Healthy Meal Prep! | Daily Vlog

Healthy Meal Prep! | Daily Vlog

, so I just finished yoga me and my mom went to the 10:00 a. m. class and it was super hot and sweaty in there and thank God there were no men. So I was able to like just take off my job and just be free. It just got home. I ran a few errands. I had to go by the post office and everything. So now it is almost twelve o'clock now. So it's kind of late in the day I haven't eaten anything except a piece of toast this morning, so I'm gon na make myself a smoothie, I'm gon na get dressed and then I'm gon na go into the grocery store. I'm gon na show you guys what I get from the grocery store and I'm going to show you guys when I'm gon na meal prep for the rest of the speak. So I usually prep on Saturdays, because we work on Sunday Omar. I was telling me the other day like Lena. I know that you like meal prep once a week, but that only lasts us like half the week and then the rest of the week keeps starving and I feel like I'm not being a good wife, so yeah we're gon na have to up the Cooking game, I think he's gon na help me too, so it's not just gon na be me, so I make this movie all the time on my insta story. You guys probably have already seen this cuz I've been drinking this for years, but it could happen. Basically, what it is just like a chocolate, peanut butter, smoothie. It has banana almond milk, some raw cacao, powder, some peanut butter, and then I'm, also gon na add in a packet of my collagen peptides. This is just really good for a hair. Skin and nails and joints this is by vital proteins. I really really love this stuff. It does doesn't taste like anything, so you could literally just put it in your water, but I just pinned it my smoothie I'm gon na actually go and blend this up. - and I like a background because my still sleeping he worthless - I and I do not want to wake him up. Okay, I feel so much better. I took a shower put some makeup on I got dressed. Let me show you guys what I'm wearing okay, so this is what I'm wearing today I'm wearing. This vest that I got last year from Zara. It's literally been on, repeat like since last year. It's just the perfect like transition piece and, I'm wearing this embroidered blouse that I got from H & M recently. I absolutely love the sleeves on these and then some jeans that I got from forever. Twenty-One so long ago, they're, like literally my favorite jeans, because they're high-waisted and I cut off the bottoms, they were like flared and so they're like cropped, flared jeans and my job is the hot ajob, Jersey and a light. Mink it's just like, my favorite go to daytime comfy good job, so we're gon na run to the grocery store. I'm gon na get some stuff to make like what I call power. Ball's. Basically, gon na have like lots of protein quinoa and veggies and stuff. It's like one of my favorite things to make. I haven't made it in a really long time. Actually so I'm excited to make that and I want to go by Lowe's or Home Depot or just somewhere that sells plants, because I really want to find like a big plant. It should go in my house. If I can't find one, I think we're going to Ikea this weekend, and hopefully I can find one there, but I wanted a live plant. I'm gon na see if I can keep it alive. I have this fake one back there that I love that I got from Ikea, but I want like a bigger one. Okay, guys, I came to Lowe's and I wasn't expecting them to have the plant that I wanted, but they have it, and I don't know why I'm so excited about a plant. But let me show you what it looks like it's. Basically, one of those like banana leaf trees. I see it like right there and I'm wondering if I can fit it in my car, because my car is, not that big, so we'll see how this goes. okay, it is so hot right now. I'm literally sweating so much right now, so yeah. They had the plant that I wanted, but my car is too small to fit it like. I don't know what I was thinking, so I'm gon na have to borrow my dad's truck, so I can get at the plant bed, I'm so excited they actually have it. I wasn't even expecting that okay, so I just got back from the grocery store. I'm sorry I didn't vlog my job is there like at all. I just cannot log in public yet like it's just so intimidating to me, I'm basically just cooking for like the next few days. I want to have like a meal that I can like have for lunch or have for dinner or there's something so I can fill in my meals because I haven't been cooking enough. I haven't really had much of an appetite recently and then I forget that. Oh wait like my husband is probably hungry. You know what I mean, so I'm craving like a quinoa bowl with, chicken and kind of like Mediterranean style. I want to do like a little like cucumber tomato and like kalamata, olive, salad, and I have some hummus, I'm gon na put in there too, and some chickpeas and submit. So I'm just gon na make like a little a little bowl and I'm gon na show you guys how I do that, so this isn't like my full grocery haul, that I would usually do like once a week I get like everything. This is basically just so I can make this one meal, so I got to time a baby at cucumbers. I love these and I got so much cherry tomatoes. I got some mint. I actually need to get like a mint plant cuz. It's such a waste of money. Mint grows so well, especially like where I live, so I don't know why I don't have a mint plant. I got some hummus. This is an organic wan na. I really don't. Usually buy premade, so we'll see how this one tastes. I got some quinoa. I love this brand. It's like red and white and like brown quinoa like all mixed together, it tastes really really good. I got some chickpeas and I got some chicken and I also got some bananas just because I love making smoothies and I have to have these. I can freeze them so basically, all I got I'm gon na go ahead and start. Cooking first thing: I'm gon na do is make the quinoa and I'm gon na make it in a rice cooker. Quinoa is really easy to make, but I just have been so used to using a rice cooker. I never actually grew up using a rice cooker ever since a Warren. I got married. We had this on our registry and we got it when we got married and I have not used anything else to make rice like it's just so so easy. So if you guys aren't using a rice, cooker definitely look into it like it. just makes your life so much easier. You just put the ingredients in and turn it on, and it just makes perfect rice or quinoa every single time. So when making quinoa or rice, I always just follow the directions that are on the packet, and this says one cup of quinoa and two cups of a liquid. So I'm gon na measure all of that out pop it in the rice cooker. I'm gon na add a little bit of salt. That much then I'm just going to turn it on, and it's just as easy as that. Okay, now I'm gon na work on the chicken I'm going to set the oven to four hundred okay, so I have my chicken here. I'm gon na go ahead and cut them up into a little bit smaller pieces just so they cook faster. So I'm gon na cut them up and then I will season them ring. So what I'm gon na do is. I'm gon na put the chicken in the bowl and then I'm gon na season it with some garlic, salt and I'm almost out of this. But I bought a backup. This is like my favorite spice to put on everything I love, love, love, garlic, salt and then what makes this so so good is lemon, pepper, lemon pepper gives it just like a little bit just like a little Tang, enos and. It's so so good! I love this one as well and I'm running low on this. I need to get some more then I'm gon na add a little bit of allspice. I got this at our local, like Arabic, grocery store, but I think it's just like allspice, so you can get anywhere. I think, but it gives it like a little bit more like an Arabic, flavor, I put some olive oil in there. I like to put a lot of the garlic salt like a lot, and since this has salt in it, I don't add any extra salt up to this okay, so I think I'm gon na put two tablespoons of the garlic salt and then. One tablespoon of the lemon pepper, yeah, put like I'll start out with I'm gon na mix this together and then, if I feel like it's not coating it properly, then I'll add some more okay. So I lined a baking sheet with foil. I'm gon na go ahead and just distribute my chicken evenly on the pan. The main thing about. This, though, is when you're cooking it. You have to cover chicken when you cook it like. I did not know that for the longest time every time I cook chicken - I just literally wasted it, it turned out like so dry like so like. I could not even chew it. It was so bad and I was just like why am i cooking this chicken so horribly like what is wrong with me, and it was because I never covered it so. That is the secret. No I'm sure everybody knows except me: okay. So I just covered this. I am going to stick this in the oven for like I'll start out with two thousand and twenty-five minutes, and I'm gon na see what it looks like after that. Okay, for this salad, that's gon na go with. This I'm gon na do some baby cucumbers, some cherry tomatoes, mint red onion, kalamata, olives, and for the dressing on it it's basically just lemon juice and olive oil and salt, and I thought we had lemons, but we only have lime. I have never ever done that before and I don't know how that's gon na taste. Another thing that I forgot is feta cheese. I love feta cheese, especially with this kind of. We all would like kalamata, olives and. It's like the like Greek vibes. It's always so much easier to cut Tomatoes with a serrated knife.

