Getting Back On Track! Healthy Recipes, Cleaning, Our Ancestry Results!

Getting Back On Track! Healthy Recipes, Cleaning, Our Ancestry Results!

Good morning, everyone, i hope, you're all having a wonderful day so far.

Today is sunday and we arrived back from mexico on thursday, so we've been home for a couple of days and i've just been trying to get the house in order trying to like get the laundry done and tomorrow.

Since it's monday, i'm like. I just need to finish everything

Get everything under control, so i can prepare for a new week. So that's what i'm doing today, i'm starting out by making my celery juice and i've got to figure out my juicer situation, because it was literally about to like fly off the counter, and this is the second time it's done that to me.

So i don't know if there's like something misaligned, whenever i put it together, got ta get that fixed.

So i didn't get to finish juicing everything that i usually choose in one go.

I try to juice, at least for, like three days omar took elena over to his sister's house, which is just around the corner from us, um, just so that they could see her for a little bit and i'm gon na try to make some breakfast because She'll be back just in like thirty minutes or so i'm gon na do a healthy breakfast we're gon na get our eating back on track after vacation.

I have a really healthy, yummy dinner recipe. I'm going to try today with you guys, and then we just need to get laundry done and straighten up and just get things like kind of under control for tomorrow. So that's what we're going to be doing in today's video. I thought we'd like just focus on our health and wellness together, and, if you guys are needing that, especially after ramadan two, i feel like a lot of us. need to get like back on track on a good schedule.

So that's me: that's what we're doing this week? Okay, while omar is out, i'm gon na go ahead and start on some acai bowls, because since it's sunday i have a little bit more time to make these i've been craving them.

I'm gon na use my new vitamix blender. This was a very kind gift from the brand, and now that i have the opportunity to try one out i can kind of, let you guys know it would be a good investment, because i know it definitely is an investment.

But if you use a blender on a daily basis - and it may be worth it for you - i'm gon na go ahead and add my little aside packets. This is the acai that i got it's unsweetened to make it easy to get out.

You just run it under some hot water and i grab grab some scissors and i'm just going to be adding the acai banana blueberries, and i think i have a little bit of almond butter.

I'm going to add the key to this.

Is to add, like very little um liquid and i feel, like i don't know.

I just couldn't get the right consistency with my other blender. So so, as i was doing my research about vitamix, i'm trying to figure out which one i wanted and by the way i will link this exact vitamix down below, for you guys, just in case you're, curious, on which one i decided was best for Us basically. The thing that i found most interesting was that the blades um and the vitamix are actually not any more like sharp than a regular blender. It's actually just like the horsepower and like the force of the like machine that creates like that. beautiful, smooth texture, i thought that was really interesting and that's kind of what you're paying for is just the motor. In this thing i guess and that's what makes it a little bit more pricey. But i was watching a video and apparently like, regular blenders. They kind of rely on the sharpness of the blades, which can kind of get dull over time. But this kind of blender that really doesn't rely on the sharpness of the blades, will last you, so so much longer, i'm just gon na add, like a small amount of moisture.

I just i really like my acai bowls to be like really thick, so we'll see how this goes. I have like, maybe one tablespoon left of almond butter. So i'm just going to add this to the assignable as well. You're back, hello, hello, mama, hello, my princess.

Did you see your grandma and you love me what [ Laughter ]? Oh, i hope she eats this aside. Bowl i'm going to make her eggs too eat whatever all right guys. This is the texture that we are left with. I have never been able to get a thick consistency like this for my acai bowls and i think it's because it has that nice paddle thing that you can like just like, grind things down even better and you don't have to add as much liquid To get it to blend properly, but wow, i'm so excited.

I love nectar's acai bowls and i just feel like i can finally get that nice thick creamy texture. So let me go ahead and plate. This i'm so excited. This looks so yummy. I have some unsweetened coconut flakes some hemp, seeds, oats and then blueberries on top and i'm gon na go ahead and make another one for omar and then we're gon na feed elena. Some too elena's mini, acai bowl, so cute elena does not like acai bowls, apparently, so i'm gon na have to make some eggs mommy just take like one bite.

Mama worked really hard to make that. I did come on. I thought you'd like it.

