How I Do It All: Behind the Scenes of Blogging, Being a Mom & Wife, Cooking, etc!

How I Do It All: Behind the Scenes of Blogging, Being a Mom & Wife, Cooking, etc!

Hello, you guys and welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another vlog today i thought i would kind of take you guys behind the scenes of a workday.

As a blogger, i never really show this kind of stuff. On my channel, just because i feel like i don't know for me, it's like the boring part of my job, but i realized that, like it may be interesting for a lot of you guys to see what goes on behind the scenes, because there is A lot of work involved and today we're filming a reel and we're working on some computer stuff. So i thought i would kind of take you guys along show you guys what we're working on right now, i'm trying on some outfits so that i can pick them out for today's reel we're doing a like family outfits, real.

We are so late to this trend. I can't even put the song on the video, because i'm probably gon na get copyright striked, but it's basically like the super viral one. That's like slow-mo, you guys know what i'm talking about and you'll probably see it on my instagram after this, but yeah we're very late to that trend, but better late than never we're gon na do a family one with me, omar and elena.

It's so cute. Also um that song, i've literally listened to that song a bajillion times with everyone else's reels, and i never listened to what it actually said.

I did not even realize, but i did find a clean version, so, i'm very excited about that. So this is the first look. I want to do like just summer outfits, so i put together this dress from hijab house, styled it with a belt, my new bag, the.

Last time i showed you guys this bag um. I couldn't figure out how to get the strap on. So that's what it looks like on. I love it so much and then yeah now to pick out omar and elena's outfits.

I think i have all mine kind of together

I'll kind of show you guys what i'm thinking for me.

So i have this satin beige dress from h m, i'm thinking to put um these two together.

This is like a maxi ribbed dress.

With this linen shirt over it, for me, like i said, these are all kind of summery and then um.

I have this new ruffly top with some wide leg, pants, so they're, all just kind of like cute casual summery looks i have this black dress, but every time that i show it on camera, it just looks like a black blob like you can't see Any detail, so i don't even think i'm gon na actually wear that in the video, because i feel like you cannot even see it.

Let me go ahead and show you guys what everyone else is working on. So this is emily. She is my new assistant, i've actually known emily for a few years now, because she's, actually um omar's best friend, wife, so it literally turned out so perfect.

You guys know my sisters used to work for me and i didn't. I didn't know who would even be interested and one day.

Omar was like what about emily and i was like well, i mean she's super sweet and nice, but she already has a job like.

I don't know if she'd want to quit her job to like come work for me and it just worked out. I don't know and it's been so nice she's been fun, yeah. How long has it been now, almost two months, a month and a few months, and what did you do before this job? Well, i worked at the title company here and then. I've also worked at hospitals and call centers. I feel like this is like more fun, more flexible one hundred yeah, but she's been so wonderful right now, she's working on finding you guys some eid, outfit ideas and. That was one thing that was like i don't know. I thought it would be really hard to like teach someone my style, because i'm very particular you guys know that and she's done such a good job, i'm like so blown away. She like really gets my style and yeah. So i'll kind of show you guys some of the stuff that we work on behind the scenes. Okay, i just wanted to show you guys a little example of what emily helps me with, so these collages that i post in my instagram stories. She helps me put these together and they're just really time consuming. So it's so amazing that she comes over and helps me do these so today we're working on a couple for some eat outfit ideas. So that's what emily is doing today, she's searching at all the different retailers to try to pick out the cutest stuff. I know everything is out of stock and we're looking at everything h m. What other stores do we look at um express nailed collection, mango even asos yeah yeah, and we constantly are like searching for stuff and it's just so hard, especially in the summer, to find modest, stuff, so believe us guys.

We are constantly just on the hunt. Okay, so we did find a couple of really cute eid dresses that i thought would be perfect. So this is from h m, it's a really pretty like light, yellow and then they also have the blue. The sizes are kind of like a little bit limited, and then i have this satin beige dress, which is really cute. That would be perfect for eid, so we're putting that together for you guys right now and then we have omar. Do you wan na? Do you wan na tell them what we wanted to tell them yeah, so i quit my job.

So omar is my full-time editor, slash, videographer now and it's just working out so much better. Isn'T it really? The biggest problem was. The shifts are so long like i feel like. If i could work a six hour shift. Eight hour shift. It would work better

Yeah, you know with our schedules, but honestly, it's become like.

