My First Week As a Full Time Blogger

My First Week As a Full Time Blogger

Good morning, everyone, it is Sunday morning it is about 7:30 this morning and I'm going on a shoot day today in Dallas. So if you guys don't know, I live about two hours away from Dallas, which isn't like the nearest big city. All my photos are taken there with my photographer Ania. I usually shoot on Thursdays and Fridays Thursday or Fridays, but - and I wasn't available this week, so we pushed it to Sunday. So I thought I would take you guys with me on like a typical work week as a blogger, because I know that it's really really kind of intriguing as to what bloggers actually do, because all the audience sees is like the pretty photos and they're pretty Videos and like the finished product, but then you don't really see the behind the scenes very much. So I'm gon na kind of take you guys with me on a little bit of the behind the scenes at this week and also going on a trip to New York City for some meetings. So in Texas we don't really have too too many brands here. So on Sundays, I'm normally it would be at the hospital working, but you guys I quit my job, and I know that a lot of you guys are gon na, be like disappointed in that. But I just want you guys to know that I still love nursing. I still have a great passion for that and I loved labor and delivery. It's just that over the past year, I've put so much time and effort and work into like all of my social media accounts and just building my business. In that sense, and I'm so passionate about it. You guys, and I love. It so much, and I'm just so happy doing that so if I ever need to go back to nursing, I always can, but for now I'm just really gon na try to really just make all of this like the best it can be. It's just been so weird trying to explain to people like why I quit my job, especially people at work, who, just like, have no idea. What any of this is like. They know that I have a youtube channel on Instagram, but they just like they're like what are you gon na, do you're just gon na take pictures for a living like it's been really hard to like explain it to people.

That's why I figured with me on a work week as a blogger, my first week as a blogger, full-time, blogger, so weird, so I'm gon na finish steaming my clothes for my shoot today, and then we'll get going okay, so I have on My first look for our shoot today that I'm gon na wear up there.

This is a beautiful, a so skirt. I love the pleated satin. I love the color. I love the length. Everything on the skirt to me is just perfect. So I'll link this outfit for you, guys below the sweater is mango, and I did this little trick. I'm trying to work with it here. It kind of looks weird right now, but yeah I'm gon na get that all fixed, but basically what I did to avoid like chucking it in my skirt and like bunching it up right here. I like folded, it underneath and then like pinned it, and it looked really good when I did it the other day like trying this outfit on, but yeah, I'm gon na work we've had a little bit more have on my crotch on a necklace, my hothead jongup Chiffon and blush, and these nude booties, that I love are from Nordstrom just a little sneak peek of the other outfits and bringing I have some fall leopard print and fall florals and a little bit more satin. It's this really pretty blush pink material. So I'll show you guys I'm a little time lapse of when we're shooting it later today. So you guys can see the outfits, but you'll see these on my feet later, just packed up everything in the car and you guys, I'm still pretending like it's fall literally. It's like right now, it's eighty-four degrees outside and it's eight o'clock in the morning and it's just hard because, like I want to be able to show you guys, like all of like the new in fall stuff and all my favorite stores. But it's just not time to wear it yet. So you guys just have to like know that this is just for inspiration and that I'm not actually going around doing sweaters and this hot weather, but hopefully soon, hopefully in New York I'll get to wear some like cute cozy stuff, just got jealous. I'm just parked at the Neiman Marcus parking garage here at downtown. We usually don't like to take pictures downtown on only because, like it's a lot of walking and it's hard to find parking and like I always have to change in my car, so it's going to be a little bit longer of a shoot today.

Applause, ], my back to my car change into my second look. This outfit is actually completely all Walmart. It's actually so incredible how cute everything is recently some agency.

Okay, excuse the messy car.

You may be seeing a bunch of like a random clothes thrown everywhere. I can kind of see but yeah. I just finished my shoot. I am so glad that didn't take very long. It took us like an hour which I was expecting that shape to be like a two-hour long shoot because, like I said, we would be like walking and changing and like it's just kind of like a lot when you're downtown, you don't have your car next to You I'm wearing this really gorgeous like fall.

Floral dress that I got recently from. I forgot to cut out this little black hangtag thing. It's this gorgeous floral dress from H & M, and you will be seeing this on my Instagram very soon. I actually just stopped by this juice place in Dallas called the juice bar.

It's okay. Honestly, I think I got the wrong thing: has blueberries bananas, almond butter, coconut milk and cacao powder? It's it's! Okay!

