My REAL Morning Routine

My REAL Morning Routine

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[ Applause, ] good morning, everyone, it is Tuesday morning. I wanted to share my like real morning routine with you guys today, we're so used to seeing like those really curated like perfect morning, routines and I'm just gon na share with you guys what I actually do in the morning. This morning we woke up and prayed flescher eye friendly y'all like immediately because he cannot wait like he has to have his food.

Like immediately last night, we actually fell asleep on the couch for watching, like some documentary on Netflix for like planet Earth, or I don't know what the documentary, if I was asleep watching, not because it's just like the voices are just so relaxing on there. I was just so tired. I did not clean up the kitchen, I didn't do anything I just like. I went to sleep after that so this morning I like straightened up the kitchen, the living room I made the bed. I actually don't make the bed every day. I would love to make the bed every day bit because Omar works night, there's always somebody in it. There's always somebody in the bed there's only like a very small window where neither of us are in it, nay the bed this morning, cuz Omar is awake. He has class today.

I am gon na helpfully go to a yoga class, so I'm gon na quickly make my to-do list for the day drink. All of my things. I have my my ginger tea. I can't drink caffeine anymore, which I don't know if I've I think I've mentioned it before, but caffeine, like it really bothers me, though I just cut it out completely. I can do like decaf coffee, but I just have that every once in a while have my ginger lemon tea and I have my big thing of water, so I'm gon na try to make it to yoga this morning. I haven't been to yoga and a month, so I'm gon na make my to-do list drink. All of my my things and then I'll change and we'll get going. I am dressed for yoga. I really need to invest in some cuter workout clothes. I don't know I feel like if the same ones for so long, I'm wearing a Nike long-sleeve running shirt, I'm wearing Nike joggers, every single thing I'm wearing is Nike. I don't know why.

I just realized that Nike a little running shirt around my waist and then the Nike hood job. So I get a lot of questions about the Nike hood job and like the sizing and stuff. So I got the smaller size and the large sighs to compare. So I don't have like a stream Li large head or anything like that, but the small size is normally so uncomfortably tight on me. This is actually the small and I had to make some slits on like around the face area. Just so, it would like fit around my face more comfortably and after that, after I did that it fits me better, like back here, like the smaller size fits my like hair, better, but yeah. The face part was way too tight. So right now this is like the best option for me. I I still have the larger size in the gray, but like, it's bit like bunches up so much back here, because there's just so much more material back here, but it's more comfortable around my face. So I just really their sizing is just so weird until we have another option. This is what we are working with, so I'm gon na grab my yoga mat and we will get going. I'm just want to talk to you guys and it's like just sitting on my so if it falls, I'm really sorry. I need to get some kind of like car mount for my camera. I have been doing so much better about waking up that pleasure and staying awake a lot of times. I would back to sleep before, and it just was not allowing me to like just get my day started and just be productive. Just my overall day is just better whenever I wake up and stay awake at pleasure, and just like get things done in the morning when I have like the most energy, but always go to the 10:00 a. m. class and.

That is just not like for me. I just need to get my day started so much sooner, because whenever I would go at 10:00 we don't finish till 11:00, then we get home at 11:15 and then I shower and then get ready. I'm not like ready to do anything for the day until well into the afternoon, which is just like, if not productive. So that's why I'm trying to get there to 8:30.

We have like five minutes till we get there so quickly. I make it in time because they will they will lock the doors if you're late, they don't let anybody in others we do.