You know where what are we gon na do with elena and who's gon na watch her, while you're working, yeah? Basically, i'm trying to pursue like videography, full-time and i'm also helping out with the sister channel trying to get into like real estate, filming and yeah, so he actually started his own little side. business with emily's husband, yeah and they've been doing real estate, videography yeah, which has been actually really fun for you yeah.

It's been good

They've been doing some like million dollar houses. It's been really nice, which here in our area, multi-million dollar house, yeah they're, not they're, not easy to come by they're, not easy to come by. So if you guys are wondering where elena is, my either my mom or omar's mom watches her from ten a. m to two p. m. every day i wanted to just kind of show you guys the behind the scenes because i feel like maybe someone would look at my my content and be like.

Oh, my gosh she's a mom and she does all the stuff. But i do not do it all without help like. It is almost impossible to do all of that by myself, so i just wanted to like yeah it's impossible, so i just wanted to like show the reality behind the scenes so that you guys don't think like.

Oh my gosh like how come i can't. Do all these things? No, nobody can do do it all. You know i like, being a mom being a wife being a like having a full-time job like it takes a village. So it took me entirely too long to pick out outfits. For this reels, i think there were fifteen in total, since there are five looks and it's omari and elena. So i have all of elena's accessories. I have all of our clothes and then our shoes me no more shoes and accessories so yeah and that took way too long. But what i'm gon na do now is i'm actually working on sending in some content for skinceuticals.

So what i did is. I went to a dermatologist um a couple of weeks ago. This has taken me a little bit of time to like get this together, because we had thirty minutes of footage of the whole appointment, and i cut it down to about three minutes. Last night on the computer and now, i'm about to um, put text on screen and i'm gon na send this over to the brand, because we're gon na be posting this to my story. I'm super excited she was, super, informative and so helpful.

This was a really fun project to work on. So that's what i'm working on right now. I wanted to do a quick update of what i'm working on now. So i'm going back and forth with my um party designer lushra, who does the balloons?

I just wanted to kind of show you guys the inspo pictures that i'm going to be sending over to them so, the nude rainbow theme is kind of what i'm going for along with butterflies, so they have gold butterflies.

This is just kind of an insta picture with the rainbow with the gold butterflies but. Hopefully they can like attach the gold butterflies to the nude rainbows.

This is kind of like the color scheme, i'm going for. I saw this as a first birthday and i thought it was so cute, so, that's the vibe, so i'm so excited.

I think this is gon na turn out, so cute

Emily is helping me steam. So that's what you hear in the background. She has like fifteen outfits to help me steam, but she didn't have to steal all of them, so, that's good. Most of them were somewhat okay, but thank you, emily you're saving my life over here. Okay, now i am working on designing. My blog so, i have a designer i've told you guys a couple of times that is helping me like redo my branding, she's helping me redo my site, she's already imported the new blog design with my new logo, which i think looks really good.

Now i'm working on getting my youtube channel videos on my blog, because i want this to be kind of like an overview of all the content, i create from all platforms with my blog instagram youtube, everything all in one place.

So that is what i'm working on now trying to get my videos on my blog, which just takes a little bit of work behind the scenes boom. like get me out of here.

We are all set up to do our reels. elena came back from my mom. She woke up on her long nap and we are about to get she got camera shy. She's been freaking out. When i do. I know she's been laughing up a storm, but she's stuck, okay, so accessories outfits in here. This is where we're filming - oh, my goodness. Okay, let's get started, also want to mention that emily left. She leaves it too monday. Through thursday, she stays from ten to two and we get most of our work done during that time, which i would have loved to get this done during that time. But elena we revolve around her and her schedule, so she had to take her nap. So, but it's okay, because we're just filming this on the tripod anyway, so it shouldn't be too hard. Does this got enough battery? I don't know, i think so. Yeah go back and stand in the corner where we're gon na be. I think it's too too far away, maybe [, Laughter, ], and. I think i'm gon na tie my hair up as like we're putting the outfits on okay. What do you think is that a good idea, while you're putting the outfits on like no no like during the scenes, maybe i will do it in the first one like i'm tying it.

You know just during the walk out and then whenever the music goes, ; okay, that's good; yeah, okay, ready one, two three and go second outfit!