I'm actually used to my smoothies being a lot sweeter than this, because I put like a one and a half bananas in my smoothie every morning, anyways, it's probably healthier for you anyways, and I also got this little kale and quinoa salad, because I haven't eaten anything Today so I'm gon na try to get in some like a little bit more food and greens, and things like that it has quinoa kale, sunflower, seeds, beans and some like cherry tomatoes. So hopefully this is good. I feel like I didn't get to talk to you guys enough this morning, whenever I was talking about how I quit my job, because I was like rushing to get to Dallas, but I want to talk a little bit more about that because, first of all, I Just want to tell you guys that none of this would be possible without you guys, without all of your support and like love on a daily basis. Like you guys, don't know how much you guys have literally changed my life and just made everything possible for me, and I love you guys so much, and I never want you to think that I don't appreciate you because you guys are amazing. I also want to say that, as a woman, I feel like a lot of us. Do this, where, whenever we like achieve something or we do something good or anything, we always downplay our achievements being humble is extremely important and I am the first person to say that I do not like anyone who is arrogant, those how about people are Literally my least favorite type of people like, and I never ever ever want to come across as arrogant, so yeah, I'm always really trying to be like as humble as possible and just like, like I'm just a human being and just a regular girl. Just like anyone else, I have a really bad habit of just like if I ever achieve anything or if anything ever good happens to me, I just always really downplay it, and I never allow myself to like celebrate my achievements, and I think that is so. What wrong? I think one reason that my co-workers were just so confused, it's just because, like I kept like I don't know, I was just like yeah, I'm gon na quit my job and yeah. I'm quitting I just kept making it like this negative thing, because I felt weird like telling people that, like yeah, I'm quitting my job because I was able to like make my blog and everything a career in a business, and I never want to sound like that. You know, but I think we need to find that balance in between, like just downplaying everything and making ourselves like. I don't know like we need to build our own confidence. You know what am I even saying here. I just know that I have this problem, so I know a lot of you guys might as well a lot of men if they were to achieve anything. They would have no problems like talking about those achievements or like celebrating themselves or like building themselves up or anything like that and yeah. I just feel like as women. We have a problem with with that, I'm really really excited and I'm hoping that this decision is the best thing for me.

Hopefully, you'll see a lot more videos from me.

I'm hoping that I can just get a lot more consistent on YouTube and just be able to give you a lot more, like content, more tips more like fashion videos, just a lot more fun stuff, a lot more vlogs like. I really want you guys to be able to feel like you know me and I feel, like I don't know, I'm getting a lot more comfortable on camera. That's one thing that I have grown in a lot this year. I don't know it takes a lot of practice, especially for me, so I'm just such a like introverted person to be able to like feel comfortable talking to a camera or just talking in general. I love you guys so and don't apologize or downplay your achievements because we're awesome, I'm gon na eat my food drink, my smoothie and we will go ahead and go home and see my kitty afternoon. Everyone! It is definitely well into the afternoon. Now it is four p. m. I actually forgot. I was filming this video this morning, but you didn't miss very much. All I've done is just literally been sitting on my computer literally. I probably sat on my computer today for five hours straight now. I did some emails and I edited a video. It took me so long because it was a thirty minute, video and I've. Actually, I don't think I have a video that long on my channel, but I'm trying to like experiment with longer videos, because I love watching longer videos they just take a little bit longer to edit. So I'm so excited for that one. It is our like fun shopping day for fall like for fall candles and home decor, it's so cute, so you guys check that out. If you haven't already, I think it's gon na be going live before this video, but I did have to send that over to the brand, because it's a sponsored video, if you guys don't know if the video is sponsored a lot of times, the brand will want To see a preview before you go, live just to make sure that you set everything correctly and not that there's a script or anything, but there sometimes there's like specific ingredients. They want you to highlight - or I don't know like specific talking points, so I just want to make sure that you set everything correctly before it like. It goes live one thing that I wanted to make sure that you guys were like a hundred percent like clear about is that I never ever ever promote anything that I don't absolutely love and use myself just in case you guys are ever curious about that. Just know that I really really care about which brands I work with, and I really take into consideration if there's something that I would actually recommend so authenticity is very, very, very important to me. Actually just got my pictures yesterday from Anaya she's, so good. She pretty much already edited almost all of them. I think like half of them, so they turned out so pretty so I'm just gon na look through those and figure out which ones I want to post this week. I had a lot of like skirts and dresses and things, I'm really gon na try to share with you guys a lot of just like a basic essential outfit this year, just changed, I'm all set up with my camera and my mic.

