Decorate with Me for Fall | Productive Weekend Vlog

Decorate with Me for Fall | Productive Weekend Vlog

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel this week.

I thought I would vlog my kind of like weekend because I have some really cute fall decor that I got that I want to share it with you guys and we're gon na decorate. My house - and I thought I would just take you guys with me throughout the rest of my weekend. It is Friday afternoon and I spent all morning getting some content ready to go, live in the next couple of weeks and I'm finished with work. So that means I am getting ready for the day. My sisters are coming or Lauren lives here now, but Amanda's coming too down to town, so we're gon na all be in the same city for once. Don'T really know exactly what we're doing, but we're gon na hang out. Finally, we haven't seen each other all together and hung out and probably over a month, which is a long time for us. I really want to have like a productive weekend and get stuff prepped for next week, because next week is a pretty busy week as well. I have a couple of events in Dallas and then in Dallas, like we never have events so yeah. I just thought I would just kind of catch up with you guys and give you guys a little life update.

While I got ready this week was an emotional one, to say the least.

If you guys were on my Instagram this week, you guys know what happened. Basically, I had like a major health scare, where I had to have a nail biopsy, which this was kind of a long time coming. I just kind of put it off a little bit because I was, I don't know. I was kind of avoiding the situation, but I just got to the point where I couldn't avoid it anymore. Basically, I have this brown line on my nail, which some of you have you can commented on in videos and stuff like Lena. You need to go, get that checked out and I have actually been getting it checked out for the over a year. Now it just got to the point where it was like big enough that my dermatologist actually saw several dermatologists and they were all just like you have to have a biopsy and the natal biopsy is a very like invasive, and I don't want to like. Go into too much detail and like get you all grossed out, but it's just yeah. It's not pretty got that done. I had to wait a week for the results and that brown line can be found in people who have like, like olive skin or darker skin, and you know it can be normal, just like a normal mole, but then it can also be a type of Melanoma, which is really really really really for me and like thank God, everything came back normal hummed it a lot I'm so so so so thankful, and it just made me like just like snap me back into reality and just realize, like what's important in my Life and like this life is so short, I think we're given these experiences for a reason and yeah. It was really really hard, but my heart goes out to anyone who has had to deal with anything. I mean my mind was just a scare. I can't imagine if it was actually something I would have just been so devastated, so praying for all of you and your families to be healthy, inshallah. I have this bandage on my finger from now on. I'm gon na be wearing something to cover up my nail for probably about six months. So that's if you ever see me with a bandage on that's why I because it's just not gon na look like a normal nail. On a lighter note. Yesterday I found out that little old lina little old, with love lina got nominated for a Streamy award. You guys, and if you don't know what a Streamy award is basically because i did not know what it was either until i found out yesterday, it's basically like the Oscars of YouTube, like it's a really really big deal. I am so flattered. So honored just to even be recognized like okay. What it's like my jaw was like on the floor, so I got nominated in the fashion category. Next to so many other super talented people, - and I am just like literally mind - blown about this - I'm just I'm just so thankful to like be recognized like I don't think I'm gon na win. I don't think it's open to the public to vote or anything. I don't think there's like any way that anyone could vote for me. I don't even know who picks the winner. So if I get any news on that I will update you guys, but that was just like such amazing news and I'm just so what flattered? Now that my makeup is done, I'm gon na go. What quickly get myself put together. Put my outfit all on share with you what I'm wearing okay super cozy vibes today even have on my little house shoes. These are by emu, Australia and my cat loves these things. I don't know he also loves that rug back there. I think he loves the like this sheepskin. This cardigan is from Express. I love this nude color. Obviously it's just like the perfect shade of nude and I love the duster length and then I have on an undershirt from hmm it's this really soft long-sleeved high neck rest color top. So I love the color of it and then these wide leg jeans are old from Free People, but I have some similar ones that I can link from mango that I just got recently and then the job is blush. I hike a job that I've been wearing a non-stop from the past few months and then Monica been a dear little rose, gold coin, necklace, okay, laid out all of my fall decor that I'm going to be just putting around the house. I wanted to just kind of walk you through. Like my thought process, you guys know I'm not a super like cutesy pumpkiny type of person, but I figured there's really no way that I can get away from pumpkins for decorating for fall and I found some really cute pastel colored ones from we were at The pumpkin patch the other day and we got these three and then I figured I needed a few more so I got the little ones and then this little pumpkin from my local grocery store. Then I have some cinnamon sticks that I got and I decorated with some cinnamon sticks last year. I just put them in a little Bowl and I just loved the earthy, like natural touch that it gave so. My theme for the fall decor is just going to be like neutrals, tans, brown, then I have this pampas grass that I had leftover and look what I made you guys. I made a little arrangement. Isn'T that so what cute I'm gon na be putting that in my book shop - and I just think it's gon na look so good.

