Decorate With Me for Fall! + Postpartum Hair Removal Update!

Decorate With Me for Fall! + Postpartum Hair Removal Update!

Good morning, everyone and welcome back to my channel - i am, so excited to be taking you guys with me, fall decor shopping today and we're gon na be decorating.

My house and my front porch for fall. The temperatures are dropping here in texas and it's like nice and crisp and cool, and i'm so ready for all the cozy fall vibes in my house. I just took a quick shower like a speed shower and did my makeup. While elena was napping because amanda and i are going to run some errands a little bit later today, i definitely do not have the time that i used to for, like my long showers or like self-care or anything like that.

But i did want to share with you guys something that i have been using over the past six weeks that i am just absolutely obsessed with.

So if you guys remember, i had laser hair removal done before my pregnancy and i was like dying to finish off my treatments after i delivered my baby but. Now that i'm a mom, it is extremely hard for me to get out of the house and go to regular laser appointments. So i have actually been using the kenzie device for the past six weeks and i'm so excited to share this with you, because i'm loving the results.

So this is an ipl handset device.

It is a hair removal device. It also has other benefits like building collagen and helping with like fine lines and wrinkles and like dark spots, and things like that.

That i have just been using this underneath my arms to finish off kind of like what my what i had left with my laser treatments so.

Basically, the kinsey comes in a box with just the handset, the long power cord, which i actually really like, that it has a power cord. That way, you don't have to worry about charging anything, um and the quick start guide, and it's literally just. The easiest thing ever, i'm going to show you guys how to use it. It also has the little chart for which skin tones it works the best on so once you plug it in there's this flashing green light, button on the back side. That's the on button and it also adjusts the intensity of the light on the front side. I go ahead and just turn it all the way up to level. Five, it honestly it does not hurt to me you guys. It really just feels like warmth on my skin, but not burning to me whatsoever, but definitely i mean just check and see on the lower settings first before you like bump it up all the way just to see what works best for you. I have been using this for six weeks. They recommend you use it once a week for twelve weeks for like optimal results. I started seeing results around week, four so about a couple of weeks ago and. My hair, under my arms is a lot more patchy, so there are patches of hair that haven't grown back at all, which is awesome, and it's also a lot thinner, so, i'm so excited to finish off my twelve weeks and just get the full results. I'm so excited just to give you guys a quick little tutorial on how this works, so you plug it in you, press the green button and you'll hear it kind of like a fan, going off and that's just kind of like to blow air.

I guess to distract you from the warmth

Like i said it really doesn't hurt me even on level five, i bump it up to level five then to distribute the light.

You place the device firmly against your skin, and then you push the button. kenzie is originally two hundred and twenty-nine dollars, but i do have a discount code that gets you fifty off, which brings it to around one hundred and seventy-nine.

So i know that that may seem like a lot, but honestly, you guys laser hair removal is thousands of dollars, and that is just for like one body part. So this allows you to do your entire body from the comfort of your home, and that is so so worth it to me. So if you guys are interested, i will leave my discount code, love50, on screen and down below in this description box. You can go to, that's ken and. I would totally totally recommend trying this out. If you guys try it please let me know what you guys think. I am going to go ahead and get dressed for the day and then. We are going to go ahead and move on to some fall. Decor shopping.

Okay. This is the look that i am wearing to run errands today, i'm wearing pretty much everything in my fall fashion, video.

So if you haven't seen that video, i have some really good like, everyday fall, looks and ideas for you guys, but basically everything i'm wearing is express.

I have on this white linen blazer, a white sleeveless sweater, and then these cropped light wash straight like denim, and then my toy lulu from farfetch elena's in the quarter over there making some sweet sounds if you guys can hear her anyways, my far-fetched discount code should still be available and i will leave that in the description box as well.

If you guys want to pick anything up from there, but yeah i'm going to go ahead and take elena to my mom's house and we are going to go to target, okay, hello and we are in the target parking lot.

I am so excited. This is actually my first like outing like well. I did go take pictures with anaya, but this is my first time like out going shopping or anything since i've had the baby um and i forgot a mask so amanda saved the day.

She brought me a blue one. Let's go, let's go. Actually really love the textures and all the different like stripe. patterns, we're in the hearth and hand, section everything is very picked over.

This is all completely gone. I think everyone got their fall.

Decor shopping done like september 1st. Those are really good wreaths. I really love these, like pottery style powders. That's double in your style!

Amanda found this really pretty chunky, throw actually that one might match my house yeah.

This one would hmm. I have this marble tray in my bathroom or not my bathroom in my closet, so it's, so pretty i actually really love this lantern, i think putting lanterns next to the front.

