Husband Buys My Outfit | How Did He Do?!

Husband Buys My Outfit | How Did He Do?!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I have been begging this one right here to do this, video with me for so long today, we're filming the husband fights my outfit video.

I sent him to H & M because it's literally five minutes from my house the last time we tried to do this video.

I asked him to just like I stuff online and I think how long were you probably like two hours overwhelmed so yeah. I was like just go to H & M. Get me an outfit well, you said it had to be under one hundred. Then you stayed him to the of the budget. I did so yeah we'll see what we got. I'm on my way to H & M Lina, gave me the task: the challenge of finding two outfits for $ 100, at least one outfit, but two possibly and I'm gon na see what I can find, I'm bringing you guys with me. This is weird I've. Never blogged myself before I've arrived, hmm hashtag sponsored hashtag, just kidding look at the guy stuff for a minute, so they don't think I'm weird or something yeah. You know likes jumpsuits right. I think she'd like this. If it wasn't so bedazzled yeah they're considered treating about look at her Instagram. Well, I'm shopping all right, so I'm walking out seventy-one dollars and forty cents. I have to say I really didn't find many things I like. I was looking for ruffles and I couldn't find anything with ruffles on it that I, like it's really hard to shop. For you know by the way ya spent, probably about an hour, and there got a few weird looks. You know: that's, all good, actually. Okay, the tax of eight, which is not my sign.

So I thought I was getting you know:.

Actually really cute.

I don't have any ballet flats. I probably wouldn't think he's not myself that I would wear them because they're practical and the color is like Sony. Okay, so you get it start off strong, okay, okay and next is and.

Actually I wanted a great pair of jeans, okay. Okay, I really were gon na get me okay.

I knew you're hitting jeans because he called him. He was like what size are you in pants and I was like. I already told you on the six and then I he was like no.

They were like twenty-seven twenty-eight, there's a twenty twenty-six, twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine, there's six!

I know, there's seven, that these are good. There may be a little bit comedian there

Twenty-nine many yes, twenty-five twenty, but that's a range I would rather than be loose than than two times around figures. Okay, these are picture. I would never thought you would give me great genius. Okay, there were ten dollars.

Okay, okay, okay. Okay, so I know it's like, I know, it's not you, but no! Okay! I do. This is something I probably would've warned of a few years ago, a couple years: yeah yeah, okay, no, it's cute! I'm not sure I could not find anything. This was one of the best things I found, I mean no, you did it really well, because it's feminine the silhouette is something I like something similar to what I already have. It's like a mini dress that I would wear the top and you're actually good with that. So I mean we'll, try it on it, wouldn't be something I would normally gravitate towards, but I mean I think it's black. I. Don'T wear a lot luck. I want to try it's fine. It's hard bass. Okay! Next is. Okay, babes! It's not long! Please yeah thought you could wear like an under oh, okay, like like no okay.

No, I see exactly where you're going with this because yeah it's a white top and I love my white blouses honestly. This would be great for this long sleeves, because yeah I can find the came with ruffles. The jeans were $ 10.

Like I said, the dress was. Eighteen $ 17. 99.

Shoes were thirteen and this top was twenty-five. So this was the most expensive. It's the no it's the best quality shirt, other ones, a little less yeah dinner total was, seventy-one $ 40, where I am especially because our H & M doesn't really have everything like we're in a small town. So we don't have the full range of selection Lena's changing right now. I guess I did, but I thought I did Freddie, see it. Oh yeah, Wow, hey, not bad, not bad! If I do say so: myself, yeah, okay, okay, really bad guys! Good, like, I said I can see why you chose every piece, so I it's like the thought that counts. You know, and this is why I never shop. Pretty I like in mind what could be more feminine than it's them in a dress. Yeah right, like I said, I had a hard time finding looking for stuff finding what you would. Overall, I think you did a very good job and what would you give me for okay, a lot of tank?

I would give you a five.

That's not good, very good.

What are you talking about?

That's terrible, but thanks so much for being on my channel and let us know what other videos you guys want to see from us any other like challenge, videos, yeah love, you guys and I'll see you guys. My next video by.