I’M PREGNANT! + How We Found Out!

I’M PREGNANT! + How We Found Out!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.

My name is Lina. If you guys are new, and I cannot believe that I'm sitting down to fill in this video, I am so excited to share with you guys that I am pregnant. We have been keeping the secret from you guys since November. It has been one of the hardest things to keep a secret because obviously I'm so excited, and I want to share everything, but just as a labor and delivery nurse. I just saw a lot of scary things, unfortunately, and I wanted to just make sure I was well into the second trimester and that things were like good to go before. I've shared the special news, so I'm so excited we are so grateful that sha Allah we are going to be expecting a little baby coming end of summer, two thousand and twenty in this video I'm going to be sharing with you guys, just kind of Like the story of how we found out and kind of like just give you all the details, and I'm just so excited to finally like bring you guys on this journey, I did post a like three-minute little vlog of the actual moment that we realized that we Were pregnant that one has already gone live if you haven't seen that one already flashback to kind of like September, two thousand and nineteen, and that's kind of like when Omer and I started thinking more seriously about like when we were gon na have a baby. We just never could figure out when would be a good time, because he wants to go back to school and do his master's in nursing. We just knew that he had a little bit of ways to go until he finished school, but we knew that we didn't want to wait until he finished school because we just wanted to be like younger parents. We didn't want to wait too long. We were just like you know what, let's just maybe just see what happens, and that I think I want to mention is that I do have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is a hormonal imbalance that can make it a little bit more difficult for women to get pregnant. Sometimes - and that was always a concern of mine literally since I was seventeen when I got diagnosed that was like one of my biggest fears is happening having fertility issues. So that's why I really tried to change my lifestyle and my diet. I've actually never been on birth control and the fact that I haven't gotten pregnant during our marriage - I just was thinking like oh gosh, like it's just gon na, take a really long time like.

If I have problems once we do start trying granted, we actually never legitimately tried to have a baby. I'm not gon na go into those details. We were like. Let's just go ahead and just see what happened. Then it was October and I actually had to get a nail biopsy, because I had like a little kind of a cancer scare, but we kind of put trying for a baby on hold until I got the results for that back and that was such. A scary time for me, I was so stressed and I'm so glad that we did not try that month, because I feel, like your body being under that much stress, is like not good for the baby. We found out that everything was clear with the biopsy. Thank God literally you guys that next month was the month that we got pregnant. We are so grateful, but we were just an absolute shock, like I said, with my history of PCOS and with just the fact that we have never gotten pregnant. We were just an absolute shock. I am trying my absolute best to just be as grateful as possible that it happened as fast as it did, even though we didn't know if we were prepared or not. I think God has obviously and the perfect timing for everything, but I'm just trying to be so so so grateful and just remember that there are so many women out there who do go through fertility issues and my heart goes out to anyone who is struggling And just know that God has the perfect timing and inshallah God willing everything will work out for you and the best time, but yeah we were just in literal shock. That happened so fast. My periods are actually really painful.

I don't think I've ever talked to you guys about this before, but I get really really intense cramps and I have to take like a lot of ibuprofen to get it under control, usually every month. So I was that month. Actually that I got pregnant, I was just thinking like you know: I'm gon na try to eat a lot less meat, because I've heard, like mad animal products, can kind of make your period cramps a lot worse. So this is really something that I'm going to try. This month and for some reason that month I just couldn't do it. I was eight, I think I ate or animal products and for me that month then I had a long time. So I was just, anticipating that my period was just gon na, be so bad, so end of the month came. It was actually Omar's sister's wedding, and that was the day that I was supposed to start my period and I just was having the most intense low, like pelvic cramps, and I was like oh my gosh. If it's already this bad of cramps, like the first cramp, that I feel is the best bad like it's gon na, be so awful this month. It was definitely because I ate so much meat this month. I just kind of like kept having cramps, but then my period just wasn't starting and normally once I start feeling cramps like I just kind of like start my period immediately. That's just what's normal! For me, it's not really abnormal for me to be like one day late, but I'm I've been pretty regular with my periods for the past few years. I was just thinking that it was a little bit weird that I hadn't started my period. That day of the wedding, but we were super busy that day wasn't thinking too much about it. next day came still hadn't started.

