Let's Get My Life Back Together | Late Valentine's Presents!

Let's Get My Life Back Together | Late Valentine's Presents!

Good morning, you guys welcome back to another vlog.

Today's video is going to be getting my life back together after the snowstorm. If you guys saw my last vlog, you know that we were at my parents for a few days. I need to clean. I need to get groceries and all that good stuff, so i thought i would take you guys along today, i'm going to be cleaning.

I haven't done a clean with me in a very long time. First thing: i'm going to do is straighten up, because my latest toys are everywhere we have some clutter and then the kitchen's not terrible, but just need to clear some things off and then i'm going to vacuum and mop in a hot minute. Since i've fully vacuumed and mopped, my robot vacuum's been doing a great job, but i just need to deep clean. I don't think i ever updated you guys on my dyson vacuum. I used it for the first time in one of my vlogs and then i never really said anything about it again, but we are absolutely obsessed with this thing. Just the fact that it's cordless is just like a lifesaver. It is incredible. It gets up stuff like so deep like you would think. There was like nothing there and literally finds crumbs and little specks of dirt to get, and it just makes things so clean, my house will look spotless and then i'll wind up filling half of the canister there with dust and who knows what and it Just makes me so satisfied highly recommend i'll link that one that i have below.

This may be gross to you guys, but that's what came out of, that rug, quick cleaning break, because omar's late valentine's day present came and i'm so excited omar. Had gotten me something too, but i told him that i did not want to open it until, like.

I got my thing in for him and it came late, anyways, i thought we'd go ahead and open them on camera since they're both here. I'm literally opening almost a gift for him, but i just want to show you guys a wedding album so pretty okay, so we're gon na open this together. I have no idea what omar got me and we didn't wrap it or do anything, fancy yeah, all right, you ready.

You would give me that shirt. Happy valentine's day, okay, okay, there better be more in there. That's it. I spent like two hours playing together, what's wrong with that, it's going to be in my pajamas anymore, but wait there's one.

I got us a little questionnaire thing:, okay, like a fun activity for us to do yeah, okay, cool exactly and you can do it with like couples and stuff.

That's what do you know your wife and the other side? Oh, so it's like a game. You can play for with like other couples. Okay, that's fine yeah! These are the real gifts. Okay. I think you would like that. Foaming bath with pure epsom salt - oh i haven't had a bath.

I actually haven't taken a bath in a really long time. I know you, don't necessarily like ticket baths shower streamers, yeah. Oh, that's! So, cool! Sorry, that's yourself! You can try it out. So it's like an essential oil thing. You can put in your shower.

Yeah, you put it under your shower and then i think you move it from underneath thanks babe you're, so sweet and i was like okay.

We have never had an actual wedding, album we've never printed our pictures, except for the one. That's on our little gallery wall that are in black and white, so i spent two hours putting this together.

A website called artifact uprising. So i did a page of like me getting ready with my sisters and. Then i did a page where omar was getting ready, and this was our first look, i tried to put it in order. I think it turned out really good. I like that. It's a really nice like coffee table book like it reminded me of our architectural digest book yeah, i think it's the same color we could kind of like display it and be pretty.

Here i tried to put the decor of what our wedding looked like and the cake and the flowers. Oh, do you hear elena? When my dad first saw me, i look here. We were praying. He led the prayer before we started our wedding.

Oh, we yeah.

We were still

Yeah, we were in the back, but we prayed together, it's our entrance. Let me go get elena she's awake now, we're looking at mama and bobby's wedding, it's mama and baba.

This is all of omar's family and then i put all of my family. This turned out really good, i loved our stage.

The rose gold, drapery, just looked so stunning yeah wow. That's great cutting the cake with a sword. I feel bad for sofon, my friend, that carried me. Oh god, if you cut your wedding cake with a sword, comment down below tell us your middle eastern without telling us your middle, eastern. I think that's it. Let me see yeah, that's it wow! I had to change because elena spit up on me. So let's get back to.


