Life Update | Weekend in My Life

Life Update | Weekend in My Life

Promoting everyone I am dressed and ready for yoga this morning, I'm just gon na kind of take you guys on my day today, I'm just kind of doing some. Like things around the house, I have a party to go to tonight and I just thought I would do kind of like a daily vlog. I also want to kind of sit down and we make it with you guys later and we'll do kind of like chit chat, live update, I'll just kind of update you guys on what's going on right now, let me show you guys what I'm wearing real fast And then I'm gon na head to yoga first thing: that's new. Are these gray and joggers? I will say I think I got like no, I think they ran big. I got a medium and they seem like super baggy. I think I probably could have used a small and it still would have been pretty modest think they were like twenty or like $ 30, pretty reasonably priced. So I will link those from Amazon. I got this long sleep a running shirt from adidas. It was on sale. I will link it if it's still available, but I'll try to link some similar ones. I just wanted like a cream color, it's really thin. So it's nice to just workout in and yeah. I just loved this color I've had this like running shirt from it, Nike and I just like to put that around my waist just for a little bit of extra modesty. These are my new tennis shoes from adidas. I love. I love love the color of the material, the gold, so beautiful, and like girly and sleek and love love love these up link. These two just got my normal size, nine. I didn't like size up or anything and they fit me really well. also, obviously wearing the black Nike hijab. I actually lost my gray one, but it might have been like way too much. It's like the exact same color is this, so maybe it would have been too much. No, it probably would have looked better, just finished up yoga. I feel so much better. I just like feel so much more flexible than I did at the beginning of the week I haven't like, except for this week. This is like my first week back after like, probably six months. I thought it's like, so embarrassing for me to say, but I just like haven't been active, so I'm just like trying to get back into it and I'm feeling really really good. It's love. How are you guys? It's just like my thing. One kind of embarrassing thing, though, is that some times I get really lucky in this class is like all, ladies. So I've take off my hijab and I just like take the class like norm, but then sometimes a man comes in so I have to leave everything on. So I'm pretty sure I literally confuse everyone in the class so much, but I just don't feel like explaining myself to every single person, so I'm just like whatever. Today there was a man in there, so I kept everything on, but the first day I went back. It was like all, ladies and I got to tick it off and yeah. There was like the same people in this class and they're, probably just thinking what the heck this girl needs to make up her mind, but I just like : don't really don't really care what they pick at this point, so, let's head home and I'm Gon na take a shower and get dressed for the day, so I came home took a shower. I got pretty much dressed and did most of my makeup, my camera battery's dying.

So that's why I didn't like so much. I mean getting ready but anyways I still have to do my mascara and stuff thought I would do kind of like a little life update, just kind of catch up with you guys just a little bit, because I feel like I haven't done - that in a Little while I'm a little bit late to of the 20:28 goal it's end of January, but I feel like it's really not too late still the beginning of the year this year. My strategy with these goals is just to be a lot more gentle on myself, because every year, I feel, like I kind of set unrealistic, like major goals for myself, and then I just wind up like just being disappointed. If then, if you're like, why didn't I reach that? I'm just kind of sick of these like really strict goals. like I just kind of want to live my life to the best of my abilities and like you, the best that I can every single day and not worry so much. Unlike the specifics, because I feel like, I do better that way. Personally, that being said, I do have some goals for my channel and like what I'm planning on doing this year, just that I wasn't gon na sit set specific goals, but I feel, like I, have to with my career. Obviously so I want to post on youtube twice a week. I know that I'm only really doing once a week right now, but I'm kind of just building myself up to doing it twice a week. So inshallah, please, like it, you guys don't understand. Like since I am a perfectionist like being able to put out two videos, a week is just a lot for me, because I just want to make sure that everything I put out is like the best. However, I have a very special little announcement, which I'm pretty sure Amanda has already announced on her channel at this point. So Amanda is actually working with me now. I don't have like a specific title for her anything, but she is just helping me with like so many things with her being a content creator as well. It helps so much because she is already like in this space and kind of. Like knows everything about the blog everything about YouTube like she knows everything inside and out, and she like wants the best for me so, it's just. She is seriously the perfect person to help me.