Porch would be gorgeous, okay. So so far we have some toilet pool cleaner. We have some um, seventh generation laundry, detergent, and one kitchen towel that i thought looked more full than the one that i had.

Then i have a thank you card. That's super cute, but um anyways, that's my fall decor hall from target.

It is a couple of days later and i actually went shopping by myself, actually got out of the house and went to run errands on my own, which i haven't done.

In a long time, omar watched elena and i went to hobby lobby and i went to target again um when amanda and i went.

We did not find hardly anything. It was honestly a huge fail.

I got one kitchen towel. I did get a bunch of pumpkins, like you, guys saw and um decorated my front porch, really cute. We got really lucky with the little pumpkin patch on the side of the road, but they had like, really good pumpkins. I also have a huge fall decor haul to share with you guys because um i went a little bit crazy. like hobby lobby, had the best stuff.

So if you guys are still looking for a fall decor like go there, because i promise you they have literally anything you would ever want.

Are you serious, i'm serious.

Why did you need this? I really love it. It's for the couches! Yes, so i'm gon na go ahead and share with you guys, everything that i have to work with.

Um some stuff is from last year most of it is new um, and then we will decorate my living room and dining room.

Before i get into the fall decor hall, because, as you can see, we have a lot to cover um. I wanted to share my new olive tree. I had a fiddle leaf fig tree here, in this corner for the longest time, and i just did not feel like. It matched the vibe of our house and i am obsessed. I got this one from pottery barn. I got it on labor day sale, so it was like a little bit of a discount, but um target actually just released one, that's very similar. So i will link a bunch of olive trees down below, because they're super popular right now and. They are so stunning and um. Actually one of you guys on my instagram told me that it gives like a palestinian flair, which i think is amazing.

Okay, i thought, i would go ahead and do a little decor haul, for you guys.

I have some stuff from amazon, some stuff from target and some stuff from hobby lobby. So where do i even start? Maybe i'll start by store? So i'll share the target stuff. First, okay, this is the pedestal bowl that i got from target, not necessarily fall decor, but it was part of their fall collection and i loved this.

There are so many um like pedestal. Bowls like this from pottery barn and crate and barrel, and things like that that i've had my eye on when i saw this one on the target website, i grabbed it. It is actually way, bigger than i thought it was going to be, though, like it is absolutely huge, but this actually worked out perfectly because if you guys have followed me, you guys know that i drink my smoothies. Every morning we buy a lot of bananas like i'm talking like twenty a week, so we always have like a ton of bananas and they don't really match the aesthetic of my kitchen.

So this is our new banana bowl. It's perfect! It's so big and like stores, all of our bananas and it's just so sleek and. I love it so so much so more things from target. I want to update my living room decor with some like warmer neutral tones and. So i got a bunch of stuff from target these pillows. These velvet ones are actually old. I got those from marshalls and i only have two of them. I wish i could find another two to go in my living room but anyways. I just really love that tone

I'll try to link some similar ones down below to those these um knit ones are from target, and this furry like teddy bear blanket, is from target, and this was like the perfect color and i love those colors

Together i found these leopard ones from target omar was like lena.

Are you kidding me? I actually thought it was really cute we'll see. I may not end up using those. We may just be ending up using this section over here. Next, let's do hobby lobby because i got a ton, a ton of stuff there okay. This is a beautiful garland that i like when i saw it i was like well, i wasn't really planning on decorating my dining table, but then, when i saw this, i was like that is so beautiful.

It's like this, really nice um, like light, burgundy color, it's just like it kind of, looks like dried eucalyptus leaves or something, it's so stunning.

So i'm going to be doing my dining table with this as like, the garland, i'm not.

The biggest fan of like cheesy fall decor like with pumpkins everywhere, but they did have some really cute. I thought that were like, subtle, neutral pumpkins that still gave that fall vibe, but it was like still classy so. I liked these. I got two of those like i said i don't know exactly where i'm putting all this stuff, so i didn't know exactly how many to get of each kind of pumpkin.

So i also found this one that was like a neutral color. If i don't like some of these like, if i don't end up using them, then i may return them.

I got a couple of gold acorns from hobby lobby that i thought were really chic. I don't know we're we'll see where i end up putting everything.

I also got this gold pumpkin. They only had one of these, but i was like oh my gosh that is so cute, so we'll see where i'm gon na put this.

Some of this is gon na go on my coffee table too. They also had only one of these as well. It's like a really pale pink pumpkin. So if i don't end up using this in the living room, i may use it in my dressing room just because it may match that space better but.

