How I Plan a Family Photoshoot! | All My Tips!

How I Plan a Family Photoshoot! | All My Tips!

Hello, everyone and welcome back to my channel. I am currently getting ready for our fall. Family photo shoot. I just really wanted to kind of make this a tradition every year where we could kind of look back as our family grows on our fall. Family photos, so i wanted to give you guys some tips today on how i put all that together and plan out the shoot once my makeup is complete. I always like to apply a fragrance to kind of finish off. My look and i wanted to share with you all the newest one in my collection. Thank you so much to donna karen for sponsoring today's video.

So this is the donna

Karen cashmere mist, perfume. First of all, the bottle itself.

Is absolutely stunning. It is so elegant it, it's very sculptural which is supposed to like celebrate the female body, which i think is so beautiful, but the scent itself you guys, is, like just divine, so it's soft and like sweet but deep. At the same time, it has like a like a little depth to it. it's very floral. So let me actually read off these notes to you guys

It is an oriental floral with um keynotes of, moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley and sandalwood.

So definitely a floral with like just warmth to it and it's even better when it like fades, because it really like lingers on your skin. With this, like really nice, like warm floral, so i would totally recommend you guys smelling this. This is a scent that i think, so many of you guys will love. I think it's very universally, like flattering so this is a very wearable fragrance. This is not a perfume you're gon na spray and overwhelm people or anything like that. It's a very like soft subtle, warm luxurious like a perfume, that's like just beautiful to wear every day and something that will be just for you. I really also love the messaging with this perfume and they really encourage you to just celebrate yourself. Each and every day, no matter the occasion - and i think that is so important for moms. So this is very new to me because i've only been a mom for three months. But let me just tell you, you definitely forget about yourself when you have this little human being that relies on you and i just like hats off to moms, because they literally will put every single person first before themselves, and i think It's really important to remember, to just have that little bit of self-indulgence every day and just making yourself happy just for your own mental health and for me. That is honestly my time in the morning whenever i get ready and do my makeup and usually i will either have omar watch the baby.

While i have my time um i sit down, i do my makeup. i drink my tea.

I put my youtube videos on and i watch my shows i just have my little quiet, zen time to myself and honestly that has helped so much with my mental health for you that could be doing something active, taking care of your body.

Doing yoga um going on a walk, it could be reading a book. It could be um literally a fifteen minute hot shower, especially as a mom. That's a very that is a luxury as a mom as a mom. Sometimes we feel like. We've lost ourselves, but the thing is. We have not lost ourselves. We are the same person that we were before we had the baby um, and we need to remember that, and we need to have at least, that little bit of time every day to remind ourselves of that taking care of yourself will make you A better mom because you'll be better suited to take care of others. If you are not taking care of yourself, then you will not be your best self to put your best foot forward and taking care of your family. So. That's why i just love this fragrance and i'm super excited.

I will link this down below in the description box, for you guys to check out um now that i've had my me time this morning, getting ready, i'm going to share with y'all how i get everyone else ready for our family photo shoot and i'm Going to share with you all kind of all my plans for that, so i wanted to share with you all what we're wearing tonight and then i thought i would give you guys some tips on how to really coordinate a family photo shoot because it can Be very daunting, especially when you have several people in your family, um, and you really just want everyone to kind of coordinate without looking too matchy-matchy, because i personally don't really like when um. It gets too matchy like everyone's wearing, like jeans and white shirt. You know what i mean, so it's really cute when it's just kind of like all, goes together without being too matchy-matchy.

This is the dress i'm wearing tonight. It's a beautiful burgundy, long, sleeve, maxi dress. I really love, like maxi dresses, for photos just because i feel like they look so elegant, but it also really depends on your location, so the location that we're going to tonight is a beautiful like field.

So i think it's a really nice, like natural location, where a maxi dress would go perfectly um. I. I know that you could make this like really formal, and i could literally have omar wearing a suit and tie, but i didn't want them to be too dressy for these photos.

I wanted them to be a little bit casual, even though i'm wearing a dress, so i'm having omar wearing a henley and black jeans and then elena is wearing a sweater dress with ruffles and some knee-high socks and a velvet bow. The first thing that i would say is: go ahead and choose your outfit, so i went ahead and i was like i'm wearing this everyone else i mean elena.

Doesn'T care omar doesn't care what he's wearing so i really wanted to wear this dress um. Then base everyone else's outfits off of your outfit, because you're going to be the most picky, i think and you're the one putting this thing together so go ahead and choose your outfit and then base everything else off of that. Okay, i went ahead and laid everything out, because this is kind of how i plan my outfits.

I lay everything out on the floor so once you choose your outfit um, you can base everyone else's outfit off of that and you go ahead and you choose a color palette and i would choose about um three to four colors in your color Palette based off of your outfit, and then you can choose everyone else's after that, and that way, if you have three or four colors, it's not going to overwhelm you you're not going to have so many different options and it will keep everything looking really cohesive. So i definitely love like pops of color, especially in family photos, because it keeps things interesting, but you definitely want to just make sure you have some neutral colors like white, gray, beige black, just something to kind of like balance, everything, but once you Have the outfit you're wearing and the color palette that you're going off of it's really easy to kind of put everyone else's outfits together, because you just follow the color palette and you can also add different patterns as long as they kind of stay Within that color family that you've already set out, the color palette i went for is burgundy white, black and beige, so that's kind of the color palette. I went for it honestly. It would have been really cute if elena had a burgundy bow, but i just didn't have time to order one in time for the shoot. I hope that those tips are helpful in choosing outfits for family photos, because i know it can kind of be hard to put them together. once i have my location set, and i have my outfits picked out i like to go online and just go ahead and search for poses for families, and this will really be helpful to send to your photographer.