I've kind of been going like back and forth with Omar, trying to think of people who could help me, because I really just need someone to help me like keep me organized help me, with like planning content and with like editing and Just kind of like just someone to help me with all around just like growing my business and little did. I know amanda is literally the perfect person and I'm so happy. It has been working out so well. I've been working together over the past month and yeah, we're just so excited.

This is also, giving her the opportunity to have more time to work on her platform and grow, her channels and stuff, so it literally is a win-win for both of us she's, helping me with my blog. If you guys, don't know, I have a website, it's with lovely accom. That is my blog and I want to get that website like the shopping destination, for you guys to go to and just shop everything with loveliness. So it's just gon na be like all my favorite clothes, all my favorite home decor, all my favorite like home gadgets like everything I ever talked about. I want you guys to be able to go to my website and if you super organized and be able to shop there we're getting that under control and it's super exciting. So since I want to post more on YouTube every week, she's gon na help. me edit videos, I'm obviously gon na, be doing like the final edits, she's just kind of gon na be helping me rough cut things because I mess up so much in my videos. It takes so long for me to just, like cut out me being stupid, so I'm just so excited she's. Also just gon na be coming with me on shoots and just helping me with everything, so I'm so so so excited to have her growing. My little team, it's meeting my sister Amanda and. We are the dream team when they give you guys a little cat update, which I will show you guys came in just a second. I know I haven't shown him on my blog in a while he has been a little bad boy. Basically, he has kind of been driving us insane ever since he's gotten a taste of being outside and just like on the leash and stuff he just constantly wants to go out, and it's literally just driving us crazy, because he just constantly Constantly me out just got to the point where I was like: listen, we need to like get rid of him. Oh, like it was that bad, if you guys know how much how obsessed I am with my big boo kitty, like he's the best thing ever and I was living like, I can't live like this, so he's the outdoor and indoor Kitty now and we let him go outside it. was really scary for us for a long time, but he's doing really well, it's been a week and he goes in and out and he comes back when he's hungry and when he wants to take a nap and all of us are much happier.

So I'll show you him he's taking a nap right now. Other little goal of mine this year is to get my home decor like on point. So I've already ordered a bunch of stuff to update my living room, my dining room and this room and my bedroom. So hopefully, oh that will be an. It takes forever to get like furniture in and like bigger pieces, but I'm just hoping I can get everything like just on point this year, because I just feel like things are not finished and we've been in this house for two years now. So I'll kind of go through the changes I want to make today I'll show you guys what updates I'm planning for this year. Basically, I wanted to kind of just put a fresh face on right. Now I have a party I'm going to later tonight. So I'll, probably just touch-up and just kind of like deepen up my, I shout out one like my face makeup a little bit later tonight for the party it's over now this is just making me feel super awake and, like will help me be productive.

Today, I wanted to show you guys this little baby. He is so happy now, just being able to like go outside for a few hours a day. It's just really nice, because when he's inside now he's like sleepy he's like lounging, it's just like, literally the best, whereas before he just would just you know and meow and me out by the door, and now females, but they don't where. I just open it and he's gone and I don't have to deal with his meowing anymore. I'm gon na get him a collar. Let me know if any of you guys have ever used a GPS collar on a cat or if that's like a little overboard. Justin ready. I have on just a really simple casual cute outfit for the day, just to kind of like do stuff around the house, and then I have to run out for one errand a little bit later, I'm wearing, just a H & M long-sleeve turtleneck. It's really thin and comfortable. I'm gon na have some black jeans on this cardigan is from forever.