I couldn't like pass this one up. I got a couple packages of these pumpkins. I was really drawn towards this, like woven texture on them. I don't know. If i don't end up using them, then i can return these but. I'm gon na probably not use that one, but these two i thought, would match really well, especially this one. I thought it was really cute

What else um. Oh this one is from hobby lobby as well. This is a really cute base. I thought would be really pretty on my coffee table: um. I actually got these little bunny tails, it's kind of like, the dried pompous, but it's like a bunny tail, and so i might put a little make a little arrangement in this little pot right here.

Okay, this is the last thing! No, it's not a couple more things from hobby lobby, so these are some wooden beads. These are so on trend right now, and i figured i would find some place to put these because, i feel like they really match my house.

Some people use them on coffee tables.

I might put it in my bookshelf, we'll kind of see where this is gon na go, and the last thing that i got from hobby lobby were a couple of these.

I really don't even know exactly where i'm putting these yet i thought they would be pretty on my front porch um, so we'll see about that.

I got two of them, so i could put one on each side, but if they just don't work out there, then i might use them inside i'm not sure yet, okay.

Lastly, some stuff from amazon, i already showed you guys my little dried bunny tails.

I thought these were really cute for fall.

I have some leftover pompous that i got from amazon a while back.

This is a little arrangement that i made last year that i just brought out again. I thought it would be really cute. I might put this on the coffee table. I don't know where, but i thought this was really cute and then these are some more pumpkins more pumpkins. I honestly don't know where i'm putting these so we'll see where everything ends up, but this one is kind of like a bigger white, pumpkin, and then i have all of these white ones left over from our friendsgiving last year, that looked beautiful as Home decor, so i have like a ton of white ones: okay and then this is actually not like fall decor, but omar, and i really love burning incense and i got this incense holder in the incense from amazon, and it just makes our house So cozy it smells like a spa. It is so luxurious. I just love burning incense in my house. A lot of you guys told me on instagram that you guys also burn incense, but it's called like what is. It called bahu, or something like that, so it's kind of similar to that, but i think it's not as strong as anyways love. This one as well some stuff on here are things that i've had kind of in storage.

So i have this

Olive branch garland that i use for ramadan.

I thought i would bring this down here in case.

I did not end up liking the burgundy one and it would kind of match my olive tree, so we'll kind of just see what i end up with

This is a linen table, runner that i'm going to be using that i already had from

Target i have my twinkle lights and then this is a little wooden tray, that's from target, that's old and then also these candle holders. The glass ones are also old from target. So, i'm gon na be putting all this together and we'll see. what it looks like.



Okay, i wanted to show you guys the final result with my front porch.

I love how all the pastel colored pumpkins came together

And i have the white moms on either side, they're still blooming, and then i added the two lanterns there that i got from hobby lobby.

I need to add a white pillar candle in there as well but other than that, it's pretty much finished. I did have some people on instagram telling me. I needed to add two wreaths on my door, which i kind of agree, but i just couldn't really find any that i absolutely loved. So for now this is. The look final result with the living room, elena just woke up and she has the hiccups, and she's wearing her very cute fall outfit, so sweet.

I got a bunch of cute leopard stuff from h, m for the coffee table. I have the dried like pompous and the bunny tails, and i think that looks. So like natural and just really nice for fall i have a leftover like bath and body works candle from last year.

I am kind of steering away from bath body works candles now like i said we kind of like the incense more.

I just kind of did this for aesthetic and then i wound up using the gold pumpkin and the white one. I brought out this neutral colored coffee table book. I did use the beads here.

I think that looks really good

And i have this woven pumpkin, which i really like there as well and all of like the brown tones.

I think, really complement. The space very nicely. What do you think omar? I, like it, he's had to deal with me, bringing so many pillows into the house trying to find the right tones of brown, oh yeah, the leopard ones yeah.

I wound up not using those, but it looks very fall. This is futurelina from the next day i decided.

I did not like the burgundy garland across the table. It just did not match anything in the house, so i went ahead and just replaced it with the olive branch garland that i used for ramadan, and i added i just kept the white pumpkins and the white candles, and i thought this was just really Simple elegant and just match the space better. So let me know what you guys think i also just kind of kept everything the same except i took away the gold acorns.

I don't know i just this is more me. This is just definitely more me, so let me know what you guys think.

I hope you guys enjoyed decorating my house with me for fall.

Don'T forget to check out kinsey. I will leave my discount code on screen and down below, for you guys thanks again to them for sponsoring, and i will see you guys in my next video bye,