First Trimester Update! + Sonogram Footage! My 14 Week Bump

First Trimester Update! + Sonogram Footage! My 14 Week Bump

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name is Lina. If you guys are new and I would love for you guys to subscribe, if you haven't already so you don't miss any of my upcoming pregnancy content and I also make fashion and lifestyle videos. So I'd love to have you guys, I cannot believe I'm sitting down to film. My first trimester update my first pregnancy and I survived the first trimester you guys Wow, so I haven't actually announced that I am even pregnant at this point. So this video is gon na go out a little bit later than when I'm when I'm filming it. Today. I am fourteen weeks so I've been in the second trimester for about a week now, and let me just tell you it is so much better. So we'll get to that at the end of this trimester, but yeah, I'm just gon na fill you in on everything that I have experienced these past three months. It's like, while it's fresh on my mind, if you guys want to know how we found out. I was pregnant and like how long we were trying and like just the whole backstory behind this pregnant theme, and I will link below of my pregnancy announcement video, where I just kind of do like a storytime and tell you guys everything and fill you guys in So without further ado, I'm gon na get into like just everything I experienced symptoms, cravings things that helped me just everything from the first trimester, so I'm gon na try to go in like chronological order of like my first few weeks of pregnancy. I just kind of like take you guys through the whole trimester I found out. I was pregnant at four weeks pregnant literally the day after I missed my period, so I found out like right away. My first symptom was like, really intense, deep pelvic cramps and I usually get like really intense cramps whenever I'm about to start my period. So I thought it was just that so basically that was my first symptom and those kind of cramps. They got a little bit less intense, but I kind of cramped a little bit for the first couple of weeks, which kind of worried me a little bit, but everything that I read said that that was normal. So I just kind of you know went along with it and they did get less and less and away another symptom I had in the beginning, which was really weird for me. It was this like just feeling in my really low low pelvis like tightening or like like, I was trying to explain to Omar. I felt like someone like doing an Indian sunburn on your arm. It was like a burning like pulling like type of feeling it was so weird. The first week that I found out, I was pregnant. I was just in absolute just like shocked and honestly to this day, it just doesn't feel real at all. Even though I've had all the symptoms, I have gone to the doctor at this point, seeing the baby on a sonogram, and it still does not feel real at week.

Five. My symptoms kind of, like diminished, like everything, just kind of, went away, which really freaked me out. One of the symptoms of having a miscarriage is just kind of like your pregnancy, symptoms, kind of going away. and like I wasn't nauseous at that point, I wasn't like feeling anything. I just felt normal, and so I'm like I have taken like three pregnancy tests, so probably for at that point that we're all positive - and I just like - wasn't feeling anything at week five. So I was just like freaking out everyone that I talked to my mom, my mother-in-law. They were like just wait: Lina just enjoy this time before it gets bad and they were so right literally the day that I hit six weeks. I woke up and I was like so queasy, so I was nauseous from about week six until week, eleven those weeks were extremely hard in the beginning. I wasn't like actually throwing up. I was just gagging a lot like just throughout my day. I would just be like, like just gagging more, and my sister is just like God, so we used to me they're like oh yeah. She does that now then, towards like the end of those weeks, probably around, like, eight nine ten I was like. I was actually throwing up. Thankfully, it was not all day it was mostly just like when I would wake up first thing in the morning, and so I would try to have like crackers at my bedside and like just something to put in my stomach, but like I in my experience That just did not help me the worst experience with nausea and, throwing up that I had is. I was driving home from somewhere at and I actually got so nauseous that I started throwing up while I was driving. I grabbed this. This cracker box, that was in my car, thankfully, and I like just started, throwing up in this cracker box. Oh while I was driving, it was so dangerous. I just like I couldn't pull over like. There was nothing that I could do, except for just keep driving so yeah. That was fun, but I don't want this video to be all about me complaining about being nauseous, because, honestly, you guys like it was really hard. While I was going through it, but I know there are so many people who have it way way way worse than me and I'm so thankful. It wasn't to the point where I like lost my appetite to the contrary. My appetite actually increased. So much during the first trimester, like normally I'm the type of person that like forgets to eat, I'm not very good at feeding myself normally but like during the first trimester like as soon as I found out, I was pregnant. My appetite was just like through the roof, the main things that I craved or like salty spicy sour things so, like my first craving that was Brioni. I remember just like laying in bed after I woke up that morning and I was like I'm you Brioni, like it was just like so strong. My parents actually made it for me that night and it was so good, but just like food would just taste so good one thing that actually did help. My nausea is ginger ale and I think it was because of this specific ginger ale that. I got it had a like high concentration, of ginger, just like anything with like, really good fresh ginger really helped. My najuk. I got these like ginger lozenges to help with nausea, and they did nothing because I could even like taste it. It just did not taste like it had enough ginger in it to do anything. That was never helped me, but ginger ale was really really good. You just have to make sure like if you're looking for ginger ale, you have to make sure it actually has ginger in it because sometimes a lot of times they actually don't contain ginger. One thing that I love during my first trimester is just, making a big thing of water with ice and lime or lemon. That was just the most refreshing thing. This is the water bottle that I have been using. I will link this down below got this on Amazon.