Hmm, give you guys an after shot of the kitchen.

Here's an after shot of the living room!!

The last thing that i want to do with you guys is put up my laundry, and i also just want to take the sheets off the bed straighten up in here and throw the sheets in the washing machine.

So i'm so tired. Let's do this!.

I am dressing up some loungewear today with some sneakers and a cute bag, and i'm gon na go run to the grocery store because um i tried to actually order.

My groceries on my phone to have them delivered. Apparently, everyone in my small town is getting their groceries delivered today because it said it couldn't be delivered until thursday and today is sunday, so we need groceries today. So i got myself ready and i'm gon na go, try and grab them, and i'm really hoping that they have food at the grocery store, because i heard they kind of wiped everything out just like they did in quarantine.

I'm back from the grocery store. I got so much stuff

Because i'm telling you guys, we have absolutely nothing.

Good morning.

You guys. I am in such a good mood because it is so sunny the sky is so blue. It is, so nice outside and all the ice is literally gone. It was like the snowstorm. Never even happened. I woke up early. Did my workout ate some oatmeal did a shower.

I usually like to take my showers on sundays, but i just did a lot yesterday. Sometimes showers like the pampering, like exfoliating showers, are not relaxing

They're like a lot of work, so i just saved that until today, so i cleanse in the shower, but i'm gon na go ahead and work on the rest of my skincare to get my skin. Looking really good for the rest of the week - and i thought this was the perfect opportunity to share with you guys, my favorite tula product. Thank you so much tula for sponsoring this portion of today's video. If you guys have watched my channel for a while, you guys have seen me talk about chula several times in the past they're one of my favorites and i've tried so many of their products, and i'm going to share with you all my favorite ones.

If you guys are unfamiliar with tula, they are a doctor founded, skin care and wellness brand.

They are clean cruelty free, they are never tested on animals and they actually use probiotics in all of their skin care like one hundred of their products, use probiotics, and something that i actually just learned about. Tula. It was founded by a gastroenterologist and her patients that were taking probiotics their skin was just beautiful and that's kind of how she got her inspiration to start. A probiotic skincare line, which i was very intrigued by the first product i'm gon na go in with, is the so polished exfoliating sugar scrub.

I have used this one for so many months. I've talked about it several times on my channel. It's just such a good physical exfoliant, it's so good to just reset your skin. I love using this like two to three times a week. It smells like pineapples, and it has like enzymes to like um, really smooth out the surface of your skin. I like to also use this on my lips as well, because my lips are so dry and chapped. Next, i'm going in with the get toned pro glycolic, ten resurfacing toner, and i really love this because it is a gel formula.

I usually just put it straight onto my skin. I usually skip using a cotton ball or whatever. I usually just put it straight on, and this is so good for just really smoothing out the texture of your skin in a really gent. In a really gentle way, glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliant, it's really gentle.

I love using this like, just on a daily basis to smooth out my skin. One hundred of their products contain probiotics and superfoods, so they have some really really good ingredients in there. I just went ahead and moisturized and then i'm going to go ahead and go in with their face, filter, blurring primer. So this one is like skin care. It does have skin care benefits, but you can basically use it so many different ways, which is why i love it. So i've shared this one before on my channel as well. But it's really great to put on even on your no makeup days, because it gives you this, like glow, with like a little bit of a tint to just kind of smooth out and even out. Your complexion. But it also is a really great primer under makeup as well. So i am going to be putting on makeup a little bit later, but let me show you guys what it looks like on its own. Okay, just to show you guys the color of the formula a little bit better um. As you can see, it has like a little bit of like a glowiness to it, but you don't see that tint until you actually rub it into your skin. i feel, like it kind of makes me look a little bit tan.

Okay, so, as you can see, my skin just looks really like even hydrated glowy. I absolutely love that primer the amount of times that i've had to fix my towel off camera.