I got these little mugs from Target. They were only like five dollars. You guys - and I had originally just gotten the L and then I brought this stuff home and I was like I need another one for Omar and I went back and they didn't have an O. So I got an S for snow bar. So it's like Lena and then who is that I already had this little chopping block. I already had these candlesticks from. They are looking kind of sad, but that's all I have right now, so I figured I can do some kind of like little table escape over there with this naughty kitty, and decorate my coffee table and yeah, we'll just kind of see where everything ends Up, let's go ahead and get to decorate it.

Okay, guys this little simple fall: tablescape! I think that is so cute. These pumpkins might be too big for the dining table, but you know what that's fine, it's just for, looks anyways wish. I could light the candles, but I lost my lighter, but that's okay, so so cute I'll have to get a lighter soon. I think we're gon na be having a friendsgiving next month. So I want to make sure that I have all my fault to court already and maybe we'll get some smaller pumpkins to put on the table so excited to share with you guys all the updates that I've done to my living room over the past couple of Weeks, I got out a lot of the decor from last year, but I added a few touches here and there I've like some more fall tones and fall textures that I think really just make. It seem a lot more cozy in here. The first update are our curtains and I want to put these up, I think a couple of weeks ago, so I just love the look of white curtains on a bronze curtain rod. I just think that looks so sophisticated and I love them so much. I got the broad from overstock, I believe, and then the curtains themselves are these, like linen material from West Elm, and I love love, love them. So let's go ahead and move on to my coffee table, so I'm so excited. I kind of set up a little pumpkin spice latte little serving platter and I'm gon na go ahead and make those with you guys today, because I found a really good, healthy recipe that I think you guys are going to love. I already made them once, and I am just obsessed so I have some cinnamon sticks. I have a cute little napkin that I got from Target and then the cups are from Target. A lot of this stuff is from last year, but I added some more cinnamon sticks and a few little candles, and I really wish that I had my lighter, so I could light these candles to make it look a lot more cozy but, that's okay. I have right here our little cozy chenille, blanket that I got from Target that I just love. I just draped that over our chair and four pillows, you guys I'm so happy with these, so these two were from last year. I got this one from Target and this one from Marshalls, but this one is new from Zara home. I just got some really cute stuff in from Zara home yesterday. Actually I could not wait to like open it with you guys. I went ahead and put it all out because I was so excited, so I have the same pillow arrangement on the other side and I just love symmetry, and I just think that looks so so good with, like all the fall tones and textures, then moving On to the bookshelf, so this is still a work in progress. It's definitely not where I want it to me, but I love Restoration, Hardware, vibes and you guys, I found the perfect little pottery pieces from a Zara home. I saw these on Lydia Mullins YouTube channel and I like, as soon as she started boxing them. I was like I have to have those, and I was like a little bit scared that they weren't gon na be able to ship to the US at first, but they definitely do to me. They just look very Restoration Hardware vibes and I am obsessed. So those three right there are all from Zara home. I love them. This is just my little pompous arrangement that I think is so so cute and adds a little touch of fall to my bookshelf. So that's the bookshelf so far.

