Feeding My Baby Solids! Modest Workout Outfits, 2021 Goals, Healthy Chicken Taco Recipe

Feeding My Baby Solids! Modest Workout Outfits, 2021 Goals, Healthy Chicken Taco Recipe

Good morning you guys and happy two thousand and twenty-one this is actually the first time i'm picking up my camera this year and. It is january 6th, so i took about a week off just to kind of regroup and refocus. I feel like ever since i had my baby. I have not had a proper break. I mean i took a maternity leave for about three to four weeks where i didn't really film anything.

But that's that just wasn't really a break for me because you're, like healing and just trying to figure things out and you're exhausted. That was not a break. Then we moved like straight into holiday season, i feel like and i've just been running and running and running.

So i took some time off during the holidays and i feel very refreshed and i'm just so excited to get back in the swing of things and i'm so excited about, like the plans that i have for this channel.

I'll talk to you all about that a little bit later, in this video, but i thought that today i would kind of just take y'all with me on a day in the life and just we are gon na be getting back into the swing of things. Basically, i actually started a workout routine.

I've been on this routine now for a little over a week, so i was going to share that with y'all um.

I ordered some new workout clothes. I got some stuff, that's more like at home workout. It's like really cute leggings, like tank, tops um and like sports bras, but then i also have some modest options to share with y'all like if we're going to a gym or, if, like you know, doing walks or anything out in public. I have some modest workout clothes to share with y'all as well and then later today, we're making some chicken tacos, which is kind of like a healthy meal idea.

What else am i doing today? Anyways? I just thought i would take you guys along okay. I don't know if you guys can tell, but it is so gloomy outside it is actually pouring and yeah. It's just not the most beautiful day, even though it is dark and gloomy outside we are going to make the most of it um. Oh, my gosh, one of my goals this year is to wake up earlier than elena and omar, and i were talking on sunday and we were like we have got to start getting in a better routine.

We have got to force ourselves to get up earlier than elena. She wakes up every day around seven thirty, so we've been waking up around seven thirty, eight o'clock, and that seems like yeah that's kind of early but like with the baby. If you don't wake up before, then you can't get anything done. I can't get ready for the day. I can't do a workout. I can't basically make breakfast. I can't do anything because i'm taking care of her from the get-go, so i have done very, very well um the past three days. It is wednesday today and this whole week. I've woken up at six a. m. Prayed done some self-care like got myself ready, like made some breakfast. So that's what i did this morning. The only thing that i did not do.

Um is doing my workout because i wanted to do that with you guys elena's down for her first nap. It is about nine thirty right now, so i usually try to get this done a little earlier amanda's. Actually here she comes every day at nine o'clock to help me with stuff, on my blog or editing or just like kind of, all the things that i need help with. Now that i have a baby, i like really utilize her as much as i can um but anyways. Let me go ahead and show you guys these workout clothes and then we'll start my workout okay. I laid out all the outfits on the floor. I did a huge order of workout clothes from like ten different stores. I think the main ones were athleta, old navy and amazon. None of this is sponsored. I just really wanted to find some really cute workout clothes for this year.

And i just feel so much more like motivated to work out when i have cute stuff to work out and even if nobody can see me when i'm working out at home, i have these three that are more like my out at home, workout outfits, Because they're, obviously like not as modest but they're so chic, so cute, i found the cutest sets. This one is one of my favorites that i found it's pretty affordable from old navy.

I love the leopard print and then i found this mauve set from athleta. Oh my gosh, you guys. If you're looking for cute workout clothes, you have to check athleta, they literally have the cutest stuff. These two pieces are also athleta um. The quality from them is just out of this world, but i don't need two pairs of leopard leggings, so i'm going to try them on and see what i'm going to keep i'll, let you guys know, but i just wanted to show you guys like What i found - and i will link everything below amanda - actually has this workout top that she wears all the time. I think she has it in gray and she loves it anyways. Those are my options for some at home workouts.

Then i found some really cute modest options that i'm going to share with y'all from the same stores, some really really cute, joggers and long sleeve, running shirts and things that i think you guys will love so i'll. Try these on, for you guys, okay, so! The first option that i have that's a more modest look is from amazon.

