Come With Us to DUBAI! | Dubai Vlog

Come With Us to DUBAI! | Dubai Vlog

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, I am coming to you from Dubai. We just made it a few hours ago and we are very sleep-deprived, but we got freshened up and we're gon na go explore the city a little bit before the Sun sets.

Oh Amanda hi, so we're almost ill recovering over here, I'm like 14-hour flight. We just feel so so blessed to be here and we are so excited to take you guys with us on the rest of our trip. We are walking in the LFC district that one Elsie's area, so basically, while we were walking around, I was like. Oh my gosh. This is old world Dubai, but actually this stuff was only built a couple of months ago, so we just met with our photographer and she was like yeah. This is all brand new. It's like the new blogger spot to take pictures. It's so so beautiful though it's like, like I said, just like really old world style.

So we've just been taking pictures and video, and this is the most beautiful area, so we're gon na go, find something to eat and then we're gon na call.

It a night and we're gon na start fresh in the morning. It's J, two of Dubai. We woke up blocks it.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning. It's super early, so jet-lagged that I'm feeling it so much more fresh and awake and I just feel it so much better and I'm so ready to get this day started. So the first thing on our agenda today is: we are going on a helicopter tour of Dubai. You guys I am so excited. I have never been on a helicopter before, after that, we're gon na be going to Dubai. Mall we're gon na go to the at the top lookout point and then, after that, we're gon na go to Medina Jumeirah tonight for dinner and to get on the little boat. So I'm so excited, and I mean this is still getting ready. So I'm waiting on her, so we can go eat breakfast okay, so we just got to the helipad area, we're sitting in the waiting room and so we're gon na be going out there just a little bit.

She gave us this little badges, it's gon na, be so fun.

We just finished the helicopter tour. It was absolutely or just oh, my gosh. I really hope that our footage turns out. I can turned out good. It was so short, though it literally it lasted like fifteen minutes. I know I like trying to take pictures and videos and everything and like it and enjoy it. I feel like it's just what, if I would have gotten anxiety like if it was longer, because I think about scary. I feel like since it's small even like to feel the movements yeah you're gon na feel every little Goffman. Every little turbulence is so fun. Okay, guys we were just talking about this. I thought I would share so Amanda doesn't really talk in her sleep, I'm usually the one who talked in my sleep, better fandom dead, tired. Yes, she was so time when we got back from dinner that she literally just like and like right as she was falling asleep. She goes. Oh, my god. I can't believe they drew that squiggly line on your paper and then Amanda goes sleep. I vaguely remember saying that, like I was having a dream for sure thinking about something I was going right now we're on our way to the Dubai Mall, we're probably gon na walk around, maybe shop, we don't know yet, but we're gon na go To water a and our cafes side, macaroon plays they have it in the dude, my mo so we're gon na go.

Do that also going to the Burj Khalifa the little lookout point so we're gon na do that later.

We're sitting at vada ray.

We just went in like window shopped at all, like the designer stores in Dubai. Oh, my god, new cabinets, everything is gorgeous. We were just obsessed with 2d or the do your store here to not have at your store yeah. I don't think we have one in dollars when we spray this in person. Yeah Amanda's smells so good. Oh yeah I sprayed that would on me without even smelling it, and now I smell like so strong, my good I'm embracing the culture of Dubai, so we're just ordered some tea or dozen macaroons and just chill out for a little bit just Made it to and oh, my goodness, you guys, I thought I had come here before, but apparently there are two different levels and I was on the lower level of the last time we're on the one hundred and forty eight floor and they kind of explained A little bit like what is in the Burj Khalifa cuz, that was kind of like my question, is like what kind of building is it? Actually, the bottom section is in harmony hotel. The middle section is like a residential like apartments and then. The upper level is corporate offices.

We are finally at Madinat Jumeirah. It took us forever because my phone would not connect to the Wi-Fi because we didn't get the uber and long story short we're. Finally, here so we're on an opera, which is like one of their little boat. That's on the canal.

It is today three up to buy. Today we aren't getting ready to go, eat breakfast and then we're gon na be going on a yacht. Ah, so exciting after the yacht, we're going to this beautiful spa called the tele spa in the Burj Al Arab.

I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing the spot name correctly, but as a hijab', it's a little bit hard to figure out like what I'm supposed to wear, because I definitely want to take pictures since it is so gorgeous in there. So I'm basically just wearing like a white jumpsuit and I like swimsuit cover-up. So it's definitely not something you'd actually wear to the spa. But I think it'll be good for picture here. So Amanda and I are walking it to get on the yacht and we're still wondering if we're gon na be the only people on it include our own. I feel like. We are we really here. it's a little choppy today.