I definitely have a lot of work to do on this. I think I want to add some books and, like maybe some bookends and maybe some more brass elements so yeah definitely a work in progress, but I love these little pottery pieces that I just got so so cute. This little guy is also from Zara home, another pottery element. That is just so cute. It's it's a bigger piece, so I have it on the floor and I really wanted to find some like taller Pampas to put in it, but for now it's just it chill. In there, I don't think I've shared with you guys at my little faux olive tree, so this is from a world market and I just think it looks very authentic for a faux plant. I need to figure out how I'm gon na cover up that part. Maybe I'll put like some rocks or something to cover up the base just so it looks a little bit more real, but I love olive plants I feel like. After we went to Italy, they were just everywhere and they are super on trend this season as well. So there's another overview of our cozy fall living room.

I hope you guys like it. Oh, I also got this basket, which I know I had last year, but somehow, like my, I had my big plant and and it got destroyed. So I got a new one and I love love, love this material. Just I feel like goes so well with my home, didn't really know what to do with these pumpkins, so I just placed them in that wooden bowl. I think it adds a nice little fall touch to my kitchen. I just I like it to be like super, clean and minimal in my kitchen, I don't like too many things out. I don't have to be out, so yeah, and I wish I could put a candle on my countertop as well, but this one this one. This is why I cannot do that. This boy has been very, very naughty. recently he's been really really upset because I've taken him outside. I think, like four times this week, which is a lot more than usual, because um we were kind of avoiding it while he was healing with his leg and everything, but now that he's healed, I was like you know what I'll just take him outside and you Know we could take him on walks. Well, that reminded him that there's like a whole world out there, that he hasn't been able to see so he's been so upset inside. You guys, and so I've been having him inside the past few days to try to like get let him like forget about it, and it's he's finally calming down but. The past few days have been awful who's just been meowing and meowing and meowing my head off now you're, just gon na clean yourself, like you're, just an innocent little boy, because they're so delicious and there's so much healthier for you than the Starbucks one. I know that, like we've been drinking the Starbucks ones and we all do it, but it's just not the best thing for us and it has like lots of chemicals and we don't know exactly what all is in it. So I'm gon na make one at home, it's super clean and like dairy-free and like processed sugar-free, and it's just delicious and it actually has like a real pumpkin in it. So let me get the ingredients out and we'll do it together: pureed, pumpkin and coffee. I'm not gon na be making myself coffee because I don't drink caffeine, but I'll make some for Omar for I'll, be using it. This chichi no teabag, and this is basically like an herbal tea that looks like coffee. It smells like coffee. It tastes like coffee, it's crazy, so yeah, it's really good. It also doesn't have any acid as well. So if you suffer from like problems with link acidity from coffee, then this is a really good option. It doesn't have caffeine, so I'm gon na make that for myself and then some coffee for our and then we'll get started turn it over here. Okay, so I'm making a coffee for Omar, and I want to show that's just in case you guys don't be interested, so what I've been doing the past few days, I've been brewing is coffee. It with a little bit of cinnamon powder like in the coffee and some people put it in like after they, you know, make their coffee, they put it on top or a little like stir it in, but you still get like the grittiness from cinnamon, and You know - and you do that so, if you like brew it with the coffee, just gives me that flavoring so good, okay, I thought I'd be easier to show you guys like this. So this is that Chino tea bag that I was talking about. It's the dandelion dark roast, that's the one that I have tried and I really like it. I think I've tried the hazelnut one as well, but this one is just basically like the flavor of black coffee, which I like. So I have my tea bag. I'm gon na go ahead and pour my hot water and you'll see. It literally looks like like as dark as coffee. Whenever it's finished, oh now, you're, a good boy, no you're, a good boy. Oh, he always tricked me okay, so I broke down and I got a milk frother because the first time I made this it was not like you know, very it wasn't frothy at all. Basically, it was just heated up milk and it just wasn't the same and did not taste like a latte or anything like that. So I got a milk frother. This is the Nespresso one and not gon na lie. It was, not cheap, so I'm probably shouldn't have bought this one, but it is amazing.