The least you could do is eat a little bit:, okay, not gon na force.

Her elena just went down for a nap. I'm gon na go ahead and start on dinner because i just need to meal prep and today it's just gon na be a day of cooking things.

Basically, so i can get prepped for the week. I found this recipe on pinterest. It's called slow cooker

Greek chicken, i'm gon na, take like inspo from it, because the recipe just looks so good.

It has kalamata, olives, red peppers, um, onions, cheddar, cheese, thyme and oregano and some other things like basil, garlic, anyways. I have my ingredients laid out here: and we're basically just gon na make it in the instant pot, so, i'm gon na get all that together:.


Oh, my goodness, you guys this is out of this world.

You guys have to make this.

I will believe the recipe that i modified down below but.

I also added some lemon pepper and garlic powder, just because i pretty much add that every time i make chicken - oh my gosh, the flavors from the red peppers, the kalamata, olives, it's all so delicious.

I'm going to go ahead and add some basil to this and then i'm just going to serve this over rice.

I actually already gave some to elena. I just shredded the chicken and then served it with some rice. She loved it and devoured. The whole thing

Um and then i'm gon na add feta cheese to this, but i'm just gon na add feta cheese when i eat it just so that it doesn't like melt down right now, but anyways.

I love it so much. Okay, almost gon na try it for me. What is this? It's greek chicken wow it's still a little hot, but oh, sorry, but wow.

That's so good! That's a, really good flavor and what red peppers red peppers, where's! That is that lettuce or i just put basil - oh basil, that's delicious. I went ahead and plated like an actual plate for omar to eat, because i basically ate everything that. I had him over there to try. It is so delicious and looks beautiful, and this will be good in the fridge for a couple of days, especially since it has that like nice, sauce with it, i think it'll stay better for a little bit longer and the sauce is so good. I just like drizzled that over the rice highly recommend this recipe. I am about to clean up this room because it is a disaster like after ramadan and after packing and all this stuff. For my trip, it is just out of control. This is also another project that i am not getting to today, but this is just over filled to the brim, so i'm going to be going through.

Hopefully this week, getting rid and donating and all that good stuff. So that's another project, but we're just going to straighten up today.

Get the surfaces all looking nice and neat so that i'm ready for this week.

Okay, i have a couple of amazon finds that i wanted to share with you all.

I remember these as i was cleaning both of them are designer inspired. Obviously, these look pretty much identical to the gucci loafers and you pretty much can't tell a difference with them. Honestly, it's incredible.

I did go up one size, so i would say they run a little bit small other than that like. They are so so gorgeous these will be linked down below. They also come in the ones. These are the ones that i got during the fall winter time with the fur, but i wanted some for summer without the fur, so i love those they also come in other colors as well. If you want the black ones, i think they have the black without the fur too, and then these beauties reminded me of the valentino slides. I love these rock studs and i love this cream color, so i wore these in mexico and they're so adorable.

So i'll link both of these for y'all morning, you guys, so i'm actually headed to yoga this morning, i made a commitment to myself that i'm gon na start working out again, because i started off strong at the beginning of the year and i Just am, i guess, the type of person that i can't like rely on myself to work out at home and that and i have honestly been like suffering a lot with my gastritis to the point where i just like, don't feel like working out.

I don't feel like moving because i've just been in so much pain on a daily basis. I am having more better days recently, so i'm just like you know what i'm just going to start and i i love yoga.

So much so i went ahead and found another studio the studio that i used to go to closed because of covid, which i was so upset about.

It was like the best studio and it was five minutes from my house, but we're gon na try out a new one today and yeah. I wanted to show you guys what i'm wearing i feel like.

This is what i always wear.

Whenever i work out and show you guys my outfits but, these are the athleta joggers and.

They are so nice. You guys. I got them at the beginning of the year. They are such good quality and they're high waisted as well. So they're actually really flattering.

I just paired it with this athleta long, sleeve running shirt, and then i tied around my waist a little nike running shirt as well just for some extra coverage but yeah. I love athleta, so i'm gon na check these pieces are still available and they will be linked down below.

I'm back from yoga.

