Decorate With Me for Ramadan! Ramadan/Eid Decor 2020

Decorate With Me for Ramadan! Ramadan/Eid Decor 2020

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, my name is Leda.

If you guys are new and Ramadan Mubarak, I'm actually filming this about a week before Ramadan so. Hopefully I can get this up at least in the beginning of Ramadan for you guys. So you didn't get some info for how you can decorate. I think this year, more than ever, it's just so important to try like, bring the Ramadan spirit into our homes, because we're not gon na be going out right of spending the entire month at home. I also have been trying on if you like Eid option, so I thought I would go ahead and show you guys this dress, because I shared it on Instagram and so many you guys loved it. So let me show you guys this dress, because I think it would be a really good option for you. Okay, so I found this gorgeous dress from H & M and when I shared it on my Instagram the other day, I had so many people love it too. So I thought I would share it, even if we're just gon na be home, this Eid, which is kind of sad, I figured that we're, basically all still gon na dress up anyways for pictures and stuff, and everyone on my Instagram. The other day said that they were still gon na dress up just to like nap on the couch, which is what we always you. Don'T really do. Anyways just threw on my house shoes. Obviously this is not the look, but I do have on some white leggings that I really like there by Spanx, so they are an investment, but they had them in, maternity and regular and they're, really nice legging to put under many dresses like This so I'll link those if you guys are interested also just wearing the light. Mink chiffon. If I hunt hijab it matches literally every single outfit. I just thought I would go ahead and share this one, because everything always sells out so fast. Currently, in twenty-five weeks, while I'm filming this, this is not a maternity dress and it really isn't that flattering for a maternity. I don't think because we're the same hits is like not really that flattering, but I don't really care. I really like to this dress, so I have all of my decor laid out. I'm gon na share with you guys everything and where I got everything I'm going to be decorating, my dining table and kind of making a really pretty table, scape kind of like how I did last year, but I changed up a few things. The reason why I decorate my dining table is mainly because I don't have really any other space in my house to decorate. I would love to decorate like a, fireplace mantel or a entryway table, or something like that, but we just don't really have either one of those. So I just usually do a really pretty tablescape, and it also gives a really nice ambiance whenever we eat dinner at night like to be honest, we usually eat here at the bar whenever we dinner together, but I think like during Ramadan I'm gon na Try to have us sit at the table and like just have a really nice like setup. So let me share where everything's from I absolutely love, decorating with lanterns and candles and twinkle lights for Ramadan. I think it is so cozy and just so festive I have a board on my Pinterest for Ramadan decor inspo. I will link it down below if you guys need more inspiration, but I am going with like gold and white and like greenery. This year, but I also pinned some really pretty ones that are like all white and like silver and things like that. So I will link that so you guys can get some more info to see what would match your house. So these big ones, I bought from Pier one they're actually on, like clearance right now for a really really good deal. So if you want them, grab them, because I just loved this, like, modern style, they're beautiful, I may go ahead and get another two so that I have like the full like force that that way with one day I wanted to like frame my fireplace with both of them, I could do that or like frame my like doorway, or something to be really pretty to do like an entryway like in front of your front door or even on a back patio.