It was the Camelbak Eddy water bottle, and I love that it's one liter, so you can really keep track of how much water and take you are drinking throughout the day, because it's really important to drink a lot of water when you're pregnant, and I Try to drink at least two to three of these a day I'm trying to get better to, get closer to three. I love this straw, you guys, so it is one of those that's like a non-spill straw. I literally just treat this as my bottle. Another symptom of mine was just like extreme fatigue and just like laying in bed and just being able to like lay down. Well, I'm just like drinking. My water was just the most convenient thing ever, but I would like wake up in the middle of the night and I would like need water. I could just like grab it while I'm still laying down and just like drink it, though, I also want to share with you guys the prenatal gummy vitamins that I've been taking it. I've been taking these since, like three months before two to three months before I go actually pregnant, really liked these one time.

Though I had Omar try, the mouth like here like if I have to take these, like you at least try it and he gagged, and I was like what the heck or is not a picky eater. He never thinks things are disgusting or anything like that. I don't know if it was just like the idea of taking a prenatal vitamin but they're really not bad. I think he was being like way, overly dramatic they're a very flavour and they don't really taste bad to me. These would be my kind organics whole food gummy, so they're made with like whole organic fruits and vegetables and that's how you get your vitamins and they're just like a really good quality brand.

So I really like these fast forward to week. Seven! That's the week that I had to travel all week in Colorado. We went to the Streamy Awards and I've logged that trip and you guys the who vlog. If you go back and watch it, I'm just like seriously like sitting in the room not doing anything at like just so sick, so exhausted, don't want to be there. We had already booked this trip and we booked a ski trip of all places literally right before I find out that I'm pregnant and I did not want to ski I've, never skied before. So I knew that I was going to fall and I just did not want to take any risks with me being so early on in pregnancy. So I just stayed in the room. Oh another funniest worried about that trip. Is that the only thing that I was really looking forward to, since I wasn't gon na be able to ski is going to the spa and getting a massage? So I got to the spa at the resort and I was filling out paperwork and they were asking me like if I'm pregnant and like which trimester said it us, I was like oh yeah, actually pregnant. Oh I'm in my first trimester I was just like so excited. I don't know. I just wanted to tell anyone and then I get up to the front desk.

She handed to them and they were like.

Oh I'm, so sorry we don't actually do massages on. Ladies in their first trimester, I'm so sorry like there's really nothing else available right now and I was like I was so upset. I went to the room, I cried and I ordered a pizza to the room and I ate the whole thing and then I took a nap. Omar was skiing at the time. He I didn't want him to not be able to ski. So he went skiing and I was supposed to go to the spa anyways. That was like a fail that was my seventh week and I was just so glad to be back from that trip. You guys. I want to tell you guys so bad like why. I was sick because I did tell you guys that I was sick, but it was just way too early.

My symptoms started getting better around week eleven, and that is the week that we actually booked our trip to the Maldives, and looking back. I may have booked the Maldives trip like a little bit closer to the second trimester, so I wouldn't have been like so exhausted, but it really really wasn't that bad and I'm so glad we did it. That was our babymoon. A lot of you guys. Actually guessed it they were like in Maldives. That's pretty like that's pretty big. There has to be like something special and yeah. We just decided to do our babymoon, then, because we knew that Omar was gon na have like class during the semester and stuff. So we want to get that trip done before he started school and it was so much fun and I really wasn't sick during the trip, which was amazing. However, the day we got back from the trip, I threw up the literally the day. We got back and then that was the last time that I threw up or got nauseous or anything so yeah. I would say week. Twelve on have been like really good. So for the past two weeks I have been like feeling, like literally back to normal. It's been crazy, like I feel like the appetite has gone back down to normal. The cravings have subsided. My like nausea is gone. I just feel like myself.