You guys literally I've already tried this and it is so freakin good actually got this entire recipe.

From dr. Mona on YouTube. I will link her video down below where she makes this entire thing and she goes through the entire process of making this drink with you guys.

All you do is you just turn on the milk frother, and this is gon na heat. The milk and mix everything together and froth it all up and I'm so excited, so I added the ingredients to the milk frother. It's frothing it all up and mixing everything together, something's happening, I the last time I made it. I only put one cup of almond milk, and now it's like dripping down, because I put two so maybe you're only supposed to put like a certain amount in there know that my little mixture is all nice and foamy. I'm gon na go ahead importance. You my teaching no, and I struggled so much with this you guys, because I guess the last time. I used a lot less milk or something, but it was so much foam here and like so much more foam than this. It was literally like the whole thing, was foam, pretty disappointed with my foam on top, but that's okay, okay, oh my gosh, okay, so ; it's definitely not as sweet as the one from Starbucks, but you could definitely add more maple syrup. I feel like. Maybe I could add, like a touch more sweetener, but I don't really like my coffee's not sweet like I said you can actually taste the pumpkin because it actually has a real pumpkin in there. I love the pumpkin pie spice and you could totally make this like a lot more creamy if you added like real milk, but I try to stay dairy free most of the time so I'll leave the recipe listed down below, along with the video that I followed From a doctor, mana good afternoon, everyone, I'm not sure, what happened yesterday. I was planning on vlogging the night, but we wound up just like doing nothing like literally I just went. My parents house actually brought Leo with me, so he can play with my mom's cat and we literally just sat on the couch and like veg doubt until like 10:00 p. m. We did nothing and we were just like so exhausted from the week like. I don't know how people can go and do fun stuff. One Friday night, usually I feel like everyone is just exhausted, but anyways. I am addressed and ready for the day it's around two p. m. now, and my sisters were actually supposed to be here at 1:00. But actually it didn't like finish getting ready until like thirty minutes ago, because I didn't hear they were gon na be late. We're gon na just go run some errands, there's really nothing to do in the small town, except for like go to Target Omar's working tonight. So I told them they should come over like back to my house and we can like bake something and like super fall and like just have like a fun and baking night. So we'll see what what the day brings. I tried something a little slightly different with my eye makeup today I haven't worn eyeliner in a long time, so today I wanted to do like a little subtle wing, so I took like a little smudgy liner by Marc Jacobs and I just kind of like smudge. It on my lash line and then just like brush it out with a little brush and just mean like a really. I don't even know if you can see it on camera. But it's just like a really subtle little wing and I feel like it just kind of defines the eye a little bit better. This is the outfit today, just a really simple basic fall outfit, even though the weather is a very like finicky, and today it's seventy-five where, as like a couple of days ago, it was perfect and it was like in the 50s, and we were just like. So excited and then I went back too hot again, so I tried to like wear just like you know a little bit lighter weight layer, so I have on a blazer from Zara that I got last year. This undershirt is from H & M, and my wide leg. jeans are from H & M and usual blushed, chiffon buy hot a job and then my gorge on a necklace and Gor Jonah, actually gave me a discount code and I will leave it in my description box um. I think I'm gon na be wearing these sneakers with the outfit as well, just to like run around town. So, just waiting on at my sister's to get here, they were supposed to be here like an hour ago, okay, one thing, show you guys. Yesterday is my front porch, because I did not like decorate it, not much, but I wanted to show it to you because I'm very proud of it. Ok! So here we have my front porch and I'm so proud, because I just got these mums from Home Depot the other day and they're, so beautiful and they're blooming, and I just love them. I've only had them for about a week, so we'll see how long they last, but I also got these planters from Home Depot and I thought they matched the door perfectly. My door needs to be restained. Unfortunately, all the weather and elements have kind of destroyed. The staining on the door, wouldn't it be pretty, to have two wreaths there as well. I don't know I'm not much of a wreath person, but I feel like that. Would look so pretty there. What do you guys think I was gon na? Do pumpkins, but nothing really matched the space, so I was gon na do like orange pumpkins and it just was not like going with. Like the modern Athena theme, of my house. I think maybe white pumpkins would look good, but I was just like no I'm just gon na stick with the mom, so just keep it super simple, because I just don't want to spend that much money anyways. My sister picked me: have the girls in the front they especially to the back. This is not complainin. I have office room if I return those shoes which shoes - oh one, got some dad sneakers like the baked chicken um. I think you should give the Nike yeah I've seen cuter one still honestly, so yeah, I'm drinking some peppermint tea and I made it just got a topo Chico and Lauren got a peppermint tea as well, even though we're at Target we're in The cat section, because I want to get Leo a new toy because he's been really bored, so he loves the feather toy, but he needs like carrots. I just mean like something with a lot of catnip in it. They have organic break for my Bujji cat. Okay, I found this beautiful eucalyptus wreath that I think I'm gon na get to I'm to put on my door. I think that's gon na look so good and it'll be good for year-round too. We always end up in the blanket and the pillow section, but I wanted to show you guys picked up this little laser toy for Leo. So now I can play with him by just sitting on the couch and it's just gon na be amazing.

