Life As a New Mom! *Realistic* Routine

Life As a New Mom! *Realistic* Routine



Good morning, everyone and welcome back to my channel.

Today's video is going to be kind of like my morning, routine with a newborn. Basically this morning, i have fed her changed. Her put her in a really cute outfit. Now it's supposed to be nap time and basically we're trying to follow a schedule as best as we can i'll kind of go into that a little bit later.

But basically we have not really gone by the schedule. At all, yet because we've already better again, it changed her again like, all the things you're not supposed to do on the schedule. So i just thought i would kind of try to give you guys a little realistic, view of what our life looks like now, because it's so different but we love it, we're having so much fun, definitely not easy, but um.

We just love having her here. So elena is four and a half weeks old and we tried to start implementing this schedule about. Oh, when she turned three weeks i would say which looking back look like that is so early, but honestly she was doing so good on the schedule.

At first basically, we've been following the taking care of babies, sleep class, it's basically eat, awake, sleep repeat and they just kind of tell you like, when they're supposed to be hungry when they're supposed to be looking for their next nap. So it's really helpful to kind of plan your day, so she did really good on that for the first few days and then. She started kind of developing like some colicky episodes and started getting really gassy and fussy at night, and then we weren't able to like wake up early enough to like start the schedule it just kind of like was thrown off completely. So we are starting that again what is today thursday, but i literally don't even know what day it is or what time it is:.

Okay, it's eleven, which is way later than i thought it was gon na be.

We are here drinking. I have my smoothie. This is a chocolate almond butter, spinach banana smoothie, so yummy, oh we're here drinking his coffee, elena, is napping in her little bouncy seat. Next to us, while we get some fuel in for the day, so i kind of tried to take the month of august off of filming youtube videos. So i am back on trying to get into a work schedule so. That's why i'm really trying to get elena on a schedule so that i can still film and work and do all the things that i need to do.

Omar has been on paternity leave for the past, like month since she's been born two weeks left, i don't know what i'm gon na do when he goes back to work because he's been so helpful, like you've honestly been amazing, like i don't know What i would have done in the middle of the night, like there's so many times, that i was just like dead, asleep and he's over there rocking the baby, trying to get her to go back to sleep because i'm just like exhausted.

I just feel like. I can't do it on my own. It's honestly a team effort. We were talking the other day about how we like have so much respect for single moms, yeah.

Oh my gosh, more respectful, yeah, any even more respect. We know what it's really like. Honestly, yeah, i don't know how women do it on their own anyways we're gon na enjoy our breakfast this morning, and i'll catch up with you guys in a little bit.

Okay, so elena is still napping.

I went ahead and made the bed and straightened up a little bit through some stuff in the washing machine and now i wash my face brush my teeth, i'm going to throw on some skin care.

You guys know my skincare routines in the past, that i did like you know, like pamper just did like my pregnancy, pamper, nighttime, routine and all that stuff.

All that is out the window. Now now we just slap on our skincare, i'm just throwing on. Some vitamin c serum by drunk elephant and some good jeans by sunday, riley and i'll, probably throw on a moisturizer.

So i feel like i just slapped things on now, because i know i only have like a certain amount of time that she's napping to get all my stuff done.

I'm gon na do my makeup a little bit later. I'm gon na change and go to the chiropractor real fast come back. Hopefully elena will still be asleep and i can feed her as soon as i get home.

My mom is actually coming to watch her. While i do some work so um yeah. Let me go get dressed and i'll talk to you in a sec, okay, !

I am sitting down finally to do my makeup. My mom is here helping me watch elena. I just fed her after i got back from the chiropractor, and now my mom like is burping her changing her all that stuff, and it's just so nice because, like, the whole routine is what takes so long.

It's not just like feeding her. Then you have to burp her and then you have to change, and then you have to just deal with everything and it takes like at least an hour and a half to like get her calm back down.

So she's helping me do that. While i get ready, so i can film some things today, i wanted to share a couple of things first, so this mama necklace is new.

I just got um this in the mail like a couple days ago and i had to share it because i am obsessed it's by a brand called christina green. I literally found them on instagram, but i wanted to find one that was a little bit more affordable because my mom and sisters got me one that was like almost two hundred dollars for um mother's day, and i got so many questions about it from You guys, especially on instagram, so i wanted to find one.

This one is forty-five. I believe - and it's still really good quality - would make such a gorgeous gift for you or for someone that you know who's gon na be a mom, and it's just so pretty so i will link that down below um. This necklace i'm super into like the layering trend right now with like different chain necklaces, and i went ahead and invested in one this one's by the brand at misoma, which i definitely splurged on.

But i knew that i would just wear it with, like literally everything but i'll link some similar down below the other thing i wanted to share is the jersey, hijabs.

