Healthy Ramadan Dessert Ideas! SO GOOD!

Healthy Ramadan Dessert Ideas! SO GOOD!

Hello, everyone Ramadan Kareem, welcome back to my channel and if you're new, my name is Lena, I would love for you guys to subscribe if you're not already today, I'm so excited to be sharing with you.

My three healthy Ramadan, matte dessert, ideas. These are just guilt-free desserts, but I like eating all year round and I think it's perfect for Ramadan at the end of the day when you have a sweet tooth after dinner, these are really good, like healthy, treats too guilty hope you guys enjoy.

My healthy recipes and my first idea for you our date, energy balls, and these are super easy because they are no bake and they take like ten minutes to make. First, you take your dates. I'll put all the measurements below and you put them in either a food processor or a blender, and you blend them up until they become a date paste and I add: oats, chocolate chips, flax, seed powder and, coconut flakes and peanut butter. All of this mix together tastes like the most delicious peanut butter, chocolate chip, cookie dough, and it's so so good. So I just mix all that together. If I need to add a little bit more like liquid, I will add some melted, coconut oil until I get that desired consistency where it's really good and workable to form into little balls, I will dip them in some coconut flakes on the outside, and I think I just like the way that it looks and also gives a little bit more coconuty flavor. So these are super good to have as treats after iftar. My second idea, for you are almond butter.

Brownies. These brownies are gluten: free, dairy, free and they're, basically just made out of almond butter, so they're super filling and really really good. So you start out first with a full jar of, smooth almond butter. Then you add a full cup of honey. I know it sounds like a lot, but it's really perfect. Then I add cocoa powder and two eggs. Then I add baking, soda salt, chocolate chips and vanilla, and I mix that all together, I'm just using a fork to mix it together, but you can use a mixer. If you have one, then I spray, my pan with some coconut oil and I spread it all out evenly in the pan and.

I bake the brownies at three hundred and twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit. For about thirty minutes, you want to be super careful not to overcook these brownies. Remember that after you get them out, they will firm up when they cool and they will a little bit more in the pan after you get them out. This last idea is super delicious you guys. This is call it an ice cream and we call it nice cream because it is basically like a healthy version of ice cream. My favorite kind of nice cream is chocolate, peanut butter, banana nice cream, and the trick to this is just to add, like the tiniest bit of liquid, and to be honest, I think I added too much liquid to this. I should have probably added another piece of frozen banana because it's still not as thick as it could be. Another way I love to eat. An ice cream is with berries and mint. It is the most delicious combination of like a very mint sorbet. It's so so good, I'm just adding a little bit of almond milk and then, since I added again too much almond milk, I'm adding a banana to kind of thicken it up. Honestly, it just used the liquid super sparingly and try to make it as much of the frozen fruit as possible, and it's just the most delicious refreshing treat for after iftar. Let me know if you guys ever make any of my recipes and tag me on instagram at with live lena.

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