Come With Us to Cancun! Snoubar Family Vacay

Come With Us to Cancun! Snoubar Family Vacay

Cause i've been thinking about crossing the line.

Oh, hello, you guys so we are in mexico, we've actually been in mexico or we're in cancun this time with omar's family we've been here for about a day.

This is our first full day and yeah. I just haven't really picked up the camera much to film yet because we're getting settled, we were just trying to enjoy being together, but we're going out to dinner tonight - and i thought i would take you guys with us and then tomorrow we're going out on A boat day and tomorrow's our last full day, so i thought i would just kind of take you along the last little bit of our trip, which is pretty much the funnest part.

So i'm gon na do my makeup very quickly. We only have like an hour or so until dinner, i'm just gon na kind of time lapse, this, but we're staying at a really nice little house.

I love staying at big houses like this. When we have a lot of family together, because then we can just spend all of our time together and i don't think i've ever actually been on a trip with omar's family like this before it's been really fun.

I've been uh hanging out with all his cousins and his sister meta and his mom and.

It's just been so much fun. I'm gon na go in with the it cosmetics, cc cream illumination.

I think i've talked to you guys several times about my love. For the cosmetic cc cream, but i just recently tried the illumination kind or the illumination type, and it is like glowier and just like, i didn't think it could get better, but it's better.

I'm just going to quickly.

Time lapse this makeup and i will see y'all in a little bit:.

We can't pretend love we're just friends:.

Okay, that is my makeup completed. I'm gon na go ahead, and show you guys what i was wearing today, um, because i think this is a really cute outfit and then i'm gon na change into my dress for dinner.

I only have a full-length mirror in this room, so i'm going to try to show you guys from.

Back here.

Basically, it is a like um, a wide leg, white jumpsuit - this isn't old, but the jumpsuit is kind of old. But i thought this would still be kind of good inspo, so it's a wide leg, white jumpsuit this, like lineny, um shirt that you can tie around your waist. I just got this from express and i like that - it's already short and long right here. So it's like meant to tie. I just threw on this jersey job just so i could like walk around the house, basically and also film, with you guys but. I would wear like my chiffon hijab with this and i have on some sandals. These are the sandals i have on like nude sandals, but i just thought this was a really cute look, just imagine it with a different scarf anyways.

Okay, i'm gon na go change and show you guys my dress. It has been so hard for me to actually get a full shot of my dress, but i did show you guys this in my last vlog. It was in like kind of the end where i did a little mini haul, it's from asos and i will link it down below because i'm pretty sure it's still available.

Maybe i can get omar to get a full body shot of me a little bit later, but i'm gon na go grab elena, i'm gon na change her and her little dress and we're gon na head to dinner.

Let's see what looks so pretty. Thank you. This is so cute. Thank you. I love your sandals. I got water on it. Oh thank you. Adorable we're matching a little bit!

Oh yeah, that's beautiful!

Okay, do you guys think he should change his shirt or no? Do you guys are? Are you a fan or the other option?? We have really nice options from h m like some nicer options:.

You look so beautiful mama.

I love your dress and your bow.



Good morning.

So today is our last full day. Well, actually, it's not a full day. We leave at one pm so we're about to get packed up. um! I wanted to recap what we've done so far, because i feel like i haven't just been good about talking on camera. It's just been really busy and hectic yeah, so anyways um, our first full day, went down to the beach. We just got ready to go to the pool and i wanted to kind of show you guys. My swim look, so i finally feel, like i don't know, i finally feel confident in a modest swimwear set because of this hijab from this brand called, say sorrel. I will link it below it's, like all. My dreams came true with a swim. Hijab

Because i can wear it kind of like i do - a normal hijab, the material is sweat like sweat, wicking swim like, i don't know water wicking.

I don't know any of the water wicking hijabs that i've ever tried have been like really thick and, like i don't know this one is like the perfect material.

I love the color. I wish it was a little bit more lighter in color, like my normal nudes, but. That's okay. This one is called nude, it's a really pretty brown and then my swimwear is from the brand called lanuk and i will link it below as well. I just liked like the white and the black, it's like a simple look. Sorry, you can't see the whole thing. I don't have a full-length mirror in our room to show you guys, but i just had to show you guys my swimwear, so we are gon na go head down to the beach and i'll. Take you guys with us.

We can't pretend that we have changed.

Cause i've been thinking about crossing the line:.

Drinking coconut.