Okay, are you ready one? Two, three, okay, ready set, go. We didn't!

We didn't do that at the same time, ready set, go, okay, that should be good, okay, elena. Next outfit. We need a picture in this outfit. Oh we do. How are we going to take a picture? Just take a picture of me or you could just take a picture of me and i can link my eyes.

We don't need this. Okay, it's covering up her outfit. I think it is

Dude, okay, we just took a breastfeeding break before this outfit. By the way, breast eating break, i got ta stand under, the ac. We got like three more outfits um. Why? Okay? Next outfit? Next outfit number three three! It's only three, we are blue and white and oh, the camera died and omar's really stressed out because we had to move the camera and i think it's gon na be.

This is very stressful.

Just so you guys know but, it's okay, because my baby's happy and that's all that matters.

Ready and one two three go:.

Okay. I think it's good all right.

Okay, take a picture of me!

One, two, one, two!

One two, three one, two three.

Let me see this baby click click, click. Do it again what dude? Hey this girl she's ready for another nap, ?

Okay, let's get this done. Okay, the last outfits. As you can see, mine hasn't changed very much. Well, you didn't have very many options. thank you for not taking my outfit, making it so complicated for me yeah.

He was happy. He didn't have to change very much, but i wish he had more options. look at the camera.

Mommy! Look! Look! Look at the camera one, two, three okay, okay finished here is the aftermath of this reels.

I did hang up my clothes in between but omar pounds over here, here's elena's clothes. I was about to say lauren.

Why did i almost call you lauren? Okay and that's a wrap? That's all right!

Oh, my goodness. You guys i just whisked around this room. Well, first, i put elena down for a nap because she was so tired. Then i whistled around this room, straighten it all up and as emily was looking for dresses earlier, she saw that this one was back in stock and i actually got this last year when i was pregnant and i'm so excited, it's back because it's only Like thirty-four or just something crazy, it's like on major sale right now and i had to share it so that you guys could grab it because it is so gorgeous.

It's like, a beautiful floaty summer, dress.

I love these little puff sleeves. This would also look really good with a belt, so i'll show you guys what it looks like with that as well anyways. This is just kind of me playing dress up a little bit, but i'm gon na go ahead and start on dinner. i'm gon na.

Just throw a chicken in the oven, something really quick. Okay, here is what it looks like with just the belt. I think it really cinches it in. I just got this one from express i'll link this below too, and i also have one little hack to share with you real, quick.

So i got a little clear elastic and i tied that around so that this side doesn't stick out.

Okay, i'm gon na go start cooking: okay, i'm gon na go ahead and start on this chicken real fast.

Hopefully i have enough time before elena wakes up and then we can eat dinner together. So i wanted this video to kind of be. Me sharing like how i get it all done: like as a mom, blogger, wife, like, taking care of a house and working and taking care of a baby and all that stuff, and basically my whole message with this is that you can't do It all like you can't, i don't know like it's just not possible.

I definitely have a lot of help. As you can see. Sorry, i realized that i need to get like the chicken out of the package, so i can continue cooking and then i could talk to you guys.

So basically, what i have learned recently is that i am a lot more productive when i focus on one thing at a time so when they, when it comes to working whenever i'm like with elena and i'm like trying to do emails or something

She gets so upset. She wants, like all my attention and i feel guilty because, like i'm, not you know playing with her or whatever, and then i don't even get barely any work done. So for me, it just does not work to. Do everything at once and multitask? So what i do is like whenever i'm working from ten to two, i get all of the work that i can get done, and then once work is over. Then i have like. One hundred of my attention focused on elena and then i just feel like i'm so much of a better mom, i'm just so much better at my job and i just feel a lot more balanced.

So i thought i would just give you guys that little tidbit, because, i feel like it's something. I have realized a little bit more recently and i feel, like it's been helping me a lot, it's kind of similar to like the time blocking method with productivity. I've heard a lot of people use that method. It's where you kind of like block out certain periods of time, where you only focus on one task and then you can like focus all your attention and energy on that one thing, and then you move on to the next time block. It may not always be possible to like you know, not work when you're around your kids or whatever, but basically i'm making a whole roasted chicken in the oven. I would make this in my instant pot, but i think this chicken is too big, even though it turns out so much better in the air fryer. I just think i probably needed a little bit of a smaller chicken to fit in my airfryer. I'm just gon na cover this with foil, stick it in the oven and then cook it for.