I have my little notepad right here. I want to talk about fall, wardrobe essentials, so I just wrote them all down. So I know what I want to talk about, so I don't forget anything and I have all my clothes set up that I want to try on in the Tryon part. Okay, I feel, like I tried on about fifty different outfits, but that video, hopefully is gon na, be good. It's gon na be a bunch of like basic outfits that you can wear during the fall time, but now I'm gon na open up a really exciting package that I got in the mail today. I'm sure a lot of you guys know what Rachael Parcell she's a blogger.

I have followed since way before I ever even started. My blog and she's been an inspiration for me for so so long. I love her and she has been so supportive of me recently and I just absolutely love her just range of all her dresses, but she recently has started coming out with a few more long-sleeved pieces and she said she'd send me some you guys how Sweet is that how gorgeous no so sweet? Oh my gosh, you guys how feminine and sweet is this. I think it's a long sleeve, top so gorgeous I'll, have to try this on, oh my gosh! So pretty! Okay, let's see what else is in here: some beautiful heart earrings, so pretty.

I wish I knew a hijab style that I looked good in in earrings. Let me put this on a hanger, so we can get the full effect. It's a beautiful blush! Pink midi dress: this would be gorgeous with my like brown, suede booties, how pretty I'm so excited to style that up it's stunning okay went ahead and tried it the shirt on, because I'm trying to pick out my outfits for New York meetings and this is actually perfect because I needed a shirt to tuck into this skirt and I think it looks so good. I mean everything needs to be steamed, but I think this is like the perfect, like professional, yet elegant lina outfit. The top is lined on the center portion, but it is sheer on the sleeve. So I have a white undershirt. Underneath can dress this up or down it's so pretty and the skirt is actually from Walmart. You guys, I just hopped on my story, so you guys may have seen this in my story because I was freaking out over it. It is stunning. Okay, so, like I said, Walmart $ 16, it's a maxi length. So it's not short on me whatsoever, which I love. It doesn't hug my curves, it's just perfect!

It's lying to you guys. It's lined all the way down. It comes in several colors. This is their like. I think it's called stone, but it comes in a baby pink. It comes in black and like it I think, all of ICH green McCullar. I will link this down below, along with the Rachel Parcells top.

I just think this is gon na be perfect for New York meetings. Right now I have a couple of errands to run it during business hours. I'm gon na go change it to something casual pray, run, some errands and I'll be back to start packing and back home. I change into some comfy clothes, I'm working on what I'm gon na bring to New York with me. I'm trying to figure out what I'm gon na wear to my meetings, because I don't know I've been on a few brand meetings before when I was in LA last year, but I don't know. I just really want to look like professional, but with love. Lina esque still very feminine, but still, professional and cute, so I think I'm gon na wear this dress because I just feel like it's a good transitional piece so feminine and yeah. I got this room and other stories a few months ago over the summer. Actually - and I knew I wanted to wear it and then went full-time because it just gives me all the fall vibes and then I'll, wear the Rachel Purcell shirt with the satin skirt that I showed you guys earlier and then I'm just bringing a bunch of basic We're just gon na have a chill weekend. Hopefully I'm gon na get all this packed up, and ready to go.

Everything is pretty much packed.

I really wish I could take my kiddy with me: hey hey so my travel outfit tomorrow.

Is this trench black jeans and then just like a lightweight layering shirt.

That's seriously, my uniform for travel every single time, hey! Oh my gosh, I'm gon na call it a day tomorrow. My flight leaves around nine a. m. so it's an early morning tomorrow. Since we have to drive two hours to Dallas so I'll see y'all tomorrow just arrived in New York, I literally just stepped through the doors of my hotel room, I'm staying at the Nomo, Soho and I've. After all the times I've been to New York, Soho is my favorite area, so I want to stay here. I want to stay in an area that I knew that I really liked and I've been to this hotel before and I loved it. I just found out that this hotel has a full-length mirror and I am so excited because now I can show you guys all my outfits for the trip every morning. So yeah yeah show you guys what it looks like in here. It's super cute. I love this hotel. It's like super chic, all the blue and white. I got the double room because my mom's coming on Saturday to join me. Look at this view.