I just got Mike home and I'm talking, quiet, kiss Omar is asleep on the couch, but I'm so glad that I've meant this morning. I just feel so like cleansed and it's ten o'clock now - and this is the time that I normally would have been like heading out the door to go to yoga. So it's soaked just nice to have that done and over with for the day, it's so nice, because I feel like my yoga class, it's like a power yoga. You feel like you're, actually working your muscles, so it's not just like a relaxing stretching class. I feel like I really do get like a good workout and I feel really cleansed afterwards. My favorite part of the whole class is like at shavasana at the end, my studio, they get like all these towels and they like soak them in water with essential oils, and they put them in the fridge and they like hand one out to each of us At the end - and it smells so good - it's just like so refreshing at the end of class, to like put that on your eyes and just like laying shavasana, I'm gon na make myself a smoothie and then I'm gon na take a shower and get ready. So I'll show you guys my smoothie, Oh more, actually gets on to me for drinking this movie every day, cuz. He thinks I need to like add in more nutrients, which is probably true, and I'm not recommending that you guys need to drink this smoothie every single day. It's just that. I cannot get out of the habit of it. It's basically just frozen banana almond milk, peanut butter and cacao powder cacao powder is like the healthier version of cocoa powder. It's like the unprocessed version. It has lots of nutrients in it. It has some protein from the nut butter. Since I can't drink coffee in the morning that a little bit of like cacao powder, I can handle like that little bit of caffeine, and just like I don't know it's just my like cup of coffee in the morning. Basically, for me, sorry, if you can hear my dishwasher in the background, I just started it. I used the Ninja Blender that comes with the like bullet attachment, so I'll link it down below. I really love my blender and I love these little attachments. I use these every single day to make my smoothies and then I got these glass straws off Amazon and I love them. It's perfect because, like I was one of those who just bought plastic straws, I think I years ago and then I bought the metal straws like the stainless steel ones, but my favorite are the glass ones, Italy, I'm trying to wake up homework.

He has the noise of Kansas, yeah. What are you doing? Baby boy he's in? There he's right there, so I'm gon na drink it. My smoothie answer some emails and then I'm gon na shower and get dressed for the day I haven't showered and I just realized that I'm a pink explosion here. So just excuse of the look right now until I get actually address so I'm gon na just show you guys two products that I'm gon na use, I'm not I'm just gon na like just quickly show you guys cuz. I feel like I've done so many skincare videos recently and showed you guys what I'm using. So you guys pretty much already know. I love the soy face cleanser by fresh cool approach like like you're surfacing gel. I love this stuff, it's just like a chemical exfoliant, but I'm trying out a vitamin C it for my skin. So vitamin C is really good for brightening and I love anything. That's just gon na fade all of my like freckles and like dark spots and probably just use my Clinique Moisture, Surge as usual and and I'll put on some an SPF with my unseen at sunscreen.

Somebody mowing no okay, so yeah that is. What I'm gon na use? Oh and then I think I'm gon na shave, my mustache.

Okay, I'm about to get ready and I just let the Rose Plus vanilla scent by Bath & Body Works and it smells so good. I just love to light that, while I'm getting ready, it's just so relaxing and I love the smell of roses, and it's just so warm and I just love it. I should have trimmed the wicks, though, because then I got the little black specks everywhere, but I need to get a wick trimmer anyway. So I'll set you up and we'll do my makeup together. Okay, so I changed into a white towel because I just couldn't take the amount of pink that was happening on myself, so I'm gon na go ahead and start, my makeup I'll just kind of chat with you guys as I'm doing it um. I you guys know like my everyday products, I'll just highlight a couple of new ones that I've been using recently too. So this is the bare minerals complexion rescue I'm in the shade of wheat, and I am obsessed with this on a daily basis. Even for special occasions, I don't know it. Just gives the most beautiful, like glow and, just evens out your skin tone. If it's a more special occasion, I'll just use like a more full coverage, concealer, that's! Basically what I do so I just love that product I've tried to other tinted moisturizers, and I just keep going back to this one. I wanted to thank you guys.

So much for your just support on my last video and all of your love, I got hundreds and hundreds of comments from you, girls, just like with so much support like after I quit my job, and I knew I was gon na get a couple. People who were disappointed, and even a couple of people like messaged me saying that they were gon na unsubscribe, because now I'm just gon na be fake and I'm just gon na feed everyone. Just so many add you guys. I know most of you guys are not like that, but um. If I was gon na be like that, I would have already been like that. Like quitting my job didn't mean that, like my blogging, things changed at all. It just gave me more time to like do more videos, and like create more content for you. It doesn't mean that it's gon na be like more ads just means more content in general. Just like that way, I can get more consistent, but all of you guys were so sweet and. I'm just really really happy and excited next, I'm gon na go in with the Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade light. I either use this one or I like the NARS radiant creamy concealer. Both of them like this is actually a really good dupe for the NARS one and honestly, I kind of like it a little bit better because it's a little bit more of like a. I don't know creamy it's a little bit more of a wet creamy consistency, it's gon na blend or, not and another thing that I had one person also leave a comment on my last video saying that she was scared that now that I quit My job and I was gon na - be doing a blog in full time. Oh hey, I was trying to come inside

