Major Closet Declutter and Organization! + How I Organize My Hijabs

Major Closet Declutter and Organization! + How I Organize My Hijabs

Hey guys, welcome back to my Channel today, I'm going to be decluttering and organizing this dressing room doesn't, look terrible from the surface, but the drawers and the closet are an absolute disaster. So we're going to be getting rid of the old to make room for the new today, and I am super super excited to be partnering with Tracy in this video. So thank you so much Tracy for sponsoring today's video. If you guys have not heard of Tracy, they are an online website where you can buy luxury items at a discount and they aren't the place to sell your luxury items that you don't wear anymore, to make some extra money and make room for new. In your closet - and that is exactly of what I need to do - I actually got a little luxury item from Tracy that I'm gon na, like unbox with you guys in just a second so I'll show you guys that and then I'll show you guys what I'm Going to be selling on my Tracy shop page actually having my sister Amanda with me today. She is here to help me organize, because I was just like this. is more than a one-person job.

Really bad. You guys once I show you guys inside the drawers it's gon na, be like yeah, it's really bad.

So let me show you guys what I got from Tracy little luxury unboxing, not gon na lie. I already open this up, but I just wanted to give you guys the full effect. So can you guys guess what it is I got a little spring wallet, I'm Shane. So this is a Gucci little blush wallet on chain. You guys it was originally nine hundred and ninety dollars. I got it for five hundred and seventy. It came with a little dust bag inside I'm trying to show you guys what it looks like on the inside. It has like a little mirror and you guys the quality. It's amazing, I, don't see any signs of wear anywhere at all. I think on the pictures it might have had some on the corners just like barely, but it's in such good condition. Let me show you guys on it's the most perfect blush, pink color, it's perfect! It's just the real one. When you're running errands, you can just throw your necessities in there and yeah. I think it's perfect for spring. I'm so excited that I found it on Tracy. This inspired me to sell a couple of items that are Gucci in my wardrobe that actually I just don't get the wear. So let me show you those you might have noticed my new gold shelf. It's a little bit wider than my last one, literally the exact same design and style because I loved it. I just needed more space, as I was organizing all my luxury items. I realized. I do not wear my Gucci loafers enough and they were very, very expensive and they just need to go to a better home. So I'm going to be selling both of these on trade, see both of the Gucci loafers I have are in pretty good condition. I've worn the pink ones a little bit more than the black literally the black ones. I think I've worn, maybe a handful of times, like probably not even five times. I just think I was trying to follow trends and I didn't realize that, like it just doesn't match with my wardrobe I've. Hardly ever wear black shoes or black in general, so yeah they just really need to go to a better home, I'm a size. Nine u. s. - and these are a thirty-nine you, so if you know any of you guys are interested, these will be on my trades, eShop page. What I loved about Tracy is they make it super simple and convenient to sell your items. It's literally a three-step process. You take a picture and write a description. You set your price and you make a sale, it's so easy. I also love that they have the Tracy app. So you can literally do everything from your phone. You can shop the website and you can sell all your items directly from your phone. Their shipping options are super convenient as well. They either can send you a free at usps shipping label and you can package it up yourself or they have a free trade shipping kit that you can use, and it's really really nice, because the buyer pays for shipping. So you don't have to worry about it. They also make it super convenient because you don't have to worry about returns. It's just literally it the easiest way to sell your luxury items and make some money and make room in your closet for new. So it definitely check out my shop page. I will leave it down below, so you can see what I'm selling on Tracy and check out the Tracy seller page. So you guys can start selling your items as well. It is so easy. So let me show you guys this game here and then make a sausage. I got the worst part. This is all supposed to be makeup on top which isn't horrible, but. It just needs to be cleared out. Skin care overflowing literally, haven't touched any of this in months. This don't even know what's in here and then the camera equipment - that's supposed to be done here is just an absolute disaster. This is my everyday makeup. Drawer, you guys yeah. This is really really bad.

Remember when I had organized it back in, the last video I did yeah that did not last very long.

Okay plan is take everything out, go through it all figure out what needs to be kept.

What needs to go and put everything back: let's go.

Okay, guys it looks so much better, but my brushes are disgusting, so we're gon na go clean.

