like dying to have them because there's so me.

Ah they're stunning.

Good morning.

Everyone. It is 7:00 a. m. we're about to pack up the car to head to the airport, but I just wanted to share with you guys the airport look for today. I'm I'm actually so happy that I got this puffer coat, even if it was the wrong one. I still think it's super cute really flattering. It doesn't make me feel, like I'm, just like a big marshmallow, we're about to go pack up. The car see you guys in Colorado, just arrived to our room at the four seasons. and this place is stunning.

You guys let me show you guys the room, it's so cozy and like the perfect cozy room of coure like a winter vacation. So let me show you.

We have a little coffee station when you first walk into the room and then this little like landing area, the bathroom, is off on this side. I actually haven't been in here yet super nice good.

That time I was not expecting a big tub. like that pretty and then we have this really nice room. My favorite part is the fireplace you guys. We just figured out how to turn it on and it's so cozy I love. It also figured out that they have a humidifier. The last time we were here in Colorado during the summer it was so dry, and that was like one of the main things I was like suffering with is just like my my nose was so dry, so this is gon na be so good And our beds ruined, avoiding everyone. That's super excited to take you guys with us to explore Vail today sorry written vlog last night. We literally did nothing except stay in the room with the fire on and we watched a marvelous, mrs. Mazal comment down below. If you watch that, because everyone has recommended it to us - and we got through the first and like half the second episode so far - and it's really good so but today and we just we're just gon na explore the town and we'll take you guys with Us it is nine a. m. right now and we're starving we're about to go eat breakfast, hi. First off. I have to show you guys what we woke up to, because I have never seen snow like this before and it was snowing when we woke up. Let me open this door, it's just ever so slightly snowing. I don't even know if it's picking it up on camera, you guys I found at the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. So let me go ahead and share with you guys what I'm wearing today, I decided to just try a beanie and a scarf because wearing a hijab under this was a little bit pointless because everything's covered, and it was just like so many layers. So I'm trying this out today, I think it looks super cute. I have on my mango teddy bear coat and I have on some black jeans some snow boots, since it is snowing outside. I have on two layers of talk, and I have thermals underneath this, and I'm also wearing a really cute pink sweater from mango, which will not be even seen, because I'm gon na just be, bundled up all day got all the gear.

Where brought his drone and the big camera, I don't know how we're gon na fly it the only all the snow started to snowing even harder. We have a ten minute walk to a breakfast.

Oh my gosh, it's so cold and thankfully I have my snow boots on I ordered a egg white frittata.

Oh, we're ordered what is this called Omar Benedikt looks delicious and then I got some gluten-free bread and we have some jams in. Came back from breakfast and literally took a nap by the fire, I'm being such a grandma. But it's still snowing outside. You can really see from the air but snowing. We got the fire on. I made myself some ginger lemon tea, and then I made Omar. I miss presto. Let me see you. This smells good.

Omar doesn't like an espresso, I mean he just prefers brewed coffee, which I agree. I think it's like so much better to just bring your own cup of coffee comment down below. If you like, your coffee out of like a pod like out of an espresso or a Keurig or something yeah like mr. Barroso, just doesn't do any justice to that we basically skipped lunch. So I could take a nap and we're gon na go to dinner and probably like a couple of hours. So, okay, oh my, can you put that show on please, I'm waiting on our way to dinner and we found this little hot chocolate station. so the four seasons of al is supposed to have the second best hot chocolate in the world or in America in the world.

Okay, we made it to this Indian place and I'm a little scared, but we'll see what plates good to show. You your hero. What do I look like you look, you know I mean like, okay, we can't let see the snow that was. Intense.

Yeah, for sharing, which I didn't even mean for me to for us to share this out. of this for me, but no, it's fine! It's! Actually so good. It's lentil soup with a bunch of different spices and tomatoes, and I think so on. True - and this smells so good, but I don't eat gluten, so you're, not sharing with me walking back to the hotel. That's what I like about these villages.

I know it's nice to walk but. It's such a miserable wall, twenty-nine degrees.

Just ordered some of the famous hot chocolate to the room and sitting by the fire comes with dark chocolate on top, and then you just pour the hot chocolate over top. It melts everything and it's like the perfect temperature, it's not too hot, and it's just so good, usually and I forgot charger phone last night, but no way luggage.

My carry-on actually has a charger port made it to LA for the streamys tonight. Wow, what a difference! It was literally snowing this morning when we left and look at it outside palm trees and beautiful mountains, and it's just it's so nice outside it feels so good. I just threw on a random outfit because I'm about to go and get my makeup done for tonight. I actually haven't gotten my makeup done since my engagement party and I hated my makeup. So that's why I have never really gotten my makeup done again. I'm definitely not a professional or anything, so I really wanted to look my absolute best and I didn't even bring like the proper makeup with me. I didn't bring fake lashes. I didn't bring like anything to be like super glam, so we'll see how this goes. I have to get grab an uber, so I will see you guys over there. Hopefully I can fill them a little bit. yeah! Okay, let me show you um what I'm thinking. So further I'd like like a bronzy, peachy, trees and like gold on the lids mhm, but for my skin. I just like doing like need me a little bit more bronzer than this. I didn't like super contour. Okay, and this can get dirty. I just I'm not wearing this one tonight: okay.

Background getting my makeup done.

I have to fix this. I think it'll be easy to fix, because there's really not that much to work with, but I have to show you guys, like my inspiration picture. So this is for the eyes I didn't want like that much on the skin, but I wanted like a bronzy crease with a golden lid and then. I wanted skin. That was just like natural with like, but she barely put any foundation on my face, so we're gon na fix this really quick, because I don't have that much time yeah. This is why I don't get my makeup done. This is exactly why I. Don'T get my okay, I fix my makeup and I feel like it looks so much better. It looks like I actually have makeup on what the heck was that earlier. Omar was like Lena. You look fine and I'm, like I checked in my system. They were like WTF, you were going for that natural look. You know I mean I told her. I wanted natural just so that she didn't do like some crazy contour, but she like took me literally, like I need makeup. That's why I'm here! Thank you. The red carpet starts at 2:30 and then the actual event starts at like 3:00. I think all right, I don't know I'm kind of confused about this when the timings and everything are and honestly, you guys, I'm so nervous. I don't want to win, you got it.

I'm gon na keep telling Omar I'm. Let's please pray for me that I don't win crazier. I don't want it good up there and have to like say a speech be quick. I know like I'm just happy to be nominated. I don't want to win. I don't want to get up there here.

Well, let's show them the full look:.

The nominees nominees for fashion, our Best Dressed, Polybius. After time, zero shorten and with love, Lina, yeah, Patrick, stop the streamys are over and I changed into a random outfit. We're gon na go eat dinner, but let's just talk about the experience, it was actually like super inspiring and so much fun and we met so many cool people. We met Casey nice nap. We were sitting at a table with who everyone was Logan, Paul. Okay, and then another doctor, something out man, I don't know, but they were a bunch of really well-known people he wasn't around, except we just didn't know that I was actually like a relieved that I didn't win. I was like just so nervous. The entire time like that I was gon na, have to get up there and make a speech. So yeah Shabalin plan yeah be ready and after after my category with sure oh, thanks patrick Star one, and even he was like I guess, I'm a fashion influencer. Now he usually does makeup. So everyone was like wise. You know me good for fashion, but I'm so glad we went yeah we're gon na go, get some dinner, found a random Italian place and we're gon na go eat and head home in the morning.

Act up and ready to head back to Texas.

Thank you so much two away for sponsoring. At this video.

We love their luggage and I'll put a link to them down below talk to you guys very soon.