Next, i'm going to go in with the rose, glow and get it eye balm. I'm pretty sure. If you've heard of tula, you've heard of their rose, glow and good at eye balm, because everyone is obsessed with this stuff, it's basically the most beautiful cooling eye, balm that you can just easily apply with the stick. The other amazing thing is that it kind of has this like glow to it. So it's not even just skin care. You kind of get this really nice radiance, wherever you apply it. So i like to put it on before my makeup, but you can also put it on after your makeup as a highlight you can use it even just to refresh your concealer during the day. I've done that before and it works really really good. It smells like roses: it's a win in my book because you guys know i love anything rose, so anyways as you can see.

My skin looks really glowy awake dewy. I just feel like. These two, in particular the face filter, primer, and the rose glue and get it eye. Balm are like the perfect duo for like a no makeup day, because, you still kind of look like fresh and awake, and you get those skin care benefits as well. tula actually gave me a fifteen off discount code. It's just with love that will get you fifteen off your purchase at tula.com, so thanks again to tula for sponsoring this portion of today's video and let's move on with the rest of the day, i'm about to whip up some tuna salad for lunch.

This is just a really simple recipe: that i always go back to that. I'm not sure if i've shared with you guys on youtube before, but it's basically just red onion, celery, pickles and mayo, and i get the avocado oil mayo. And then i usually get wild caught, albacore tuna with no salt. Basically all that's in it. I'm going to toast some of my canyon, bakehouse bread and then add some lettuce that i just washed another tip that i actually really love adding to tuna salad is something sweet like finely chopped, apples or some like sliced grapes.

I know that sounds kind of weird, but i think that's a southern thing. it makes it super delicious.

I finally got dressed and sat down to finally kind of like get ready for the day. I have elena in her little activity center. Next to me so she's preoccupied and um, i spent a lot of today on my computer answering emails, amanda came over and she helped me do some product linking i'm not like shooting or need to do like a full face of makeup.

I just kind of want to put on like a little something to feel a little bit. Am i gon na be able to do this? I'm just going to kind of go over some of the products i'm going to use and then maybe i'll like speed through my makeup, just so that, you guys know what i'm using.

But this is the bare minerals.

Complexion rescue i've used this for years.

It's my favorite tinted moisturizer. Then i've been really into the armani concealer for blush. I have recently started using this new one. It's by, laura mercier. It's called bellini. It is gorgeous it's like the most beautiful peachy, pink. I have ever used.

I've been using my physicians formula butter bronzer, like crazy.

I have officially hit pan on this.

It is so good. I use this shade. Sun kissed. It's like a really warm tone.

I just have tried other highlights, but i cannot stop using my favorite hustler baby by fenty. It's so good. The only other thing that's kind of new. Is this mascara that i've been using i've shared it a bunch on my instagram.

It's the lash, a doll by lancome. You can get this at ulta, it has like a curved brush and it's it just works so good to like fan out your lashes.

The last thing is the sponge

I'm going to be using.

This is the ecotools one.

So that's my finished. Look just quick glowy! If it took any longer we'd, probably have a meltdown over here. So i'm gon na go ahead and put my hijab on and show you guys what i'm wearing. So this is today's full look. I wanted to share with y'all this sweater because it's from mango, i just placed a big order from them. and i guess it's their kind of end of season - sale.

I know that you know we're kind of moving into spring, but i picked up some extra sweaters and if you guys are still in the sweater mood, this one is so cute because you guys know i love my like statement.

Shoulder sweaters. I love love this one so much. It does have wool in it, but i wore like a little thin undershirt underneath it so it wasn't itchy, but i just love the cut, i'm wearing some cream jeans from express they're like a straight leg.

These are the designer inspired loafers that i got from amazon they're sixty and they look so like identical to the gucci ones.

It's crazy, and yeah.

I'm basically just gon na run out and return something to ulta and run a couple.

Errands hope you guys enjoyed like getting my life back together with me, thanks again to tula for sponsoring today's video, and let me know what you guys want to see next on my channel and i will see y'all in my next one.