Both of these pieces are such amazing quality and very affordable. This is a long, sleeve, half zip. That, i think, is amazing because it is a little bit longer in the back, so it does cover up the back side. If you can see that. These are some joggers that i really like the fit of the quality is just incredible: they're, like tighter around the ankle and then looser around the thighs um they're a little still a little tight around the bottom area. But since i'm wearing this, like long shirt, it covers up in the back, so i feel i feel like that's.

I don't know i feel comfortable wearing this. You could also tie a little long, sleeve running shirt around your waist as well. If you still wanted like a little bit more coverage, i feel, like an all-black look, looks really good paired with light colored sneakers, and these are some adidas sneakers that i've had for a very long time and i will link them down below.

Okay. Here is another affordable option: these joggers are amazon and they're like this really pretty mauve color.

They come in so many colors and they're. Really a nice, sweat, wicking material, so they're very cooling. Then this top is from old navy. It's also a sweat, wicking material. I love this wrap detail. It is, so so cute. So that's the second look. Okay, so i'm trying on the athletic stuff - and these are some joggers from athleta. They are so similar to the amazon ones that i just shared.

I wanted to share that if you guys are wearing like a shorter top and you just need some more coverage in the back. I always like to tie around my waist a long-sleeve running shirt and that way everything is literally covered in the back. You don't have to worry about anything um if you're doing like squats or if you're doing yoga or whatever. I always. I literally always do this and i tie it in a knot, so it doesn't like budge or fall off or anything and.

It doesn't move like while i'm running or anything that i've ever done, wearing this, it's been fine, so i just wanted to give you guys that option and it's still a really cute look. I feel like at the gym. Okay - and this is that full athleta look. This is that shirt that was tied around my waist and i am obsessed with this top. It's definitely more pricey, but it is so cute, the material is amazing. It is kind of long all the way around. I still have the tag on i'm gon na. Take that off. I guess i can kind of show you guys my five month, postpartum tummy like i definitely can hide it really well, but this is.

This is just the reality and i'm not like i mean i don't even mind it.

I know that i'm five months postpartum, like i'm, being very kind to myself and i'm not expecting that i need to like bounce back super fast.

I think my abs are just so weak. That's why i'm so excited to get this program. Um like finished because then hopefully my core will be really tight and then i can just get everything like locked back in place because things just seem very loose and just everything just bulges out and honestly. Maybe my uterus is really not even um. Like shrunk back down all the way all my workout clothes will be linked down below in the description box, but i'm gon na go ahead and start my workout.

Okay, i'm gon na do my workout in here, because um. I have this like larger area of rag space, to put my mat on. However, i have honestly only been doing my workouts in my pajamas and no shoes on literally like sitting next to the fire, because they've been so like. Just just really. Easing back into working out they've been very stretching very much just like a very low impact, just exactly what i needed to like get back into.

The swing of things

I'm using this sweat, app by kayla itzinas.

Is that the right? Because i don't know how to pronounce her name, but it's the sweat up and they have a post pregnancy program, um and it's been awesome. It literally takes fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Oh also, i'm supposed to have a resistance band for these, but you guys, i am literally just using my own body weight for these exercises. Firstly, because i don't have a resistance band, yet i ordered one it's on the way but.

The other thing is that i'm so weak, like my muscles, are seriously like so weak that just using my body weight for things literally gives me a workout. So i feel like i just need to start with body weight, and then move to the resistance bands and then later on, hopefully we'll get back into some weights, but anyways.

Let's get started:.

Okay, i just finished the workout.

It was a very low-key, very just stretching and yeah. It was just really good to warm up my body and it's nice that i'm just taking it really slow. That way, i can just really like ease my weight back into working out. I feel like it has actually made a difference. I feel like my back, doesn't hurt as much as it did when i first started and since the post-pregnancy program um is like geared towards like recovering from pregnancy.

I just feel like it's literally just i don't know all the exercises are really doing me really well, so i'm gon na actually make some avocado toast, so i've been doing it just a tiny bit different, so i'm gon na share what i've been doing.

Okay, so i have my canyon bakehouse, toast. I always tell y'all that i like to use the everything bagels by canyon, but i'm always out because i use them so much then for spices.