I did start noticing a tiny little bump around week, ten.

So this is like before we went to the Maldives and like when you're pregnant you get really bloated, like. That was definitely a symptom that I had. I was so bloated. I look like I had a bump from the beginning, but week ten is whenever I was like, but no like. I really think like this is the baby, because I would wake up and like when your stomach is like at its flattest in the morning. I still had like something there and I'm like oh mark. Look at my stomach like he's so sick of me. Like trying to show him, this is non-existent and belly that I have yeah, but now I do have a tiny little something I will show you guys in just a second, my my bump, don't know why. I forgot to mention this earlier because this is probably the most exciting part ever

I'll talk about my ultrasounds that I got so all my sister is a stenographer Mehta she's, literally the best because she sneaks us in to get ultrasounds of this baby.

So I have seen the baby literally at this point - probably four times, which is crazy. Okay, so the first time we want. We went in to have our first sonogram, with our sister she snuck us in at five weeks.

You guys, you cannot see a baby, usually at five weeks. All that we could see is a little sac. It's just like a little circle. You took pictures of it. She's, like oh, my god, your sac and I mean Omar, we're so happy. We were just like, oh my god, we have a sac.

Actually let me get the pictures so here

Is the sonogram, the first-ever sonogram that we did and you can literally just, see a little black spot in the middle of. My uterus, I don't know if you can even see that, but that is the amniotic sac and we were just so excited to just see, something there then is that how many weeks am i seven weeks five days, so you can see a Baby in the little sack - and we were just like so excited. This is the part where I literally started crying and we heard the heartbeat for the first time. I started crying on the way home, like I think, while we were in the room like listening like I was just like in shock, but then once we got in the car and I started looking at the pictures, I just started like tearing up because it just Started feeling a little bit more real, I actually filmed in that, so I will insert a little clip of that in this video, the arms legs years. Oh, I thought this was. The heck cuz the legs are tilted.

I mean.

One-sixty, you guys is crazy. So this is at eleven weeks one day literally see an outline of a baby. It's crazy how fast they grow. So excited at eleven weeks with that last ultrasound that you saw. That was my first OB appointment. I picked out my doctor. If you guys didn't already know, I was a labor and delivery nurse for about four years, so I worked with every single doctor at the clinic that I go to so I know them like so well, so I picked out my doctor and I'm so happy with her. She is the sweetest doctor and I loved working with her, and she makes me feel so comfortable and I just know that she'll make the best decisions for me and my baby. I was just so cool because, like now that I don't work there anymore, like coming back and like seeing her now that I'm pregnant she was like when I saw your name and she was just like freaking out. She was so happy for me. She was so sweet and yeah. It's gon na be, really strange, like going into labor and, going back to where I used to work and just being in the patient's shoes, it's gon na be strange. I wonder who's gon na be my nurse honestly. I would trust any of the nurses there. I loved working with all of them that is gon na, be a little bit different, but I feel like I'm going into this, knowing a little bit more about labor. Obviously, and just having a much better idea of what all the possibilities are, I think that experience is just making me a lot more of an open-minded person and just know that I'm gon na get an epidural that is. That is the main thing, so anyways yeah, I'm going to show you guys at my thumb, real, quick at fourteen weeks from the front. You can't really tell anything I don't think, but from the side you kind of see where I'm starting to get a little baby, bump it's crazy. So this is me at fourteen. I really do feel like this is real.

This time like it, doesn't feel like bloat, it's kind of like firm, it's crazy. Oh my gosh. It's crazy that a lot of you guys are noticing, especially when I do my Instagram story. Tryon halls. Like the other day, I was trying to show you guys jeans from the side, and I got so many messages. Are you pregnant, which I really don't understand those people because, like if you're not pregnant, then that's a really offensive.

They can't just be very like considerate of other people's. You know feelings. Don'T ever ask someone if they're pregnant but yeah, that's the bump at our first OB appointment. We asked the doctor if we could get the genetic testing blood tests done.

So we could find out the gender early, so we do know the gender, I'm so excited to announce and share with you guys very soon.

Leave your guesses down below after I share with you guys all my symptoms and everything that I've been through.

Let me know what you guys.

I think that we're having I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I'm so excited to bring you guys along the rest of this journey and Shalala.

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