Come With Us On Our Family Vacation!

Come With Us On Our Family Vacation!

Hey guys, it's Lina welcome back to my channel. Thank you guys so much for watching. So I am really sad because I actually lost a lot of my footage, which included my intro and our house tour. So, just to like give you guys a little backstory me and my family went on vacation together in Mexico. I hadn't been on vacation with them since before I got married, so we stated a beautiful verbo home in Cabo and it's just stunning. So this is some of Amanda's footage, she's. Kindly letting me borrow it, so we can show you guys around this house. So when you first walk in it's this gorgeous open-concept living, kitchen and dining area, everyone just arrived back from the grocery store. This was their first day here. My family got there a few days before Omar, and I did there's this really cute little gym, which we never used and then here we're walking into the main master bedroom.

There are two master bedrooms in this huge house: there are actually four bedrooms and then a game room which also counts as a room. So we slept ten people at this house. So, as you can see, this bathroom is huge, has a huge tub, double sinks and then a huge walk-in closet and a really nice shower. This was such a good room. My parents actually saved it for us, you know we're which they did not have to do so. You come out onto the patio and we had so much fun out here. You guys there's like a grill, which we wish. We would have used this beautiful infinity pool with a hot tub. I wouldn't say it's a hundred percent private, but we never really saw anyone around. It was a really quiet neighborhood. So let's go ahead and get on with the rest of the vlog good morning. Everyone, it is our first full day in Mexico, it's about 7:45 a. m. right now.

I told my sisters to wake up at 7:00 and I texted them and they didn't text me back so I'm glad to go in there and wake them up. I wanted to show you guys how beautiful this is in the morning the little birds, chirping and. Everything is just so peaceful and so beautiful. So the first half of the day I mean my sisters are going to do some photos and some videos and I'm so excited because this is just such a gorgeous gorgeous house, some type them up, we'll eat breakfast and then we'll get to work on that. Then tonight we're going to this restaurant that me no more have never been to it's called flora farms and it's supposed to be one of the most popular restaurants. Here: okay: let's go wake up my sisters because I'm hungry and I want to eat breakfast - go see; I'm definitely, not awake.

Supposed to be wicked seven o'clock!

What's that bro, I don't think I've introduced you on my channel before my brother naive. I just um. Well, I'm ANDed Lauren when they were literally asleep. Oh yeah. Okay, that plan was ruined, cuz, they're still asleep, so I want to let them wake up a little bit and I'm gon na work on getting some breakfast kind of made it since I know we're all gon na be hungry now, so I'm gon na Go dig through all the drawer they're trying to find a cutting board, and so we have all the breakfast set up. We have scrambled eggs, toast fruit, the mangos here in Mexico, you guys are so delicious. Avocado whole cheese boards that we have butter and some jams and things like that, is that peanut butter, I think yeah, I'm, so excited to dig in we're about to take some photos. We have some really cute Rosa, oh man, those so cute. On you, I'm so excited we're waiting on Lauren, Lauren went to go, get some jewelry [ Applause, ]. This is what's happening.

We have Amanda, we haven't named her yet, but they keep calling her Henry even, though she's a girl, Lulu he's in Mexico, Fleming girl, I'm burning yeah. If you can hear the buzzing, that's all where's drone, yeah, it's a burn, so she needs to make sure she has sunscreen on so we're gon na, hopefully, video footage so pretty and the water. It feels like really warm. Like I haven't been in a pool. That's felt really warm in a long time which is so nice.

Oh, is that way:.

[ Applause, ].

[ Applause, ], hey guys! We just finished our photo.

Shoot yes, how many hours later yeah we finished around 1:00 and what time is it right now flick?

So we just started out showered and ready and we're gon na go have lunch? There's like a little? Was it called like a beach club? There's a beach club in this area that has like a lunch place, so we're gon na go down there and eat, but yeah, I'm just finishing up my makeup. Basically, I don't I, I took a shower and I left it on, but then my mom was like Lauren. They all alive from here to here. There's no Commission, it's so cute that it's so inside. I don't, know why I'm getting so dressed up. I think, because we're just we're going to dinner tonight, so I'm just going kind of getting ready yet I'll get ready later. I would work so much Cheeta Britt, I know the tuna skirts man, I love Tina. I do that super trendy. Thank you. This is the Guam by fenty beauty. It tastes like raspberry.

Oh, I know you do. Okay, I'm ready. Okay, let's go eat, so we rented a car, so we finally have our own car. My parents were the only one who had a car earlier, so we finally have our own and we're just driving down to the little beach club to have lunch, a late lunch and we already lost my parents. They like, just took off, and oh because man was driving, makes complete sense. The neighborhood over here is absolutely gorgeous I'll. Show you guys a little bit of what it looks like, so stunning I haven't been down to the beach club, yet I told them to stop. Oh, okay, perfect! I got my fish tacos. What did you guys?

