Modest Swimwear that is ACTUALLY CUTE!

Modest Swimwear that is ACTUALLY CUTE!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.

My name is Lina. If you're new, I would love for you guys to subscribe. If you haven't already today, I am so excited to finally be filming a video all about modest swimwear. I feel like this video as a way overdue. It's modest one. Where is, something that I struggled with so much ever since I've started wearing hijab. It seems like I could just never find anything that I could actually swim in. That was cute and made me feel confident while still being modest at the beach. So I have scoured the Internet. I'm gon na be sharing with you all of my favorite pieces from a few of my favorite, like modest swimwear brands, I'm also gon na share with you guys how I style myself when I go to the beach or pool because a lot of times I just Don'T feel that cute just putting on like I'm, not a swimsuit, so I'll show you guys what I do to make myself look a little bit more presentable. So I hope that you guys enjoy this video and let's get started.

Okay. The first tip that I have for you guys when putting together your modest, swimsuit. Okay, I I do not like the word bikini. For some reason. The word bikini just makes me think of something so hideous that I would absolutely never wear. So I will always be calling this a, modest swimsuit or some modest swimwear. I always think of modest swimsuits as an outfit, because I like to be honest, guys. There is no way that I'm modest, like a full coverage. Swimsuit is ever going to look as cute: it's like a bikini, so you have to treat it completely differently than an actual swimsuit. I think one thing that we have made six and in the past is just like wearing the same color from head-to-toe, because you know traditionally, swimsuits is just one piece and it's just one color. Well it to me. It just doesn't look as good whenever you're like full coverage, head-to-toe the same color, but you guys have to take my advice with a grain of salt. This is just my opinion, so what I do is, I think, of it as like a swim, dress and then swim leggings and I kind of put together my swim outfit with that mentality, rather than like a one-piece sort of outfit. If you guys know what I mean so with the idea of my swimsuit or my swimwear as an outfit, I always think about how I can kind of elevate that and just add in an extra third piece to that outfit and make it look. A little bit more presentable, so what I'll do is I'll of, adding sarong and kimonos over my long, sleeve swim tops and that just makes it so much like cuter and more presentable when you're, just like poolside lounging. It just makes me feel so much more confident and put together whenever I have that third piece to my swimwear outfit. One more thing that I want to mention to you guys is that I personally have not found the perfect, like modest swim, my hijab. I just personally haven't found it yet only because I like to wear like neutral colors, as my as my hijab and I just haven't, been able to find a cute swim, a job that just like, meets exactly what I'm looking for. Have a couple of turbans that I'm gon na share with you guys and I do have one swim pay job that I do feel would be perfect. If, it was not black but anyway, so I'll go ahead and get into all of my swimwear outfits and show you guys how I put them together. I'm gon na start out with the first outfit that I'm wearing right now. So this is a beautiful model, swimsuit from the brand ala nuke. They are a UK brand and I believe, they're underwear brand, because this is the first summer that I've ever really heard of linic. But you guys, I am extremely impressed with. Their quality is extremely well made and I love their designs.

This one is a, beautiful, berry, colored, peplum style, modest top, and it has this beautiful v-neck. It has these little ruffles on the shoulders. It kind of gives you a hourglass figure and then also modest, weighing it possible, because it's like long and does cover your bottom and everything like that - has a black trim around the sleeves and around the bottom of the leggings. This swimsuit is extremely practical because it has a built in like padded bra, so you don't have to wear anything underneath and the top is actually made like a one-piece swimsuit. So you just pull your leggings on over top and if these peplum little ruffles were to like fly up or anything, you don't have to worry about anything showing like while you're in the water or anything like that. So it's honestly super super practical to actually swim in the one thing that I would say is that I personally just wish it was a tiny bit longer but, that's just my preference still would totally swim in this, but I think, if I was out of The water, I would just definitely tie a sarong around my waist or something just personally, just to be a little bit more modest, since this outfit is the same color top and bottom. I just wanted to break it up a little bit and, I did add a pink sarong. It does add a little bit extra modesty when you're not in the water, and it just gives a little bit extra dimension to the color, since it is all one color, the Nuuk actually has these really cute turbans that go along with your swimsuits. If you want to pick these up, I believe I'm not sure if it comes with this one, so you don't have to double check that, but they seem like they're super like practical and would be great just women. I just personally don't really like the way that turbans look on me, so I wouldn't wear this, but I did want to share this with you guys, because I know a lot of you guys would wear this just women, okay, continuing on with lanique! I also picked out this really gorgeous olive green swim dress with leggings, and this one is a super flattering you guys.