I always forget if it's one hour or two hours, i think it's, two. Actually, no, it's like one and a half. So what i'm seasoning it with is fresh garlic, seven spice this is like, arabic spices.

My mother-in-law actually got me this and i started using it ever since, probably ever since we got married, it's so yummy a couple of spoons of this and then just salt, since this has so many yummy spices in it. This is literally all i'm gon na use the ingredients in the seven spice. If you guys are curious. It's allspice, ground, cardamon, ground, black pepper, ground, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and ginger.

I'm also going to peel a few potatoes and throw it in with the chicken as well. Another thing that i wanted to mention in this video that i feel like is super important to talk about. Is that, obviously there is the saying that it takes a village and raising a child like? There's that thing for a reason, and i'm actually one of the worst people at asking for help.

I mean that goes across anything in my life honestly and whenever i had elena, i really had to change that about myself, because i quickly realized, like i'm, not going to be able to do all of this stuff, and even now it's still Kind of hard for me, to like just straight up, ask like my mom and my mother-in-law to watch elena on certain days but it like whenever i finally asked them like.

If they could do that. For me, it has made my life a hundred times easier, so i wanted to remind you guys that it's okay, to ask for help. We're not meant to do all of this on our own. You know if you have family available or, you have friends or anything. That's in your circle, people. You trust. I just really wanted to mention that that it really makes a world of difference. When you gather help from the people you love or the people, you trust, and yeah. We're not meant to do this all on our own, so i really just that's just kind of been something that i've been working on is asking for help, and i thought i would mention it to you guys in case any of you guys are the same way.

I just set the oven to four hundred: i'm gon na go ahead and mix all this chicken and potatoes and spices and cover it and then i'll put it in the oven for an hour and a half.

I just texted my mom, but this is just easy because you just, throw everything and then just stick it in the oven and then. It comes out so juicy and tender, and it's just like super easy and healthy and. Elena loves it and also the chicken like the juice from the chicken, it's so good whenever you pour it over rice, it's like one of my favorite things.

I'm just going to add a little bit of water to this, maybe so that

There's like half an inch of water in the pan, just so that the steam from that can help cook the chicken more and make it super juicy. And i'm going to cover this foil and you have the most basic dinner.

But it's super yummy, i just finished cooking, so i have my rice salad and then i just got this chicken out of the oven, steamy.

It smells so good. You guys, and you know it's finished. If you can just like easily slice into it, which i can yummy, so i'm gon na go ahead and plate all of this and we'll eat dinner and then.

We have something special planned for after we put elena to sleep, so i'll see you guys after that, all right you guys it is eight o'clock. I just got elena down to sleep and. We are so exhausted. It's been a busy day. I have a little something that i'm gon na share with you guys, i'm a little nervous, because i feel like i'm gon na get hate for this, but omar is just like.

I don't know. I should just do it anyways, because it's really not that big of a deal, but let me just show you what it is. Basically, this is not what it looks like, because these are all halal, certified wines. I had a company reach out to me.

Asking if i wanted to try it, and i actually really did - and i asked you guys over on my instagram - if you guys wanted me to do like a little - tasting to see what they tasted like just because i'm genuinely curious.

What these taste like me and omar, i have actually had alcohol free wine before when we were in italy and i actually really enjoyed it.

I'm excited to try these. I thought we could do a little tasting just to see what these taste like and also. I think the most important thing is that, literally each individual bottle comes with a certificate, oh yeah, that they're like that states.

This is certified by a legitimate organization

Yeah and if, if any of you guys are feeling like, i don't know uncomfortable with this or anything like you can click off the video.

If you have the urge to leave a hateful comment like just just leave, we should say that it was sent to us by a nice muslim, yeah, it's a muslim-owned company and, exactly all good intentions.

We thought that this would be something that would be fun, it's just something fun, it's something where you can feel elegant, while you're drinking it where you can have an alternative to alcohol.

This is in no way like trying to imitate yeah. This is, i don't know this is just light-hearted, like whenever i tried it the last time i actually really enjoyed it so. This is an alternative so anyway, and we're going to be doing a little q a so. I don't even know what our q a is going to be about, because i just asked instagram and i have.