Weather is beautiful. It's a little bit chilly with the breeze good morning. Guys today is day four, so I'm gon na recap a little bit of what we did yesterday. So we went on the yacht tour around the coast. It was absolutely gorgeous to see it was like really choppy like the waves were really big and it was actually like so much fun, but we did get a little bit seasick. So that's why we weren't able to like a vlog that much yesterday after the yacht tour, we went to the Tully's spa and the burj a lot up. It was one of the most beautiful spas that I've ever seen. It was on the 18th floor and you could kind of like see like a big view of like the ocean and like the skyline. I also got some beautiful footage while we were in the spa area. So I will include that as well.

It's about 10:30 right now and we went and had breakfast this morning we were kind of sick of hotel breakfast, so we went out and like had breakfast at this place called cocoa house.

It was really really good

I'll insert some footage of the breakfast that we had, but me and Amanda got scrambled eggs with some vegetables and feta cheese, and then we also shared a gluten-free waffle.

They had a bunch of gluten-free like pancakes and waffles, so we were so so excited and we had a really good coffee and tea. We just came back to the hotel to get ready to go, take pictures at the shangri-la.

They had this really gorgeous balcony, overlooking the city with the most perfect view of the bird, so we were so excited so we're about to leave to go to the shangri-la hotel and I will talk to you guys when we get there. It's super sunny, but we made it to be little terrace to the shangri-la.

You can see at the verge right there. It has like literally the most perfect view me and Amanda are going to go, have lunch now and then we're going to get ready for the desert safari tonight. This is just the most beautiful day, I'm having so much fun.

[ Applause, ], so Amanda and I just arrived to our desert safari. I've been on a desert safari before, but this one's a little bit different. We were riding in a like vintagey. Looking Land Rover I'll show you guys what it looks like it's really really cool and after this we're gon na see a falcon show and you think we're having dinner in the desert as well and after that, I'm really not sure after dinner, if there's anything else, But the weather is so so nice. It feels so good. It's supposed to get really chilly outside here comes Amanda. I was very particular with the way these were like put on. I think he did really. I think he did a good job so cute good morning, guys it is our last okay, goodbye versus a really really cute wrecking place, called five sigh balls.

They have it all. It was so good today we're going to the Atlantis for the properties the sea aquarium, I'm so excited. After that we are going to be getting ready to leave. I'm going to take you guys with us. No, I! So we just arrived to the Royal bridge suite here at the Atlantis and we are getting a little private tour, only celebrities and like presidents and like really VIP people stay here. This was seen on the Real Housewives.

Show Kim Kardashian stayed here recently, and it is just absolutely insane I'm about to give you guys a little tour here is what you see when you just get off the elevator. This entire floor is the suite. So here is a little spa room here. We go into the master bedroom, so we have a one bathroom for her and then a one bathroom for him. So we have like a double bathroom. We have the closet, I believe, there's two closets as well a meeting room, this gorgeous city view another, meeting room and another closet. This place, I'm literally at all. That's not a guy that has like another half of the floor to show you guys. So here we have the living area. How gorgeous and how big is this and then here we have the gorgeous dining room. I just have to show you guys at this gorgeous view, so they have views from each side. So one side is a city palm view and then this side is the ocean view and it's just absolutely gorgeous like I have to show you guys the other side as well, so they get to, see the sunrise and the sunset in the Same day in the same room, I asked how much it was and you guys it's like $ 27, 000 a night, but I mean it's probably worth it. I'm circled up pretending, campus felony murder. Without it spend eternity with school.

We've done, so we just finished at the Atlantis and we went through the lost chambers. Aquarium. amazing, like in person like you, always see those beautiful right now we're on our way to the ball. We're gon na pick up some last-minute gifts for our families, and then probably eat dinner. Before we go to the airport, I'll probably show you guys that we get from and we just got back to the room after shopping for gifts at the Dubai Mall. I was like literally asleep in the uber. I'm so tired, you guys, but I did want to show you guys what we got so Patil makes stuffed it dates. They also do dates covered in chocolate stuff with different types of nuts and like candy, fruit and all kinds of stuff like that.

But I just got some that were stuffed with hazelnuts and macadamia, nuts and pistachios and they're all kind of like wrapped up. That's why I can't really show you, but they are so so yummy. So I got one box for Omar and I and then one for my parents. We also got some Barraza and what that is is they are little sesame seed cookies with pistachios? I don't know who these are gon na go to either my parents or Omar's mom, or something like that.

We really wanted to get some more lottery cookies for my mom.

My mom is literally obsessed with macaroons, especially from blood array, but they only last like a couple of days like if that, if they're not like refrigerated or frozen or something and they just they just don't stay fresh, very long, so we're just so dead, exhausted And we couldn't find latte Reagan, so I'm really really sorry mama, so we're about to pack up and get on our flight tonight. So I'm gon na go ahead and end this vlog.

Here I love you guys so much and I will see you guys that when I get back home, bye,