Getting Back to Routine & Detoxing After the Holidays | Vlog

Getting Back to Routine & Detoxing After the Holidays | Vlog

Good morning, guys and Happy New Year is like nine a. m. right now, and it was so so hard for me to get up this morning.

We have been going to so many parties and events recently that we've been just going to bed so late, and it's just so so hard for me to like it just to wake up with my first alarm I hit snooze, like literally fifteen times. I woke up for federate this morning and then went back to sleep had to like literally drag myself out of bed, because it's so gloomy and like of rainy and it's not the type of weather where you just want to like jump out of bed and be Motivated but I am going to push myself and really get myself motivated to start out the new year right. I have some goals that I kind of want to go over with you guys that I personally have for the new year, so I kind of like broke them down into categories on my phone just so I could be super organized with my goals and so that I can kind of like understand like what all I need to do to accomplish them yesterday. It was the first day back to yoga for me in like two months, I'm definitely putting it on my list that I want to start yoga at least twice a week and then incorporate some weight, training at least twice a week as well. I used to be so obsessed with weight training and I loved the results that it was giving me another really big goal of mine is to get my house like super super organized. I want everything to be like pristine and I do not want any clutter sitting anywhere in any closet. I'm in the process of kind of decluttering, my closets and I have like a whole back room full of all of the junk that I need to get rid of. So that is something this week in Charlotte. I'm going to be doing and getting rid of just so that I can make room for the new and two thousand and nineteen right now I am drinking some lemon water. I feel like, since the last couple of weeks I have been not eating my best literally. Last week I made creamy pesto pasta, it was so good, but so fattening. So I need something to kind of like detox at my system and just kind of like reset everything for breakfast I drink this every single morning. It's my Nana peanut butter, cacao powder and almond milk, smoothie, and it's just so good. I don't know if I've shown you guys these little stainless steel straws that we got from Amazon so that way, we're not having too, like repurchase plastic straws, and it's so much better for the environment and better for your wallet too, since you just have To buy it once I usually go into yoga at my studio, but today I did wake up a little bit late and I'm running late. So I think I'm gon na do a yoga session here at my house and just pop on a YouTube. Video and get out my yoga mat and do it here. Let me show you guys what I'm wearing to work out today, so I'm wearing these joggers from sweaty buddy they're, like a gray color they're tighter around the ankle and a little bit more loose around the thighs, I'm wearing this half zip running shirt by Nike. I'm wearing this knife keep running shirt around my waist just for a little bit more modesty. Obviously I would not be wearing any of this if I wasn't filming it just to give you guys some in spa. This is the Nike hijab.

I get questions all the time about what size I got in the Nike hijab and I personally liked the larger size better, just, because this little seam around my face was so much more comfortable. The small size was so tight and I don't feel like I even have like a big head or a big face, or anything like that. I could not imagine myself working out and being so suffocated by this little line right here, so I got the larger version. Just so, it was like more comfortable and looser, and it's not like loose by any means like. I still feel like it's really secure, but it's just not like suffocating me so excited to give you guys a full tour of this room once it's all put together and organized and everything I'm so excited. It turned out so well I'll link the chandelier and the chair and all the new things in the description box. Just because I get questions about all my new stuff all the time, but just know that a tour is coming soon. So I found like a 30-minute power yoga session on YouTube. I'm gon na link it down below in case you guys are curious, which one I used. I think it's by pop sugar. I didn't want anything that was like super relaxing today. I really wanted to like get myself in shape so. Let's do it.

, [ Applause, ].

, so I just got out of the shower you guys that was such a good class. I'm gon na link it down below. In case you guys want to do it yourself, but each sequence that they did they did it a little bit faster, so you got some cardio in there, so I really liked it. It was only like thirty something minutes. So it's just like a quick workout before I started my day so. Now I'm about to go ahead and put some makeup on. I just want to do something like super simple. I don't want anything crazy. I'm just gon na go run some errands today. So recently my skin has been super super dry, so I have been loving the Bobbi Brown hydrating face cream. I actually got this over the summer and like my skin, is dry, but I just didn't need this. I guess. Think of a cream for the summer, but oh my gosh, during the winter, it has been a lifesaver. I've been using a retinol recently, which has been really really drawing out my skin and making it super flaky, which is what you want to happen, because that's how it kind of like sheds off the table of your skin and reveals baby skin. But my skin has just been super super dry and this has just been so moisturizing and has felt so good. I'm gon na go in with my normal sunscreen.