Just going to take the leaves of the mint off.

Here is my beautiful cucumber and tomato salad. I am gon na. Add the kalamata olives, usually I would cut them up, but Omar doesn't really like black olives for some reason, so I just leave them whole so that he can like pick them out and just leave them for me, since I am prepping this For a few days, I'm not going to add the dressing on it. I'm just gon na make it on the side that way the vegetables don't get soggy. I do have one half of a lemon, so I'm gon na make this work. I'm gon na do for the dressing I'm gon na do olive oil half a lemon and then, since I don't have a lot of lemon, I'm gon na add a little bit of apple cider, vinegar, okay, I'm gon na add a little bit of salt. to this good every been agreed good, okay. It says that my quinoa is done, so I'm gon na check it. I have to use a fork to open it, because this thing is super hot and voila, perfect fluffy quinoa. Oh my gosh! That looks so yummy so for at the chickpeas I don't really like to eat them, just completely like plain so. What I'm gon na do is I'm gon na heat them up in a pan with some garlic, salt and a little bit of cumin? That way, they're a little bit spiced and seasoned, so they have a little bit more flavor. Look who conveniently came home right as. I was almost done: cooking, hello, okay, so now I have my chopped up chicken. I have the hummus that I bought. I have chickpeas, quinoa and my salad, I'm gon na put this all together because I'm hungry, as you guys know, I haven't really eaten that much today. So I'm gon na go ahead and make one of these bowls for myself, and Omar as well. okay, so this is it guys I have my quinoa, chickpeas, chicken and then the salad and then some hummus is a little in the middle. I'm gon na add the dressing just a little bit too you're gon na mix it up a. Little bit more him out a little bit, it looks so so yummy.

, so them, especially with like the mint in a salad and like the hummus, is really really good. Too.

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