A lot of photographers they'll already know how to position you and will tell you like how to pose and what to do, and so a lot of them are great at that. But then some of them are not, and you kind of have to know what you're looking for and these pictures, even if the photographer is really good, and knows what they're doing just having pictures so that they know kind of what you like. So that they know how to best position you and to best, tell you to pose during the shoot is great, because you are not going to remember um when you're out there shooting with like with kids, especially like, how to pose or, like Anything like that, so having these pictures on hand, will be so good and i really loved this family shoot um their color palette was blue brown white and black and see how they have like a pop pops of color and neutrals within their Outfits, i think that's really really beautiful and keeps everything really balanced. Okay, i am dressed for the family pictures um. As you can see, my shoes are not gon na be showing with this dress and since we are going to be in kind of like a field with tall grass, i'm literally gon na wear tennis shoes with this dress, because i just want to be Comfortable, i want to be able to walk and i don't want to ruin my shoes and they're not going to be shown anyways. So this is the look i'm going to go ahead and clean. My rings with you guys, because i always like to clean my rings whenever i have like a family photo shoot like this um, because like a lot of times when we're taking up close pictures, my rings will show, and they are very disgusting right now.

So, let's go do that. Basically what i do is: i have some boiling hot water and i have a cup. You can either use just a regular cup with some foil over it, but i have a mason jar, so i can cover it and then i also have some dish soap in the bottom of the mason jar here.

So i'm gon na go ahead and put my rings in my cup with the dish, soap, then you go ahead and you pour your boiling hot water into the cup. I actually learned this method from my sister-in-law, so shout out to her. Then you go ahead and you cover your cup. You could do it with foil. You can literally do it with a mason jar and shake that up a little bit and then we're going to wait about ten minutes. Okay, i can't figure out how to put me and what i'm doing in the same frame so you're not going to see my face, but basically you go ahead and once the ten minutes is over, you take your rings out and you are going to rinse Them off in the sink and make sure that you have a stopper in your drain, so you don't have any risk of dropping them down the drain.

I got this little baby toothbrush. It has the softest bristles ever and you're, just going to literally brush over your diamonds and get all of like the cloudiness out, it's already looking so sparkly. I have not seen it sparkle, this much in so long, ! Okay, i went ahead and finished and i wanted to show you guys the finished result.

I can totally tell that they are so much more sparkly, and so much more photo ready. So now i'm going to pack up my crew and we will head to meet my photographer at our photo location. I'm so excited.

It's a few days later and we got our pictures back from the shoot and they turned out. So good they're, probably my favorite pictures that we've taken so far and we've taken several with or without elena ever since elena was born, we've had like literally five family photo shoots. These are my favorite it'll, just be so nice to like look back on them, yeah. They are really good. I wanted to talk about how elena did, because i know that it can be super hard juggling and taking care of. It just like getting them to behave and look at the camera and all that stuff um, so she actually did very well. Thankfully she did um. She did better than she's doing right now, yeah. She did very well, but i wanted to give you guys some tips because um it can be very tricky. So we didn't actually do this this time, but um. If we were to be very prepared, we would have had like amanda or just another person

Yeah. If you can get another person to go with you, because it's hard for the photographer to like make sure everybody's outfits. Look good. Everybody's poses look good. Yeah and the baby's looking and the baby's looking and they got to get their focus and yeah.

It's a lot of things for the photographer to have to do yeah, so i mean some of them can do that, but i would just bring an extra person who's not going to be in the pictures to stand by the photographer and like get the baby

To look bring some like toys that are like gon na you know, get that attention like for her would work well, yeah, um, and if you have older children, then, maybe that person can also like bring candy.

That's such a like to bribe the kids like.

If you look at the camera, you can have this lollipop piece of chocolate. I think, that's probably the best advice is just to have extra person to like.

You know help you out if it's an infant like elena's age, i went ahead and fed her like right before the shoot and changed her diaper.

The timing worked out really well yeah because we drove to dallas yeah, so she was hungry.

I fed her changed her right before we started shooting, so she was happy and there was no risk of her like crying because she was hungry or having a diaper eliminate as many variables as you can yeah.

So definitely feed and change right before, thanks again to donna karen for sponsoring today's video, even if it's just like at home, chilling in your lounge, where kind of day spring a fragrance like that, one that can make you feel so empowered and beautiful And actually sprayed it today smells good. It reminds me of yeah.

It's got jasmine in it right yeah.

It has jasmine yeah. It reminds me of.

We used to have a huge jasmine like tree in our backyard in syria, and that's what it reminds me of when i smell that it's so pretty yeah brings back a lot of good memories.

Yeah love you guys so much and i will see y'all in my next.