Twenty-One I'll try to link similar, because I don't think this exact one is a bit available anymore and then this is the camel Jersey by a haunted, job, and I have my layering necklaces from gorgiano. So that is the look. I am going to be doing a full video, just like organizing and getting this space like perfect, because it doesn't look terrible because I have kind of straightened up everything, but in these drawers everything is like just overflowing and needs to Be decluttered and yeah we need to go through and organize and just declutter this room. I have some updates. I want to share so this plant is actually new from Amazon. It is faux I am just so blown away because I feel like it looks so authentic bird of paradise plants can look really fake if they don't have the like the slits. It has like enough of the distressing and it's like the perfect color. It looks so so good in here. I did kind of elevate it a little bit with a little box, because it's, I think, it's five feet. It's not like super super tall. I had it originally in my dining room, but I switched it because I had my big fiddly fig tree in here and it was a little tall for this room. So I just switched him out and. It looks perfect I'll show you guys the dining room too, in just a sec. Next update, I want to do, is get a actually it already arrived. I just need to put it together. It's basically the exact same shelf. Is this? It's just a little bit wider, so it'll fill this wall. That way, I can put more of my bags and shoes, and I also would like to decorate it with more like decorative objects and not just bags and shoes, we'll see I'm feel like I'm horrible at shelf styling, but that's kind of what I want To do with that wall there, this shelf is actually just going to go in this corner here, because I feel like this corner is just like my trash corner, not really, but it just gets a lot of junk so that this way it Kind of like I have more space to kind of like, organize things, I'm drinking a green juice that I made the other day. I got these glass containers from Ikea and I had this like a big thing of juice in the fridge for the past couple days. It's been so annoying. This is probably the last day I'll, probably make it one more drink of the rest of it. But it's so good. It has cucumber celery, lemon ginger, beets, spinach and Apple. I think that's. My next plan for updating my home decor this year is to really finish off my dining room. I'm just not 100 % happy with it. The chairs I really like, but they just don't match the space.

I really love, linen slipcovered, modern, looking chairs, like the ones you see at Restoration Hardware, and this is kind of the only ones that I could find within my price range. At the time, they're from world market they're really nice and comfortable, and I really love them but they're more of like a like a sandy beige color and they just don't match. I just need them to be white. I do feel like they're, also a little bit big for this space, so I'm getting rid of these and I found some from Ikea, which are probably not as good quality as these, but they're gon na match the space so much more. The other thing is, I told you guys I moved my fiddle leaf tree into, the dining room. This was in my dressing room and I feel like it just looks so good in here. I feel like it really fills the space more than that other little plant and I think it might have been a little bit big for my dressing room, anyways. I put it in this brown basket, that I got from world market and I filled it with these rocks or stones that I got from Amazon. I saw someone else to do this in another video and it just makes the fake plant look more real whenever you kind of fill it. Ok, the last little update that I want to do for this area is, I ordered, a really big mirror. So it's gon na be a floor, mirror, but it's like a big arch and it has a black frame and I really hope that it works well for this space. So now that more, I can have something to take to work tonight because he works tonight at the hospital. I am so excited to be partnering with green chef in today's video. So, thank you so much to green chef for sponsoring at this portion of today's vlog green chef is a USDA.

Certified organic company that delivers pre-measured, mostly prepped ingredients right to your door with, like simple, step-by-step recipe instructions.

So this is gon na make my life so easy.

Green chef has so many different meal plans for everyone's lifestyle.

They have a living on their website.

They have meal plans for Aikido paleo, balanced living, plant powered, which is for vegetarians and vegans, and a family plan.

Since I am much trying to cook a little bit more vegetarian at home, I picked the plant powered, so I got the harissa apricot glazed tofu, creamy, corn and potato chowder and maple cauliflower powerbal. I'm probably gon na make this, because that sounds so good. I have always loved the idea of a meal delivery service like this, but what really sold me on green chef is that they have a variety of organic ingredients that are like super clean, and that is like really really important to me.

So this is everything that came with the cauliflower powerbal. Everything arrived to my house yesterday on dry ice. It was super easy everything is literally already pre-measured. You have a lot of the prep work already done for you with all the dressings. Give you like exactly what you need. Look at this tiny little onion. I don't have to waste anything. I also give you at these really helpful recipe cards. It makes everything so easy for you. It's super simple, step-by-step and they even have little pictures to show you what everything is supposed to look like at each step:.

Okay, everything's finished.