He's like putting his paws underneath the door. She was just like scared that, like now that I was doing blogging full-time, it would mean that like Fame was gon na get to me and like I was gon na, take off my hijab and you guys so lowdown. I have no plans at all. Like I don't want to take off my hijab and, like I said, like nothing, really changed as far as I can blogging it other than just giving me more time. This past weekend it was the first weekend that I was actually like home and I was like a full-time blogger, so I didn't have work over the weekend at the hospital and you guys I cleaned my house. I was productive I cooked, like I felt like a normal person like I felt so ready for this week. It was incredible like I am just so happy because I don't know. I just feel like I'm just gon na, be so much more of a productive and happy balanced person, okay, my camera battery. It keeps dying so. I have to and they're both dying, so. Let's just hope I can get through the rest of this. Of the log, so I finish up my makeup.

While away this battery was charging a little bit, I want to share with you guys in this product, because I am obsessed. I have it like all of my cheek products that I have on today. It's just this palette and it is so beautiful.

This is the naked flushed palette by urban decay. And how are these colors? You guys, I'm not normally a big like bronzer person, I don't know. I just feel like some bronzers, like the undertone like the under John, has to be right for me to wear a bronzer, and this one is so beautiful, it's the streak. I think there's different colors of this palette, but this one, I believe, is called streak. So I love that the blush is just this gorgeous peachy color, it's like the, perfect peachy blush, and then this highlight is really beautiful as well.

I put it kind of like I just rolled it kind of like all over my cheeks, then I love it and then on my lips I have be a Charlotte Tilbury, pillow-talk on and it's a really pretty mommy color. My makeup doesn't really change too much with the season, so I was like. Maybe I'll do like a fall makeup. Look you know then. I was like no, oh, but for my eyes I did that same palette. On my eyes, I just put the bronzer in my crease and then the blush, and I just I don't know it's just so flattering it just ties the whole look together. So you guys need this one I'll link it for you guys. So I got the new iPhone, I'm very, very excited. I've been like trying it out with Instagram stories and the quality is so what much better I got the gold color. I thought. That was so me, but I hadn't backed up my phone since June. So I lost a lot of stuff. I had to get a new one because my phone just stopped working. I dropped that thing so many times I had the X that I got two years ago and I'm just horrible with my phones. I dropped them. So much and it's awful, I got the screen replace on that, probably four or five times like not even kidding. I was homeless for a while. I was using all my spot and then I finally got this one over the weekend and I'm loving it mainly just because of the camera. So let me show you guys just in case you haven't seen it in person, so this is the normal magnification. Then you can go the wide angle and it like you, can see so much more in the green, does have a little bit of a fisheye effect, so it kind of stretches things a little bit but anyways. I think it's really cool, that it has a zoom function. I'm really really excited to try that out and the quality is so much better so like taking Instagram pictures with this would be perfect. Just in case you guys were wondering. My review about my new phone - I'm loving it so far. I haven't had any problems and I like the quality of the camera. So on the agenda for today, I'm gon na go a get dressed, and then I have a few errands to run a brama to-do list with me. Here I have to go run. Some errands have to return some things I have to film this video, which I'm doing plan for a video that I'm filming tomorrow me and Laura, are gon na feel about my job to twirl Atty, music Lauren. As my model farm, i underscore I'm very excited. I'm not really much into like job tutorials. I never watch the job tutorials like I only wear my one style basically but. I've gotten so many requests for a hedgehog tutorial I'll do an updated one, because I found a few go back and watch that video. It's just like I'm like hey guys, we're gon na do a good job, tutorial, I'm so close! It's embarrassing because I didn't have enough room in my in my room at my parents, house yeah, I'm gon na get dressed and I'll. Show you my outfit. You guys are wondering what Leo does during the day. This is his favorite spot. You have his tree next to the window, so he can look outside and he just loves it. He doesn't fit really in his house anymore and kind of sticks out, but I just got dressed and I don't think, I'm gon na keep on these booties cuz. It's just a little bit too hot to wear the booties, but I think I'm gon na wear everything else and maybe just put on some like flats or something. This is a really lightweight sweater, cardigan that I got from Nordstrom it's by the brand lathe and all of their stuff has always been like super good quality and so soft, and so I love love, love this, but I'll link below a few similar Olive-Green cardigans at different price points. I just I thought this was so pretty. I know I don't usually wear these colors, but I thought this outfit was super super cute. It's still neutral and I think this is just such a flattering. Color on so many people, the layering shirt is old from mango, but I'll link some similar ones. This belt is actually new from mango and I loved this color. It's just. I love belts, they just add such a nice touch to outfits and I didn't have any belts. I have my one Gucci belt, so yeah this nude one into my collection and I love it match my new booties really well as well. These are from Nordstrom, and these are just I don't know, they're just essentials. I feel like this. Color is just like a beautiful taupe that matches like literally every single outfit, and it matches this hijab literally exactly, the the boots, the belt and the hijab are like literally just they go so well together and would pair well with so many outfits. This hijab is the Lightning Jersey, hijab, bye, bye, hot hijabs, surprise, surprise.