I love cumin and the everything bagel sesame so delicious, especially if you have the everything bagel as well. It's like so much good, flavor. We have a chatterbox on our hands, then we have half avocado and the best part you guys. I've shared this on instagram, and so many of you guys tried it and said that it was a game changer as well. It's just a drizzle of olive oil. It sounds so simple, but it makes a world of difference. So i'm to put this together.

And this is basically just a snack for me right now.

You guys because i feel like i don't know, i just need more heavy-duty snacks while i'm breastfeeding.

I already had my smoothie this morning before i worked out. and i'll have lunch later, so this is not just my, i don't know this isn't the first thing i'm eating today.

Okay, i just had my little snack, i put her in the carrier and i'm gon na go ahead and just straighten up real quick.

Just do like a speed, straighten up and then later i'm gon na share with y'all elena's high chair, because we got her a high chair. We've been starting her on some solids, just like once a day just because rpd said that we could just introduce her to some just like one food a day here and there so. That's what we've kind of started doing um, so i'll kind of show. You guys what we feed her a little bit later, it's so cute! So let's get to straightening up.

I will tell you what that was the real workout of the day.

You try making the bed and running around the house with the twenty pound weight. actually she's, not twenty pounds.

Yet i think she's like, probably sixteen sixteen pounds so yeah. I am it's almost time for her nap. So i'm going to go ahead and lay her down and then after once she's napping, i will finally get ready for the day. Okay, i laid elena down for a little nap. I went ran through the shower for like five minutes and i threw on the same outfit that i've been wearing for the last week. Basically, i've been living in this amazon sweater dress that i don't even remember if i've showed on here yet, but i've definitely showed it on instagram stories, and i actually, just yesterday filmed a amazon like favorites fashion.

Try on for my highlights. I like have a little amazon highlight, so i will link that down below if you guys want to see any more of my favorite amazon pieces, but i'm going to throw on a little bit of makeup.

I always like to try to get ready for the day. Just since i work from home um, i just like to kind of feel a little bit more put together, and this is literally just for myself. It's not because i feel like more beautiful in makeup, it's just kind of like therapeutic for me to sit and do my makeup and feel like i got ready for the day. It's just like a very mental thing for me, plus, it just makes me feel good about myself.

I just threw on some of the bare minerals, bare minerals, at complexion, rescue and, just a little bit of concealer some color on my face, but i thought i would just go ahead and catch up with you guys. Just do a little new year's catch up, we'll just kind of regroup on here as well, because i've had a lot of thoughts um about what i want to do with my channel this year. For some reason, i'm just feeling, like my videos, are all over the place. i feel like i do vlogs.

I do sit down videos

I do in between.

I don't know. I just feel like my channel's, not like very grounded and like maybe you guys, don't know exactly what you're going to expect from me every single week, so to fix that up this year, i really want to like still stick with vlogs, because I feel like people like those the most on my channel, so the vlogs are not going anywhere um, but i do like there are certain things that i want to film.

Sit down videos about that um like about baby stuff or like favorites, or just like product review, like certain things that i feel like, i would love to be able to incorporate on my channel. So what i'm thinking is to do one sit down video a week, and one vlog. Let me know if you guys have any ideas or if you guys have any requests or if you feel like that, sounds like something you'd be interested in, because it's been something i've been thinking about a lot and now that it's the new year and i've tried To like think more of like what my goals are for this channel and now that i'm out of the newborn phase and the holidays are over, i can kind of like regroup and just think okay.

What do i want to do this year?

And i'm thinking it's going to be one, sit-down video and one vlog a week. don't hold me to that.

Okay, because i have tried so hard with the one video a week, you guys don't understand how hard that is just one. I don't know how people do like multiple videos. I don't know how people do like two three videos. A week every week, i'm gon na really try to get to the two so anyways, but saturdays will still be my upload day. I'm going to be uploading in shot a lot of vlogs on saturdays, so i'm hoping to fit in another video during the week and that will be like my sit down video and that will be like i don't know something else.

You can kind of expect from my channel. Another like business goal of mine this year is just to be a little bit more relaxed on instagram. I've been really trying to just connect with y'all more in my stories over there and um. My goal this year is to just even make my feed a little bit more relaxed and just take pictures with my phone and just like not care and before. I was so hooked on like making my feed, like so beautiful and, like i still like i'm kind of anal about my feed, because it's just like i don't know why.