It literally took me less than thirty minutes. So I have my quinoa. I went ahead and just made mine in my rice cooker cuz. That's just super easy for me and have my sauteed, kale and shallots. It was a shallot, not a small onion. I've never actually cooked with a shallot before and then I have sauteed cauliflower. So I'm just gon na assemble this plate just assembled my plate. I think I made it look super similar to the picture, I'm so proud of myself. It smells so good. I also packed up Omar's portion for him to take to work tonight time to see how this tastes, because I'm starving and it smells so good. Oh my god, you guys, I was not expecting to like it. This much. I just would have. Never thought to put like maple syrup, but with the cauliflower and where's going to love this, but you didn't see. Is me devouring that within like two point, five seconds totally recommend you guys try and green chef. Remember they have so many different meal options, for whatever your diet and lifestyle is for a total of eighty dollars off plus free shipping go to a green chef at us, slash, Elina, eighty and just click. It gets started and that will get you your discount in that is $ 80 off, plus free shipping and. The URL is a green chef. Us slash, Lina. Eighty right now, I'm gon na go run to the post office before they close and then I have to come back and pick outfits for tonight and for the rest of the weekend. So see you guys when I get back it's a few hours later, because I've been getting ready for the all girls party tonight, so I just straightened my hair. I don't have anything like super fancy when it comes to my straightener. So if you guys have a like super amazing one that you guys could recommend, I just kind of have like an off-brand. She yeah and it works well, but it's not the best. But I did want to share with you guys this oil or my hair, that I'm I just have loved for years. This is the bumble and bumble hairdressers, invisible, oil. So I do not like my hair to feel oily whatsoever, but this just like smoothes it without feeling oily or greasy or anything, and it gives a really nice shine. You only need the tiniest amount, and I use this when my hair is wet when my hair is dry when I, when my hair is straight when my hair is really like all the time I just love it. So much also got my scrunchie collection and, while we're on the topic of hair just got a huge pack of blush colored scrunchies from Amazon, I am absolutely obsessed. They are stunning and I think it was nine dollars for a pack of twelve you guys. They are so comfortable on your hair. They don't pull anything they're, just so gentle and beautiful, so I will link them because I feel like every girl needs them. Obviously, you don't have to get pink if you're, not a pink kind of girl, but if you are these are for you wanted to go ahead and share my work for the night I am wearing. My gal meets glam satin dress that I feel like. I just wear for every occasion whenever I just don't know what to wear and will win this to the beach I've worn this to a wedding. I'm just worn this so many places it was such a good investment, I'm also wearing, my Jimmy Choo heels, and I think it goes really nicely with this dress, because you can see them but really well, even though it's a maxi and hijab will be Coming off because it's all girls, which is the best ever, so she's not likely assisted, but we just, don't know what I feel like you're. Just like my I created like, yes, guys, two dollars, we're actually gon na. Have our shoot earlier in the week it was like raining and cloudy something fished into Saturday, so we're heading to Dallas to go shoot with an eye on both of us. Are gon na shoot, actually have a wedding tonight, so.

We are sitting at flour, child eating, lunch before we head back home, I'm so so good and we're starving I'm home. I just put my dress on for the wedding tonight. I just last-minute found this one in my closet from twice boutique I'll show. You guys that this dresser, just a second, had a good photo shoot with Ania. We had a, really yummy lunch at flower child. That's like our go-to spot. We like never go anywhere else and then we drove home. I took a nap in the car and it's a two-hour drive with you guys didn't know. It's like a two-hour drive to Dallas woke up gone mom put on a dress.

I don't even think I'm gon na touch up my makeup honestly. I just like I'm not feeling putting on a whole bunch more makeup for this wedding. So let me show you guys what I'm wearing. Please excuse the messy background tomorrow is Sunday and it is the cleaning day for weed when I clean the entire house and straighten up everything, but I've just kind of been really busy, so everything's gon na throw in everywhere. How pretty is this dress from twice boutique? I'm not sure if they still have it available, but um yeah. I really do love it. I love like the cut of it and this like really pretty gray satin.

I will link twice boutique because they have a lot of really pretty dresses. I think I think I've talked about them a lot over the summer whenever I wore a bunch of their dresses on vacation and. This hijab is definitely by hot hijab.

It's like you're, really really really light pink. Just don't remember what the name is. So I will link it the exact one down below I'm wearing my flat Valentino, pointed flats, because I am not feeling heels today. Either sweating is actually at the same video where I got married. So I'm gon na bring my camera and just show you guys the decor, and stuff, so you guys can see kind of where we had. Our wedding is gon na bring back so many memories, I'm so excited.

This wedding is a mix of Mexican and Arabic culture and I'm so excited, because I just love the mix of cultures and weddings.

I just think it is so beautiful

It's just like my favorite thing ever, so yeah I'll bring my camera and show you guys some clips from my buddy.