The swim dress is actually the perfect length. In my opinion, I feel like it's a very modest length. It's a little bit longer than this one that I'm wearing right now. So I love the length. I love this draped material across the front, and just I love everything about it. It's so beautiful! They also have the matching olive green, a turban to go along with it. Like I said, I personally don't like to wear it the same color top to bottom, but that is an option if that's something that you guys are interested in so for this outfit, since it is the same color top to bottom. I definitely want to add that third piece, so I added a white kimono over top, and I just think that just breaks it up, like I said, gives a little extra dimension with the color, and I just love the way that the kimono over a modest Swimsuit, just really elevates the look.

I wanted to share with you guys the swim hijab that Coolibar just came out with so Coolibar is a like a Sun, protective swimwear brand that I found online eight years ago. Whenever I was looking for modest swimwear - and I found that there was this whole world of like some protective swimwear, that would totally work as a model swimsuit. So I was really excited to find out that they came out with a hijab because they realized that there's this huge other market, women who are looking for like long-sleeved swim addresses and things like that, so they are catering to us. So I'm very very happy.

I feel like this is literally the perfect Swan Punjab like I I feel like this would be perfect, but if it wasn't black because I just don't wear black, but it's just your regular, rectangular hijab and a swim material. So you can just create your regular style that you normally wear and you don't have to feel like you, don't look like yourself, which I love. I just wish. They had it in nude and that's all I'm asking for. I said that they would be coming out with more colors if there was like a lot of interest. So if you guys would like the black definitely pick it up so that they can make more colors, do you think I will be wearing this whenever I'm actually swimming? But since I just I'm not I'm not that comfortable in black, so I probably won't be posting any pictures in this color. So the next brand that I have to share with you is not fifty. There are another sun-protective swimwear brand that i absolutely fell in love with their designs are very modern like up-to-date. I just feel so cute when I'm wearing pieces from not fifty. You might have the Navy leggings from up fifty, and I have a bunch of blue patterned. Long-Sleeve that swim dresses and one white one with a really pretty zipper I'll show you guys all of the outfits put together. If you guys, aren't really sure what color combinations to pair together for modest one, where I feel like Navy, leggings and any long-sleeve swim tops that have any like blue patterns or a blue, color or even white. Those two in combination is just like a, very safe, classic color combination that will be perfect for the pool or the beach and will make you look really put together. This was the first amat fifty piece that I ever got and I think used to carry mine fifty on Nordstrom. So this is where I got it: they no longer carry on north shem. I believe they just have their website and i don't think they have this piece anymore, but they have a bunch of other striped swimsuits and i will link those down below these next two are definitely available.

I think this one might only be available in a darker like navy, blue color, but still this beautiful, like Moroccan style pattern is just so elegant and I love the gold detail zipper. I just think they did such a good job with these swim dresses. These are my absolute favorite. I also got it in a white color and I I just love how simplistic this is with the gold zipper.

I just this is probably at my absolute favorite and I'll just throw like a kimono over top or if sarong, and I just feel it's so so cute. I forgot to mention sizing information on all my pieces that I tried on. So if you have any questions about the sizing, I'll put all the information down in the description box next to each piece with the links, I think we still have a little ways to go. When it comes to modest swimwear. I think there really still aren't as many options as I would like to have, but I hope that these outfits and all these pieces were helpful for you guys please subscribe and I will talk to you guys very soon:.