Finding Out I’m Pregnant | Vlog

Finding Out I’m Pregnant | Vlog

I don't even know like what to say right, now, I'm like so nervous and I'm, literally just gon na film. This weather, I mean I don't know if it's gon na be real or not, but I just want to document it just in case. I just kind of like feel like I might be pregnant, like I don't know, I'm having all these cramps but like my periods, just not coming, which is like not normal for me and I go grab a pregnancy test and, like I literally, cannot even I I cannot even fathom that this is happening to me. We will we'll see we'll see I'm gon na go head to the grocery store. That was actually extremely awkward like buying a pregnancy test and the grocery store was like super busy as well. I'm hearing I'm just like walking through the grocery store with the pregnancy test. I was like trying to hide it with my wallet. Thankfully, the the clerk that was checking me out. She was a woman and she asked me she was like. Are you wanting one and I was like yeah, I mean yeah. We want one she was like. Oh, I hope it goes. The way that you want it to go. Obviously. We would be so happy, but I'm just that was so funny that she said that so yeah got the goods. Just like the clear, blue, smart, countdown. Okay, we need to go home, we need to go home. Okay, I just got back and OH busy he's like on a phone call right now. I, like don't think I'm gon na. Wait for him because okay, Omar join me and I just took the test and we just we're just waiting on it. Oh my god! What my heart is like pounding right now: oh yeah! That's gon na take one to three minutes, one to three minutes: yeah mine is more accurate. Oh my god, oh, my god.

I really still can't believe it like. I can't like process it.

I cannot even like.

I know

It's okay becoming your mama, oh mama or mom.