I haven't even checked the questions yet so we just wanted to make this a little bit more interesting, so they gave me a little card with all the explanations of all of them. I don't really want to open all of them. I think we should just try like three or something: let's do like a white, a red, and then this rose. Okay, because this always looks so chic go ahead and open one and pour us like a little sip. And then i'm gon na find a question. Okay, a lot of these questions are not for both of us they're. Just for me, of course, this one is. When is the next baby coming? I knew that was coming. That's like literally a third question. We just put elena to sleep soon, ask us: whenever we're like, not exhausted and from i don't know, how do you open this there's some?

Oh there's something on the limbs:, there's! Okay! Oh i guess it's!

Fine. I've actually been talking a lot about this recently because elaine is about to be a year and. We want inshallah for our children to be about two years apart, so that would mean we would need to start trying again in like fall winter time, but inshallah whenever god wants. But that's when we're planning to like start trying again over here. It's like around, like november or december time.

How many kids do we want?

Has that changed? Okay?

That wasn't one of the questions?? Oh i'm just kidding, but let's see, okay has that changed i okay. Before we had elena, it was four. We both said four now. What would you say, i'm telling her. If we have a boy next yeah, he said we need something to open. That almost told me. If we have a boy next, we would have a boy and a girl and he would be like complete. So that would be only two, but i don't think i could just have two. I feel like three is a good number, so we'll probably settle on three, but who knows, as you can tell, we are not experts.

There's a lot of questions to me. about do. I ever feel out of place with my family, since i'm the only one who wears hijab and do i ever feel some type of way about wearing hijab and my sisters don't.

So i mean there are definitely moments where i have like my insecurities with that. for sure, but for the most part, i feel like i've gotten a lot more comfortable in my hijab, like especially since i put it on um but, especially during this summer.

I feel like i have more of like those moments. For some reason i should have looked up a tutorial that looks. That seems right, oh wow. I don't think i did that right, but oh no. How am i supposed to?

I don't know:, okay, ! It's like pink salmon, color! It's like the pretty one. It says this dry rose is not as sweet, but can be paired so easily with any kind of food best served chilled are some of them supposed to be warm. I think they all say chilled. Oh okay. As far as i could tell - oh no, it smells. I don't know it smells scared. It kind of smells, like obviously smells like grapes, but. Okay, it's sour. I guess i can understand what it, what what they mean by dry. I feel like i'm gon na throw up really. So this is not nina's favorite. No, this one's not bad. I kind of like it. I do it's dry, it's mild! It's dry! It's weird! I don't know why, like it, made me like gag for a second, but it no. It's actually not bad. It has like yeah the dryness.

It's like definitely not sweet, sour, no, not sweet at all. Let's try the red one! Next. How do you guys apologize after fighting or small arguments?

You want to answer that.

Basically, i apologize. That is not true. Well, he does apologize, but i also apologize - and i remember our last argument - i am the one who apologized and you did not apologize.

I did apologize. No, you did not that's.

What i did you apologized first, but i did apologize.

We both apologize

We both apologize, but really the thing is, i'm the one who usually gets upset with him. So that's. Why he's the one who needs to apologize? Oh wow, really i just don't tell you when i'm upset and then i kind of tell you all at once: yeah, he blows up, that's his thing.

He doesn't.

He doesn't like to talk about his feelings. Well, because the issue is. I don't want to bring this up again, but every time i try to tell her about something she gets her feelings hurt. You know so i feel like it's kind of hard for me to talk about my feelings to her, and i know it's not like something that she does on purpose.

You know i'm just extremely sensitive. I don't want to be like that. I want him to be able to talk about his feelings and.

I not like get offended because a lot of the times i like blame myself like what's wrong with me and then i get upset but he's just trying to like vent or whatever it is and yeah.

So a lot of the times. I usually don't.

I don't tell you my feelings, yeah and so then, whenever things just get like too much for you to handle you just like like blow up and, i'm like what in the world yeah a lot of the times.

When you tell me, i made you upset or something you know, i i do apologize, you know, but then i think about like.

Oh what about my feeling. So i'm sorry, if i'm see i'm up, i'm even apologizing right now.

I didn't do anything wrong red merlot.

Oh i cut myself, oh no, oh this is. Actually red. Just give me like a sip.