This is the super goop on the scene, sunscreen and a lot of you guys actually bought this one. So if you bought it and tried it, let me know what you think: I've been absolutely loving it. It's clear: it's SPF forty and it goes really good under makeup. One of your goals for two thousand and nineteen should be to wear sunscreen every single day, no matter a rain or shine, and that has been one of my goals from last year and just using the unseen sunscreen has made it so easy and simple. I don't even feel like I'm wearing any sunscreen at all, so for my foundation today. I just want something super light, so I'm gon na be mixing my Becca backlight priming filter kind of like glowy and gives a really beautiful veil. I've gone back to using my favorite Born This Way: Foundation. This is the color vanilla, and so I'm just gon na do like a little bit of this and share it out with Maya, Becca primer, just to give like a little wash of color. I really want to try to find like a good, maybe tinted moisturizer or like a BB cream or something just because sometimes I feel like. I don't need like heavy coverage, especially on days like today, when I'm just like going to run errands or just like, if I'm just hanging out at the house, and I just want to do like a little light coverage. You know so. One thing that I forgot to mention in the beginning of this video is thank you guys, so so much for being so sweet on my sister's fact you have vlogs. They were so excited by all of your support and love, and just all of your kind words thank you so so much. I was so happy that I got to share those special moments with our family, with you guys and I'm so glad that you guys liked it, and I just can't thank you guys enough for all of you who were just being so so sweet okay. So I just finished up my makeup. I wanted to share with you guys the products that I use, because I have been obsessed with a few products recently, so the first one that I use like just to warm up my skin on my cheeks has been this Laura Mercier palette. This is the Stardust radiant glow palette. Oh my goodness, you guys it's the most beautiful bronzer blush and highlight the highlights really not pigmented enough for me. So I didn't use. My mary-lou manizer highlight but the bronzer and the blush is just absolutely gorgeous and just gives the most beautiful glow to the skin.

I've been so obsessed for my mascara. I used the L'Oreal telescopic mascara as always just do extra lipstick. Recently, I have been wearing the Charlotte Tilbury. The pillow-talk is just a beautiful natural shade for everyday. So pretty oh! This is my makeup. Pretty much done. I just love the glowy.

It kind of a minimal look gon na go run some errands.

Now I have to run to the bank, I have to run to the grocery store and then I'm gon na make something super healthy, Omar works tonight. So I need to make something for him to take to work cause.

I wanted to show you guys.

Today is just a simple outfit for a really really cold day, so I'm wearing this turtleneck by Banana Republic also.

The coat is by banner of public. I did a campaign with them over the holidays and it was just so much fun. So I will link below some similar Banana Republic pieces. They have sales all the time. So hopefully you guys can find it something similar. These jeans are from loft. I love getting like white and black jeans from loft they're. Just so what comfortable for me and fit me really, really good, and then my Paris is Gucci and then this is the hot hijabs Jersey, and light mink as always and yeah. These are my house. She is definitely not wearing these out, but how cute are they they're by a brand called EMU, Australia or something I found them online and I just thought they were so super cute. I'm probably gon na go put some ugg boots on just because it's so cold outside and I just want to be super comfy and warm, and I like AG boots, I don't know, I know a lot of people. I think they're ugly, but they're, just like so cozy and like so practical.

So I will see you guys when I get back, I'm probably going to show you guys what I got from the grocery store and we're gon na cook something healthy and then I'm hoping to kind of clear out. Some of the clutter that you can see everywhere, so I don't know if I'm gon na have this in this video or another one, but I'm definitely gon na. Take you with me on, like my decluttering little journey here in the next few weeks. So this is the perfume. I've been wearing. Recently it's the YSL Mon Perri. It smells so so good. It's just like a nice change from my usual Lancome la vie, est Belle. A lot of you guys told me.

I was pronouncing that one wrong, but I love that perfume, but this one is just a good change. It's a little bit fresh, a little bit fruity a little bit sweet, it's just kind of like everything and it smells super luxurious and sophisticated, and I just love these type of scents. You guys. When I get back back home from running errands. I went to the grocery stores, I'm going to show you guys what I got and I'm gon na be making a detox salad, it's gon na, be so so yummy.

It has a really good, like, roasted root vegetables, arugula, goat cheese and thyme. I got the recipe from my dad and it is so so yummy, so I'm gon na be making that. I may also put some quinoa in it for a little bit of like protein, so I'm gon na be doing that and then I'm also gon na be making with you guys some little date, energy balls, I've seen a bunch of people make these and I Found a recipe online that I think is gon na be so so yummy. So let me show you guys what I got from the grocery store. Okay, so this is my little mini grocery haul.

So for the salad I got red beets.

I got golden beets. I got arugula and then I also found this baby kale and I feel like this is just gon na be a lot more appetizing and then regular kale and a lot softer and easier to eat. I got thyme because this truly it just makes the salad it tastes. So so good, it's just sprinkling some fresh thyme on top or like mixing it into the dressing.

I got some sweet potatoes.

I got sesame seeds, so these were already toasted, but toasted sesame seeds in the salad, especially with the goat cheese. It's just so so.