That would be really pretty as well. So I got the lanterns and then I also got the faux candles to go inside also from Pier one and then to make it like extra cozy. You go ahead and you wrap the fairy lights around inside the lanterns and it makes it so so beautiful. When everything is lit at night. I actually tried to turn on the faux candles and I didn't like how ya little they looked. So I'm just gon na be turning on the fairy lights and just leaving those as is these lanterns are gon na be going on the table. I got them from Michael's craft store last year in store and, like obviously their stores. are, I think, they're closed right now, so I don't think you can order these, but I will link below some very similar ones that I found on Etsy inspiration that I found on Pinterest was so cute. There was like olive branches and blush pink, and so I knew I wanted to add that this year so I got some blush pink napkins and a table runner, and then this olive branch garland I, got from Walmart. I have some gold candle, votives that are so so beautiful when lit so I'll link some similar ones from Amazon, but I did get these from Michaels last year as well, and then I have some pillar candles that are going to be going inside. The lanterns and I have some candle sticks that I'm gon na add as. Well, what else? Oh, I do have some gold silverware that this is from Target actually all of my silverware and plates and everything you're from Target. I'm just gon na go ahead and set the table since I'm making a table scape I'll, just finish off the entire table. These I made for just like a little place. Setting the gold Ramadan sticks, I'm pretty sure are just like stick inside it. Like a cupcake or a cake, or something, but I'm just using them as a little like table, setting - I don't know, but I just tried to get all like crafty and Pinterest II, also want to talk a little bit more about the fairy lights. I'll link some similar from Amazon - I don't remember where I got these, maybe like world market you're, just such a good handy, little thing to have around Ramadan time, because they're so easy to decorate with they're like on a wire. So you can just like kind of bend them wherever you need them and they just make such a difference like they're, really really pretty in the background of photos, if you have like the blurry background, they just make the most beautiful, like bouquet, in photos. It's so pretty. I also got these this year that are like little bubble, twinkle lights and they make a little bit more of a statement.

So I got those for the table this year and they're so pretty.

First, I'm just wiping off the table with my favorite all-purpose, cleaner. This one is by love home and planet and it's in the lavender scent and it smells so good. I also forgot to mention that I got my new mirror and I'm sure you guys noticed it, but I'm obsessed, I just really think it finishes off the space and makes my dining room seem a little bit bigger, adding my blush pink table runner that I got on clearance at cratenbarrel, but I linked almost an identical one from Amazon.

I was super inexpensive. Now I'm just using my fabric steamer, to get all the creases out of the table runner.

I use this thing constantly for clothing

For curtains, for the chair covers for any kind of fabric around my house. It is so handy, I loved it so much more than using an iron. I will link this one down below because it was my absolute favorite, adding my Olive Branch garland that I got from Walmart. I was super happy with this particular one. It's six feet, long and fits my table perfectly. So I'm just going ahead and straightening out the, garland and fluffing out the leaves a little bit. I love the way these lanterns. Look. They just make such a statement and they're so beautiful. I did link a similar set that I found on Etsy, because these exact ones are not available, online, just adding in my candles and my twinkle lights. This is just gon na make such a difference when everything is lit. It's so pretty, just hiding the battery box from the twinkle lights within the garland, and it was clear anyway. So it was super easy to just kind of blend in I'm, going ahead, and setting the table just to give you guys an idea of what it would look like. I'm not gon na be leaving the plates and silverware out all month long, but I think this would be a beautiful way to decorate your table for a really special, iftar dinner or even for a brunch. I think this is an amazing way to just make Eid really special. Now I'm working on the big lanterns and I'm just wiping out the bottom, because they were a little bit dusty, I'm adding in the faux pillar, candles and my fairy lights on wires. I bent the wire and connected it to the top and trying to evenly disperse the fairy lights throughout the lantern, so it makes more of a statement. You really don't want to tightly wrap the wire around the candle or anything you want to evenly disperse them. So it makes a bigger statement when the fairy lights are on. You could leave the battery box for the fairy lights inside the lantern and just hide it behind the candle or you can leave it outside the lantern and just hide it behind the actual Lantern itself. So that's what I'm doing I love the way. This looks when the fairy lights are on. It would look beautiful in an entryway in front of a fireplace in your living room anywhere. It just makes such a statement. I love lighting all my candles around iftar time every night. It just really makes dinner time so festive and so cozy.

I wanted to share now that everything is lit. It looks so so pretty. Obviously you don't have to use real candles. You could do the faux candles with the battery operated ones and it would still look just as nice and that way it's a little safer for like animals and children, and then I have my lanterns here that I just absolutely love, I think. I may move these to the living room, but I had it like a little empty spot right there, that kind of like tied everything together. I love these bubble, twinkle lights. I think those made such a difference as well they're, just like a little bit more of a statement than the fairy lights - oh, my goodness, it's so cozy, and so pretty. You guys will have to. Let me know what you think in the comments, but I think it turned out so beautiful.

I hope you guys enjoyed it decorating with me.

Let me know what else you want to see this Ramadan and I will see you guys in my next one.