You guys know beautiful. I haven't traveled by myself in a long time. I don't know why I was so nervous today. Oh I went and like took me to the airport this morning and late dropped me off and I don't know why I was just like so nervous to go by myself. I was super nervous like after I got out of the airplane like if I was gon na, be able to find my uber if I was gon na be able to find my hotel. I don't know why, like I've, never liked that, but I mean everything went smoothly and it's perfectly fine. I don't know why I was freaking out so kind of nervous to go and walk around by myself. For some reason, I think I just need to get warmed up so much today. I'm just gon na be a loser and just stay in the hotel room. Just relax edit. My video get that ready to go live tomorrow. Just unpacked. My suitcase have lots of neutrals as per use. I wanted to share this with you guys, because this has been a lifesaver ever since we started traveling and with like all of our tech, stuff, we just travel with one of these, like little extension.

These with a bunch of different outlets that way you can charge like your laptop, your phone camera, it's like all your equipment with just like this one thing, so that's been a lifesaver I'm good morning. I am wearing the hotel's perfect, so I could film in this this morning. I just finished my makeup. Just need to still do my lips. I always say that to last because I just want to be like nice and fresh, but it's 7:30. This morning I got up. I woke myself up. Naturally at like 5:50, so I didn't bed for a little bit. I got up and prayed and yeah. Then I just have been just kind of chillin in here. It's been so lonely. You guys um. I wish that my mom is here already because yeah I'm just like so lonely. I did my makeup. Like I said. I've just been like watching YouTube videos scrolling through social media trying to like mentally prepare myself for today, because, as most of you know, I am very much. I don't know if you guys know this, but I talked about it before I'm such an introvert and like going on these kind of like meetings all day and like meeting new people and talking about myself is terrifying, so we'll see I I just like. I don't know. I have like this knot in my chest because I'm just like so nervous about today. I don't know why I'm like so nervous about it. It's really fun because you just get to meet like really friendly people all day. Talking about really exciting things that you meet people from different brands from different agencies, and you talk about like new upcoming products, new upcoming projects, like just things that they're working on and then you kind of share what you're working on and you just try to build Relationships and yeah, it's, actually not that big of a deal, so I don't know why I'm just like so nervous about it. I guess because I'm just like this little small-town girl here in this big city. How pretty is this view you guys, oh and who else uses a towel for their prayer mat in hotel rooms? That's me every time, so basically, I think I'm gon na try to find something to eat. Before I go to my first meeting at 9:30, and yeah, I'm gon na get dressed I'll, show you guys what I'm wearing today and I don't. I don't think I'm gon na be able to blog that much today, I'll just kind of talk to you guys after it's over, because I obviously want to be like present in my meetings today we're meeting with fresh today, I'm so excited I love fresh. I think we're meeting with a couple of agencies I'll have to check the schedule, so I actually work with a management team. If you guys didn't know, they have been working with them for about a year and they've been really super helpful with like the business side of things for me, because it's just really nice for me to just focus on like the creative side and have someone else Handle all the business side for me, they're gon na be going on all my meetings today, with me and yeah. Oh my gosh, you guys I need to just like calm down. This is what I chose to wear today. It's this really pretty and Other Stories dress that I showed you guys back at home, but I just wanted to wear something that really felt like me: girly, but still like sophisticated and in all my favorite, neutral colors. But the orange Charley burnt-orange is still kind of like a statement. For me, let's go find some food.

Just arrived to our first meeting of the day, we're here at elephants and Ferelden. It's just basically like a big beauty closet.

They have literally so many different skincare and makeup brand. We took a tour around the whole thing and they gave me like a bag and we literally just picked out all of the skin care and baby thing. We have on the lorry yeah Garnier. So what many products you guys cute is this like a little mini candy shop? No, I'm gon na. Take you guys into the beauty closet. They just took me into. Literally it's the dream. Excuse me, I was just so overwhelmed because she just had a bag and she was like. Okay, just take take anything you want and I'm like. I was just too overwhelmed. It really didn't take too too much stuff, but what they have Urban Decay. They have L'Oreal, they have Lancome, like so many good brands, okay time to go.

Fresh and it's one of my absolute favorite skincare brands.

Us you know so. I'm gon na share with you guys my favorite product so far. So this is their, like vitamin nectar, arranged and loving, actually already finished this the glow juice. It's such a good serum for brightening. Anything, it rose scented, you guys know, is my jam and I need to try out some more Rose products from from fresh because their stuff smells so good. But this is my favorite rose moisturizer by them. It's so good! You guys know this.