Yeah, that's gon na look good!

Yes, yes, yes, ! Yes.

Okay, we're about to see what leo does with this little laser toy he's never seen know it.

I just saw it where he's never seen one of these before so gon na be so fun. I got the Chipotle going it sounds so good right now change into something a little bit more comfy. It literally just threw on that same cardigan from yesterday and then a Jersey, hijab. This is camel by haha job and I sent Omar off to work. My sister and mom left a little bit earlier and I am gon na go run to the grocery store real fast and get stuff too first to make some banana bread tonight, I'm gon na take it over to my mom's house and then we'll make it Over there, so we were planning on baking together at my house, but everyone is so tired this weekend, literally everyone one just wants to like veg on the couch again tonight, so I'm gon na bring some stuff to make some banana bread and then we're just gon Na like chill over there so I'll, take you guys with me. I'm gon na have to take my little wreaths back. His Omar was looking at them and he usually doesn't have like very strong opinions about home decor. He usually just lets me do like whatever, but this time he was just like Lena, I don't know about those he just like didn't like them, so I'm gon na take them back, because I just want to like make sure that he likes the stuff. Let's go get some banana bread, stuff and I'll. Take you guys to my mom's house, on a Saturday night getting stuff to make banana bread at my mama's house, and I have all my ingredients laid out. I even found the perfectly ripe banana that won't open now, but they're perfectly ripe bananas for banana bread and even the person who was checking me out. He was like. Oh those would be perfect for banana bread. I was like I'm making it tonight.

Perfect, so I'm going to whisk all this stuff. Together we have three ripe, bananas. We have chocolate chips, we have almond butter and almond flour. We have vanilla.

I brought the pumpkin pie spice just because I think a little bit of that in there would be good. You have some baking, soda baking powder salt and some coconut oil spray for the pan and eggs and some sugar I'll link the recipe that I'm gon na follow a John below.

Happy Sunday, everyone, I'm not showing my face right now. Just because I look a wreck, I'm not wearing my hijab, I'm still in my pajamas and I just have been taking a very slow morning, but I wanted to share my decor, not that I have all my candles lit. I think it just makes it look. So much more cozy I got a lighter when we were at Target yesterday. I even went ahead and lit the dining-table tablescape, and I just think that looks so cute. So I took some little video clips that I'll try to insert into this video somewhere.