Yummy got some goat, cheese and then for the date, energy balls. I got pitted medjool dates.

I got rolled oats. I got shredded coconut, unsweetened and. It also got some chocolate chips and I'm gon na be mixing all of this together with a little bit of peanut butter, and I just think these are going to be such a good little. Energy bite whenever you're craving something sweet or just need something like with your tea or coffee. In the morning I always get super hungry, and then I don't have like healthy snacks to reach, for so I wind up just not eating, so I'm hoping that this will just be a really good snack for me to grab, and this will be a really good Option for you guys, if you're craving something sweet and it's better than reaching for like cookies, or something like that.

I hope that you guys like this salad.

I know that beets aren't everyone's favorite, but they are so so healthy for you. They have so many antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory benefits in them and are just perfect for like detoxing the body, especially after the holidays, whenever we were eating it like some, not such good things for us. So I really wanted to include some of those in my diet, especially at the beginning of the year.

. So all of my root vegetables are prepped and ready to go in the oven. I just tossed the beets with olive oil, salt and pepper and I'm about to sprinkle on some time over the top, and I have my sweet potatoes that I tossed with olive oil, garlic, salt, black pepper and lemon pepper. So I'm just gon na finish, putting on the time on the beets and then I'm just gon na stick these in the oven on four hundred degrees Fahrenheit for about thirty-five to forty-eight minutes. So, while all of that is cooking, I'm gon na go ahead and start making my little energy bites, because hopefully this will be done really fast and I can eat some because I am starving. What goes in here? Our dates: flax, seed, meal, peanut butter, old-fashioned rolled, oats, shredded unsweetened, coconut and.

Some mini dark chocolate chips. It says to use a food processor, I don't actually have one so I'm gon na see if my little Ninja Blender will do the trick. After putting the dates in the blender, it made like this little paste, so I'm pretty sure that's exactly how it's supposed to work, so a blender will do just fine. So to the date you want to add one cup of uncooked rolled oats 1/2, a cup of ground, flax seed. This is going to add so much fiber. Third, a cup of unsweetened, coconut, flakes and 1/3 of a cup of unsweetened dark chocolate chips. these are semi-sweet.

You can really use whatever you want, but these are just a mini kind and 1/2 of a cup of peanut butter and you can use almond butter or whatever nut butter. You want for this and you basically just want to mix everything together. you may need to leave it in the fridge after this, for it to kind of settle in order to make it into the balls.

But I'm just gon na see the consistency of it. Once I get everything mixed.

Little energy balls are done, I'm so excited I'm gon na try one right now. I honestly thought that the dates were gon na be the base of it. But it looks like the peanut butter is the base which is fine. This will just be a really good option if you have like a sweet tooth in the middle of the day or you just need something to give you energy or just something to have with your coffee, so, I'm gon na try. I want it right now. Hmm, oh, that's really really good. It's it. literally tastes like a peanut butter. Chocolate chip with you. So here are the root vegetables. All finished you guys. I cannot tell you how good the beets turned out it's so so delicious. It was just the olive oil, the garlic salts and then the fresh thyme, oh my goodness, so so good, I'm gon na go ahead and put together this salad. I have the quinoa that I just made a little bit ago. I'm gon na put the root vegetables on there. This is a little bit extra guys. I'm not gon na lie, but I recently had it at my dad's restaurant and I am literally obsessed. So it's a goat cheese with toasted sesame seeds on top it's so so yummy, so I'm gon na put together the salad and the dressing so for the dressing you just cooked together on the stove, olive, oil, red onion and time until the red onion is fragrant.

, so I went ahead and added all the ingredients along with the dressing and I'm just gon na top it off with a little bit of fresh lemon juice.

, okay, my salad is all mixed together.

It looks so beautiful with all the different colors, I'm just gon na add a couple of the goat cheese. Little sesame, balls, texture it with the goat, cheese and the sesame seeds is just like to die for it's, so so yummy. So I do have extra root vegetables and I do that on purpose. I always like to cook a large amount of something whenever I'm making it just so. I have extra throughout the week that way I can make more salads or can use it as a side dish or something along with any of the other meals we eat during the week. I'm so proud of myself for starting out the year with this gorgeous healthy, cleansing, salad, it's so so yummy. You can kind of make this your own too. You can add a protein like chicken or fish on top. You can add more quinoa. You can add more potatoes, you can add more beads, it's just like you can kind of customize it. However, you want, but it's just so delicious and so gorgeous.

I hope that you guys enjoyed getting on the right track with me today with working out and eating healthy in the new year.

I hope this inspires you to make some healthy, recipes at your stuff, and I love you guys it's so much.

Let me know what you guys want to see next, and I will see you guys in my next video bye,