Come With Us On Our Family Road Trip!

Come With Us On Our Family Road Trip!

So it's the next day and we are in a different location, [, Laughter, ].


Did you just wake up? Oh my goodness. Did you just wake up now she needs it now. These two girls showed up in the exact same outfit. Definitely from the sandals. Is it it really is no lena. Yours is a little bit lighter. It's a different shade, it's so different. I know name: are you bringing that uh protein yeah we're talking in the car you're packing it? You literally had it in the car. Oh he's got to take out pictures. So do i get a picture? Keep my sunglasses on yeah fun fact.

I took lauren

Uh back for a prop, so if you guys see it on my instagram, it's actually launched back all right guys. I got all the snacks. Actually we don't have that many snacks, so we have mixed nuts.

Coconut date rolls all right.

I can't go without those gluten-free oreos. They make those.

Yeah they're good, they taste exactly.

Oh, we got to do a taste test, just try it dude.

Just try it

Tell me what you think:.

I know we just left like ten minutes ago. I know, but i think we're gon na have to stop. Okay, we're about to change a diaper, hey fun of road trips.


My name is mr ruth, hello. My name is. So we stopped probably what thirty minutes ago and we're stopping again got ta change, another diaper getting down the diaper, so we're currently almost there, maybe like what ten minutes or less two minutes owner is racing to get there, because we need to Go to the bathroom

Elena is being very patient:.

We just made it to the house. We've been here for probably fifteen minutes or so like who finally arrived. Oh, we feel we were driving forward.

We went.

We went a different way than y'all. We were like in the middle of nowhere.

Are you serious, yeah how'd? She do in the car yeah. It's really cozy, nice, it's nice yeah! I like it. This is really cute.

Yeah! It's like um! It's really big, i know we're gon na have there's several levels. Upstairs did you already know all around and stuff yeah barely just a little bit? Should we like and then yeah yeah? I haven't looked at all the rooms, yet. Okay, how do you know which one do you want lemonade this week we are in austin and we're actually only here for a few days with my family for spring break.

So i thought i would take you guys along um. We just got here. We rented a house

I'll show you guys what the house looks like and a little bit.

Actually the sun's gon na go down. So i'll probably show you guys tomorrow. It's a really nice house on the cliff side here in the hills and we're just really excited to have some family time, so we're actually just getting ready for dinner i threw on a really cute.

I thought springy, look i'll share with you guys in just a second and yeah.

Then we're gon na go eat seafood tonight. Well, we don't have a full length mirror here, so i thought i'd have omar show our outfits of the night.

I never wear.

Color so i thought for spring i would add a little bit and i found this top.

I showed it my last vlog

It's from la uh, pretty lavish it's like a cowl neck, and then this is from h, m baby.

I found this really cute romper of hers and this headband from lulu and company, and we already showed all this in the last vlog but. This is the outfit of the night.

If i'm.

So it's the next day and we are in a different location, because we there was actually plumbing issues up with the verbo house that we were at which was really disappointing, because we all really wanted to stay in a house together.

We had to change plans and um, get a hotel to finish off our stay here, which it's i'm not complaining, because it's actually a really nice hotel.

It's called the austin proper i'll kind of give.

You guys a little tour of our room um, but yeah we're just trying to make the most of it. I'm actually really bummed, because i wanted all of us to stay together in a house. It's our first trip since covet and we were trying to be like super safe in a house and all that stuff, but it just didn't work out for us so we are making the most of it. Let me show you guys the room. Okay, so this is what it looks like when you first walk in.

Here's, the bathroom, oh. We got asap my favorite.

Is it nice very cute yeah? It's really. Nice got the cuties. We have all of our junk. So i have some work to do on my computer and then we're gon na get out and get some lunch and to quickly show you guys what i'm wearing. I have on a satin, uh cowl neck tunic from pretty lavish. I ordered so much stuff from there and i thought it was cute for spring some white jeans and those sheen sandals, so, i'm bringing my big tote bag because i have to put some of elena stuff in here and i need my vlog camera to fit.

So we're actually gon na go walk around the domain, which i'm really excited about. So let's go.

Right now we're at the domain.

We just got some tea and now we're gon na head into our age, because you guys know it's my favorite and i get so much inspiration there so yeah we're about to go in my parents.

Are with us:.

Keep on driving and driving along.

Just me and all the red lights.

Hello, hey guys, hello, ! So jittery. Do you know what happens yeah? You know if i drink too much coffee, it really has the reverse effect on me. morning. It is not morning anymore. It's almost one o'clock, but um. We basically had breakfast at the hotel this morning, and it was really good food. This hotel, you guys the food, is out of this world.

Last night we also ate at the hotel at this restaurant called peacock or the peacock, and the food's like mediterranean - oh my god, so good, and i also had octopus last night.

I've had octopus one other time in my life and i do remember liking it, but oh, my gosh, it is so good.

Have you guys had octopus before comment down below um?

What's this place, we're going to we're going to the line hotel, we're meeting um my sisters and my parents there for coffee at this place called alfred's tea room. I think so. Yeah we're just gon na have another day of just exploring the city. Last night. We just went to restoration hardware and we went to dinner because we didn't have much time because of the whole house fiasco, so yeah, let's see what we get up to today. I just ordered tea, and this place is so cute. We found like a bunch of open seating, so yeah we're just waiting on our team chill for a little bit and then we're going to decide what else we're doing today. she has on a really cute outfit today.

I can't wait to show you guys. I got a chamomile citrus tea, so good and this place is so cute. I love it. I sprayed perfume on elena for the first time in her life, everyone's like everything, it smells so good. It's me she said: hey, i'm not doing good. She said: hey, it's kind of windy, so i don't know if you guys can hear us, but we are outside of the restaurant. We finally found a reservation for mexican food and uh. What does it say? Lafonda san miguel, poor, baby she's? Always sleeping and we need to go, eat, so omar's gon na sit in the car with her, so she can at least get like a fifteen minute nap yeah yeah for a baby.

Okay, i decided to sit in the car with omar uh. Well, atlanta takes a little nap and omar and i'm went and what did y'all? Where did y'all go yeah we just drove around. They did some really fun stuff today and all we did is go back to the same shopping center we went to yesterday. They went to um this little hiking trail and they got some really cool drone footage next to um, which bridge is that this is. So pretty penny backer. That's some really cool footage.

Anyways i'll insert it in this vlog.

All my weaknesses.

Okay, so we're back home and i'm very sorry. I think i just got carried away with family time and. I just wasn't vlogging as much as i would have hoped to on the trip and honestly we were really thrown off by just moving from our airbnb to the hotel and, like i don't know, i just felt like our plans were ruined because we.

I had we just had such high hopes for this house. We had, we were gon na, have the pool we were gon na. Have the flamingo floatie for elena.

We were gon na have family time all in the house. Anyways. If you saw my packing vlog, then you guys know like i was so excited and then anyways. Basically, all we did is we shop like window shopped and ate a lot and that's basically, all we did on the trip so, but we're very thankful that we just had a little break and got to spend time with family and even though it wasn't exactly How we envisioned it on our way to austin it's a four-hour drive if i didn't already say that, on our way, to austin elena was a little fussy.

We had to keep her entertained like i had to work really hard to keep that girl happy. We had the crackers like the baby crackers out and all of her toys and everything and she was still really whiny, but on the way back, she did so good. She probably slept like half the time. I was a lot more relaxed on the way back.

So i'm glad that that worked out for us hope that you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe if you're, new and, i will see you all in the next one: bye,