My period was still having like really bad cramps. We went to eat dinner at my parents house that night so on our way home Omar and I stopped by CVS, because I told him like I'm having these really bad cramps and we are out of ibuprofen. And if it's already this bad like. I need to make sure I have ibuprofen, but in the back of my mind I was thinking like, but what, if I'm, actually pregnant like what? If this is like a pregnancy symptom like, we did only try for the one month, but I was like it could be a possibility and you were actually not supposed to take ibuprofen if you are pregnant. So I was just thinking like. I should probably take a test just in case before I take medicine, so we parked at CVS and I was like Omar. Should I get a pregnancy test while I run in there because, like dadada - and he was just like Lena no like, there's no way like you're ridiculous, he was saying that I needed to wait at least another week to take a pregnancy test, even though Pregnancy tests nowadays are like accurate, like five days before you miss your period or something like that. So it was way past time that I could have taken a test where I was so against it. He just didn't want me to like take the test for no reason and just like be getting my hopes up or getting his hopes up and then it'd just be negative, so I was like okay, fine, like I couldn't like with him. He just wasn't budging on that, so anyways I ran in and I got ibuprofen and I got a sea chest. I didn't tell him I just like hid it in my purse when we got home, I ran straight to the bathroom and took the test and he ran to a different bathroom in the house and he needs to go with time to oh, I took the test and immediately like to like dark lines just showed up in my whole world, literally just like started, I don't know everything was just like numb. I felt so weird. I was like okay, no. This is not right, so I was like texting Omar, I'm like okay, Omar. You need to get out of the bathroom right now, because I need to talk to you and he wasn't like answering my text messages, so I called it and I'm like. Oh, you need to get out of the bathroom like right now, because you need to come in here and he was like really he was like mad. He was like why I'm like just come in so he linked, hangs up comes over and he's like. What do you want? I showed him the test and I was like listen. I don't know if this is real or not, and he just he was just like okay Lena, like you cannot mess with me like that Lena you took it wrong, like let's read the instructions like we have to take it again like this is absolutely ridiculous. You're not pregnant. He like made me pee in a cup and we like, followed all the instructions and he like set a timer immediately. Two dark lines and oh we're sitting there like watching the timer and I'm like Omar they're. Already there he's like, but the timer Lena, it's not the ten minutes, I'm like it doesn't matter on that night. We just really did not believe it honestly, a hundred percent. We just didn't believe it which looking back I'm like, why didn't we believe it? We literally took two tests. They were both positive immediately. We were just an absolute denial, absolute shock. I went to bed that night thinking like there's just no way that I'm pregnant the next day I had a super super busy day. I was shooting all day working on videos working on photos. That morning, before I started work, I called my mom and I was like mama like I have to positive pregnancy test and I don't know if they're real or not, but I just want to let you know like I'm. I don't know what to. You and she was like, oh my god, Lina you're - definitely pregnant like don't like stop kidding yourself like you have two positive tests like oh my gosh, she was freaking out.

I was like no like. It may not be right thinking back, I'm just like. Oh, my god Lina you're so stupid, but I really just wanted to take like the digital one that says pregnant, so I could just see it and just be like okay. We confirm, like I'm definitely pregnant. Of course, like we already had the to positive test, but like it didn't feel real until we took that third one that actually said pregnant, so that was whenever we both were just like. Oh my gosh. This is real. I told my mom not to tell any of the rest of my family and my mom is just dying because she's the worst secret-keeper ever I have a vlog, that's gon na be coming up soon of us, like a telling in my family and wow. I just can't wait to show you guys that one we're so excited for all the upcoming content that I have planned. I have telling my family, I have a gender-reveal. I have a first trimester, and like second third trimester updates, and I want to know what else you guys want to see from me about this pregnancy. I want to do kind of like a pregnancy series on this channel, so leave your suggestions below I'm.

So excited to take you on this journey.

Please it keep us in your prayers.

I will definitely be keeping all of you who are on your fertility journeys or pregnancy journeys as well.

I will be keeping you guys in my prayers as well.

I love you guys so so much and in my next video by, you