Is my favorite favorite cleanser.

They even have a little fountain, so you can like try out products and wash your hands. I think I found it. Thank you guys, good morning, everyone it's the next day. I'm sorry, I didn't get to vlog. Very much yesterday, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I don't know why I was so nervous yesterday, because it was so chill and I feel so stupid for just even being nervous, because I don't know, but that's just the type of person That I am, I guess, if I just don't, know anyone and I'm meeting people for the first time. I just get really nervous. Everyone was so lovely, so incredibly, nice and just so warm and welcoming and. I just yeah. I had such a good experience yesterday, one of the first things that we did yesterday is we went to an agency that was basically like a huge like Beauty, closet. It was insane they had. Someone take you around the entire office like with just shelves and shelves and shelves of like so much product, and they were just like literally just take like whatever you want, and I was just like blown away like. I just could not wrap my brain around like how they were just like yeah, just like take anything, I'm just so grateful for the opportunities that I have had so far like that was just seriously so amazing. I put on a little bit more of like a chilled chilled.

I think it's chilled just because I'm wearing like the white jeans, this top is from ASOS. I just got it recently. I love satin and I love balloon sleeves, and this shirt has my name written all over it. This is the full look with my bag and everything the lighting in here is kind of weird, but at least you can get this. I don't know how much I'll be able to vlog today again, but I will definitely update you guys when I can.

So we just finished up our meeting with LMS. You guys I'm in the elevator right now, so I'm really hoping nobody comes at Beth gave me this huge bag of goodies that I'm so excited. I use the pro-collagen cleansing balm and that's like so amazing. It so super good to have more products from them, so I can show you guys my favorite ones. So, just now walking back to the agency office, we also met with super goods. This morning and yeah. It's been a really good day. I'm really excited for lunch, I'm so hungry again, I'm having a really good day. So far just got back from my morning and afternoon meetings and I have a little bit of a break until we go to dinner tonight with clinic so excited about the morning. Meetings went really good. I met with one agency that handles like Bare Minerals, which you guys know. I love their minerals complexion rescue.

We met with super group this morning, which you guys know is my favorite ever SPF brand.

I wear their unseen sunscreen every single day. We met with elements. This morning, and they were so generous - I'm seriously so excited to try all this because, honestly, I think I've only tried one product from them. So this is that pro-collagen cleansing balm from elements that I am obsessed with the first couple times I used it. I thought it was burning my eyes, but it was actually my eye makeup that was burning my eyes and this stuff. I literally used up the whole thing and I'm so glad that they restocked me, because it's literally so good, so I went out grabbed a smoothie. came back and changed into another outfit because I realized I had spilled coffee on like the bottom of my pants earlier, but it gives me an excuse to wear this outfit morning guys it is actually more of the afternoon now I took a really Slow morning, I've spent all day, just like chillin in my comfy clothes and my room just like having a chill morning. I got like ubereats this morning. For my breakfast, I got a smoothie and like a, gluten-free little bagel and a mint tea. I hate that in my hotel room and I pushed my video live, so go watch that video, it's my like me and Lauren. It go shopping for fall home decor and it's so much fun, so push that video live this morning. Well B's just like stay on there for at least like probably like an hour and just like, read your comments and heart every single one and respond to questions, and things like that. So I really appreciate you guys you guys were just so so sweet the hotel robe on again, you guys it's so comfy, and this works perfectly for like a prayer outfit, it's literally the perfect thing, because I actually forgot to bring my prayer outfit. So I am covered, I'm waiting for, my mom to arrive. She arrives today, around two one p. m. I believe, Marshall arrived, hopefully to the hotel around that time. So yeah we're just gon na have a really fun girls weekend. I'll show you with you guys a little bit of what we do and get up to it this weekend as well, but my work week technically as a blogger is finished. So my first week as, a blogger, hello, hi um can we just have our towels, some new towels and then empty the trash and then that's all. We love. Thank you for long

Yeah, sorry, the housekeeping came in and they saw me just like sitting in the head in the bed.

Just talking, have been so weird.

So now I remember I was actually saying so my first full week as a blogger or my first week as a full-time blogger was a success and I'm very proud of myself for coming to New York by myself and just doing all the blogger Things

I'm really really happy and just excited for what is to come:, inshallah.