I've been loving because mom life like i, don't really have that much time to like. Do the underscarf and do the whole pins and everything so i've been wearing a lot of jersey recently, and i really love this one, especially because it has a sewn edge and i never knew how much. I would love that this one is by culture hijab. It just makes it so much more effortless to just throw on, because you don't have to like fold it underneath it to make it like a nice edge. So i love that so i'll link this down below as well um.

What else i'll share with you guys? My laundry set that i just got from nasty gal, which is super cute, that's kind of like been my everyday look is just like loungewear and then just trying to like make it look cute with some jewelry.

I went ahead and started my makeup

And i have on the it cosmetics cc cream. I love this because it has such good coverage. You just slap it on and like. Everything is just like super flawless, so this is such a beautiful formula um and i'm in the shade fair light. So i love this. So i'm going to go ahead and speed through my makeup: real fast.

Okay. I just finished my makeup and i wanted to let you guys know that this is just. Definitely not my reality. Every single day like i definitely am not doing my makeup every day, i'm not like putting on an actual outfit like i've, just been like waking up and staying in the same pajamas all day, long like not taking a shower like newborn life has been Definitely a lot different, like i'm, definitely like finding that things are luxuries. Now that i used to think were completely normal, like taking a like full shower the other day i was like so excited because i had time to take a shower, so i like jumped in the shower omar was holding elena, and it was like five minutes

Later and then i heard her screaming and then almost like, trying to calm her down but she's hungry, and so then i'm like having to like hurry up in the shower and get out and anyways.

Things are just looking a lot different around here. But i wanted you guys to know that this is me just trying to get back into a work schedule. so i'll probably be like getting ready like this like couple times a week, so i can like film and like hopefully like, create a bunch of content on those days, but then the rest of the week. I look like islam kabob, so i just want you guys to know what i look like in the beginning of this.

Video is like the reality of my life. Basically with that being said, i'm gon na go ahead and show you guys what i'm wearing today.

Um, so i can create some content and then i think, if elena's good, i'm gon na go, make myself some lunch, because i'm starving breastfeeding makes you so hungry by the way um like i feel like i'm gaining more during breastfeeding than i did.

My entire pregnancy, so this is that loungewear set that i got. I got like a ton of loungewear sets. This is just the first one that i kind of pulled up the packaging this morning, but i'm one thing that i'm finding is that.

If i'm gon na stay in comfy clothes like during this newborn stage, then i need to find some that kind of made me feel a little bit put together that kind of like matched so maybe i could like wake up throw on like something like this.

So i can feel a little bit more put together rather than like just staying in pajamas all day, so anyways, i ordered a bunch i'll link below the ones that i got that i think are super cute, just like a pair of joggers and then The matching sweater and honestly this is a little bit warm for the weather, i'm so ready for cozy fall vibes.

You guys, i'm just gon na like crank up the air conditioning and just keep this on, because i'm just ready to like light a candle and like just have like all the cozy vibes get up some lunch.

This is brown, rice, turkey, meatballs, sweet, potato and green beans, and this is something i meal prepped over the weekend and you guys i'm not on my bland diet anymore, which is so exciting.

So the main thing that i missed was chocolate.

What else did i miss avocados, just like anything with that? I've actually had to cut out a couple things because of elena's colic, like like garlic like, just super gassy foods like beans and stuff um, and i don't really eat much dairy anyways. So i don't know, but i'm still trying to figure out all that, but i'm just happy that i can have at least more options.

Now i was in the middle of my instagram story: try on haul and elena got hungry, started crying and been two hours since she ate, so i'm feeding her now and i realized that our sound machine has been on for like twenty-four hours straight.

I forgot to turn it off yesterday when she was taking her nap, so um, i'm just listening to the peaceful, sound of rain right now, so yeah, just taking a little nursing break and i'll get back to work after this. Okay, i just finished filming an express try on haul for instagram. My mom just left, and um. Elena is having her little awake time right now. So i thought i would show you this little play mat that my aunt got me. I didn't have any toys for her, i'm still planning on buying her some toys, but my aunt went and bought me like a whole bunch of toys for her, and they are the most colorful thing that we have in this house and it is. So fun because she loves it, so i thought i would just show you like. I am that person now that i never thought i would be okay. So, as you can see, it's the most colorful thing we have in this house, but she loves it. So much so i'm about to just sit in here and play with her real fast, because it's so much fun.


Okay, it hasn't even been one hour, but elena decided she's hungry again, so we're feeding again, i'm basically just kind of Feeding on demand, especially towards the end of the day, um, because she's been like cluster feeding again the past couple days, just like she did the first couple of weeks of her life, so i'm just listening to what she needs right now.

I hope that this video gave you guys a little bit more insight into what my life looks like right now with a baby and trying to get on a schedule which there's no schedule right now, but we are trying give this video a thumbs up. If you like these kind of videos - and let me know what you guys want to see next on my channel - and i will see you guys in my next one.