I can't let go of it. It's just like a piece of art. For me, but um yeah, i just want it to be a lot more relatable, because that's just what i like to watch and i don't know why it's taking me so long to try to get to that point.

So those are kind of like my business goals. I guess i mean i always would love to be able to like grow my social media and things like that, but to to be one hundred honest, like.

I am just so grateful for you guys and the people that i have now that i just want to be a great resource for you guys and just want to.

I just want to like be able to help you guys as much as i can so i mean, of course i would love to grow as well, but i'm just so grateful for all of you guys who already follow me and like i just want to Do the best that i can for you guys as well, so those are some of my, i guess more like business goals, but as far as personal goals, i feel like i've mentioned this before, but um waking up early before elena is huge.

For me, which i've been doing good for the past three days, so we're just gon na hope that that continues on for the rest of this year, um. Another goal of mine is to really um, just be kind to myself, because i'm the type of person who is very critical of myself and i'm hard on myself, and, like i stress myself out, not from pressure from anyone other than me.

Like i just am that way, and i've always been that way, so this year, i'm hoping to just i don't know, let go of things, and this is honestly out of like necessity, because i feel like as a mom.

I just. I physically can't like be a perfectionist about things anymore. I have to let go of certain things because my top priority is my baby and other things just kind of have to be put on the back burner. Okay, my makeup is done. Just did a quick little everyday look and i'm gon na go grab a hijab and show you guys my outfit of the day.

Okay, just super comfy, simple outfit of the day, literally wearing my house shoes. I am not leaving the house, like i said. I just like to get ready for the day, so i'm wearing a amazon sweater dress that i've been wearing non-stop recently.

You guys have seen it all over my instagram um and i got a medium, but i honestly. I shrunk this in the dryer because it's it was too big on me, so i would honestly need a size small. I like this color, it's like a camel like a light camel, but i also have it in white and it's also beautiful, i'm wearing some faux leather leggings and some house shoes from amazon as well, because they're so comfy. They remind me of uggs, but um. They are so much more lightweight and actually prefer them. And then this is a jersey from culture hijab and i just love how it has like the sewn edge, very good quality. So i'm gon na go work on my computer for a bit and i will catch up with you guys a little bit later when i have um some cooking to do, because i'm gon na make a really yummy recipe with y'all later.

Okay, the lighting in here has been kind of crazy because it's so dark and gloomy and raining outside so excuse that. But i have a special announcement. We have a high chair in the house, i'm so excited. We got elena high chair, probably a week ago um, because we have started introducing some solid foods to her or pd said that it was like.

You know:, okay, to start um, doing like like one food a day. So i wanted to get a high chair and i did a lot of research on, high chairs and the more expensive ones, even though they're very beautiful, they just looked so hard to clean, and so i got the ikea one.

That's literally twenty bucks, but to make it a little bit more aesthetic, it's not finished yet. I didn't really even want to show y'all because it's not finished, but i got the um the legs. I got a little sticker. It's like a wrap for the legs, so they look wooden and i also got this wooden um foot bar. What is it called foot rest anyways, um. I guess it's nice that i can. I didn't actually finish it because you can see what the legs looked like in the beginning: they're like this grayish silver and then you just wrap it and it looks so much more aesthetic. I actually think i put it on wrong

Because i wound up with not enough to, do a whole back leg, so i'm waiting on another pack, of the sticker to come in.

I will link the sticker down below for you guys, because i know a lot of people have this high chair, and there's so many ways to make it super cute. On etsy, this company in particular had different wooden colors. They had a black. They had like a gold, so you can make it like. You can just like customize it to whatever you want. I also got a cushion that i'm waiting on and a little like silicone, tray matte thing.

So it's gon na look really cute. I'm excited. This is some pureed sweet potato and i did this in my instant pot and i have gotten so much use out of that darn instant pot. You guys, i didn't know that i was gon na, be making baby food out of it too, but i basically just cut up a sweet potato put some water in there and i cooked it in the instant pot under pressure cook on high for About, i think i was like eight minutes like eight to ten minutes and oh my gosh, i just blended it up with my immersion blender right in the pot and that's it.