Those now I'm in the bathroom about to clean my brushes. I wanted to show you guys this little brush cleaning pad it's so nice, because I used to just like clean my brushes in the palm of my hand, which is like not ideal, and this just makes it so easy to just like swirl the brushes around On this little textured matte, and it cleans it so well, literally it just used dish soap. I try to use one that doesn't have like any like harsh chemicals or anything. You have sensitive skin. This may not work for you, but I have had no problems. You're. All my brushes and beauty blenders, I laid out to dry, I'm so happy that they're clean they haven't been cleaned in an embarrassing amount of time. This is actually the faux what Beauty Blender that I am obsessed with. It literally has almost the exact same texture when wet. So I will link this for you guys to wanted to show you guys the progress for my everyday makeup drawers wish.

I had a better system of organizing like if I could put a little like acrylic trays in here to organize better, but it's just so shallow of drawers that they really just there's just no option for me to do that. But I have all of my face products on this side and then I have I products and lip products on this side, tweezers scissors, sunscreen and my facial spray - and this is pretty much I mean obviously don't use every single product on a daily basis. But these are my most used products: how to take a chick-fil-a break and a little leo break.

Even a v8, and hang out that we are going to get started on this chest of drawers here.

So wish us luck, because this is.

Like the big, the big project.

Progress is donate, pile here, trash pile here and it's a lot better, just everything that I'll actually use and we even have just like some empty space now and then the skincare drawer looks a lot better To just kept everything that I actually love and things that I will use and donating the rest, we also organize it this drawer. I still have all of my like cosmetic pouches and things are traveling stuff. I even added these jewelry organization trays. They are like a cream velvet, I'll link them down below. They also have them in a really pretty light gray, but I don't have a huge jewelry collection. I just have like a little minimal collection of bracelets, necklaces and a few little rings. This is. The last section that we have to work on in this room is this closet, and it's just got gotten they're kind of out of control with me, filming and just bringing clothes in here that just don't really need to be in here anymore. So we're gon na clear out the clothes that need to go back to like my actual closet and then also. I want to organize my jobs, because I have probably a hundred two jobs in here, like not even kidding, actually ordered these pant hangers and. I have found that storing my hijabs like. This is the best way for me. It's just the easiest without making like creases. If I was to like folded, I just hate those like lines. My hijabs, oh, I ordered a bunch of these and I'm hoping that all my hijabs will fit on these.

Duper good progress.

We basically just have my hijabs to do which will be kind of a project, but I want to share this with you guys. I found my Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots. They are a really gorgeous charcoal gray with a block heel, but you guys I never wear these. I think in total of me having these in my collection. I've probably worn them literally a handful of times, and I'm not sure why that is. I think, maybe because I just don't wear this color a lot or they're actually kind of hard to like take on and off so they're a little bit of a hassle, but these will be going on my trades II as well. I have all of my codes. These were out on my juggling rag - that's like kind of out on display, but I'm not really reaching for these that much right now and I'm trying to like move into spring, and this is the hijabs like. I am not even kidding you when I tell you. I have one hundred and two jobs or probably more. I want to show you guys how I actually place it on the hanger like this you have it in half like that and. Then you pull it yeah. It looks really good. It's super easy once like you do it once you like, will be able to do it with all your job, I'm to show you guys that the final result of the closet, it looks so much better. I have not seen the floor back there and probably since we moved it look how good the hijabs look. This is so much more effective for me, and I can see everything all the neutrals that put the blacks and the whites and the ones that I don't really wear that much towards the back. Thanks to it is not easy, I feel so bad Amanda was here all day. Helping me, I know kind of wish. We had yeah, I kind of wish we had done the color like coordinating like you, said, yeah. There was just too many jobs to deal with, I mean they're, all neutral, anyways, different shades of pink and brown yeah, it's the next day, Amanda and I were so exhausted last night. This room has come such a long way.

I'm and it was such a good help yesterday, I can actually breathe in this room again give this video a thumbs up.

If you like organizational videos like this thanks again to Tracy at for sponsoring today's video, I will leave a link to them down below.

I love you guys, so so much and I'll see you all in my next one. You