I don't need a whole thing: yeah, ! Okay! I like this one, you like it! Yes - and i remember i liked it in italy as well - this one tastes more like grape juice.

This one is from spain, it's a lisori merlot, the other one was from italy.

This spanish red wine is very deep in flavor, red wine is known for its benefits of antioxidants that keep your body healthy, that's paired with red meats, oh okay!

Actually, you can see that this with like a stick with a steak. I could see that, let's try it and that's good that this is like the healthy one, because this is my favorite wow, that's good! I do like a lot it. Okay, uh tastes, uh, there's no alcohol, so i mean, but it doesn't taste like grape juice. It's not no well right, i mean it tastes like grape juice, unsweetened, grape juice, but it's it's not just grape juice. There's more! I feel like there's more of a flavor to it right it's more sophisticated than just grapefruit, oh for sure, yeah.

I like this. I would drink this one. We can keep this one. The rosette tastes like a watered down red one to me - rose tasted, rosado and rosado, the rosado.

It doesn't taste like this to me. What does it taste like

It tastes different, i don't know is this how you're supposed to hold it? I don't even know, maybe like this. This is what people do movies like.

Look at that, maybe no! No! They don't actually do that.

Like this.

I don't think so, much. This is the last one. We're gon na try. This is a white i'll link this down below. If you guys are interested, i don't know how many people are gon na be interested, but yeah there's no way, i'm going to open them up. That's why you keep me around one more question: let's see this one is the sorry premium white, chardonnay. This one is from spain and.

This white chardonnay is a very bold white wine, acidic with fruity notes.

This one can be paired with creamy dishes, roast chicken, and seafood dessert chill.

What does chilled mean? Does that mean like just cold or like on ice or no, chilled like in the fridge in the fridge, i'm pretty sure? Okay, what has been the biggest adjustment since having elena?

Hmm? I don't know about this one, you guys, oh wow, it's very different than the other ones. yeah wow they're all different, much more tart still a little bit bold, like the red one, yeah.

It's definitely got more flavor a little more of a yeah, more flavor. I like this one as well, i would say i probably prefer the red, but i like this one too.

Actually, it's really good biggest adjustment since having elena sleep, no sleep lack of sleep. She still wakes up three four, sometimes five times a night and i've actually been sleeping on the couch, yeah.

You can see it on my face. We're kind of struggling with that omar was kind of like toughing it out for months and months. but he because i was thinking like oh it's going to get better, it hasn't gotten any better, yet yeah literally like she was getting better to where she was only waking up once a night, and now she wakes up like she went backwards now.

She wakes up more than she ever did ever she's waking up a lot more for comfort, yeah, um, just to breastfeed, but she's, not even really eating she's, just like sucking, which i don't know.

I don't know what to do, but i can go right back to sleep omar. He cannot. He wakes up and he's up for like what in like an hour like it yeah like at least if i'm.

If i wake up and i'm a light sleeper, so you can very light sleeper, you know if we go to bed at ten or eleven and we have to get up at seven around seven if i'm waking up three four times and staying up For an hour, so that's for thirty minutes each time you know, probably more, of an adjustment for you just since you're such a light sleeper, and you have a hard time. I don't mind, because i can go right back to sleep.

My biggest adjustment is just like not having. I don't know just like not being able to do certain things that i need to do even send one email when elena's like in my lap or something like she will just like grab the phone she'll be upset that i'm not paying attention to her like I've had to really organize my time

Where i like have elena time, and i have work time and i can't just like multitask - and i was talking a little bit about this earlier, but that's been a really big adjustment.

For me, there are obvious things like. You know your life is now yeah centered around the baby, yeah, that's not a hard adjustment. You know knowing like, i can't okay go somewhere.

We have to make sure that she's looked after she's taken care of, even if she's not around us like who's watching her is she eating. Is she sleeping like we it's not like a puppy or a cat yeah, you can just like, throw it in the at home when garage going out or something it's also a blessing yeah.

Obviously, whatever adjustment you need to make, it's well worth it yeah, of course, of course.

I guess that's pretty much all we have there weren't that many questions, because i literally just posted it there's a lot of questions actually well.

A lot of them were for me: they weren't like geared towards us, so i just picked the best one. Maybe if there's a lot more, we can make another one yeah but anyways. I hope that this was fun. Thank you guys so much for watching.

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