So this has been in the fridge for like two days now and she only eats about a tablespoon at a time. So i'm gon na warm some of this up for her on the stove just a little bit and i'll.

Let you guys see what it's like when she eats, because it's so cute mommy, elena.

Are you ready for some sweet potato you ready for some sweet potato you're my sweet potato here: mommy? Okay, let's see what it looks like when she eats it's so funny, the first time she ate, even now, she's so excited even now. Oh yeah, she is. Oh my! Oh, my gosh such a difference from the first time. Oh, my god is that good, the first time she ate you guys her expression was definitely like, like she did not like the texture, yeah. So funny. Do you like it now, whoa, wow, good girl, he's such a big girl, good job omar?

Do you want to tell them um about our parents, because um, okay, so the pd obviously told us that you're supposed to start your baby with just single food, just to make sure you don't have risk of any allergic reactions? That way, you know like what they're allergic to yeah um. This girl has already had badmia, which is like okra, with tomato sauce and yeah. This girl has had potato soup, not what else, but it's potato with butter and [ Laughter. ] the grandparents it's like. Actually it's good soup, yeah, she loved it and she loved it and she loves it, but she seems to really like uh, oh, one thing that okra. So my mom it was a tiny. It was a tiny piece three months

I think. No, she was four months, but it was a. It was a tiny piece, but it was still like it wasn't. Mushed like it was still, just a small piece of okra, and uh. It came out exactly the way it went.

It was the exact same you can you could not yeah, you could not mistake, it was for sure bamya, like for sure, okay, so my parents were watching her one time and they sent me a video, and this is when we first, you Know got the green light to start introducing solid foods, so my dad was like on board like oh, we are going to anyways feeding her smoothie.

My dad was like in the video there's avocado berries, yeah, blueberries, strawberries, almond milk, like ten different ingredients, but you know y'all turned out all right. I know i turned out fine, so i mean, i think, we're just doing our best over here. that's right: yeah yeah, girl, you're, getting messy not as much on her bib as uh.

The first time, though that's for sure, but once they can start feeding themselves, that's that's when yeah, that's when it gets. I went ahead and ordered like one of those smock bibs, where it's like long sleeves, good idea.

Okay, i'm about to start on dinner, and i wanted to share with you guys this really simple, easy recipe that i made the other day.

I wanted to make it again because it was so good, it's basically a shredded chicken tacos in the instant pot. So all you have to do is really just pressure cook the chicken shred that after it's finished and then you just make the stuff to go inside the taco, so it's so easy. I have some chicken breast have my instant pot.

You just cook it for like ten minutes and then it's like shreddable and it's so so yummy. I got um some. I was looking for taco seasoning, but i found this fajita one that i'm pretty sure will work just fine.

I have avocados to make the guacamole and i have um.

This is just kind of the leftovers that i had from.

Whenever i made the other day, have red, onion, um, jalapeno cherry tomatoes and. I ran out of cilantro and they didn't have any at the grocery store usually go to. So i got some romaine so we'll make some pico with that um and then i have some organic corn, tortillas and some pinto beans. So i'm gon na whip. All this up and i'll share what it looks like at the end. So i added my chicken and spices

And i'm gon na go ahead and add some salsa as well, just to give it some flavor and spice, i'm just gon na add whatever.

This was left in this salsa jar.

Okay, just shredded the chicken and the chocolate seasoning was not salty enough for me, so i didn't had.

I did have to add some salt, but it turned out really good. I'm going to go ahead and add these and it wasn't enough. I know, nothing is salty enough for me. I get that from my dad. I love salt, which is not a very good treat, so i'm gon na add the chicken and all my toppings okay, i just finished up and they look so yummy.

I'm gon na go ahead and plate some for omar as well, but we're about to dig in this was so easy literally took me like twenty minutes and whipped this up.

So i'm we're about to eat dinner and just kind of like chill in the night, so i hope you guys enjoyed this vlog.

Let me know what you guys want to see next on my channel.

Let me know what you guys think about my idea.

With the sit down video and the vlog video, i really want y'all's opinions on that and give this video a thumbs up. If you liked it - and i will see you all in my next video.