We went to this amazing restaurant, which i did get some footage from, but oh, my gosh was that not like the coolest restaurant you've ever been to like the best, like everyone in our experience, the food, oh yeah, the atmosphere, the service yeah. It's called the great restaurant. The food was incredible. The atmosphere was like, oh, my gosh, if you're in cancun, even if you're staying at like an all-inclusive resort or something like yeah, you have to leave the resort and go to that restaurant. It was amazing. So much fun. It was like a party atmosphere, but it was also like there were all ages there like. We saw like little kids there like families, um. It was so fun and of course they were playing like arabic music. So our entire group was like so excited and they were everyone was so hyped. I wonder if the owner is like lebanese. I know that's um and then. Yesterday we went on a boat and we went to isla mujeres for lunch. We went to another restaurant last night called chambao, which was also really good. We were hoping it to be.

Like super hyped like iliops, i don't know, we were, pretty tired, dead, tired, so it was okay.

I think we could have handled that.

We are on our way to have a boat day. We rented a yacht for the day, so

We're hoping it's gon na be super fun. I think we're gon na go snorkeling very bumpy. We actually had a bus that was supposed to come pick all of us up this morning, and we were like twenty-five minutes late, so they left so, thankfully we're finally on our way:.



It's really windy: omar's wearing his vacation shirt again. We can't pretend love we're just friends, yeah, but who are we kidding??

We can't pretend love, we feel nothing, but if you're game i am willing to jump.


I've been thinking about you all, the time, this time, hey guys, i haven't picked up my camera much to actually talk to you guys today, which i'm very sorry about, i think, just being in a big group.

It's been really hard to like actually have time to like sit down and talk, but. Basically, today was really fun. We went on a yacht tour which was super beautiful, like the water was so blue and we all swam in the water. It was so, it felt so so good and we stopped and ate lunch on the beach and then we came back and we were exhausted. I actually took a nap on the boat on the way back and then yeah. We came back showered and we're actually, the driver is literally here waiting and everyone's probably waiting on me, but just felt like i haven't, talked to you guys properly in this video. I also just stopped crying, which is why i am like super like nasally. I guess i've just been feeling like overwhelmed with the fact that, like i guess, i'm the only mom with a baby on this trip and just like all the other girls are so like beautiful, and they just feel i feel like they look so put together And i just feel like i'm like a hot mess all the time. I know that that maybe seems weird but. I thought other moms may be able to like relate to that because

I'm just like the only mom, my age, that i know like.

I don't have any other really well. I do have one other friend who is a mom, but she lives in houston and she's really far from me, so we never get to like talk or hang out or anything. But i don't know all my sisters. oh my cousin, like all of our friends, i just feel like.

I cannot relate to anybody. So if any of you moms out, there are feeling the same way like, i'm with you. Okay, so i'm gon na go downstairs, and let's go to dinner.

Cause i've, we're like all over the place and with the vlogging at least, because we've been moving so much but and then like we've had help. Thankfully, with elena, like your mom, has been helpful and everyone around us has been like helping with holding her and stuff, but, like i don't know, i just feel like, it's just different, you just you feel responsible for another human being. So you can't like. I can't really truly relax um, all the time you know, but anyways. I wanted to show you guys kind of like our house, since i never really gave you a proper tour.

Our room was a disaster. I probably should have done this when they cleaned, but maybe just i'll just show you guys where the rooms are and what the layout is. Yeah i'll show you guys like the outside stuff. So here is the upstairs area. This is our room. Another room have a couple of rooms in here sitting area: it's a pretty big house, it's just not very open concept and, as you can see down to the bottom go down. The stairs here is the living and dining area. kitchens. In there, okay moving dining, it's kind of a mess. I've been here already for like three days and here is the outside.

The way i do.

That made me so nervous because she freaked out she said she's had five coats.

You freaked out.

Did they record? Did you record her? No, no! I got a guy. She told me. I literally screamed.

She's, the last person left you did it see.

I told you the last one was worse.

We are back home from cancun. It's been a couple days and i wanted to go ahead and end this vlog, and just kind of recap. I know that this vlog was seriously all over the place because omar's editing it right now and it's literally the most unorganized vlog i've ever filmed in my life. Basically, we were just still thrown off by just having everyone around. It was really hard to like film whenever you're trying to enjoy with so many people around and. We tried our best. We had so much fun and yeah. I just. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. We definitely loved like just having a big house for everyone to.

You know spend time together. I think our favorite part of the entire trip was going to the elios restaurant. It was a greek restaurant and it was so good.

We loved going on the boat.

It was just really really fun.

So i hope you guys enjoyed this video and i love you guys and i'll see y'all in my next one bye,