This is the leftover banana bread from yesterday. I had a piece this morning with a cup of peppermint tea and I just had a really lovely morning, except one thing that gave me a mini heart attack. So since I'm burning candles, I always like to kind of crack a window just to let some fresh air in as well. Please excuse how dirty these windows are, but I had cracked this window probably to about like right. there like not really enough for Leo to really even be able to squeeze himself out, I thought, but that little boy stuck his nose in the window and like, pushed it up and squeezed his body out and he was trying to escape. But I was able to open the door and like bring him back inside easily, but oh my gosh, you guys. I cannot handle him.

So it's kind of weird me talking and like not showing my face, but I'm gon na get writing just a second and I'll talk to you guys like more properly, but if any of you guys know of any solutions, we were thinking of maybe getting him Like GPS tracker, so we could like make sure we knew where he was, but I'm just so scared to lose him, and I want to take him outside like on the leash and stuff. But then he freaks out and like just doesn't want to stay inside ever again after I take him outside for a little bit. So please help. While I was in the shower. I had my little robot vacuum, go all around and clean everything and I'm gon na like just wipe down the kitchen and like the countertops and some of the cabinets and things like that. Actually, before I clean, I actually need to shoot something so Omar. He just woke up: I'm gon na make him some coffee and then we need to take a couple pictures. So this is what I'm shooting today, I'm working with on my Instagram and not for this video or anything. But I thought I would go ahead and just kind of tell you guys what I'm about to share. Basically, I put together some products that I love for nighttime and I have been obsessed with the Clinique take the day off range. They sent me this little eye makeup remover and you can get this on Walmart and I am just obsessed with it. It's such a good eye. Makeup remover I've talked about cleansing balms recently, but the ones that I've been mentioning have been like super expensive, like the Elemis one that I just recently tried. The Clinique take the day off balm and you guys it is amazing, like you have to try it. I think it was $ 30, so way less expensive than the Elemis one and it works amazing. It doesn't have a scent, and so, if you're like sensitive to scents or anything, I don't think any of the Clinique products are scented. So then I haven't used this one in forever and when I saw it on the Walmart website, I was like I have to have that. I used to love this cleanser. It's such a good gentle, simple, cleanser, and it smells so so so good and then, of course, I'm using Clinique, Moisture Surge as usual and then also since this is a, I'm like a nighttime, routine post. I wanted to share this glow habit. Sleep well supplement, so this these are the like the gummies that I've been loving recently and they have a melatonin one. So it's like perfect for like nighttime to help you sleep. So those are the products that I'm going to be talking about on my Instagram. Soon and I would totally totally recommend all of these - this is one. Are you anything else, yeah we're finished and I think those are gon na turn out so super cute. Just so you guys know like. Obviously this video isn't sponsored. I am working with them on my Instagram, but I chose every single product myself and what to totally recommend every single one. So anytime, I do a sponsorship. It's always something that I would actually recommend. So, whether it's a sponsorship or not, you guys don't have to like worry about like what I recommend to you guys. It's always gon na be truly authentic and things that I love. So just so you guys know: we've got the game going for Omar and he's got his banana bread and his coffee. He worked last night, poor thing, so he just woke up it's like well. He woke up, like maybe thirty minutes ago, an hour. Oh, my god, I'm losing track of time when I go to the grocery store and grab stuff to make a chicken noodle soup, because that's just it just sounds so so good for this weather. Okay, I just finished wiping down at the kitchen, and I have been obsessed with these cleaning products, so they actually have all kinds of products from like body hair to like cleaning supplies and it's called love home and planet. wow, you guys this stuff smells amazing.

At my favorite, two cents are the lavender and argan oil and the vetiver, and tea tree it just smells so so good. I got these at Target, so you guys definitely pick one up if you need a new like kitchen spray. I also use these to clean my bathroom earlier, and I think I want to get this stuff to like mop with, because it would just make my whole house smell so so good. I was planning on mopping, but Omar said he would fill up. The little cartridge with the water and stuff for the robot vacuum to mop so yeah and then Leo's gon na destroy the house, find you ain't, you yeah pretty boy. I come from the grocery store and then the robot vacuum has been circling. around and it looks pretty good - I paused it because it was making a lot of noise, and I want to be able to talk to you guys real fast. This is everything that I got today. Hopefully, this will be enough for me to make the soup and then pesto, pasta with shrimp and that's pretty much all this is gon na make.

