Labor and Delivery Birth Vlog | Baby Name Reveal!

Labor and Delivery Birth Vlog | Baby Name Reveal!

It's baby day we're so excited.

It's like five forty-five in the morning. We need to leave. We need to be there at six and i slept like four hours last night, so excited and nervous and yeah. So we can't wait. We're ready, yeah.

Just got to the room, i'm about to change into my gown.

This is actually where i used to work. So i've already seen a couple of my um, like co-workers, that i used to work with um, but they renovated it since i've been here last, so it's honestly like completely different in the rooms, they're, so much bigger, so weird this.

This is my gon na, be my best friend for the next couple days.

Baby corner right here, so i put my hijab on so i could update you guys, i'm not gon na be wearing my hijab during labor.

I just want you guys to know. I have my iv now. They went ahead and started the pitocin, so i'm on the lowest dose of pitocin right now, um.

My nurse is actually my preceptor who trained me. So it's really special. I love my nurse and everything is great. So far and i'm one centimeter, which is, you know better than nothing super excited. So it is probably about an hour later.

Omar and i are sitting here watching a newborn sleep class, taking care of babies, sleep class, i've already watched it, but i'm having oh my watch it with me and i'm doing a little refresher.

Just honestly, just trying to distract ourselves. Yeah got my ice chips and i'm just trying to keep ourselves busy doing great so far, you're so, cute. I wanted to give you guys a little update so. What time is it actually uh? It is two 30. My doctor just left, she just broke my water and i'm dilated now to three or four um, i'm also um.

I have like a peanut ball in between my legs, so they told me obviously like once your water breaks, your contractions get more intense, so, like this whole day, i've just kind of felt like really mild mild period, cramps and.

I kind of still feel that way, even even though this one was a little bit more intense, i'm still able to like talk through it and everything so, i'm gon na get my epidural.

So as soon as i start getting like kind of uncomfortable, i'm gon na probably ask for it because i don't want to just make myself considerable yeah - and this said you're a three to four now so you're moving on pressing, pretty good slow Because it's my first baby but there's another girl here who um started out the same as me like: we were both one centimeter and apparently i'm like beating her they're, like they have like a race between me and her, so she's still out of one. She said right, that's a little one, poor girl. I know. Okay, it is about five fifteen and a lot has happened. since i last updated you guys so um, my contractions started getting really really intense and i asked for the epidural.

They placed it before that they broke your water, oh yeah. Did i not update that? I don't think so so, but no i did, oh, you did yeah. So the doctor came and broke my water, then the contractions started. Getting really interesting. Right really tried to like breathe through them and tried to tolerate them, because i didn't want to get the epidural too early. I wanted to like feel some good relief got that and i have scoliosis.

So i was kind of worried that it wasn't gon na work properly and at first there was like one spot on my right side. That was like really intense, like everything else was numb and i wasn't feeling anything except for that one spot. But the crna came back and fixed it, and now i feel so much better and honestly, even now, the shakes - oh yeah, they're kind of gone good good.

I was shaking really bad uncontrollably, not cold. She was just shaking yeah. Oh my gosh. It's so much better good and my blood pressure kind of dropped after that, but also the baby's heart rate kind of went down. We had to do some things to fix that, but that's kind of a common thing right. It's common yeah, yeah, baby looks good now and i'm uncomfortable.

Finally, oh and they checked me, so my my nerves, oh yeah, checked me after the epidural and now i'm six centimeters. She said the baby's head feels slick what'd. You say she said: the baby's head feels slim, oh and the baby's head feels slick, so maybe no hair, so yeah, neither neither of us had hair. So i wasn't expecting any hair, anyways yeah just been over here yeah! Oh, my gosh this day has just flown by like. I feel like we got here like three hours ago yeah and it's already five 15. yeah we've been here almost twelve hours already.

How is that possible?

One hour shy, maybe like an hour and a half

Yeah, i told my family not to expect a baby until tomorrow, because i was like not trying to get our hopes up.

You know yeah, but it looks like we're moving in the right direction.

Might happen tonight tonight, inshallah, you're, doing so good. So what time is it now uh six o'clock exactly? I think we talked to you guys like an hour ago. Maybe so the doctor came in and checked me and i am a nine and a half. Oh the baby just got off the monitor. So i'm a nine and a half which is crazy, like i was just six like a couple hours ago. so i'm progressing really well.

They said that um they're gon na. Let me rest for about an hour and then we'll recheck and see if it's time to push oh girl, good, good job, good job, good job, good job awesome go right back at it.


Congratulations! last night was so fast, yeah and i don't even know where we left off the nine and a half omar, and i were just like in absolutely.

We were in shock, there's just no way that i'm a nine and a half yeah and convinced myself that i was going to deliver like after, like twenty-four hours of like maybe a day, she didn't have any question till the doctor got there like She just came so fast and i literally pushed like ten or fifteen minutes when the doctor came, and it was the most beautiful experience in this world. was so fast and it was really fast. yeah everything went well and she's.

Just been the sweetest, most beautiful little baby. I could have ever asked for, yeah and omar. Did such a good job like supporting me all right yesterday, did my job i'm excited because we we are about to go home in a few hours, yeah, maybe five hours so with normally with the first time, mom they'll.

Have you stay forty-eight hours? Just to make sure everything's going well and breastfeeding going well and all that stuff, but with covid they're being a little bit more lenient, like if everything's good, with mom and baby they're, letting you go home after twenty-four. So um we're one of the lucky ones yeah, so we were so blessed that we're doing good enough to go home tonight. So i'm just waiting on my doctor to come and clear me: petey already cleared her um, so we're gon na go home and sleep in our own beds tonight and we're just so grateful that everything happened like the way it did and like It was so fast and like such a good delivery and she's been such a good baby and we're just we're still in shock yeah. We are, i just can't believe she's, ours, yeah.

I hope you guys enjoyed this like

Little l, d, vlog and i'll see y'all in the next one.