Get cuz. That looks really good. Oh that's, really cool. What did you get? Amanda? Okay. I finally have a few minutes to myself, so I wanted to catch up with you guys because I feel, like I haven't, talked to you guys properly as this vlog. It's just been so crazy, like having my sister's around and like all of my family around, and it's just been really hard to like sit down and actually talk to you. I feel like I've just been like. Oh now we're doing this and that wow we're doing that and look at this and look at that and I feel like I haven't actually gotten to like slow down and talk. So it's been really fun. Having my family, like all of my family here and some of Omar's family and just having us all together in Mexico, has been so nice, like I said I haven't been on a family vacation with them since, like before I got married, so this has been so Nice, we just like absolutely love the idea of like being able to vacation together in a big home, and so we were like we need to do this every single year.

I'm not sure why we haven't been doing that. Basically, I think, we've just all been so busy, but just being able to like plan a good family vacation at least like once a year like every other year, like it's so important, to be able to spend time with your family just get away and like relax. together, if you can so we're having so much fun. So, basically, since we got here, all we've done is eat and try to get a bunch of content. So this morning was like. I really wanted to get a lot of our like major content this morning. On our big camera, so we spent like all day up until, like 1:00 p. m. doing that, and then we went out to eat lunch and now we're just back at the house chillin until we can go eat tonight, we decided to go ahead and take our family To do the ATVs, like we did on our last trip to Cabo, we thought that the guys would enjoy that a lot and everyone have so much fun. So we're gon na be doing the ATVs tomorrow morning and then going out to dinner, and then that is it for our trip. It's a really short and sweet trip for us, but it was just really fun to be able to get away and just spend time with my family. Okay, I wanted to see if I could show you guys what I'm wearing, because I don't think I've shown you guys this in this video. It's this gorgeous dress that I rented from Rent the Runway. It's a one-piece dress, but it has this tie detail and, of course it wouldn't be modest. If I didn't have this like top underneath, but I just added like a white undershirt and I think that's so cute, I layered some like gold little necklaces. I have a shell necklace and a little coin necklace. I love it so so much. I need to put some shoes on. I don't have any shoes on right now, but this will be my outfit for dinner.

Tonight we've got the hookah going.

We have the chest going relaxation mode you guys know we have to leave in twenty minutes.

Right, I just arrived to Flora farm so to.

Show you guys how cute my sister's would look today how cute and then Lauren's wearing so cute up there we saw some fruit trees and I think they were mangoes.

Oh yeah, there's a bunch of mango trees. No, I think it's a mango farm over. Here, okay, let's go eat just so hungry.

Good morning, everyone!

It is such a.

Beautiful day today

We woke up super super early, so we could get some good photos at sunrise. It's been such harsh lighting all day yesterday we tried to take photos in the pool which we got them, but it was just very, very difficult, so it was just like a breeze.

This morning we got some beautiful photos at sunrise. So last night we went 1/8 dinner at this beautiful restaurant called flora farms. It's like a farm-to-table restaurant, very similar to acre that we've been to before it's actually in the same little vicinity. They had a bunch of different things. There they had like a little grocery store where they sold some of their produce that they grow on their farm. They had a little ice cream shop, they had a coffee shop, it was so cute and they were like kids playing on a little playground. It was like the cutest little restaurant, it's about eight o'clock this morning I haven't eaten breakfast yet so we're gon na go eat something real, quick and then I'm gon na change into some workout clothes, because we're gon na go ride. Some ATVs so we're gon na go from a glam to really dirty, really quick. Today, I will take you guys with us as much as I can. The last time I did two ATVs, I like hid the GoPro and like tried to film, but we're really not supposed to film there. So I'll get as much as I can, while we're there we go. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon to me? Go together now, you don't wan na have a double wedding on the own 1/2 for the stage and you'll be on the other. just arrived to the little stop for the ATV.

Okay, we just finished everyone. It was like this. The whole time I was holding on for dear life. You know we're had fun, so we're gon na have lunch on the beach. We just arrived back to the house, all of us showered. Some of us are still in the pool, so we have Lauren and Mehta over there chit chatting. We have the guys over here in the pool just chillin. I'm gon na make myself some tea because just craving some. After a long day, I've been driving those ATVs. They make seem in this little pot. We always like to bring our own tea, no matter where we're traveling to I brought some Moroccan mint tea by Noomi, hello parents. Is it tea time? Is it tea, time yay? So I got all dressed up in my dress, from Rent the Runway, but I think we're just gon na order some food and eat at, the at the house, which is so much better because we're all exhausted from the ATV tour today and we Just want to chill here, but I thought I would show you guys my dress anyways just throw on a jersey, hijab to be comfy, and I have a nude undershirt and my little coin necklace. I love these little sandal heels. They are by Steve Madden. I've had them for a couple of years and they're, just so cute and basic and just go with everything so I'll link those down below for you guys, you guys, okay, I thought kitty and now I have to go, get it. Oh, I lost the kitty.

What are you guys doing?

Eating dried meat?

Oh you guys look so cute you're! All matching Lena got us these matching PJ's.

I didn't get the memo today, though, miss leo. I called the vet today to check on him. They said he meows a lot and he likes to knock over his food. Of course you know so there every thing that anything that has liquid in it. So we got all the breakers. We just decided to bring food back to our house just to chill here and.

Then they got the chess game going over there, we're gon na get the games and I'm just a second, let's dig in [ Laughter, ].


Okay, [ Applause, ].