It just felt so good to be in a studio again and i feel like i can be a lot more consistent with that as far as like working out, because i just can't seem to get myself to work out at home. um, but i'm gon na go ahead and make me and elena some breakfast, so i'm sure that you guys have heard of the always pan by our place, and i just recently got this.

I've used it a couple of times, i'm so excited because i told you guys my other pot set was just like literally i don't know it was sticking.

It was terrible, so i'm so excited to have this one. I'm gon na make some eggs with you guys. I'm gon na show you guys how amazing it cooks. It is so nice and you can use it for so many different things. I haven't actually made anything other than eggs on it, yet, but you can do everything from boiling sauteing. It's just like a very multi-purpose pan. It also comes with this wooden spatula. That is so genius. They have a little place for it

Um, while you're cooking, and it also comes with this little steaming - tray that goes inside and this little sponge to like clean it properly, so that you don't ruin the material so.

I am so excited to have this. I will have this linked down below this was actually a very kind gift.

I got this pretty light gray color, let's get to cooking some eggs because miss elena is very hungry.

As you can see that just slid off the pan so easily so excited to have the pan now so i'll link.

It down below for y'all, if you're interested, i'm gon na, go ahead and feed elena, i'm gon na finish up my celery juice.

Before i start eating two okay, i just finished making my breakfast.

I have avocado toast

I've been doing olive oil and zotter on top and it's so yummy. So we figured while we had a little moment. We would go ahead and share our 23andme results because we just got them in and yeah. We haven't looked at them yet. Whenever i had mentioned this, that we had done this test in the ramadan vlog. A lot of you guys said you'd be interested in seeing the results, so i thought i'd just include it in this vlog yeah.

You ready. Do you want to go? First, you go first, let me i'm still pulling mine out.

Okay, go ahead! All right! I guess i'll put the some of this up on the screen, so you guys can see but okay, so it looks like i am 99. 5, western asian and north african.

So does that mean syria? Well arab? Egyptian and levantine is 61. 8 percent and it's mostly lebantine it's in syrian vicinity, yeah.

Most of it is so that's not a surprise.

Peninsula arab 6. 2, so like saudi arabia, okay and broadly arab, egyptian and lebantine so a little bit of the like north northeast african, so cool to see like where your ancestors are from.

I guess that's the point of this whole thing: and then 37. 4 percent, iranian caucasian and mesopotamian and then 31. 7 that and then 5. 3 percent anatolian, which is like, i guess, a little bit more like northern middle eastern, okay, yeah, so yeah And then overall middle eastern yeah, 0. 4 eastern european, i'm claiming that oh okay, eastern european yeah a little speck in there little speck.

So i am 49.

8 western asian north african.

So the same as you, heir of egyptian and levantine 49.

5 percent and then, i have forty eight point: four percent european, so whoa, that's my mom's side! So it's almost. It's almost fifty fifty almost fifty fifty and then the european is northwestern europe, french and german, british and irish.

Broadly western northwestern europe.

Well yeah, that's cool! I would. I would really expect more uh, british and irish right because your mom she looks like here, but i guess i don't know and it's interesting, but you don't have red, hair, yeah and so maybe like amanda's or lauren's yeah.

Maybe theirs might show up more irish that'd, be cool and then 1. 3 sub-saharan african west african wow how much 1. 3 1. 3 sub-saharan wow.

I don't have any sub-saharan, hmm, wow, okay, very simple: it has these really cool physical features. It says that i have a fifty-seven chance that i do not have cheek dimples, which is correct. I don't, i wonder how that really works, but this dress.

I don't have a cleft chin like a ninety-three that

I don't have a cleft chin, but i do she kind of has.

I have a little dimple yeah. You can see it, so i guess elena got that from me too.

It says fifty-eight chance, you do not have dimples and.

I don't have dimples right yeah. I don't. I guess you can't tell my eye color. I had

Okay, let's see two percent chance of dark hazel eyes and nine percent chance of light.