I didn't really get too much extra. I never really get any snacks, although I did get a like a little thing of fresh mango and I've been snacking on this because I have any anything all day except for a piece of banana bread. So I'm starving - and this is actually um, like surprisingly crunchy - for a mango - it's like not ripe at all, but still actually taste so good.

I have been struggling with like straying away from my everyday smoothie.

It's just like my chocolate banana smoothie. Every morning - and it really still has a little bit of caffeine in it, so I really can't handle my smoothie anymore, which is so sad, I'm trying to find a recipe for a green smoothie. That's really good and my sister Amanda and Lauren recommended one to me that has peaches, coconut water banana, what else spinach and ginger. So I can't where's my ginger ginger yeah, so I'm gon na try out a new green smoothie this week and see how that goes. So I got the frozen and mango just to try out and see which one I like better in my smoothies, then for the soup, I got chicken broth and I got celery. I already have carrots, and I'm also just gon na put some zucchini and some squash, I'm also going to put some onion and garlic and parsley and lemon. I just love when my soup has lots of lemon and it's just like really tart. I love that then I have some penne pasta. I'm gon na use this for the pesto pasta and then I have some pine nuts for the pesto pasta, some basil for the pasta.

I just got some avocados, so I could make some avocado toast for breakfast, then I got shrimp to eat with the pasta, some more bananas, because I like to freeze those for smoothies and then eat some fresh, sometimes, and I think I'll, just everything That I got.

My battery died, but I finished well. I almost finished this dude. I went ahead and added shredded chicken so to make this shredded chicken. All I did is just baked chicken breast, like I normally do, and I seasoned that with some allspice and garlic salt and then I just shredded it as soon as I got it out of the oven and then just like stuck it in the soup. So it could all like cook together and have like the chicken flavor get in the broth, and things like that. So I think this is gon na, be so good, I'm gon na add at the parsley and the lemon at the end, we'll come back to that. In a little bit, because that's going to have to cook for a little while, but all right, I'm gon na go clean myself up. I need to pray. Ah, sir and Omar, I just went to play soccer with some of his friends. So when he comes back, I think we're gon na go, eat dinner tonight somewhere and just have like a little date night for the soup. That will last us all week, which is why I love making big soups like that or like stews, because they stay so good for a long period of time. We can just kind of like eat that for lunch or for dinners or just whenever, we're hungry throughout the week, so I'm feeling really good because I feel like if this was a really productive weekend. I cleaned I cooked and I got some work done. Soup is finished. I went ahead and added the juice of two lemons. I'm gon na go ahead, and add parsley now: okay, it does this, not look so good, I'm so excited to eat.

This this week just prayed and it's like after seven o'clock. Omar's not home yet, and so I need to keep it Leo a bath. So I thought we would do that together come on baby boy. We gon na give you a bath because you looking really knobby come on.

Being dried.

You got a lot of work to do. now Sami. You ran up the stairs, so he didn't like himself in peace, but if you guys are wondering why he handled that so well, it's just basically because Bingle's like water and they're a little bit different than regular cats and if you're also wondering what is upstairs Because I don't think I've ever taken, you guys up there, it's because that's Omar's mancave. I actually have my desktop computer like in the corner up there as well. So I actually work up there, but it's like, I feel like it, I'm in a dungeon. So it's like not the most ideal place for me: okay, it's nine o'clock at night or this one. Where are you it's? Finally ready? I had to eat some of this soup because I was so hungry and it turned out so good you're gon na love. It I'm so excited we're. Basically, just gon na go have burgers. It's just a super late-night meal. They have this a really good, veggie burger that I love. So I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog. I will see you guys in my next one