This is a Monica Vanna Derek when necklace the jeans are old from mango, but they're, basically like a black cropped flare, and I just think that that style pairs so well with booties. I just think it's so flattering like just the silhouette of it all. So before I leave, I'm gon na quickly just eat a little bowl of chili that I actually made this last night and I've never made chili before, but it it was so good. It turned out so good and it's even better. Today it has a bunch of spices. It has some corn beans, red pepper. I would have loved to put some carrots and celery in here, but the little grocery store I went to last night didn't have carrots or celery, so I did without, but you guys might laugh at this, but ok, so I've never had interior meat before. But what one of Omar's friends goes hunting. You guys know that we live in Texas. I've never had to your meat and he gave us some deer meat and I'm just like ground deer meat. How many times am I gon na? Say: deer meat in the same sentence, but I tried it with the chili and it's so good like it, it's kind of like a little bit of a gamey flavor, but not as much as like lamb or goat, or anything like that. It's actually really good, so it's yeah and the spices and everything turned out really good I'll link below the recipe that I kind of like followed as a guide, and I put 1/2 avocado on top, so I'm gon na eat that I'm addicted to sparkling water. This is the one that I like it's by Waterloo, so I'm gon na eat this real, quick and then go run to the post office and a couple more errands. Okay, so I know it's not the morning anymore, but we're just continuing on with the day. So I take my vitamins after I eat my lunch usually around lunchtime, because I take a gummy vitamins now, and this is just working for me so much better. So that's why I thought. I would share just first off right off the bat I just want. You guys to know there are no. There is no gelatin in any of these vitamins that I'm taking. So I know that that's like literally the first question, I'm always getting about my vitamins. They are vegan or you know, vegetarian, whatever they do not contain any gelatin. These are my multivitamins that I take. This is not sponsored by the way. This is just. This is just what has been working for me. So these are the smartypants organics and women's complete. If you get the ones that are not organic, they do contain gelatin. So you just have to be careful to get the organic kind, but these are so delicious. You guys it's just so much easier, because I actually want to take my vitamins now which, before I just I don't know why it was so stupid. But I just did not want to take them for some reason, but they just like taste really good, and I know that I'm like doing good for my body. I just think it's really important for us as women, especially women. In our childbearing years. I mean all women of any age I just feel like. We should at least take a multivitamin every single day. I added these two into my routine. They are by glow habit. These are also vegan, they don't contain gelatin, and these are also organic, but there are more four specific things. This is for skin. It contains hyaluronic, acid and vitamin C, and then this one is for hair. I actually just started taking this one last week, so I can't really give any any like updates on my hair or anything, but this one contains biotin and vitamin E and bamboo extract. They both contain bamboo yeah. I wanted to add more biotin, because I realized that the multivitamin that I take actually doesn't have like a whole ton of biotin and biotin is always really good for my nails. I always feel it such a difference with my nails with biotin. So don't you guys know I haven't seen I mean I don't know my skin has been good recently, but I don't know if it's because of these, but I'm taking them anyways just because they literally just taste so good, so yeah. I just want to share that because it has literally just changed my routine completely because I'm actually taking my vitamins - and I just like I like to have a little like afternoon, like pick-me-up sugary, treat - and this is perfect, and I know that some people are Just gon na be like but yeah, but it you're just eating so much sugar every day. I I'm not the person to snack. I never really eat that much sugar, so this is yeah. I think I'm fine yeah, okay from errands and I just got a package from ASOS. I just ordered a bunch of evening, gowns, so yeah I figured.

I would do like a little try on haul for you guys, because I'm looking for a dress for my sister-in-law's wedding, and I know that there are a lot of fall weddings coming up.

So I'm gon na do a little try on haul of some evening.

Gowns that I think are, potentially you know, cute and modest, so I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my real-life morning routine for fall. I love you guys so much and I'll see: y'all.