What kind of eyes do i have light hazel or dark hazel? Only dark hazel right, um, it's more! I would consider it light for me. It says one percent chance of green eyes and i got green eyes wow. So i guess it just depends on your genetics. yeah. It just shows you what you are compared to other people. Well, that's really cool. So let us know in the comments, if you guys have ever done one like this before it's really cool. It's got a lot of cool stuff, yeah yeah. We can we'll look at that. Omar just went to go pick up elena and i'm gon na start on dinner. I figured that. This vlog has literally just been me, sharing, like all my healthy meals that i've made since we've been back, so i don't know what i'm gon na even title this vlog, but i thought i would just end this vlog with me sharing what we're eating for dinner

And i have a couple new updates as far as like just little random things, so i thought i would do that while i cook okay, so i am making some pesto pasta with salmon.

I feel like this is something i've shared on my channel.

So many times, but this is in my rotation all the time and it's just easy and healthy and yummy. So that's what we're making today. I have two cloves of garlic and then i do a whole box of basil and i think this is about three cups of basil and then. It's just olive oil, pine, nuts, salt and i add a little bit of water. Just so it's easier to blend, and that is basically the sauce and it's so easy and yummy. I had a couple of updates so in this vlog. I was you know, trying to get back on track after a vacation and like eating healthy and all that stuff and. We finally got things feeling a lot more organized, but it's partly because we hired an assistant so i'll probably share her, probably sometime soon, hopefully in the next couple weeks, or so - i just didn't want to like, throw a camera in her face, like literally The day she started because she literally started like yesterday, so but she's been so so nice and so helpful. Her name is emily, so yeah you'll probably see her around in the vlogs, but she's just been so helpful because now that i have elena it's like so much harder for me to do everything that i want to do for my business and now that Amanda doesn't really work for me anymore. If you guys have followed me. You know that my sister kind of worked for me almost the past two years, but she has her own youtube channel and her own blog and all the things and she's just gotten a lot busier, which i'm so proud of her for so. Honestly. She needs an assistant too, so we are so happy that we finally found someone to help us and then another update was that i actually got all my branding redone, so i actually shared the updated branding on my instagram stories last night, and So many of you guys thought that i was coming out with my own brand, which no and you guys are so sweet, because so many people were so excited about it, and i mean i would like the way i would announce a brand.

Would not just i'm not coming out with my own brand anytime soon. I actually looked into it pretty heavily like a couple years ago, because that was pretty much my dream to come out with my own clothing brand and it just didn't make sense. For me at the time, because there's just a lot of work that goes into that, and anyone who has their own brand like props to them. I just don't think that i could do it at this point in my life, so anyways, hopefully one day, inshallah that'd be great, but basically the branding is all the all the branding from my youtube channel, my blog, my instagram everything that i do.

I just wanted everything to kind of like match and have its own colors and fonts and my logo so i'll put some of that on screen. So you guys can see what it looks like, but me and my designer have been working on that for the past couple months and i feel like it looks really good. We're, also going to be working on like a little youtube. Intro that i can put at the beginning of all my videos with my logo, so i'm hoping that we get that done the next month or so i don't know things seem to take a lot longer because i don't know, i guess i'm like super Picky with everything so, we have to do a lot of changes but yeah. Those are a couple of like little updates with my business that i wanted to share with y'all. I'm gon na go ahead, and pop this in the blender i have um. I have to add some olive oil and a little bit of water, like i said, and salt and then pop it in the blender. A lot of pestos have dairy and cheese and cream and stuff like that, but i just don't feel like it needs it at all. It's so creamy, i feel like i have added cheese before, but it really didn't even do much for me.

So i just never add it anymore, that's what it looks like when it's all blended. We actually moved our ninja bullet blender thing into our laundry room, because the kitchen is so close to our bedroom. Where elena takes her naps, we needed somewhere to blend things where it wouldn't wake her up. So that's why i like going to another room to blend it up, but i'm to go ahead and stick the salmon in the oven and boil the pasta and then hopefully, by the time elena gets here. you can eat dinner. So i just added the pasta, sauce to the pasta and i'm actually going to cook it down a little bit more. I actually just learned this that, since there is raw garlic in the sauce, but it's a lot like easier to digest. If you cook it down, which makes so much sense, so that's what i'm doing and it's not so harsh of a garlic taste when you cook it down. So we're doing that. I'm gon na add some cherry tomatoes and then my salmon is almost ready.

I hope you guys enjoyed getting back on track with me after vacation.

Please like this video, if you liked it and subscribe if you're new - and i will see you guys in my next video.